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Crystals For Life is almost here: Friday, 15 March 2013 - Tuesday, 19 March 2013.  See http://www.crystalsforlife.ca

Members of the Speed Demos Archive community are playing to benefit JDRF Canada (http://www.jdrf.ca), a charity helping to cure, treat, and prevent type 1 diabetes.

Find the schedule, donation incentives, and prizes at http://www.crystalsforlife.ca.

Old information that is slowly being migrated to the final site below.
- Final Fantasies 4J, 5J, and 6J plus a Super Famicom (Driscollad) -- not yet received

- Super Gameboy Player (lizzie241)
- Gameboy Advance (lizzie241)

- Final Fantasy 1 PSP (lizzie241)
- Final Fantasy 2 PSP (lizzie241)
- Final Fantasy 3 DS (JackintheBox333) -- not yet received
- Final Fantasy 4 Advance (lizzie241)
- Final Fantasy 5 GBA (lizzie241)
- Final Fantasy 6 SNES (lizzie241)
- Final Fantasy 7 PSX (Pornosaurus Rex)
- Final Fantasy 8 PSX (FFgamer86) -- not yet received
- Final Fantasy 9 PSX (Pornosaurus Rex)
- Final Fantasy 13-2 Best Buy exclusive for 360 (lizzie241)
- Final Fantasy Anthology PSX (Pornosaurus Rex)
- Final Fantasy Tactics PSX (Pornosaurus Rex)
- Dissidia PSP (rinimt) -- not yet received
- Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (FFgamer86) -- not yet received

Movies and Music
- Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children on UMD (lizzie241)
- Distant Worlds II: More Music from Final Fantasy CD (FenixDown)

- Final Fantasy 1 Strategy Guide (Driscollad) -- not yet received
- Ehrgeiz strategy guide (JackintheBox333) -- not yet received
- Final Fantasy XIII-2 Collector's Edition guide (Itsu de Mo) -- not yet received

Drawn Artwork
- Terra colour portrait (Mikalia)
- Cloud painting (Mikalia)
- Locke and Celes on the bridge (Mikalia)
- Zidane and Dagger drawing (Mikalia) -- not yet received

- FF1 character set perler (mikwuyma) -- not yet received
- FFMQ Hydra perler (Grystor) -- not yet received
- FFL3 mouse perler (fettu) -- not yet received, may not arrive in time
- FFL3 waterhag perler (fettu) -- not yet received, may not arrive in time
- Kefka perler (fettu) -- not yet received, may not arrive in time

Other Art Items
- Final Fantasy Creatures button set (khiro)
- Final Fantasy Jobs button set (khiro)
- Final Fantasy X button set (khiro)
- Final Fantasy IV button set (khiro)
- Final Fantasy VIII button set (khiro)
- Dissidia button set (khiro)
- FF8 tattoo page (FFgamer86) -- not yet received

Plush Things
- Plush Vivi (MetaSigma) -- not yet received
- Plush 25th Anniversary Chocobo (Driscollad) -- not yet received
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Adam 'puwexil' Dunn - morning/afternoon person - I can run FF7 (10 hr safe estimate) and FF9 (10 1/2 hr safe estimate).  I'm planning on learning to run FF5 next year after AGDQ, though I don't know at this point what shape I'll be able to have it in by March.  I can also run Kingdom Hearts II (5 hrs for Any%, 6 1/2 hrs for All Worlds completion), which isn't technically a Final Fantasy game, but might work as a bonus/filler game if we somehow end up short on games.

Also, I can commentate for FF4, FF10, and FF10-2; and can learn to commentate FF13 and FF13-2 if they're going to be in.
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Yay, puwexil!  Now people can get us mixed up again Smiley

I only put you down for the things that you're certain of, but feel free to let me know if things change (e.g., you pick up FF5, or decide to learn commentary for 13/13-2).  I left KHII off the list, though if we decide to do some bonus streaming, that would be a good fit there.
Edit history:
rinimt: 2012-09-28 06:58:49 pm
This is going to be tentative for now pending on people driving up I-15 + money situation but...

Erin 'rinimt' Jenison - Evening/Night person - If someone is driving up I-15 I should be able to go. As-of right now I don't really have any games but this might change. Commentary wise I should be able to do FF6 and FF9, though would be willing to learn others if needed ^_^.

Travel: For those coming from the south (namely I-15 while still in the states), as I mentioned in the other thread I suggest doing some pit stops in Montana if you need to buy anything since we don't have any sales tax here. Cheesy Major cities (at least by our standards Wink ) right along I-15 include Butte, Helena, and Great Falls.

Prizes: If I'm able to attend (pending the stuff I've already mentioned) I can bring up an un-opened copy of Dissida: Final Fantasy.  It's the NA version, however the PSP is region free so it'll play on any PSP ^^

Charity: Might I suggest something for Diabetes?  I'm not quite sure where, but it's just a thought for one.
Jason 'Nitrodon' Schoenfelder - afternoon/evening/night person, but who knows what will happen to any sort of sleep schedule at a marathon - I can run FF10 (11 1/2 hr safe estimate), and am also planning to learn FF12 (TBD, let's say 7-8 hours for now).  I can probably commentate FF4, FF6, and FF8.
Lenophis - Can/will run FF1, could do NES version, though it will not be speedy. Prefer PS version (may do NES as a bonus if wanted/donated for). Can commentate FF1-FF10, with 1, 2, and 6 by far being my strongest ones. For FF6, you guys will end up killing me (just to get me to shut up) with how much knowledge I could drop with that game. As for FF1, I would prefer if party selection was a donation incentive, along with names. I did a BS all-BM run some time back, and it timed in at just over 5 hours. It was overly cautious, and I did end up wasting a bunch of time. Once I have time, I'll be able to put more practice into RTA/SS and I'll be able to give a better estimate.

Unfortunately, I cannot 100% confirm that I will be able to make it, but I am at least liking my chances more with this than AGDQ. More to come as it develops.
Alec 'AlecK47' Kuenn.  I function best after noon, but I can adjust by staying up.  I could learn VI, X, and XII (I'll go ahead and second Nitrodon's time estimate here), but if I ran XII solo, it would be the only one I'd do.  Even if I did run XII, though, I could still commentate for the other two.  I could also tag-in to any of those three games, should they have other runners.  It would be especially nice for runner(s) of X and XII to have a break or two.

I'm not 100% about being able to make it, but it looks very promising.  I'd say 90+ percent.

As for charities, my dad works for the VA, so I'm sure he could dig something up if supporting veterans sounds good to other people.
SDA Speedruns: 1
Willing to try FF8 Smiley and will be working on 100% Mystic Quest(all spells, weapons, armor).  I still ain't 100% sure If i will be able to make it only due to funds but will let you know for certain as time gets closer.
Everything's better with Magitek
Kari Johnson. I can do FF6 (6 hour safe estimate). I could also do parts of 9 and 10 if needed, and if no one coming can do FF4, I might be able to learn it. I can commentate for almost any game, but I know 4, 9, 10, and 12 the best.

I might as well announce it here: I'm expecting another child in May. Smiley So while I can't guarantee that I'll be able to make it, as long as there are no complications with the pregnancy, I should be able to come.
Highly Evolved
Quote from Essentia:
Kari Johnson. I can do FF6 (6 hour safe estimate). I could also do parts of 9 and 10 if needed, and if no one coming can do FF4, I might be able to learn it. I can commentate for almost any game, but I know 4, 9, 10, and 12 the best.

I might as well announce it here: I'm expecting another child in May. Smiley So while I can't guarantee that I'll be able to make it, as long as there are no complications with the pregnancy, I should be able to come.

Umm...to be honest Kari, the way you were posting about your availability earlier, it was pretty obvious that you saying you were pregnant without saying you were pregnant.
SDA Speedruns: 1
Congratulations in advance Kari, hoping everything works out well.
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I'll update the participants list later today.  For now:

- I've put up some house rules.  Please let me know if there are any other topics that you'd like me to address.

- Rin: I'm pretty sure that we'll be able to work something out to get you here.  I'll add you to the list later today.  A diabetes charity is a sweet idea (okay, I'm going to hell for that one).

- Nitrodon: Sounds good.  I'll add you to the list.

- Lenophis: I have no clue what to make of your post.  You sound like you're totally on the fence about being able to come.  I'll leave you off the list for now; please get back to me if things crystallize for you.

- AlecK47: since you're fairly sure that you could come, I'll add you to the list.  Regarding the charity idea: while I fully agree that is a worthwhile cause, we have a pretty diverse community here, and I'd prefer to support a charity with a more international focus.

- FFgamer: I'd like Mystic Quest to be included (TBD on the time estimate, for now, I guess?).  For FF8, do you want to use the same time estimate I used for SGDQ, or do you think you've consistently shaved some time off (keeping in mind donation incentives could, e.g., force you to fight Bahamut)?

- Essentia: First off, congratulations Smiley  Since you'll hopefully be able to come, I'll add you to the list later today.
I'm in 110%, but it's all about cost. I'm not sure I'll be able to raise enough to go. If I can, I'm in.
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...so you're more than 100% sure that you can come, but you're not sure if you'll be able to come.  Do you see why this is difficult information to work with?

Tell you what: take a day to evaluate how likely it is that costs will get in the way (as in, wait until tomorrow to post again).  If you're reasonably sure that you'll be able to come, let me know.  If not, no hard feelings.
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Thoughts on the upper part (i.e. first post; yes, I can't keep to myself what I find important Wink ):
I know the counting cows game. I play it all the day at home =D There must be loads of places overpopulated with cows xD
Charity, for the well-being of ESA in case that gets repeated, I would vote for something away from Hand in Hand (they do some third-world poverty elimination). And I just choked laughing, after realising you made a pun with the sweet idea xD
And I wish to challenge your perception that liquor be more expensive in Canada than elsewhere … Been to Scandinavia? Wink
And what the heck is Kraken, while we're on the topic?

Congratulations Essentia =)

I wish I could post something more concrete than Lenophis, but for me too it's that I'ld love to come, and could/would play oder comment FFIX, but I have absolutely no idea what my 'job' situation will be in March and even less an idea of my financial situation till then. When's the signing-up deadline?
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Leno actually explained to me the situation he's kinda running in Poxnor, I told him to keep you in the loop on certain things just so you're not being held in the dark wondering about stuff and then that way at the very least it wasn't like OMG last minute thing that I could have said something about but didn't if you know what I mean :P. Also as I explained to you last night I will keep you in the loop on my situation as well and if there is something I can do in the meantime on this end to help you out let me know. I'm just excited for you man Cheesy this is gonna be awesome for you, as well as everyone involved.

Also...Grats Kari =P Now you have a legit Chrono Trigger party limit (3) that will somehow travel time and save all our lives so make sure you name your next one properly!!!! *laughs*
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Yeah leave 11-12 hours for FF8 depending on donation stuff, since there is a lot. Once I finish planning the route I'm doing, I will add notes in for donation stuff since it doesnt effect the route until disc 3, and shouldnt be too hard to add in.  Also Mystic Quest 100% I'm guessing right now at 4 hours.  I will know more once I finish routing it.  I'd say anywhere between 3-5. Donation stuff for that game is kind of hard to do since its 100% Pretty much just the name on the file.
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Okay, I added a few more tips to the Guide for Foreigners, in the interest of keeping everyone alive.

- Lenophis: I would like to apologize sincerely for what I said earlier.  Reading what MetaSigma said, I realize that I completely misinterpreted what you wrote.  I misread your post basically as, "It would be cool to come; sign me up, even though I've given no thought to whether I can actually come."  Going back and re-reading things, I realize that I completely misinterpreted what you said.  I've signed you up for FF1; just please let me know ASAP if you think you won't be able to make it.

I know the NES version of FF1 is "the classic," but I think one of the newer versions (PS or GBA) makes for a better watch -- anyone can feel free to let me know if they disagree with that, though.  Either way, I'd prefer to pick one version and stick with it, as opposed to making the version of the game a donation incentive.  That makes it easier for you to practice the version that's chosen, and also prevents a potential disaster at the marathon (I can't put my finger on what exactly could go wrong, but the idea of not knowing which games are being played on which systems in advance of the marathon just makes my marathon-sense tingle).

- AlecK: I signed you up for XII, along with Nitrodon, for the moment.  Since you're learning a new game no matter what, I'd prefer you to focus on just one for now.  Would you and Nitrodon want to work together on a route, etc., since I get the impression that Nitrodon is still working on it?

- Essentia: I signed you up for 6, and put you on 9 and 10 as well (though other people are on those, so feel free to divide things how you please.  I didn't sign you up for 4 yet; but, if you decide that you want to learn 4, I can.

I think everything in the first post regarding participation, commentary, and games should be up-to-date; but, after streaming with MetaSigma until the newspaper arrived, my brain isn't quite working right today.  Let me know if I missed something.
I want off the ride....
unfortunately i have no way to say if i can do this, and it wont probably be until its kinda late. But if someone needs help learning ff4, I can teach them any version (other than DS) within a short time. Its not that hard to run, glitched or glitchless doesn't matter, both can be easy (as long as its not glitchless ff2us...)
SDA Speedruns: 1
Rane, I would normally take you up on that offer, but already have my hands full with ff8 and Mystic Quest 100%
I would like to apologize sincerely for what I said earlier.

Hey, no problem. At least with a travel plan, it should be a lot easier to make my way up there. Still won't know for certain if I'll have enough money until March, but it's looking very promising right now. Cheesy

Since I've acquired the PSP version of FF2 not that long ago, I'll give it a couple tests to see if it's any better than its PS counterpart for speedrunning purposes.
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Poxnor: 2012-09-30 01:07:26 am
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Quote from Terribleno:
Still won't know for certain if I'll have enough money until March, but it's looking very promising right now. Cheesy

Now that, unfortunately, is a problem.  We can't be doing scheduling in March, deciding who will be playing which games.  Things need to be decided long before that Sad
I know, and I'll try and make sure money is secured long before then. It's looking like I'll need about $600-ish for the whole thing, which doesn't seem like much at all. I'll have a much better idea of how winter will go around mid-November. If I know I won't be able to make it, I'll let you know ASAP.
This time is too far away for me to make any definite plans, but if I can go, I can run 9, 10, or 10-2. 
Evermore Extrodinare ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ
I'll learn more about FFL3 Poxnor and be your commentator for it. if only because that's most likely the only game there that I can truthfully say I know a deal about once I re-read up on it slightly.