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I bet it's Spectre VR. I remembered that game instantly from the description but couldn't remember the name.
Quote from Tompa:
I'm looking for an old PC-game from the 90s that my brothers and I played a long time ago.
It was a puzzle taxi game. At the beginning of every level, someone shouted "Taxi!", a nice little tune starts and the taxi sets off. What you have to do is to fix the road so that the taxi can finish to the exit.
While it's driving, you lose gas so you have to finish the level before it runs out. After every level you can buy more gas as well as upgrades for your car, such as better tires.

The first level looks something like this:

You have to move around the bricks so the taxi can reach the exit. In some levels, you put the road pieces on the squares yourself.

I believe it was a freeware/shareware game we got from "PC hemma" a Swedish computer magazine. The game itself wasn't Swedish though. The gas was measured in gallons for example and the text was in English. So it was most likely released somewhere else as well.

Help! Cheesy

Hello, I just created the account to tell you the game is named Street Shuffle, it took me about 2 years of looking around to find its name.
So I hope you read this message.

All I remember is this was maybe a Windows 95 or 98 era game where you played like a blue polygon (I think they were meant to be mechanical) spider, it was a sort of puzzle-platformer type game that I thought was called Archimedes but I've never been able track down any information that even remotely jogs my memory. I believe I remember it from a british PC gaming magazine in the mid-90's, could have been PC Gamer though.

Don't remember it being reviewed well either, just annoys me that I can't remember the name.
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Bananashee: 2015-08-25 03:03:15 pm
Hello guys im looking for a 2D adventure/platformer like game. All I remember is this --> you played as a person and you found an egg in front of your house (for reason i dont remember) you went on a adventure or something like that (i really dont remember much) as you traveled you encountered some tribe people and you throw/shoot the egg at them and it came back as a boomerang (later on in the game you had i think 3 eggs). The eggs were coloured like easter eggs. I was playing it on old computer with windows XP. The background was forest/swamp like. Also there was something like bossfights. I was trying to find that game for few months now so if anybody knows game like that please try to post screenshots because i dont remember the name either.
I remember playing this game in 1998-2003. It was a 2D TOP-DOWN dungeon crawler type game. I played in Windows 98.The first stage was set in a TOTALLY DARK DUNGEON/underground tunnel. As the hero walks, the next squares get illuminated. We have to move step by step. Sometimes we enter a trap or monster. So need to start again and avoid the traps. We could find weapons and gold in the tunnel. After the tunnel level there was a level, in the land area. Here we had to talk with other units and collect few more things. There was a DESERT in the next area. But in order to enter the desert, we need to get some sort of heat shield or some magic. That's all I remember. A friend of me loaned this game cd and in the CD I remember seeing it was designed for Win 95.
Huh. Sounds a like like a Mystery Dungeon-esque game, but one that was for Windows and in English is unlikely....
I am trying to recall the name of an old (late 80s, possibly to 1991) text adventure game with stunning 8 bit illustrations.  It was playable on the Atari 800.  At the beginning of the game, you steal some manuscripts from a museum called Lhasa scrolls.  From what I recall, the point of this adventure was to find all the scrolls to find some treasure.  Other things involved trying to stop a snake from killing you, trying to dodge a landslide (in awesome 800 graphics!) and ending up in some labyrinth, possibly because we did not collect everything we were supposed to get.  It also featured this phrase -- Bowls of silver, jade and gold/Lead the way safe passage hold.  I would like to know the name of the game so I could look it up to see how it should have actually been passed.
I think I played that one. No clue in the least what it would have been called though.
Quote from Melodia:
I think I played that one. No clue in the least what it would have been called though.

Just the fact that you're familiar with what I'm talking about is amazing.  Even if we're going to puzzle about it forever.
Hi everyone...
I've been looking for a certain game for almost a year now and nobody seems to remember it.
It's a tile-laying based game from the late 90's, you had to fill the board with animal tiles matching in colour or species.
There was a soothing music in the background with different nature and animal sounds. There were also different levels of difficulty and options such as time limit, score chase etc.
If anyone can remember I would be sooo happy... Smiley
Quote from Arwensign:
Hi everyone...
I've been looking for a certain game for almost a year now and nobody seems to remember it.
It's a tile-laying based game from the late 90's, you had to fill the board with animal tiles matching in colour or species.
There was a soothing music in the background with different nature and animal sounds. There were also different levels of difficulty and options such as time limit, score chase etc.
If anyone can remember I would be sooo happy... Smiley

What system is it for?
What is a man?
Quote from Arwensign:
Hi everyone...
I've been looking for a certain game for almost a year now and nobody seems to remember it.
It's a tile-laying based game from the late 90's, you had to fill the board with animal tiles matching in colour or species.
There was a soothing music in the background with different nature and animal sounds. There were also different levels of difficulty and options such as time limit, score chase etc.
If anyone can remember I would be sooo happy... Smiley

Baku Baku Animal?
Trying to remember an old DOS shareware game from around '92 or so. It's a game in the vein of Mario Party (you have a board, roll the dice and move that distance), where a set of characters similar to those in Wacky Races (including a Dick Dastardly-like bad guy who follows you around messing you up) start off somewhere in Europe and have to get to a random location first. If I remember right you start off around London and have to get to somewhere around Germany in the first round. When your turn finishes, there's a notification that pops up that either helps you out or hurts you.
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Arwensign: 2016-01-13 10:06:29 am
Arwensign: 2016-01-13 10:04:05 am
It's not Baku Baku Animal.
However, I can't remember what system it was for... :/
I was very young then and I only know I played it on a crappy old PC. I even had to hit the monitor every now and then because the screen turned green. Cheesy
I distinctly remember one tile, it was a bird with spreaded wings. Maybe I should try to draw it like Tompa. Cheesy
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charleon: 2016-01-14 12:50:42 am
What is a man?
I'm also remembering a game we had at school about 15 years ago which I'm now looking for, probably produced in the 90's. It's a medieval game and I remember pretty much of it so I hope someone recognises it. One part of the game was about managing your resources. I definitely remember one screen which was basically the inside of a castle, and I think there was a abg of grains on the ground, some weapons and armor standing around, and MAYBE a fireplace or maybe anvil/furnace.. Each of these items had a specific use when clicking on them, like recruit troops, buy weapons/armor or buy/sell grains/manage resources. The other part of the game was the skirmishes, which was top-down where you could see your forces. i think there was banners on the screen displaying your troops estimated power-level, and the CPU's Power level.. That's as much I remember. I also think there might have been a map with roads to move your character as well (?)
Could it have been Castles or Castles II?
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charleon: 2016-01-15 12:22:09 am
charleon: 2016-01-15 12:21:37 am
What is a man?

I ahd High hopes for the titles! but no, I sadly don't think it's those games. i remember the graphic to be a little bit more advanced, also from looking at youtube at castles and castles 2 the battles wasn't topdown but a more isometric perspective? The battle map in the game I can remember could be like 9x9 screens big with a castle in the middle and your characters started at the bottom of the map and moved upwards to try and infiltrate it.
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atacht2015: 2019-10-06 11:01:52 pm
This has been bugging me for a while. There's a game where the one screen I can remember has some kind of octupus enemy or boss in a pit, and bombs are dropping from the left hand side of the screen and I think you have to beat this enemy, although it may possibly be optional. I thought it might have been Sonic but I haven't found any evidence on that. Can some master of gaming knowledge let me know?

Website: bang gia chuyen nha
You'll have a lot better luck posting in this thread
Sonic 2 (Master System/Game Gear)

Quote from SleepPotato:
Ok, I'm thinking of an old game, for kids, around 1997-2000 kinda time frame, i believe it had a bunch of mini games? it was about knights and stuff, and i remember a room which had their armour or shields up on the wall, and there was a minigame where you had to touch different coloured crystals, I feel like it might have been a broderbund style game since I played darby the dragon a lot aswell

Could it be Clandestiny by Trilobyte?

(Part 7 of this walkthrough contains this game's shield puzzle)
Quote from ZenicReverie:
Huge, huge thanks to Essentia for originally maintaining this thread, writing the directions below, and creating the table format!

Can't remember the name of a game you used to play?  Ask here, and we'll try to help you out.

When asking:  Be as descriptive as you can.  The more details you can give about the game, the more likely you'll get an answer.  Also, it would be nice if you could acknowledge when someone identifies the correct game.

When answering:  To help avoid confusion, please refer to the person whose query you are answering.  You will get credit (as well as a warm fuzzy feeling) for identifying games.

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roosterRobosport (Not it)
Quote from rooster:
I forgot the name of a game I used to pwn my brother in (5 years older, so big achievement for little bro Cheesy ).

Basically it was a bomberman-type-o-field, both players controlled a spider and could "spit" a sort of laser out of ther mouth straight down a line. Objective was to kill each other. I don't know whether there were blocks you had to destroy like in bomberman.

Oh and it was a DOS game, I'm pretty sure.

Quote from rooster:
Quote from mikwuyma:
Yep, I'm bumping this topic because I might have found Rooster's game.

Is it Robosport?

Sadly no, that's not it.

Enhansa asked me to describe more, and well, there's not much more.

It was basically Bomberman, with the difference that you didnt throw bombs but spit a single laser beam or whatever through your mouth in the direction you were looking at.

And it had spiders.
MatrixTNContender (Unconfirmed), R2R (Not it)
Quote from MatrixTN:
Friend of mine at work has been looking for this game for a long time.

It's a boxing game on the Playstation (either that system or Genesis, really can't remember but I doubt it was on Genesis).  Has a particular opponent that tells you not to hit him in the stomach.  The second time you do, he lets out a big fart.  Hitting him in the stomach a third time results in you winning by TKO because he has to leave the ring (crapped himself).

It has come to his attention that a friend found the game in a yard sale recently but won't tell him what the name of the game is for fear of refusing to call him or some stupid thing.

I'm pretty sure it's not on Genesis cause there are at least 4 boxing games there, and I've played 3 of them (the 4th I know vaguely cause it features Muhammad Ali [not Greatest Heavyweights, which I own]).

Quote from MatrixTN:
Quote from Enhasa:
I instantly thought of Ready 2 Rumble, although I'm not positive, simply because that is such a Midway thing to do.

I played R2R a couple times at a Gamestop, don't think that's it though.  Like I said, it's my friend that's been hunting around but doesn't know and he's got another friend thats being a fink by not telling him what the name is.  I'll talk to my friend next time I see him.  Can we label this as unsure or something for the time being?

Quote from MatrixTN:
Spoke to my friend yesterday, still not sure if R2R is it or not.

Quote from MatrixTN:
Bumping with additional information I could've used the first time.  My friend says that the game in question here used to be in arcades but wasn't highly popular (sucky graphics, what have you).  Again, I don't think it's R2R (suggested by Enhasa).

Quote from Enhasa:
I don't know of any arcade games that fit, but I'm not an expert. Maybe it's just arcade-style gameplay, like Midway games like R2R. If you don't think it's R2R, maybe it's Contender (or Contender 2).
TheVoidImogen (Not it),  Gobliiins (Not it), Three Dirty Dwarves (Not it), Lost Vikings 2 - Norse by Norsewest (Not it)
Quote from TheVoid:
I've got a question myself, been wondering and searching about this game from time to time but I just can't find it so maybe someone here knows.

The game was very similar to Lost Vikings. It also had 3 characters (Which were animals of some sort. I should also need to mention that they were just standing/walking like persons, not crawling around on 4 legs or something) with each their own abilities. One was a kind of General I believe, one an archer and the other was just a big brute. The models and such were more 3D-ish than Lost Vikings and the graphics were also newer/better looking overall, but the camera view was still from the side.
If I remember correctly I played it on the PC.

Quote from TheVoid:
Quote from ZenicReverie:
What year was the first time you saw the game?

Very good question, I have no idea. I think I played it when I was around 12 years or so, so that's 15 years ago.

I'm guessing PC means Windows, but what version of Windows?

Yes Windows, probably either Windows 95 or 98.

And no it's not Imogen.

Quote from moooh:
Quote from TheVoid:
I've got a question myself, been wondering and searching about this game from time to time but I just can't find it so maybe someone here knows.

The game was very similar to Lost Vikings. It also had 3 characters (Which were animals of some sort. I should also need to mention that they were just standing/walking like persons, not crawling around on 4 legs or something) with each their own abilities. One was a kind of General I believe, one an archer and the other was just a big brute. The models and such were more 3D-ish than Lost Vikings and the graphics were also newer/better looking overall, but the camera view was still from the side.
If I remember correctly I played it on the PC.

Sounds alot like Gobliiins, although the classes you mention does not entirely match up.

Quote from TheVoid:
Quote from ZenicReverie:
It's not Three Dirty Dwarves right?

No. The game I'm searching for has nothing to do with dwarves. So it's also not Gobliiins.

XFUBX: Was your post directed to me? If yes, then no Smiley

Maybe my game was part of a Sierra pack or something. It's annoying that I can't remember more specific things about it...

Quote from TheVoid:
Someone else pointed that one out, too. No, that's not the game Undecided

As far as I can remember the 3 main characters looked more like Leopards or Hyena's (They were soldiers and walking on 2 legs like humans).

Quote from Scepheo:
TheVoid; what OS did you play it on? Or in what year? Just knowing if it's a DOS game, works on vista etc. could help the search Tongue

Quote from TheVoid:
It has been so long ago, I can't really remember exact stuff anymore Undecided

It must've been on either Windows 95 or 98. I doubt it was on DOS, though I'm not entirely sure. But the graphics were just a bit too advanced for DOS, so it's likely after the DOS era Wink

The game was also from some bigger company, you know like Sierra or LucasArts or 3DO and the likes.

Sorry, I just can't give more specifics Sad

Quote from Warepire:
can you remember if it was point-n-click or controlled with the keyboard ? this will cut the search field in half

Quote from Warepire:
Quote from TheVoid:
I'm pretty sure it was controlled with the keyboard.

going to wing it here with Lost Vikings 2 - Norse by Norsewest:

thats the only adventure game i can think of with 3 chars where one is an archer for win95/98 that is keyboardcontrolled

Quote from TheVoid:
No that's not it, those are also Vikings instead of animals.

I've been searching my ass off on Mobygames myself, can't find it either Undecided

Quote from Tiberius:
Quote from TheVoid:
I've got a question myself, been wondering and searching about this game from time to time but I just can't find it so maybe someone here knows.

The game was very similar to Lost Vikings. It also had 3 characters (Which were animals of some sort. I should also need to mention that they were just standing/walking like persons, not crawling around on 4 legs or something) with each their own abilities. One was a kind of General I believe, one an archer and the other was just a big brute. The models and such were more 3D-ish than Lost Vikings and the graphics were also newer/better looking overall, but the camera view was still from the side.
If I remember correctly I played it on the PC.

It couldn't be a port/sequel of Cheetahmen could it? They character descriptions sound about right for that, not so sure about the graphics though...

Quote from TheVoid:
No that's not it Tiberius. The graphics were way much better than that.

Quote from Greedo:
The game was very similar to Lost Vikings. It also had 3 characters (Which were animals of some sort. I should also need to mention that they were just standing/walking like persons, not crawling around on 4 legs or something) with each their own abilities. One was a kind of General I believe, one an archer and the other was just a big brute. The models and such were more 3D-ish than Lost Vikings and the graphics were also newer/better looking overall, but the camera view was still from the side.
If I remember correctly I played it on the PC.

I might know this one. I played it on amiga as a kid.
I hope this helps.

Quote from TheVoid:
No that's not it either Sad (None of the games appear to fit)
Quote from chalmo:
OK, I'll throw one in here that's been bugging me for quite a while.

First was for the BBC Micro, from memory it was the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad wolf, had to stop the Big Bad Wolf coming down the chimney I think. Then there was a chequerboard/chessboard pattern and you had to make it from one side to the other, possibly sticking to colours and avoiding the wolf... Poor description, I know.

Thanks in advance.

Quote from Enhasa:
I hate to say this, but you're probably screwed if this site doesn't return anything on "pigs".

Quote from chalmo:
Enhasa: Yeah, I've checked there previously and sadly I think I'll have to resign to the fact that I'm not remembering the details correctly. It WAS over 20 years ago in kindgergarten though so I really shouldn't be surprised, hopefully someone will see this in the future and know what I'm talking about though.
ChaoticSlinkyLego Island (Not it), The Adventures of Willy Beamish (Not it), Skunny: Save Our Pizzas! (Unconfirmed)
Quote from ChaoticSlinky:
I have a question for identifying a game...  I have no idea why but a random flashback appeared in my head recently of a game that I can ONLY remember the opening cinematic of.  I don't remember who the characters were, but you're outside of a pizza place and I suppose the good guy gets kidnapped and there is a 'Closed until further notice' sign placed on the storefront.  The bad guy escapes through an elevator in the phone booth and you follow him...  That's where my memory ends.  My friend said he had a vague memory of a game like that but also remembered nothing.  Can anyone here remember and help me out?

Quote from Enhasa:
Could you be more specific in any way? Whether or not you fully realize it, you remember more than ONE thing about any game. Stuff like:

1) a guess of what year the game could have come out on (it's not useful to say "when I was a kid" if we don't know how old you are)
2) a guess of what platform the game is on (even if you don't remember what console, at least say it wasn't on PC, and guess the generation)
3) what genre the game is in (again, even if you don't know exactly, you can probably rule some out or be broad like "action")
4) if you or others or general public thought the game was any good, how good/bad/colorful were the graphics, music, etc
5) who the intended audience of the game is (kids, casual gamers, movie franchise fans, etc)

Maybe this should go in the first post. Maybe I should take it over. Maybe this sentence was thrown in so there would be three of them.

Quote from ZenicReverie:
A couple other things that you should be able to tell from this memory of yours. Do you remember any colors of the clothes the characters wear? How was the scene structured graphically (2D sprites, 3D game engine, Live video acting, Animated scenes?) It sounds more like a cartoon than a game, so what makes you think it's from a game?

Quote from X:
Going to take a wild stab in the dark here and guess if its 'The Adventures of Willy Beamish'.

Quote from ChaoticSlinky:
Hmm... I have no idea exactly when but I'm guessing it was before 2000.
It may have been on the PC or console so I'm no help there :/
It was action, I believe, and it was also probably a platformer.
I don't know if anyone else even played it, but it did have cartoonish graphics a la Sonic so that might be a generational clue.
I also think it was for kids because, like I said, it was cartoonish and I believe the main character was some sort of animal.

Quote from neskamikaze:
Quote from Flicky:

I'm sure it's not, but that reminds me of the Lego Island openings.

No, on Lego Island the bad guy escapes because he tricks your character (can't remember what his name was, maybe Pepper?) into bringing him a pizza which he uses to bust himself out of jail somehow.

Quote from Avenger:
Quote from ChaoticSlinky:
I have a question for identifying a game...  I have no idea why but a random flashback appeared in my head recently of a game that I can ONLY remember the opening cinematic of.  I don't remember who the characters were, but you're outside of a pizza place and I suppose the good guy gets kidnapped and there is a 'Closed until further notice' sign placed on the storefront.  The bad guy escapes through an elevator in the phone booth and you follow him...  That's where my memory ends.  My friend said he had a vague memory of a game like that but also remembered nothing.  Can anyone here remember and help me out?

Oh, I know this one!

It's Skunny: Save Our Pizzas!

Here's a video of the game with the cutscene you described:

n00byn4t3rHidden And Dangerous (Unconfirmed)
Quote from n00byn4t3r:
#1: Some shooter where you are in the forest with your team (your team mates do nothing except for standing still) and you had to do something, and if your pressed some kinda button on your keyboard (F or Y or something) the world changed, the environment changed your teamates disappeared you got a different weapon etc....
It was probably windows 98, but I'm not sure because i never had this game myself an uncle of mine had it.

Quote from ExplodingCabbage:
A stab in the dark at one of the older posts here:

It would be useful to know how old you were when you played this, what sort of a setting it was (fantasy, realistic or futuristic) and anything else you remember. If you were young and not very aware of what was going on, perhaps it was Hidden And Dangerous and the whole world changing thing was happening when you cycled through to control a different team member. H&D was released in 1999, btw.
FinalDragoonPrivateer (Unconfirmed)
Quote from FinalDragoon:
There was this PC spaceship shooter, mid 90's release, I think it used FMV cutscenes. Anyway, the first level was more or less a tutorial inside a simulator, and after completing it a human looking alien comes down and requests you join them in space. Why? Well it's because you are their prince and you have been missing for several years. I could never get beyond the 3rd or 4th level because it got ridiculously hard.

Any help in remembering this title would be great.

Quote from ColonelFatso:
That almost sounds like a Wing Commander game to me except for the human-looking alien (Kilrathi != human-looking lol). Maybe Privateer?
DK28Karnov (Not it), Chiki Chiki Boys (Not it), Website (Unconfirmed)
Quote from DK28:
Extremely vague arcade game reference here.  I don't remember a lot, so I'm not sure if anybody will know what I'm talking about.  But it was an arcade platformer.  I only remember the main character being a short guy, maybe it was a kid, and the level I remember had a few moving platforms.  There were floating projectiles, maybe fireballs.  And I definitely recall there was some kind of bonus or powerup in the very bottom right hand corner which was a gold bird/eagle.  But it was totally out of the way from getting to the end of the stage.  Any thoughts?

Quote from ZenicReverie:
Karnov? Probably not since that's pretty well known, and I think the levels were pretty linear.

Quote from DK28:
Yeah, I know it's not Karnov.  It was just an old arcade game I remember playing at the local store. 

Quote from DK28:
Quote from Enhasa:
I don't know what this is, but seeing as from the other thread it seems I know the most here about arcade games, I'm posting just to say that I don't know. Lips Sealed Read this post and see if there's anything more you can say at all. Was it single-screen or did it scroll ever? What's the goal of the levels, make it to the top? Was it just run-and-jump or did you have weapons or anything? What were the dangers; were there enemies? And so on.

It was a shot in the dark really.  IIRC, levels were single screen, the end of the level was at the top, there were platforms moving vertically, as well as projectiles hovering around to get you.  I don't recall dangers other than the projectiles and maybe some flying enemies.  That may still be too vague.  Tongue  Just chalk it up to a lost childhood game.  Cry

Quote from DK28:
Quote from mikwuyma:
DK28: For some reason, when you said the main character was really short, I immediately thought of Mega Twins/Chiki Chiki Boys

That actually looks like a different game I was thinking about.  Although, does Chiki Boys also have an arcade version?  The game I was thinking of was not from a console, unless it came out later.

Quote from Enhasa:
DK28: Try looking through the games at this link. You only need to look at the grey ones, not the blue ones.

Thanks Enhasa, I'll look through that to see if I can find it.  Looks like I may find some other gems while I'm at it.
CmonHomeworld (Not it), Starcom (Not it), master of orion or its sequel (Not it), Galactic Civilizations II (Not it), Star Command Revolution (Unconfirmed)
Quote from Cmon:
It's on PC (no idea if it's on other platform)
It's sort of a strategy game in space, your army is only battleships (I believe so), a lot of kind, I forgot how you can make some other battleships
It always (I think) start with mothership (round shape). If I'm not mistaken, if it dies, game over
I think it should be around 1990-2003 (or 1995-2000, dunno)

I'm not sure if this clue gonna help (I just forgot/not sure/can't describe it as I want) so you can skip this one
Maybe like Spore in the space age but in 2D. You don't need to enter the planet like Spore (or maybe I'm not that far yet), you can control all of your army (Spore can't, sort of, right?)


Quote from ColonelFatso:

Quote from Cmon:
nope, it's only 2D, not 3D. the space craft is also small one (even the mothership)
if you've ever played Starcraft, maybe the size of the mothership is the same with the science vessel (more or less)

Quote from Cmon:
Quote from TheVoid:
Cmon: Is it perhaps a DOS game called "Starcom"?

It's not Sad I doubt it's on DOS, I forgot to mention, I'm pretty sure it's a CD ROM game

Quote from Cmon:
Quote from Arkarian:
perhaps master of orion or its sequel? the first was for dos; the second was on cd too. haven't played those games in years, but i vaguely remember a mothership of some sort. might be mistaken though.

It's not that one (not 1/2/3), it's more simpler.
It's also not Galactic Civilizations II (When I google the screenshot of master of orion, I found this game, looks similar but also not as complicated)

The game itself (dunno about your/others suggestion) have 1 race only (at least I believe I can only choose one), there's no option like zerg/terran/protoss/human/something like that

Some scratch:

The round purple is your mothership (maybe a bit smaller), the gray one is like the.. path, so even if it's in space, you can't past those gray lines/pattern/there's already a "road", you can't go anywhere you want (example, in Spore, you can almost travel anywhere, almost no limit. The game that I'm looking for is not).
The game it's not on polygon/wire frame (my drawing just sucks)
The drawing is only the.. "battleground", I can't remember about the position of the menu/map (if there's any)/anything else
Maybe when you start the game, you also got some other battleships to accompany you (2 maybe in the early level)

Quote from Lag.Com:
I just had a look at the unsolved cases list, I think I know one.

@Cmon: Is it Star Command Revolution? Because I love that game and want to run it.
@AxelRyman: long shot, is it Fracas?

ExplodingCabbageHeroes of Might and Magic (Unconfirmed)
Quote from ExplodingCabbage:
I have one. It was a game we had on our class computers when I was in Year 1/2 at school (so this would be 1995-97 and in the UK, if that matters). I don't know what kind of computers we had (I don't even know what operating systems there were back in those days.) Despite it being on a school computer, I'm pretty sure it wasn't an educational game. We occassionally got to play it for a short while as a treat for good work.

The game had a top-down 2D view, like in simple turn-based RPGs. It was a fantasy setting, and while we didn't get far into the game I think the early bits were set in a forest. I seem to recall the forest basically acting as a wall and the cleared paths through the trees being the only place stuff could move. I remember there being dragons and witches, and maybe knights, but I don't remember whose side anyone was on. I can't really remember how the gameplay worked, but I think the interface was very simple. Certainly the control was mainly by clicking on buttons, in fact I don't think we ever had to use the keyboard when playing. I think that maybe (and I'm really not sure here) you had a small number of units and the only control you had over them was when to release them from their starting points, and each level was a puzzle where you had to figure out the timing of when to release them so that they would get past the enemies' attacks and kill them. I also seem to remember being able to click a button to make a dragon breathe fire, though. I can't remember whether the game had any animation or whether the units just slid along, but I'm pretty sure that any animation there was, was very simple. I also can't remember whether there were sound effects or not. Sorry I can't give any more info.

Quote from Baron Dante:
Hmm, I went through Puzzle Games, released for PC in Europe during 1995-97 and found only 3 games, 2 of which has no images to see, but one was 3D game (According to Wikipedia), the other was 3D game with 2D graphics (WTF?) and the third one had a dog -.-

Quote from chalmo:
This is a long shot, but it's not Heroes of Might and Magic, is it? Some of the things you mentioned don't seem to fit with HoMM though. The original was released in 95.

Jobe (guest)Loaded/Re-Loaded (Not it)
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This game was on ps1, it was a shooter with a bird's eye view where you were on a spaceship I think shooting loads of people. The aim was to kill everyone and move onto the next mission.

Quote from dannnnn:

Quote from Jobe:
No not loaded
PotatoSalad11Pyramids of Ra (Unconfirmed)
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Couple of games that I can't remember:

First one was for either Commodore 64 or the Commodore Amiga. It was a puzzle game where you started on a certain tile and had to finish on a certain tile by crossing all the other tiles along the way. When you stepped on a tile is would disappear so you had to plan out your route carefully so that you could step on all the tiles without ever getting stuck.

Quote from ZenicReverie:
This sounds like another Game Boy game actually, called Pyramids of Ra
Shuda51Gun Metal (Unconfirmed), Battle Engine Aquila (Unconfirmed), Transformers (Unconfirmed)

Quote from RakuRocRex:
Quote from ExplodingCabbage:
Quote from Shuda51:
Here's one that i'm pretty vague on the details for, so i apologize in advance.

All i remember is that it was a robot game, like Transformers, though i'm not sure if that's it. One level was based in Antarctica i think, with a mini-boss being a jet robot. Another level took place out at sea during a thunderstorm. I can't exactly remember which console. I don't think it was PC, and it was definitely before the 360 came out, but sometime after the SNES.

Maybe this was Gun Metal? It was a game where you controlled a transforming robot that could change between mech and jet forms, and it definitely had an ice level because the ice level shows up on google image search. I didn't play enough of it to know whether there was a jet miniboss or a sea level anywhere. It's also from the right era and had X-Box and PS1 versions.

Yeah! All of u are wrong. It IS called Transformers. I played it since 1st grade. I'm making a speedrun of it.

Quote from RakuRocRex:
Quote from ZenicReverie:
link and system?
my FAVORITE game

heavy unit battle in amazon
starscreem battle in antartica
cyclonus battle in deep amazon
tidal wave battle in mid atlantic; the "Another level took place out at sea during a thunderstorm." part
alaska no boss starscream crashes his ship
this is wat ur refering to. ring a bell? i promise this is the game.

and sorry bout my last post i ment to qoute the gun metal pargraph

heres anoter proof link:
Axel RymanDDR USA (Not it), 3rd Mix/Plus (Unconfirmed), 4th Mix/Plus (Unconfirmed), 5th Mix (Unconfirmed), 6th Mix (Unconfirmed), Pump It Up (Unconfirmed)
Quote from Axel Ryman:
For DDR fans, I'm mainly looking for a specific song more than the game, but the game helps me with finding it(sorta). When I was a kid I saw someone playing DDR at an arcade and it showed the presidents(And I think a few dollar bills or something). Just need to know the song but whichever DDR game it is helps since I could just look up the video for every single one from the game.

Quote from Arrow:
Where do you (did you) live, and how many years ago was "when you were a kid?" If you live in the US, it was most likely DDR USA, as this was the most common version found in US arcades for a long time, even after the DDR craze started picking up momentum. At any rate, it has a relatively short song list, so it probably wouldn't take too long to listen to all the songs on youtube. Based on your description, I'd guess that you're talking about Boom Boom Dollar (although that song's not in the USA mix), but I don't know for certain. Plus, background animations are frequently shared by multiple songs.

Quote from Axel Ryman:
Nope wasn't that nor was it ones from the listing. It was at a place called Good Times in Somerville, MA. I think its been about 9-10 years?

Quote from Arrow:
The arcade you mentioned isn't listed on ddrfreak, so they may no longer have any DDR machines (assuming they're still in business).

9-10 years ago doesn't limit it down much. It could be 3rd Mix/Plus, 4th Mix/Plus, 5th Mix, or even 6th Mix if it was late 2001. Can you describe the style of the song? Did it have lyrics? Techno/Pop/etc?

And you're absolutely certain it was DDR and not a similar game like Pump It Up?

Quote from Axel Ryman:
No they closed down about 3 years ago. It sounded like it was techno. I barely heard it much since I was at another game machine with the sounds blasting into my ear. I'm sure it was DDR though. I just looked up Pump It Up and it seems they use Korean style music, but I doubt they'd show the US presidents on dollar bills for that(Then again it did come to the US so maybe). 2001-2002 sounds about right though.
DragonFangBubble Bobble (Not it), Space Station Silicon Valley (Not it), Bust a Move (Unconfirmed), Buster Bros. (Unconfirmed), A Bug's Life (Unconfirmed), Rat Attack (Unconfirmed)
Quote from DragonFang:
I have two:

1. A game for N64, you took control of different animals. I remember a farm-like setting and an ice level of some sort. Been bothering me for the past few months =/

2. Game for PS1, I think it had the word "Bubble" in the name, I think it was the type of game where you shoot from the bottom and pop/blow up stuff on the top. There were different characters that you could choose from and I think it also had something to do with music. Pretty sure it was very colorful too.

Sorry for being so vague, but these memories were drawn out from the swamp that is my brain. >>

Quote from DragonFang:
No, its not Bubble Bobble--close though. And the same thing for Space Silicon Vally--very similar, but not quite it. Maybe spin-offs of them?

Quote from neskamikaze:
Maybe Bust a Move on the 2nd one?

And I can't think of anything else other than Space Station Silicon Valley on the 1st, because there isn't a very large library of titles to choose from and that's the only I can think of where you control animals.

Quote from ZenicReverie:

2) Most likely Bust-A-Move, but it could be Buster Bros. as there are bubbles to pop in that as well.

1) Do you remember the animals you got to control? Top down view? close up, far away? any actions you remember you could perform in-game? any chance you remember anything about the gameplay? I would also be guessing Space Station Silicon Valley at this point. Is it not the one you're looking for because the view is different or something? Here's a picture of the ice level. Here are all the screen shots on mobygames.

Here are a couple others to look at as well:

A Bug's Life
Rat Attack
ChrnoSpace Bastards (Not it), Operation Body Count (Unconfirmed)
Quote from Chrno:
Some Guy needs some help, please help him:

The game I want to find is a 2D side-view PVP-shooter just like Liero/Molez/Soldat, I've been searching for it for years.

I remember the demo's name being something like "Operation Bodycount", but there could be a completely different title for it, I don't know if there is a full version of this game, I had the demo from a PC gaming magazine's demo CD back in 1999 or 2000.

The game had human characters, but only one of them (a soldier of some sort) was selectable, there were 6 or 9 characters, and I suspected that each of them would have their own weapons in the full version, I remember that there was a magician character, with his blue pointy hat and mage robes. So in the demo, there was a pistol, a machine-gun, a shotgun etc. for weapons, since the only class was the soldier.

The game demo had only one map to play, and it was split-screen multiplayer. The map had the scenery of some archeological dig, there was lots of destructible terrain, also water that had physics, and as an easter-egg you could dig out two hippie busses from the surface layer of the map's terrain.

EDIT1: I remember the game logo was a big red crosshair on a greenish background, with the game's name in front. Also, I still remember the demo's music, it only had one piece of music (as far as I remember), which played in the menu's, I'm not sure if it played in the game itself. It was sort of jungle / drum n' bass music.

EDIT2: The game was 'side-view'-style. Pretty good graphics compared to Liero, Molez and Soldat too. Hard to describe exactly what kind of graphics, but the player characters were about 20 pixels high and had a lot more detail on them than any of those games I mentioned.

Quote from Chrno:
Quote from Zyre:
Chrno: I wonder if it is Space Bastards that you're looking for (or one of them in the series)?

Someone else duggested that on another site but unfortunatly its not that. Space Bastards is a good game though ^^.

Quote from ZenicReverie:
Are you certain you're remembering one game here? Here's Operation Body Count: It's fairly close to those two pieces of information, except for the released in 1999. Do you remember the name of the magazine the demo was in? Was it for Windows or DOS?

Quote from LeminLyme:
Gotta bump this, cuz I was part of the reddit topic this was from. Think of it like Soldat graphics, but a liero gameplay, where all the terrain is destructible via your weaponry, and your characters are a bit bigger then Soldat. More of a cartoony style, less of a rugged/rustic style of Soldat. Just take Worms, Liero, and Soldat, put them in a pot, mix em up, and your result is this game.
PSI SlimeMetal Walker (Unconfirmed), MedaBots: Metabee Version (Unconfirmed)
Quote from PSI Slime:
Hello everyone. I am looking for the name of a game for a friend of mine. All I can provide are his words about the game's description (as it's not a game I know), but hopefully it will be enough.

- It had to do with remote control robots/toys, supposedly fairly small (i.e. not big robots/mecha).
- This one kid ended up finding one or getting it for his birthday, and fighting off the school bully with one.
- He thinks it's on SNES, but he's not sure.
- He's not sure whether it was an RPG or an action/adventure game.
- He remembers something about "something happening" after beating "two bad guys". Must be something relevant enough to be remembered.

- It's not Robotrek, Robopon or Custom Robo Arena.

Thank you in advance.

Quote from Cifer:
Um, it's pretty hard to find out like that. If he does remember the thing about bullies etc. I'm assumig he does remember at least roughly what the game looked like as well? was it sidescrolling? and even though he's not sure whether it was rpg or action, can he remember at least if you could control the toys directly or just give orders or something like that?

Quote from ZenicReverie:
Yeah, more info please. I will randomly guess Metal Walker (GBC). Almost sounds like a Medabot game though, so I'll also guess MedaBots: Metabee Version (GBA). Describing combat would be a big step. What other consoles could it be besides SNES?
AquaTigerSecrets of the Pyramids (Not It), Pyramid: Challneg of the Pharaohs Dream (Not It), Cluefinders: 4th Grade Adventures (Not It), Assorted Egyptian Online Games (Not It), Pathways into Darkness (Not It)
Quote from AquaTiger:
Okay, this one may be tougher, but it's been nagging me for the past couple of weeks.

First off, the way I remember it. it was a game that was played online, and I'm pretty sure it was single-player only (I dunno if its code base was early Flash, or some kind of dynamic page loading, or what).  It was set in Egypt - inside the pyramids actually, and I don't remember if you were just trying to escape or trying to stop some sort of evil.  It was also in first-person perspective (a very kid-friendly design though, visually) with an almost grid-like movement system.

The main thing I remembered, however, was limited inventory AND weapons that degraded with use.

Why all the past tense?  I think I couldn't have been older than 12 when I played this (that would put it at mid-late 90s, to give you an idea), and I don't even know if the game is still available any longer.

Quote from Schwaumlaut:

Your game sounds a lot like Pathways Into Darkness, one of Bungie's first FPS games, but that one wasn't played online. Other than that, it matches very well - Pyramids, Inventory, going down into them for reasons which involve spoilers. Also, it's set in Central America, not that the inside of the pyramid looks much different.

Does this look familiar?

Quote from AquaTiger:
So I had a look at the sites presented for my answer and sadly, none of these ring a bell.  Though they were nice efforts.

I'm more convinced now that the game I was thinking of isn't even online any more.
XarthokSpace War(Unconfirmed), Top Dog (Unconfirmed)
Quote from wununknownplayer:
Quote from Xarthok:
Looking for a simple dogfight game, it was for two players on the same computer, it was played in a window and from side view, you could only shoot in straight line, crossing a side of the field makes you or bullets appear from the opposite side.

Sounds like Space War (also had ports to Atari 2600). The ships looked like triangles, bullets were small squares, and you had thrust and shot energies (if this is the game you are thinking of).

Quote from Play-doh:
Xarthox - Top Dog?
XxspitexX (guest)Unanswered
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Its a stick man game where you are killing other stick men and then you have to fight rabbits
perkocettAlbert Odyssey (Not It), Lunar: The Silver Star Story (Not It), Lunar: Eternal Blue (Unconfirmed), Shining Force (Not It), Phantasy Star (Not It)
Quote from perkocett:
I'll give this thread a shot.

15 or so years ago, I was watching a family friend play a game on what I can now guess was almost definitely a sega system of some sort. The console was black or a really dark grey and too big to be a turbo grafx but not box shaped like my NES, it was definitely NOT a jaguar.

The game seemed to be an rpg of some sort, top down view. Good guys were on the right side of the screen in formation and 2 bad guys were on the left and there was some sort of dialogue, all his guys died in the scene, I think there was some sort of special effect when his characters were killed but I could be wrong. He said that was supposed to happen and then turned the game off for whatever reason (frustration?). Everytime I play FF2 and get to the end scenes before the final bossfight I am reminded of this game I watched so long ago as the scenes are very similar but the layout and character sprites are all wrong. It is worth noting that the game sprites sort of remind me of the ones used in the Lunar games but it definitely was not Lunar.

Any ideas? This game has been eating at me for the longest freaking time, and I have no way of contacting this kid or I would have asked him what the game was a very long time ago. I would love to finally figure out which game this was so I can play it.

Quote from ZenicReverie:
If you had more of an idea on what system was, or a clearer view of the battles vs. the over-world, and town/dungeon views it would really be helpful. If you're sure it's an RPG, I should be able to help. If you have any idea how many characters you controlled (single, party, army) that would be helpful too. How many guys are allowed in a battle? What was the style of the battles? Was it slightly strategy based like Lunar or turn based like FF2? PAL or NTSC? Random things that might be helpful, if you can't remember the character names, maybe the colors they wore. Just basically any detail that might spark something could be anything small. Why is it definitely not Lunar?

Have you already searched through RPGs on Sega systems? Also, looking up pictures of different systems so you know what system it is would be helpful. There were different models for the Genesis and Sega CD systems, so take a look around.

So far, my best guess is Albert Odyssey

Quote from perkocett:
The system it was on was most definitely either a late 3rd or very early 4th generation Sega System, one of the 16-bit mega drive ones from looking at pictures on wikpedia, one with 2 or 3 buttons on the controller, not the newer 6 button ones. That would be my educated guess from memory.

It's worth noting that I've done a lot of bad things to my poor brain in the last 15 years, coupled with playing so many role playing games that I am suprised I can remember that much of a game I have only seen once. :/

The dungeon his characters were in was very similar in appearance to the Lunar Subterrain from Final Fantasy, but the character sprites were different. Beating my head repeatedly makes me think there were 6 or 7 characters on the PC side while there were definitely 2 on the other. It might have been Lunar, now that I really think of it, but I'm almost 100% positive that Sega CD/Saturn had not come out yet. Definitely not Albert Odyssey, the graphics are all wrong. The game would definitely have been NTSC format.

If I ever saw that scene again I would definitely know it, and while I haven't played the original Lunar, I have watched speedruns and the ending scenes of it on youtube and those didn't really jar my memory. But Lunar is definitely the closest. I've looked through a lot of Sega games but since I'm not 100% on the actual system (lots of sega systems out there) I could very well have been looking through the wrong game library.

I may very well be chasing some sort of twisted chemical flashback, but I know I saw him playing some sort of RPG on a sega system. Thanks for the help either way, this discussion has once again revived my quest of finding this game and playing it, lol.

Quote from ZenicReverie:
Well, some dates to keep in mind. The Sega CD was released in 1992. Lunar: Silver Star Story was released in Dec, 1993 and Lunar: Eternal Blue came out in Dec, 1994. If you have an year when you remember seeing the game, that would help as well. The description of Lunar Sub from Final Fantasy sounds a lot like the first area in Lunar Silver. There are only 5 Sega console systems with RPGs, in order Master System, Genesis, Sega CD, Sega Saturn, and Dreamcast. Another question to ask is are you sure it was Sega? The 3DO had a 3 button controller. The Sega CD used the same 3 button controller as the Genesis for the first model I believe. Saturn was only 6 button.

The problem with Genesis RPGs is that most of them tended to be first person battles, but maybe the scene you remember wasn't a battle scene. Have you looked at Traysia or Sorcerer's Kingdom? Even if you can remember things it's not it'll narrow it down some. I'm sure you've checked the major franchises of Shining Force and Phantasy Star, but I thought I'd mention them.

Quote from perkocett:
I've checked out Shining Force and Phantasy Star. But I didn't know that SCD and Lunar were out at the time, for some reason I thought they were newer. I'm going to brush the dust off of my SCD and see if anyone I know has a copy of Lunar 2 I can use. I've checked out some youtubes and it looks like Lunar 2 is probably the game I've been looking for. I'll let you know. I've only ever played the Playstation versions, so it might be fun playing the original anyway.

knumpifyFuture Cop: L.A.P.D. (Unconfirmed)
Quote from knumpify:
There was a Game I used to play on PS1. First tried it on a demo disk from playstation magazine. Was a third person, god view, shooter. You were a cop in a machine that could transform between a fast car or a bi-pedal mech-like shooting robot. Kinda like a cross between twisted metal and mech warrior. The levels were usually small and always square, like city grids. All I remember from the gameplay was just destroying a small group of enemies, then having to change into the car and boost at the top of a ramp through a pane of glass to get to the other half of the level.

Quote from Eishi:
I didn't want to go through the trouble of looking through all of these games especially with my crappy internet, but the game you're looking for may be in here:

Quote from TheVoid:
Every time I read this it makes me think of Future Cop LAPD.
GearStrikeHunter Hunted (Unconfirmed)
Quote from The Fake Macoy:
Quote from GearStrike:
I do remember there is a game I cannot for the life of me remember the title no matter how much I freaking try, but I know quite a bit about the game itself.

I remember it came out on the PC during the Windows 95/98 and it was around 1997-1999 when I played it.

Th game itself was an action/puzzle/platformer where you play as either a human or minotaur in a series of labyrinths that ranged from sewers to like a roman palace and the goal was to outsmart your opponent and reach the exit using paths and whatever was necessary to finish the level.

The game was pre-rendered 3D on a 2D place (Donkey Kong Country if you will) but was kind of 'cyberpunk' looking in a sense and was layed out like a classic Prince of Persia game.

I hope this helps...

That has to be Hunter Hunted.
Quote from Siyko:
I just remembered this one from way back! It was a racing game.. around the era of "Stunts!", maybe 1991 or so. I am not sure if it was just free open-world driving or a race, but I remember in the game I got pulled over by a cop for speeding. Then there was an option to give an excuse for speeding.. usually he would give you the penalty anyway but sometimes he would accept the excuse and let you go on.

That's literally all I remember.

Oh, another game.. really weird first-person shooter 3D game. I remember I got it in an AOL Warez channel in probably 1992-1993. For some reason I think the game was called 'UPS', but that doesn't seem to uncover any leads. You could jump really high (I think there was a pogo stick), and there were 3d walls and buildings. There were people you could walk into to talk to.

One specific memory of that is where I jumped at someone, and as I collided with them it opened up their speech balloon. I close that, one frame passes, and since I'm still in the jump I move further into them, bringing up another speech balloon. I close it, etc repeat until I probably cried.

This one might be just some homebrew app, but it seems worth it to ask. I can't imagine making a 3d  game in that era would have been easy.
Mecha RichterCrystal Mines (Not It)
Quote from Mecha Richter:
I have a game that I can't for the life of me remember and it bothers me so much.

It was the for NES and it was one of the first games I ever owned as a kid. I have since been able to obtain every NES game I used to own, except this one because I just cannot remember the name of it, the cover art, or even how the game looked.

All I do remember though, which isn't much, was one level you would go in an underground area that had lava and you couldn't enter without a suit or else you'd die (kinda like Metroid and the Varia Suit). Another memory I have of the game is I made it to the final boss (at least I think I did..I can barely remember), but when I got there, I couldn't do anything. It was basically a room with nothing in it, and the room looked like ice. I probably sat in that room for about an hour trying everything I could to get something to show up or happen, but nothing worked. I also couldn't leave the room, so I was doomed to reset the game.

Unfortunately, that's all I remember of the game. It pains me that I can't remember anything else because I would love to play the game again to relive one of my childhood memories that have practically faded with time.

Quote from ZenicReverie:
Can you describe the game more? You compared it to Metroid, is it a 2D platformer as well?

I came up with one possible game, although seems like a long shot at this point:

Quote from Mecha Richter:

No it's not that. I remember it as a 2D side-scrolling platformer/adventure. I remember it being similar to Metroid and possibly Strider.

Unfortunately, that's all I can think of. It's been so long and my memory is very hazy when it comes to that game...

If it helps any, it's possible the game was horrible and is uncommon because of it. I mean, I did have Castle of Dragon when I was a kid......
howaTribal Rage (Unconfirmed), Saga: Rage of the Vikings (Unconfirmed)
Quote from howa:
searching for this future real-time strategy game i played 454586 years back... i remember you build on the mine itself to get resources... i also remember there is 5-10 races i think one of them is vampire... nothing more i can tell about this game, its possible the game is named something with "rage" but google doesnt show anything

Fed981Heaven & Hearth (Unconfirmed)
Quote from Fed981:
Maybe not the right thread for this, but : do someone know a game like Minecraft, where you begin on a beach for instance, in a lost world anyway, and where you have to build all on your own, but with better graphical quality?

Quote from moooh:

Heaven & Hearth? Never played it so no idea if you start on a beach, but I remember a description of it sounding pretty similar to minecraft.
Axel RymanMine Bombers (Not it), Dyna Blaster (Unconfirmed), Fracas (Unconfirmed)
Quote from Axel Ryman:
Quote from Pendrokar:
Quote from Axel Ryman:
Just remembered one. It's a game similar to Bomberman but for the PC around mid to late 90s. That's all I know.

Mine Bombers?

Similar to Bomberman, that isn't close to Bomberman.

Quote from gammadragon:
Quote from Axel Ryman:
Just remembered one. It's a game similar to Bomberman but for the PC around mid to late 90s. That's all I know.

Dyna Blaster?

Quote from Lag.Com:
I just had a look at the unsolved cases list, I think I know one.

@Cmon: Is it Star Command Revolution? Because I love that game and want to run it.
@AxelRyman: long shot, is it Fracas?

Quote from 001124:
I remember a game that was for mac (One of the old ones, probably more than 8 years old). You had to ride a unycicle and jump through hills, And when you died, it sounded so funny (You could die by falling or tripping off). It was the simplest game ever, but I haven't found it in all these years. I miss it. You could also grab coins I think, and once you grabbed a lot, you went to a special room.
Quote from zanza77:
Quote from ZenicReverie:
Quote from zanza77:
ok so there is a game from ages ago, before 2000 or maybe 2000 for the ps1. it is a multi disc rail shooter, im pretty sure 4 discs. the game is a sci fi game and all i remember about it is that you upgrade as you go through and end up with TONS of guns in the end. i remember one level has a magma level and it looks like you are in middle earth and you have towers of lava shoot up from the ground. for some reason i feel like throughout the game you have to run through it all in one straight shot and if you die you restart on disc one but im not sure about that. i have searched all over and i cant find it anywhere. i wish i had more details to give.

3rd person or 1st person? How sure are you of these details: on rails? PS1? multi-disc?

You can look through this list:
and this list:

There's some crossover between those lists. Also, while searching for a list of multi-disc games (unfruitful effort), I thought to look for a list of on rails shooters and came across this forum thread, which might be able to help you figure it out:

ok so im sorry it took so long to reply, i had to work. but i am positive of the rails the ps1 and the multi disc. i know its a third person game. all i remember is playing this game years ago and i remember getting very frustrated every time i got a game over cuz i had to restart and i remember the change disc screens. but im not sure if you cant save or if i just didnt have a memory card... Sad i really wish i could remember more its just i remember playing the game when i was WAY younger and i dont remember much of it. i know that as you go through the game you end up getting more and more guns and the guns you have get stronger but they can go back to being the same as the beginning. also i know that as you go through the stages they change completely in details, like i remember one in a lava like middle earth type scene but not really middle earth the only reason i say that is cuz its filled mith magma. its more of just a different planet with magma shooting up and then i kinda vaguely remember kinda a cavern that is more serene. the enemies are always flying and they are like alien type creatures. thats basically all i got. if we cant find it that is okay i am just really curious as to what this game is called. its really bugging me.

oh and yeah i looked through all that but no luck in finding the game. i searched almost everything.

Quote from ZenicReverie:
Do you remember what you controlled? A robot, a ship, some kind of creature? Any memory of the HUD? Can you describe what the game over screen looked like? Any detail could generate clues.

Quote from zanza77:
well you controlled a ship. i remember that. the creatures are very vague, i dont really remember. also the HUD is very vague to. the few games i looked at that really kinda jumped out as familiar but not it were games like vanark and space debris. they really reminded me of it.
BlutoCashBeyond Oasis (Unconfirmed)
Quote from BlutoCash:
I'd like to remember a game I played on the Sega Channel in the mid 1990's.  I think that means it's a Sega Genesis title or something around that time frame.  It was a 2D side angled view adventure game revolving around genies.  Mechanically, think Double Dragon, but with a genie theme storyline.  The main character was not a genie, but through the story discovered different genies of different elements to use.  So first, you'd find the fire genie and get to summon or use his abilities, then the wind genie, then shadow genie and so on and so forth.

One reason I am unable to find any info about it is because when you search Google with the keyword 'genie' all it returns is pages about Game Genie.  Hopefully someone here knows what it is.  Thanks!

Quote from BlutoCash:
Quote from ZenicReverie:
Definitely a Sega Genesis game if it was on the Sega Channel. If you can give more details it would help. When you say "Mechanically, think Double Dragon," do you mean it's a beat'em up? Do you use weapons, or only these powers you get from genies? Do you jump or climb at all?

I suppose it is a beat em up, although much more fantasy oriented, plus you collect items I believe.  I can not remember if there is weapon/armor equipping or not, but it is set in an Aladdin type era, so I think a sword is used.

Quote from TRTerror:
@BlutoClash sounds like Beyond Oasis and according to they had it

Quote from Pornosaurus Rex:
This sounds like Beyond Oasis to me.  It is on Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection on PS3 and Xbox360.
Sportacus84Shock Troopers (Unconfirmed), Shock Troopers 2nd Squad (Unconfirmed)
Quote from Sportacus84:
ok think i got another one. but i don't think it was on a console ever. so basically its a arcade game. I was playing in a Arcade called "Nickle City" and every game was a nickle which was awesome but u had to pay to get in and play which sucked but anyways the had some Free Play games and i was playing one that let you choose a Guy or a Girl char. and it was like Contra & Hard Corps mixed. Pretty much tank killing and solider killing. I actually beat the game spent like 5 hours on it and i had tons of free plays so i could always continue where i died.  think thats pretty much what i remember.

Quote from Sportacus84:
Quote from Ghoti:
Sounds like Metal slug, except that was on console. Does it have cartoony graphics like that?

sort of

Quote from TRTerror:
@Sportacus84 Shock Troopers or Shock troopers 2nd squad?
MatrixTNDragon Spirit (Unconfirmed 1/2)
Quote from MatrixTN:
Shooter (vertical) for Amiga, could play 2P alternatively, screen border color changed each level, I think there were powerups.  Played this ages ago.

Another one from Amiga land, a card game against the computer and it talked to you.  Said "Your turn, (name); we don't have all day, (name); get your hands off my cards!"

The former I have been itching to find for some time, the latter recently came to mind.

Quote from TRTerror:
@MatrixTN Re: Amiga shooter, Dragon Spirit?
ksig_doughboy (Guest)Unanswered
Quote from ksig_doughboy:
There was a browser game I stumbled across through what I thought was (makers of Booty Call) and you played as a dj.  You could earn money to buy new discs which were color coded to what type of music they were (pinkish for trance, yellow/orange for bass, then I think there were red and blue) you would take the disc and click on it to play a set beat for a while and you would do this at a particular club venue trying to pump up the crowd.  You would succeed or fail correspondingly and could subsequently unlock other venues around the city until you were the dj master.  It was single player and I think it came out around 1999 plus or minus a year.  Haven't seen it in over a decade.  Anybody have any ideas? 
Khaos4woodMediEvil (Not It)
Quote from Warepire:
Quote from Khaos4wood:
All I can remember about this game is the opening area, it was a first person game and you started out in a graveyard and the first enemies you fought were little oozes or slimes. I think it was on the Genesis, but it may have been PS1 and I would have played it like 13-15 years ago when I was little. I asked my dad about it and he said he thought that you played as a skeleton, but I don't remember that part so I'm not sure. Any help would be great, it would be awesome to play this again Smiley

Sounds a little like MediEvil.

Quote from Khaos4wood:
Wow I haven't checked back on this in so long, but I found myself searching for this game again and remembered asking about it here haha. It's definitely not medieval, I remember that game well.  It was in the first person and you moved in squares,  similar to the old might and magic.  I wish I could find it!

Quote from ZenicReverie:
Grid based first person like Eye of the Beholder or Zero Tolerance? Was the whole game in first-person, or only certain parts? Any idea what you fought with? Was it an active game system or turn-based?
Quote from Yagamoth:
So... From time to time I remember one specific game from my childhood I played only for a very short amount of time, but I couldn't find anything about it so far. Maybe someone here knows? ^^

- It's a very basic DOS game
- The view is from the top (think of FF 1 perspective)
- It's tile based (1 arrow press moved 1 tile)
- You transition from room to room, no scrolling, but you could choose different directions explore and come back (think of Lolo 2)
- It's sort of a Metroidvania style, where you at some point collected an item which lets you move red-ish squares which would normally have killed you
- It's NOT with ASCII-Symbols
- There are red-ish "squares" which at the beginning would kill you if you step on them, but also monsters can be lured into them. I 'think' these squares vanish once a monster dies in them

Maybe? ^^..

Quote from Yagamoth:
Thanks for the thread, I'll have a look through, maybe I'll find it in there ^^

Edit: I found a pic of a game, which looks similar:

Difference is, that it really wasn't letter-based, but the layout is about right..
Quote from Renokye:
I can't for the life of me remember the name of an old learning game for the Mac. I used to play it to death when I was a kid. I remember going back and forth through different rooms of a castle and finding a friendly talking spider that would ask questions like "How would you spell this word when I sound it out for you?" or something to that effect. Yes, there was voice acting. I think the guy that was trying to teach you and teach the spider was a wizard. You had to go around to every room in the castle to find everything in order to figure out where a mother dragon's egg is. After you find it, it appears in a mirror and then the game ends.
Any ideas?
Quote from TimpZ:
There was this game I played as a child on my dads computer (windows 95 I'm pretty sure). You were some kind of cave man or at least looked like one and you were supposed to solve puzzles in order to get to your raft and then get to the next levels by going further down the stream. Unfortunately I can't really provide more details other than it being an overhead view and with basic obstacles such as rocks and planks on a beach. You could move certain items I think but it mostly involved pressing buttons in order to get to the other side of the stream.

It's been bugging me for years :p.
S.Micro Machines (Unconfirmed), Micro Maniacs(Unconfirmed)
Quote from bangerra:
Quote from S.Eagle:
Looking for a top down view racegame.

You drove a toycar on a table. Ramps, obstacles etc were created using everyday objects. (For example, a ruler was used to create a ramp)

Micro Machines (available on every single console you can imagine)

Quote from Cereth:
You asked about this a long time ago but, perhaps Micro Maniacs?
You don't drive a car in all the levels but there are some with vehicles, and there's also a level where you run on a ruler.
DarkBluesZXBushido Blade (Unconfirmed), Soul Blade (Unconfirmed), Battle Arena Toshinden (Unconfirmed)
Quote from DarkBluesZX:
Hey Does anyone remember that game for the PS1 Where i was A fighting game But You played as samurai's. the graphics were terrible but Were managable. The fighting style was like soul caliber except eveyone had a sword. But know one had special powers

Quote from feasel:
Could it be Bushido Blade?  Might also be Soul Blade or Battle Arena Toshinden, tho i think that's less likely.
EndlessSteel Battalion (Unconfirmed), Armored Core (Unconfirmed)
Quote from Mandark:
Quote from Endless:
Let's see how awesome y'all are. In this game, you would pilot a mech, and at least in one case you had a timed escape sequence (maybe more).
I remember one level that required a certain kind of equipment because if you didn't have it, you would overheat instantly and your mech would shut down. I believe that level began in a cylindrical area.

Sounds like Steel Battalion / Tekki for Xbox? I know there is a escape sequence to rescue yourself.

Quote from DarkBluesZX:
Im thinking Armored core or steel battalion but i need a system to clarify
CriminallyVulgarKing's Quest 2 (Unconfirmed), Granny's Garden (Unconfirmed)
Quote from CriminallyVulgar:
Asking on behalf of a non-gamer friend, I have no idea what she's talking about:

when we were little kiddies
there was this game
like propa old school
and it was like..a trail to grandma's house or something
grandma's house?
grandma's trail?
grandma quest or some shit?

i mean like super kid kid
like, i'm talking about 8 years old
you had to type shit in too like in different bits
and you had to pick decisions?
like you had options to go here or there

Also, there may have been a lake

By "8 years old", she means late 90s.
I do apologise for the form, she's a bit excitable.
I cut out some of the less relevant content.

Quote from DarkBluesZX:
If its typing its probably a PC game so at least i know that much.

Quote from gammadragon:
King's Quest 2 sort of fits, except for the era - would have been 80s rather than 90s. They did a remake of this game though in the early 2000s (but no typing in that one)

Quote from Jimmers:
@Criminally Vulgar: Sounds like Granny's Garden?:

IgyanataCommand & Conquer: Generals (Confirmed 1/4)
Quote from Igyanata:
Well, thank you Alko. I will ask now. When you answer about a game please refer to it's number and I will tell you if it's the one. Smiley

First Game: It's a 3D PC first person shooter with a similar gameplay like Unreal Tournament or Painkiller(or something to both of them). I think it had a deathmatch mode with bots, beside the single player campaign which had a story but I don't remember anything about it. It must have been about Hell and demons, so it had some not realistic moments. It had only black and white graphics, for example the skeletons you can kill were outlined in black and the fill was white. I think there was a skull in the interface but I'm not sure and I think there were some maps that were like castles and dungeons. The enemies were some demons and skeletons and the weapons were mostly range kinds but I don't remember any in particular. I think I've seen in around 2003 but I'm not certain if it was new then. I mostly remember the black and white graphics, so this is the main clue I've got here.

Second Game: A 3D PC strategy with tanks and other military vehicles you can command. I'm not sure if it's any of the first Command and Conquer games because I haven't played those much(no offense to the fans), so you tell me if it's any of them. Anyway I know that you had a base in every mission where you can train tanks and vehicles, and you had to destroy enemy buildings and units and complete specific objectives. I think it only had single player missions. I think you could also train foot soldiers but I don't think there were any planes, maybe helicopters, I'm not sure. I know that you can't build any buildings, you only have one base and you train all the units from there. The time of action is in the present around 2000, so there are no spaceships or aliens, just normal people. I think I've seen this one in 2001 but not later than 2004 but it seemed pretty new at the time and I liked the graphics a lot but I can't explain anything special about them.

Third Game: I barely remember this one, I know it was for PC and it was first person. I think I've only seen a boss battle in it here you had to kill a giant which was 5 times bigger than you. It is about the Medieval ages but there are some creatures you can fight. I don't think it was an RPG but you only have swords, axes and potions. I remember the battle with the giant was next to a big castle and there was a catapult you could use to shoot him with big stones. I am sure this giant was not the final boss, actually I think it's one of the first ones or maybe it's not even counted as a boss but I know the battle with him was more difficult than fighting other creatures. I think there was some kind of inventory but no leveling system. The graphics were not so detailed but I can't remember anything except that the giant was light. Actually now when I think of it it might not have been a giant, maybe a big man made of stone, well I know that he was big. I really don't remember much about this game so it can be difficult to find it. :-/

Forth Game: This one should be easy to recognize if you've played some old games. I've played it on PC but it was on our old one, so I think we were still on DOS. It is a 2D game and you control a young man. He works at a skyscraper and his goal is to make a girl, working on the top floor of the building, to fall inlove with him. You can move around the building using the elevator and you can prepare the gifts from the things you collect. Your job is to send her presents and flowers so you can impress her as much as possible. You complete the game when she falls for you. I think there was another guy hitting on her and you had to be better than him or otherwise you lose. I think at the end of every day the hero goes home and watches TV and there were some things you can do there but I don't remember what. I think the whole story will help you figure it out because it's one of a kind. The year I've played it was around 1998-2000 but the game wasn't so new at the time.

I hope you can get which the first and second ones are because I would love to play them again. Thank you for the time. Smiley

Quote from TheVoid:
Quote from Igyanata:
Second Game: A 3D PC strategy with tanks and other military vehicles you can command. I'm not sure if it's any of the first Command and Conquer games because I haven't played those much(no offense to the fans), so you tell me if it's any of them. Anyway I know that you had a base in every mission where you can train tanks and vehicles, and you had to destroy enemy buildings and units and complete specific objectives. I think it only had single player missions. I think you could also train foot soldiers but I don't think there were any planes, maybe helicopters, I'm not sure. I know that you can't build any buildings, you only have one base and you train all the units from there. The time of action is in the present around 2000, so there are no spaceships or aliens, just normal people. I think I've seen this one in 2001 but not later than 2004 but it seemed pretty new at the time and I liked the graphics a lot but I can't explain anything special about them.

Likely not the one you're looking for but I'll mention it anyway just in case Smiley Axis & Allies?

Quote from Igyanata:
I watched some videos of Axis & Allies and as much as it's a very similar game to the one I'm looking for, I know that's not it, so the search is still on.

Now when I think of it, it might have been possible to build things in the game(the second one I'm looking for) because I think there were some bulldozers you can use for that. Anyway that was not the main thing. The main thing was to train tanks and other armored vehicles and it was definitely in a newer period that the II World War. Also most of the missions were in deserts(I think there was a mission where you play as the Americans and you attack Iraq) and I don't remember seeing any gameplay where you can control ships.(I saw some in your game)

Ok, good luck and Thank you for the help.

Quote from TheVoid:

General VaguenessMilon's Secret Castle (Not it), 8 Eyes (Not it)
Quote from General Vagueness:
Here's one for you guys, not a lot of details but what I can say is pretty concrete. This game:
- was for the NES
- was a platformer, sort of, it played similarly to old-school Castlevania
- had a medieval setting (or around there, it was definitely pre-industrial)
- you could go into and out of buildings (and had to to progress)
- probably the most unique thing about it (which I'm about 95% sure of), it had honeycombs as a powerup of some kind, I'm almost certain they gave you health
also it might have had puzzle solving, I'm not sure if it did or I just couldn't get the logic of the game, being 7 and all. Regardless, I thought it was pretty fun.

Quote from General Vagueness:
Quote from Melodia:
General Vagueness: Million's Secret Castle perhaps?

nope, also apparently it's Milon, not Million, did autocorrect get you?

Quote from General Vagueness:
Quote from The Fake Macoy:
General Vagueness: 8 Eyes?  It fits a lot of those details

no, but it does look like an interesting game
Quote from default:
What a great thread!

I remember a game for the PC back in mid-to-late 90's I used to play all the time on windows 95! I remember you flew in something that looked like a spaceship but it was somewhat close to the ground because you could see the ground and mountains etc. And you had to put on different components on your ship, like: Batteries, catapults and spikes. And the spikes you put on the edges of your ship, so when you crashed into the enemy ships they took damage. And the catapults were auto-firing all the time, hence the need for more batteries the more catapults you had. The game was in 3D, the graphics being somewhat similar to the flying simulators of that period, except it wasn't first person view, it was more like third person. I remember you flew around and battling other ships until (I THINK) you hit a boss-ship or something because I remember never getting past that one ship.

Edit: Oh yeah! The ships looked like flying platforms.
TerganDragon Strike (Not it), Rescue: The Embassy Mission (Confirmed 1/2), Dragon Spirit (Unconfirmed)
Quote from ZenicReverie:
Quote from Tergan:
There are 2 games for the NES that I have no clear memory about.

The first one is a top-down scrolling shooter, and you're a dragon.  I remember that you can actually turn into a two-headed one, but that's it in the end.  I guess the only other helpful clue is that the game says "Rest: x" instead of "Lives: x" Tongue

The second one was some sort of secret agent game or something.  I guess you could say you were a SWAT team trying to dodge spotlights and baddies, and sometimes snipe dudes out of windows in some segments.  What I thought was most memorable about this game though was that each time a member went down, this funny looking baby angel would fly on the map screen.

It'd be awesome to get my memories restored, because I somehow remember the second game I mentioned being really hilarious Cheesy

First one is most likely Dragon Strike.

I'd have to look around for a bit on the second. What was the point of view for it?

Quote from bangerra:
The second one was some sort of secret agent game or something.  I guess you could say you were a SWAT team trying to dodge spotlights and baddies, and sometimes snipe dudes out of windows in some segments.  What I thought was most memorable about this game though was that each time a member went down, this funny looking baby angel would fly on the map screen.

Rescue: The Embassy Mission ?

Quote from Tergan:
Hmm the first game isn't quite what I remember.  The way it played was quite similar to stuff like Raiden or 1942

For the second game, I just took a quick look at Youtube and yes it's Rescue: The Embassy Mission Cheesy  I get to see the silly looking angels again!

Quote from ZenicReverie:
Quote from Tergan:
Hmm the first game isn't quite what I remember.  The way it played was quite similar to stuff like Raiden or 1942

Dragon Spirit then?

HeidrageAstyanax (Unconfirmed)
Quote from Heidrage:
NES game. The only few things I remember about it is that your character is rather big and you use a big ax (I think). The first or second stage I remember being mostly white. That is about all I know... Any ideas?

Edit: Side scroller

Quote from feasel:
Astyanax is a NES side-scroller with a large character who (sometimes) wields an axe.  I don't remember a mostly-white stage though.

Quote from SnakeDokktor:
So there was this game that I had when I was a kid. It was windows 98 or ME I think. It was a racing game with spaceships and you had several characters you could choose from all with differing ships. There were different tracks and they had shortcuts you could find much like HydroThunder. The thing that stuck out the most though is that during the entire race your opponents would continually hurl insults and trash talk at you over your radio. Each character had a different personality. One was a pair of girls (maybe twins) that rode together but unfortunately that's all I can remember. Thanks for any help!

Quote from ZenicReverie:

moore11Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (Unconfirmed), Silent Bomber(Unconfirmed)
Quote from moore11:
hey everyone, only just signed up but have had some enjoyment watching some runs on here for a while now, don't have the time to do them myself but love to watch them for some reason.

anyway I have quite a few games from my childhood that I don't remember the names off but there was one I used to play constantly but can hardly remember anything from it, and it was only a demo  too, parents were pretty tight demos made up alot of my early pc gaming.

all i can remember is there being 3 levels in the demo (95%) may have been two, no more. You were some sort of machine, pretty sure flying and you had a mission to do each level. I vaguely remember there being some type of bomb like thing you had to plant at the end of first level and I guess blow it up. For some reason I have no recollection of the 2nd level, but for the 3rd featured a boat or a submarine you had to plant bombs on? Ofcourse this was the demo so this may not have been the actual order.
I played this as a kid circa 1998-99, and was on a demo disc with 4 other games although I can't recall any of there names not that it would help.

I have tried looking over gamefaq for anytype of sci fi games and youtubed any name that sounded familar but have had no luck as yet, for some reason I was always thought it started with a letter near the end of the alphabet but reall unsure. with how little I have provided I doubt anyone on here is going to help me as the game was probably not even popular.
would love to track it down for that nostalgic feeling.

The only other slight detail I can remember was the first level on some of the walls there were posters of something, something like a movie poster etc

thanks for any help

Quote from moore11:
Quote from bangerra:
Was this a sidescroller, 2D/3D, fps, rts,... ?

it was either First Person, or 3rd person, 3d

Quote from TRTerror:
Do you remember what magazine the disc came with?

if it wasnt for the sci fi i would guess commandos behind enemy lines

Quote from Warepire:
This is probably not what you're looking for but it almost sounds like Silent Bomber to me if this demo disc was for the PSX.
SonikkustarWord Rescue (Unconfirmed), Number Rescue (Unconfirmed)
Quote from I have no name:
Quote from Sonikkustar:
There was an old DOS game I would play in school. It was like Mario, but when you hit the question blocks it would ask you Math & English Questions.

I want to say that's Word Rescue or Number Rescue but it probably isn't.

sepherinSpace Bucks (Not it), Gravity Well (Unconfirmed), Warpath (Unconfirmed)
Quote from ZenicReverie:
Quote from sepherin:
Hello all. The game I am looking for game on a Games for Windows 98 or 95 disk, or a Softkey Games Disc for the same platform. The game was in space and you could choose your color and then you chose the other 3 robots colors and aggresiveness. It was a wireframe game, and you started off on your planet. Your ship was an arrow and you flight was affected by the planets gravity. You have a command ship that floated in orbit around your planet. The objective was to fly to uninhabbited planets and land on them. This would make them change color and become your planet. The a barge would fly from your planet to the new one and take it over. Then you go and attack the other color's planets and take them over as well. It was a very simple game and I have spent over 6 years trying to find it.  If anyone know what this game is please please please please let me know. LoL I am going to have to admit myself to a looney bin if I keep going on these 14 hour searches for it lol.

I've played this or something similar... Check out Space Bucks

Quote from sepherin:
No thats not it. Way more simple interface then that

Quote from sepherin:
wireframe as well

Quote from TRTerror:
Quote from sepherin:
I am still currently looking for a game.  It was on Windows 95 or 98, not sure, but the game came with one of the Games for Windows Disc that you purchase in the game section at like a office depot or something.  The game is a wireframe style game.  At the beggining you can choose how many other planets there will be and each planet has its own color. The colors are red, white, pink, yellow, and red I believe. The ship you play is is a triangle. You start on your little tiny planet with a command ships floating around your planet.  After a while freightors spawn around your planet at that time you go out and find other planets.  You land on them and a square pops up in the middle, you then have to protect that planet until your ships arrive to orbit around it.  FOR YEARS, and I mean YEARS I have been trying to find this game.  Please for the love of god help me find it before I die on a long enless search for hours.

Gravity Well? Or maybe Warpath?

Quote from deathfire123:
Well... I'm 18 right now and the game I'm thinking of I haven't played since Grade 1, so since I was 6. It is a computer game (can't remember if it was PC, DOS, Apple, or any other PC), I remember it was level based. All of the levels were gray, and whenever you finished a level, you would get a new item in a room which was basically the way to count your score (For example, after say the 20th level a giant throne chair would be put in the room).

That's all I can remember

EndlessHomeworld (Not It), Homeworld 2(Not It), Wing Commander Game(Not It)
Quote from Endless:
So there are a few games I'd like to give a shot here.

1.) It's either a space game or some sort of other aircraftey game, but either way you have free movement in 3d space with (I believe) Newtonian physics. In one mission, there's this valley lined with an insane number of static turrets, and in order to avoid being instagibbed you needed to fly toward the valley, cut your engines, and coast through it using momentum.

2.) This one I believe was a space RTS. There were ships with a large health statistic, somewhere in the 1000-3000 range I think, though I don't have any idea how much damage they dealt or whether that was a lot by the game's standard. One map consisted of a massive torus-shaped station, inside of which the players spawned and played. This one I don't expect anyone to get, since I don't have any further details.

Quote from Softman25:
Might as well take a couple more guesses...well...educated guesses.

#2 might be Homeworld or Homeworld's a guess but it's one of those space RTS's, and there aren't many in general. If I'm wrong though - found this.
JesterDevLamborghini: American Challenge (Unconfirmed)
Quote from JesterDev:
Been looking for this title for many many years now. I rented an NES(?) title way back when, it was a racing game. You traveled from area to area (towns maybe) racing other people one on one I think. You could buy parts for upgrades, won money. It may have been go carts, but not sure. May have also been a kid driving, but again not sure.

Was never really into racers, but this one caught me.

Quote from ZenicReverie:

Quote from bangerra:
I doubt this is what you're looking for, but in "Lamborghini: American Challenge" you go from town to town racing people. It's for SNES and GB though.
EfreetiGratuitous Space Battles (Unconfirmed)
Quote from Efreeti:
Can't remember the name of an old Windows game, where you controlled 2D spaceships from above in short bursts of time. The game controlled a lot like the games Over the Reich/Achtung Spitfire. You gave the spaceships orders to speed up/down or turn by dragging them, tracing a white line in front of them where they would go, and they followed that path. You had small squadrons of different ships with different speed, toughness and missile loadouts, and had to seek out the enemy ships on the map to engage them in 2D dogfights (the different ships also having different sensor strengths that determined how far away they noticed hostiles). You could also give general autopilot orders such as "Stay in formation", "Seek out enemy" or "Fire at will" to one or all ships.

Quote from Judgy:
@ efreeti I don't happen to know of the original game you suggested, however, there is a more recent version or at least a similar game on steam called gratuitous space battles which may be worth a look if you can't find the original one, sorry I can't be more help.
darkwolfDragon Realms (Unconfirmed)
Quote from bangerra:
Quote from darkwolf:
I cant remember a text based game I used to play online. It was a medieval military game where you had to choose a military type like fire which you could eventually get dragons to help. The purpose was to build up a army and you could attack other people and have your friends help you attack your enemies.

Dragon Realms?
Exchord92a Gradius game (Unconfirmed)
Quote from Exchord92:
I've been looking for a 2D side-scrolling space shooter for Windows 95 or 98. You control a spaceship and slowly advance through the outer space while shooting down a lot of enemy ships. You start by firing in 3 directions at once and get a lot of weapon upgrades to cover huge portions of the screen with shots. You can move up and down, speed up or even fly backwards (to the left), which is necessary in some spots. There are some bosses and I think at one point there's a big spaceship on the bottom of the screen with some enemies walking on it. The health bar displayed at the top consists of like 4 blue sections. I think the logo on the title screen was blue, but of course I can't remember what it said.

I've done some research on this before but without success, so I hope someone knows what game I'm talking about.

Quote from Stormknight:
That sounds vaguely like a Gradius game. I also thought about Raiden, but those games you move vertically, not to the side.
dxtrFinal Fantasy Adventure (Unconfirmed)
Quote from Solairflaire:
Quote from dxtr:
Were discussing old rpgs with some friend. But there was one in particularly that i didn't remember the name on.

I know it's on Game Boy/Game Boy Color.

The intro, i think it is. Starts off with some of the characters standing at a waterfall and one of them falls down.

That's all i can remember. And i don't for sure if it was an rpg or not.

Please... help.

That could be Final Fantasy Adventure. The waterfall thing isn't immediate, but it's close to it.

Quote from Hetsig:
I'm searching for a game that i remember almost too vague.
The only thing i remember about it is that it's an 2D sidescroller, the maincharacter was some kind of a mailman/postman OR similar looks, i remember a skeleton bridge that you crossed and the bridge collapsed after you so i guess it was a "fast pase" game.
I also remember that the game was on CD on the earlier consoles (Playstation 1 or Sega 32x CD).

Thanks in advance ^_^
Quote from Siyko:
I have a really difficult one for the PC. I remember getting it from an AOL "Mail Bomb" of games in the 90s from the 'warez' chat channels. It was a first-person 3d game, similar in graphic quality to Wolfenstien 3d or Doom, though it was specifically outdoors with a bright happy setting. I remember getting a pogo stick and jumping around, and a wall of hedges. The game ran pretty slowly typical of Windows 3.1 / Dos games of the time. If I had to put a year on it, I'd guess 1995.

I also remember a house, and if you go inside there is a blue alien, You walk up to him and it opened a dialogue window of some crap he wants you to do.

I remember very little about this game, other than being amazed and exploring around this 3d world that wasn't scary like doom, and had a vertical element to it that one could explore.

Also, I'm pretty sure the game's file was called 'UPS', though that could mean anything.
Quote from SleepPotato:
Ok, I'm thinking of an old game, for kids, around 1997-2000 kinda time frame, i believe it had a bunch of mini games? it was about knights and stuff, and i remember a room which had their armour or shields up on the wall, and there was a minigame where you had to touch different coloured crystals, I feel like it might have been a broderbund style game since I played darby the dragon a lot aswell

Also Another game I've been wondering about is one where there is an Air Show kinda thing with like, 4-5 different coloured planes and you had to organize the event or something, and they had funny sound effects..

Hopefully someone get's this.
AnonymousHybrid Heaven (Unconfirmed)
Quote from Anonymous:
Okay, so all I can remember is that it is a game for the nintendo 64; you play as this guy, I think he's human, and you're in this sort of facility that is high tech; I think you're trapped inside. You have a gun that I believe shoots out sort of a laser blast, and you use it to kill the flying robots that are shooting lasers at you. There are also monsters all around that when you engage, it takes you to an action list where you can perform different techniques such as slamming them or striking them and they can do the same. That's all I can remember, please answer if you have any thoughts.

Quote from Melodia:
I didn't play it much, but could it be Hybrid Heaven? I remember that having 'guy trapped in a facility' at least.
KevonniEmpire I - World Builders (Unconfirmed)
Quote from Kevonni:
This is not a game that I am personally looking for but an unanswered post from TVtropes: "A really ancient computer game, probably mid-to-late 1980s. You build and design a rocket. Then you see the rocket launch, followed by, if I recall correctly, the astronaut parachuting down". The game in question was not an arcade game and I tried "Project Space Station" but it was not it. The original poster thought it was closer to The Oregon Trail in terms of game play and it might have included the rocket launching but those parts are uncertain.

Quote from ZenicReverie:
This probably isn't it, but here's a random guess:
Quote from Palisor:
The game I have in mind was in DOS. You started with a mothership, shaped like the upper half of a sphere. You were out in space. If you moved the mothership near resources, it would open up. A little thing would exit the mothership, fly to a nearby resource, gather it up, and return it to the mothership. By leaving your mothership in a particular area for a while, you'd passively gather whatever resources were present.

There were five types of resources. Four of them were color-specific, the fifth was generic. For example: if you wanted to build something that required red technology, you'd use some of the red resource plus some of the genetic resource. There were four colors of technology. You had to research all the technology of one color before being allowed to move onto the next.

When you finished a level, you could take your leftover resources to the next level. This made it very important to not build more than necessary to complete a level. Technological advancement was caused by building buildings. You'd a particular tech level (like green) by building a fairly expensive structure which (IIRC) couldn't defend itself. Doing so would allow you to build two or three other types of structures. Building one of these other structures would unlock more possible buildings. Once you were able to build every type of building green had to offer, you'd also be able to build the starting building for some other tech category, such as red. Eventually, you'd work you way through the whole tech tree; gaining the ability to build all types of structures.

Anything you built was immobile. The only mobile unit you had was your mothership. Suppose you built, say, a red building which fired missiles. This building would have a specific range; and would be useless at destroying anything outside its missiles' range.

If someone could tell me the name of this RTS game, I'd be very happy. Thanks!
OninRealms of Chaos (Not It), Fur Fighters (Not It)
Quote from gammadragon:
Quote from Onin:
I just got a game from my childhood stuck in my head.

It's a platformer. You play as a cat, you have guns, you slaughter mice. I remember it being pretty hard and cartoonishly gruesome. Probably a DOS or early windows game.

Realms of Chaos? Not quite a match but close.

Quote from SamStrife:
Fur Fighters?

Quote from Onin:
No, it was 2D, much older than that. And pretty cartoonish, like I said before.
Quote from OtakuSRL:
I only had the demo disc, however I played it and played it, and I was way too young.

PS2, I remember in the opening cutscene the main character(?) hits a golf ball out of a guy's mouth, and I remember driving around in a car around a city, or a wasteland, or something. I think the cutscene was like in one of those professional trailers, if that helps at all, but I'm not sure.

Thanks, guys!

Quote from Pinchy:
MSX, tape loaded game.

You play as a guy who I think looks like a crash test dummy, inside a computer, like a maze platformer.
SacrificesSword of Mana (Not It), Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (Not It), Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django (Not It), Summon Night: Swordcraft Story (Not It), Tales of Phantasia (Not It), Shining Soul (Not It), Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (Not It)
Quote from Sacrifices:
Hello! I have a game that I need to know the name of. I remember it was a RPG game on the GBA, and when you stepped in fire, you burned yourself. There is a graveyard, and you can choose who your character is at the beginning. Fighting was not turn based. Had auto healing. I know for a fact that it is not Final Fantasy, or Fire Emblem.

Quote from Sacrifices:
Quote from Melodia:
Could it have Sword of Mana?

No. That's not it.

Quote from Sacrifices:
Quote from ZenicReverie:
Would be helpful to know any more details. How many characters could you choose from? Some description of the characters or enemies you fought. Were the battles on a separate screen, or did enemies pop up and you were suddenly fighting them? What was the setting (futuristic, fantasy, modern)? Is it a side-scrolling game, or completely top-down view?

Some random titles:

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
Summon Night: Swordcraft Story
Tales of Phantasia

and a list you can peruse:

I think 4 characters. It's a fantasy setting. The enemies I believe spawn in specific locations. Top-down.

Quote from Sacrifices:
Quote from Phazonelite7:
Sounds a lot like Shining Soul.

Nope, that's not it. Shining Soul's graphics are way better than the game I'm thinking of.

Edit: I'll check it out really fast.

Edit 2: Nope, that's not what I was thinking of. When you start the game I'm thing of, you spawn in a courtyard of a castle or something like that.

Quote from Sacrifices:
Quote from ZenicReverie:
Maybe something like Gauntlet: Dark Legacy?

Nope. This game I'm thinking of camera was like in Pokemon, and not slanted.
Soliduz ZnakeUnanswered
Quote from Soliduz Znake:
I can't remember exact details but I remember playing a 2D fighting game probably on a Sega console or at that era of Sega & Nintendo . The only thing I remember is you have a large selection of rosters and the final level you fight in a Colosseum against a boss who is muscular, naked, with slik hair style and has a silver skin color sort of like Silver Surfer.

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i am too interested in a game that i played in my childhood.It was a game you were fighting against creatures with  bird eye view and upgrading you peasant soldiers to a viking.
hello guys. There was a game that i played in my childhood. It was a fight with creatures and you can upgrade your peasants to even vikings.And also game was in bird eye view.
Waiting hurts my soul...
Check out
if not that, here's a list:

Quote from TrUShade:
2) This is a bit of a newer game-ish. It was a RTS with First person action (like you took control of a vehicle) car game that you took over zones to get more resources, and they had a demo out for it which I played a bunch of. I just can't remember the name of the game.

Can't believe I missed this, but is it

I'll look at the others when I have more time. In other news, first post updated.