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The Fairly OddParents: Cyberspace Chase () (flash) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Reject

Reason: Optimization level unclear. For such a short and simplistic game, a run needs to look essentially flawless to be accepted or there needs to be a good explanation for the mistakes.

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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The Fairly OddParents: Cyberspace Chase () (flash) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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Just gave this a very quick watch of the first level.

A few questions:
* Can you confirm/clarify some aspects of the game mechanics in this game:
- Circles with a red cross are some kind of health item (refills the bar in the top-left corner)
- When you collect the love letters, the top-right bar fills and when it's full, the level is complete. Is that correctly understood?
- What do the "dragon heads" do?
- What do the fire columns do?
- The spam items in level 2 slow you down, according to the hint before the start of level 2
- Any other game mechanics of note?
* 0:11 - you lost like 2s by getting stuck on that vent. How can that not have been a reset-worthy mistake since it happened so early in the run?
* 0:23 - did you absolutely need that health pick-up?
* 0:30 - why turn around instead of picking up this while moving right?
* 0:36 - were you immobilized (why?) or why did you stop here?
* 0:40 - why couldn't you pick up the health item while moving right, instead of turning around? (assuming you even needed to collect it, which I'm not convinced of)
Edit history:
RockoSonicFan: 2023-05-02 11:37:42 am
They also give your super hard to control speed.
Yes it's completely understood.
The dragon heads take your health away
The fire colums take your health away
Nothing else.
0:11 it's unavoidable.
0:23 I needed it so I can have the power to speed up.
0:30 because it was impossible to see
0:36 Yes I was immobilized and I don't know why I was immobilized.
0:40 because it goes too fast and is hard to control. And the hitboxes are definitely horrendous
Quote from RockoSonicFan:
0:11 it's unavoidable.

This one you need to explain a bit better to me. I can see in other playthroughs of this game that the vents appear to be random. What's so special about the second one that makes you say it's "impossible" to avoid it? Are you saying that even by going at bottom of the screen, you would have gotten caught there? You don't seem to get stuck on the vents later in the level, is that because you have more health/speed than near the start?
Edit history:
RockoSonicFan: 2023-05-02 12:27:14 pm
Oh I was actually talking about when you get sucked in. My bad. I meant to say that at 0:11 I had little time to react
I understand that virtually everything is random in this game and that the controls are loose. However, the control scheme is very simple and it's a short run, so I think it should be possible to complete an attempt without major mistakes. If the item placements don't work out in one attempt, it's always possible to reset and try again.

There are numerous time losses in this run. Mainly by getting stuck on open vents and by back-tracking to collect items. It's possible that the RNG was better than average in this run and I don't doubt the difficulties from slippery controls and reacting in time to item placements, but I'm still of the opinion that the time should come down even more.
Ok I submitted a new run.
Ok I submitted a brand-new run and I believe that I fully optimized it.
Run folder updated. It now contains the fastest uploaded run ("The Fairly OddParents Cyberspace Chase fully optimized run.mp4") as well as the originally uploaded run.
Finally decided to take a look at the latest run. I'm not a big fan of the very small window size, but it's the same as the previous video, so maybe it's not possible to increase it?

As for the gameplay, there are still numerous visible (and sometimes fairly costly) mistakes in a run that is completed in a little less than 2 min. I understand that essemtially everything is RNG in this game though.

Based on the information available about this game, I honestly can't tell how many and how big time losses that are reasonable to expect if one puts in an effort to optimize this game. However, this submission follows a familiar pattern. Improvements are submitted almost immediately after questions/comments are pointed out. When the game mechanics are straight-forward enough, the end result can be appreciated by a non-expert of the game. But as mentioned above, I think this game is difficult to assess.

If there had been e.g. a competitive leaderboard for this game or if there had been vods of streamed attempts to give an idea of the effort required to get a good run, it might have been possible to say something more definitive. But as things stand and unless someone who has speedrun experience with this game shows up, I'm unfortunately siding with a reject.
Can you please point out the mistakes so I can understand please?
* At 0:08 and 0:11, you lose time because you were sucked in by the vents.
* At 0:50, you got slowed down by the spam objects (you also ran into a few more spam objects in level 2, but it doesn't look like they slowed you down?)
* Right before the end of level 2, the health and mail objects were a bit separated

Comments for level 3 would be of the same type as above.
The vent at 0:08 is always there and unavoidable. Plus at 0:11 I grabbed the health objects to speed my way out there.
At 0:50 it helped me get the mail object there.
Quote from RockoSonicFan:
The vent at 0:08 is always there and unavoidable.

Then how come the vent was at the top in your first run and you managed to avoid it without any problems whatsoever?

You try to make the other points sound like time saves, which they clearly were not.
Because there was no mail object there at the top
Decision posted.