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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented]

Decision: Reject

Reason: Needs to implement all known strategies, also A/V issues

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented]

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Please refer to the Verification Guidelines before posting.

Please post your opinions about the run and be certain to conclude your post with a verdict (Accept/Reject). If you wish to remain anonymous, you can also send a pm with your reply to 'sdaverification' (please state clearly in that case which run you have verified). This is not a contest where the majority wins - Each verification will be judged on its content.
There's a 3:38 (w/o loads) on, there's a 3:57 on YouTube from a year ago. This is a... 5:37.

Timing starts at 00:13 as per community rules (after canceling the first tutorial message). The FPS meter might be required to show you're capped at 60 FPS. I don't know if the other ones are required though.

1:25, 2:45, 3:58, 5:04-5:42 - corrupted A/V

So if you want to submit a segmented run, we have pretty high standards for those. You will of course have to incorporate every known strategy into your run: This would be what the current WR looks like. If your run is going to be segmented, you can't really be slower than that, in fact that run has easy-to-spot mistakes so you should be faster than it.

00:15 - you can't take longer to set these clips up than the SS runs. You're also losing time landing on slightly the wrong spots.

In the section that follows I think you get caught in a few walls and enemies. You should actually avoid (completely) moving sideways, because that means you're not moving in the optimal direction.

2:20 - You can see the record run has a better strategy here. Also you shouldn't miss any punches if it loses any time. The A.I. shouldn't get caught anywhere either if it's possible to manipulate that way.

03:06 - Here and elsewhere your menuing is just a little bit clumsy. It's not the most crucial point though, because your mouse accuracy can only improve over time, but maybe it's possible to do the same as in Morrowind, and aim at a certain angle to make sure the mouse is pointing at the right spot before the menu comes up?

03:24 - Would it be possible to avoid getting this tutorial message?

03:58 - I think you led the A.I. too far?

04:14 - getting inside the alcove first try

And whatever happens from 5:04 onwards. Smiley

5:40 - manipulate this guy to be in the right spot

So in conclusion and summary, you've got some potential here, and I can see this is your first submission on SDA. Why don't you take the video I linked and pay close attention to everything it does. Also make note of every mistake and time loss. Then rethink your segmentation: maybe you'll need more segments to make this run optimal? Depends how much A.I. and RNG manipulation can be done to save time. You should probably post this on the Oblivion thread on these forums to get more feedback and to plan the run together with any other runners who happen to be around. Probably would be best to post just one segment at a time in that thread until no-one can see any more sources for improvement. Also make sure you know what was causing the A/V issues (you can ask on the Tech Support part of the forums)

Also you can keep the whole endgame sequence even though it's not timed.

Good luck!

reject for now
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I will do that.
The mistakes I made were a bit clumsy.I will make more Oblivion runs in the future when I will have more time.
My only claim is that my run as it stays is faster that current SDA run.
Thank You for Your feedback.
3:06 true but when I am in a hurry it is hard to do that.
3:24 possible in the 1st few seconds of the run.
3:58 Yes I have led them too far.
4:14 that is a slop.
5:04 a jump over the stairs to get to the clip faster.
5:40 Martin moves automatic to the desired spot,I could improve it by instantly go to that spot and  then rest to make him spawn.

Some SDA runs are really old and have antiquated strategies... just improving on one of them is often much too easy. Each new run has to not only use the latest strategies but also look clean so the time will automatically be a lot lower. You almost don't wanna look at the old run at all Smiley

BTW, why exactly does the timing start AFTER the first tutorial message? Is it somehow more convenient for runners or what?
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The rules suggest that the run starts after the 1st tutorial.I have seen the old sda run it´s very nice (respect to the runner),but in my opinion my run is a improvement of that run.It´s not world record whatsoever.
I think that A/V issues are caused by my PCs speed.
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Quote from AntonioPeremin:
3:06 true but when I am in a hurry it is hard to do that.

Speaking as a person who runs PC games that are run almost entirely by the mouse, I agree, this is the hardest part to get optimized.  By practicing this, you'll be amazed how much time you shave off naturally.
Quote from AntonioPeremin:
3:24 possible in the 1st few seconds of the run.

If that's possible, do it.  It's only the first few seconds, so grinding restarts is easy.
Quote from AntonioPeremin:
4:14 that is a slop.

It's tough to have things like that only 4 minutes into the run...  Of course, it's 4 minutes into a run that theoretically can end before 4 minutes even elapse, so... Cheesy
Quote from AntonioPeremin:
5:40 Martin moves automatic to the desired spot,I could improve it by instantly go to that spot and  then rest to make him spawn.

It's such a quick fix that should be done.

If this were a long run with great execution on harder tricks or great RNG later that excused the early mistakes and merited the continued recording that would be one thing...  But this game is so short I want to see as close to flawless execution as can be managed.

That being said, it's still faster than I can beat the game.  Cheesy

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LotBlind: 2016-12-23 11:20:17 am
You should study the verification guidelines and you'll see it has something there about how a run that improves on another run isn't automatically an accept. If you feel this information was poorly communicated in the FAQ/wherever, lemme know and I'll make sure it's corrected.

Just use common sense: just because I've found a new 10-minute skip does that mean if I'm the first to submit a run that wastes 9 minutes to missing other knowns strategies, my run should be accepted? Such a run wouldn't have much value because it's so easy to improve on. No matter what runs exist, you always have to pass the same quality control and an improvement is still required to not be missing obvious strategies, nor should the execution be any worse than the previous publication's (unless that one was god-tier).

mrpr: you noticed it's segmented right?
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AntonioPeremin: 2016-12-23 01:19:59 pm
AntonioPeremin: 2016-12-23 12:37:18 pm
Yes, now as You mentioned it makes sense.I am so ignorant regarding  SDA.
That's alright! At a glance, I think this has the potential for a 3:30 easily, probably even 3:25 (there's usually always something more to find) so keep working and posting on your progress in the thread, and hope to see another submission when everything is done.
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Actually to be honest, this was my 12th try on Oblivion speedrun.When I will have more time,I will dedicate myself more on this speedrun and make it as much as possible close to WR or even try to beat it.I will keep You posted.
To be clear, it has to BEAT the SS records. I don't think there currently is a segmented record run is there? At least nothing nearly good enough.

I forgot to mention: the old record will probably be kept seeing as this is "with major-skip glitches" and that one doesn't have the OOB.
Decision posted.