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My feelings on The Demon Rush
Current list of games:

NOTE: Feel free to suggest other games, just don't be disappointed if I shoot your suggestions down. I'm also aware this topic is very long, but there's no way around it, we just have a lot that can be run.

Our game list for AGDQ this year was very strong, but as always there is room for improvement. Ignoring improvement, we also want to keep the game list fresh. I'd say we want at least 40% new content this year. New content, doesn't necessarily mean switching out a game, it can also mean switching the type of run done (race, 100%, low%, etc.)

This is how I prioritized the games last year.

1. Popularity and watchability.

2. Everyone who wanted a game, had a game.

Point number 1 is still valid, except cult classics also fall in this area. One thing that I learned from reading chat in AGDQ is that cult classics are definitely worth doing. Some of the more frequently requested games were cult-classics. What is and isn't a cult-classic isn't always 100% clear, so I (and Breakdown) will have the final say.

Unfortunately, I can't really follow point number 2. AGDQ 2012 (or AGDQ 2 or whatever we will call it) I can't give everyone a game because there will be too many people. However, you have six months to learn a game if you don't really know how to run anything marathon-worthy yet. So if there's something that I list you're interested in, start doing some practice and research!

Another thing, I know people are going to suggest games that are coming out later this year, so I'm going to make a cutoff date. If the game is released on or after October 1st, then I won't allow it in the game list. We won't have any idea on a time estimate until the game comes out, and I don't know if a game that comes out that late will be practiced enough. Yes, I'm aware this cuts out many of the big releases this fall, including Skylight Sword (but not Skylight ;))

Some game ideas/themes

Bad/Poverty game graveyard

I wanted to try this after we did AGDQ, and Sonic 2006 and The Demon Rush only confirmed that this idea is worth trying. Now the reason why Sonic 2006 was so successful might have been the fact that it's Sonic, and the game is infamously bad. The Demon Rush on the other hand, is just so hypnotically bad that everyone who watches can't stop (and when I play it I can't stop D:). Just ask Essentia and UraniumAnchor about how hypnotic the game is.

A couple things about this block, it will be during a late night graveyard/early morning shift, so if it ends up not working out too well, then it's not really a big deal because we just killed a graveyard shift. Also, I don't want more than 6-8 hours of bad games.

Now I don't want just any bad game to be in this block, I want entertaining, obviously bad games. Having some infamously bad games would also help. Just like how we want a lot of the games we run to be some of the best, we want these bad games to be some of the worst.

Here's a short list of good examples:

Lagoon - This game is the epitome of what we want for this block - Horrible gameplay and story that enters the territory of self-parody, innovative game mechanics never seen again because they're awful, and best of all, PJ is willing to play it.

Bad Street Brawler - Has some of the weirdest enemies and best lines of dialogue ever, and it's short enough so that it doesn't over stay its welcome. I'm pretty sure Josh has this covered since he's working on a run of this game.

Bubsy 3D - The Mario 64 killer. No, seriously, it was supposed to be compete with Mario 64, and everything Mario 64 does right, this game does wrong and then some. The game also has a funny slope-climbing bug that completely breaks a lot of the stages. I know UltraJMan has this game covered.

Superman 64 - I don't know a lot about this game, but I know it's super buggy, and its wretchedness is legendary.

I would consider The Demon Rush, but I think that we should let Lagoon have its year, and save The Rush for 2013. Wink

Casual runs

We had these last year, and some were quite successful (Castle Crashers), so I think it's worth having some again this year, as long as if the amount doesn't go past 5-7 hours, and the gameplay is still good. We should also spread these out so serious runs can have a breather, and it's not all too much at once.

I'm not going to suggest anything here, but I know moooh and some others wanted to do Magicka co-op run, which would be a great idea IMO, and it would cover something else I'd like more of for the upcoming AGDQ which is...

PC games

We don't need a ton, but we could use more than 3, and Myst probably doesn't count. Tongue Honestly, this will probably end up being mostly FPS games since the other big PC genre, RTS, doesn't really translate well for a marathon (Starcraft might be the one exception simply because nearly everyone has played it). I know a bunch of people mentioned Diablo 2 at AGDQ, but that game might be too random for a marathon. :-/

Anyway, some games that would be worth doing:

Doom - This is a no-brainer. I don't know if anyone can actually run this game though.

Quake - I know Lag.Com has practiced this a bit, so the outlook is good.

Unreal - Shadowwraith has been working on this, and he plans on coming to the next AGDQ

Half-Life - I talked to Droogie, one of the few Half-Life runners who doesn't use scripts :o, and he says he has a buddy in DC he could visit, so we might actually have this game at the next AGDQ. Smiley Also, no one can resist a headcrab hat.

Deus Ex - Everyone loves this game, maybe we should fly Dex in (I wish).

System Shock 2 - Another highly regarded FPS, and I know PEACHES has mentioned he plays it from time to time. I don't know how much work he has put in the game though.

Fallout 1 and 2 - Far from essential, but they would be amusing like Morrowind.

I'll admit I'm pretty PC stupid so suggestions are welcome.

Indie Games

Cave Story was a big success at both AGDQ and JRDQ, and everyone loved Tranquilite's VVVVVV run during JRDQ. So it's definitely worth doing some more indie games. I'll just suggest a couple that we haven't done before.

Iji - I don't know how popular this game is, but it's a really good game with a lot of cool shortcuts, so if nothing else, it would be a good watch.

World of Goo - Really fun, original game that looks impressive when speedrun.

Braid - This is an indie darling.

Battle Kid - This is a maybe, but this has a positive response from pretty much everyone who has played it, including me.

Bidding War

Well the Super Mario 64 and Majora's Mask bidding war worked even better than I hoped, though Jiano's crying and #speedrunslive definitely helped make it more successful. Tongue

Anyway, we shouldn't repeat the bidding war with the same two games again, so I had two ideas for bidding wars.

Final Fantasy 7 vs Final Fantasy X - These are the two most popular and well-liked Final Fantasies post-SNES era. We all know Essentia can run X, but can someone run 7? I am aware these games are massive time sinks, but they can be split up into two parts.

Banjo-Kazooie vs Banjo-Tooie - Banjo-Tooie seems to be regarded as highly as Banjo-Kazooie, but having them both would be way too much time for Banjo. One problem is that I don't know if the games are similar enough in length.

Games that viewers suggested/what Breakdown and I think would be good

The three most mentioned games in the AGDQ chat were...

Super Meat Boy
Demon's Souls

Out of these three VVVVVV is the least essential because it will have already been done twice by Tranquilite soon, and he is the best at the game.

Breakdown said Super Meat Boy is a matter of what he wants to do with it (or he and Joe, if Joe comes). I know Breakdown has considered doing a true ending run.

Here's a list of some other games that were frequently mentioned (notice how a lot of these games are cult classics). There were a couple of other games mentioned a lot, but mostly by the one fan, so that's why I didn't mention them.

Vanquish - The one modern shooter with regen and a cover system that is actually fast-paced. I know, it doesn't sound possible. I know Kiyura can't shut up about running this game, and Cody Miller has expressed interest in running it.

Viewtiful Joe (both games) - I will definitely pick up the first game. I've never played the second game, so I don't know who will do that one (if anyone).

Jet Set Radio series - Tri-Hex says he wants to focus on YI 100% for the next AGDQ, and wants to hold off on Future until AGDQ 2013. I really love both games, but I'll have enough stuff to run as is, so I'll hold off on practicing the original (and maybe Future) until 2013 too.

Sunset Riders - Seriously, I'm not just making this up because I ran the game. A bunch of people mentioned the game. I guess people can't resist the Pink Sombrero and Shotgun combo. Cheesy

Mirror's Edge - Hey, it is the speedrunning game, and it is a good, fast-paced watch. I know Cody Miller expressed interest in running this.

IWBTG - I hate this game, but it was requested a lot. Sad

Devil May Cry 3 - Hey, it's the most well-rated game in the series. Well, it's a debate between this and DMC1 for some people.

Earthbound - This got a great response during JRDQ. In fact, this was one of the few games where people actually talked about the game, and not about Final Fantasy! Mickey_Mage said he would focus on this game for AGDQ so it looks like this is a lock.

Banjo-Tooie - Mostly mentioned during the N64 games, but it was mentioned a lot. I think this would be best done as a bidding war against Banjo-Kazooie, since having both games would be way too much Banjo.

Stuff that wasn't mentioned too much, but I think would be a good idea anyway

Ecco the Dolphin - This game was big back in the day, and if done well looks incredible. The problem is the doing it well part, Ecco needs some brakes. Sad

Kid Chameleon - This is more Breakdown's suggestion than mine, but he did mention that it has a battletoads-esque reputation, and it would look impressive if done fast.

Psychonauts - Pretty much the cult classic of the ps2 era. Also has a ton of ridiculous shortcuts and glitches that knock down the time to less than 90 minutes.

Beyond Good and Evil - The other cult classic of the ps2 era. I know the game was mentioned at least a few times. I haven't seen the run in a while, so I don't know how entertaining this game would be.

God Hand - Had good reception during JRDQ, so it deserves at least one live marathon. Also, this game is just pure awesome, who doesn't want it?

Modern Ninja Gaiden - A lot of people like them, and they're supposed to be hard, so seeing them done well would be awesome.

Maybe God of War - The big problem with these games is the nudity, even if it is brief, so I'd have to ask ustream and whether these games can be streamed or not.

Donkey Kong 64, but only the glitched run - Any other run would be a really long dull collectathon, but the glitched run has lots of crazy tricks that are fun to watch.

Shinobi PS2 - It would be an entertaining watch and round off the Shinobi games nicely.

I am aware that it is unlikely that all of these games will be played, but that's fine. I'm just trying to make a foundation.

The next post will go over stuff we did last year, and whether we should keep the game, change it up a bit, or just axe it.
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My feelings on The Demon Rush
I'm just going to go in order of when these games/series were played at the previous AGDQ.

Super Mario Galaxy 1 or 2: I think it's fine if we do this again, but we need someone more specialized and more willing to grind out the practice like Yoshifan.

Portal: It's fairly short and it's a fun, if confusing watch. I would prefer the PC version over the 360, and if Romscout comes that will happen, but I have no idea if Romscout can come at this point. Portal 2 co-op would also be great, or even just a solo run.

Halo: If Cody practices (and he will because he learned his lesson in the worst way possible), then I'll let him redeem himself here. If he fucks up again, then I give every single other person at the marathon the authority to mercy kill this game and smash the disc. BTW, Cody, you said you were going to stream so you get more used to it, you should make good on your word.

MGS games: People like Twin Snakes, but people like the original more. If we do the first game agian, it should be the playstation version. Also, I don't really think it's worth doing the second game again. I think the third game would be a better choice, since that's the most well-liked MGS game AFAIK.

Splinter Cell: I think this is worth doing if a different game in the series is done. Chaos Theory seems to be everyone's favorite, and I know Molotov was fine with running it, so I'd let it in.

Resident Evil series: Should really be toned down. I already talked with Carcinogen about this, but we really had too much Resident Evil last year. I know Carc expressed interest in running REmake and Code Veronica, and I know both games are well-liked by everyone. If someone who liked Resident Evil 4 ran it, then I'd allow it. If not, and there's still some space, then I would allow RE2 again, but some different variation, like the B game, or choose the character with donations, or both.

Mega Man series: The original shouldn't be played unless if Seth Glass comes. If Seth Glass comes, then the original should definitely be played. Two and three are fan favorites, and three wasn't even done last year, so those are definitely in. I think 9 or 10 should be done, but not both. If Duckfist comes, then we'll just do 10 (and tiki can probably race him).

Also Andrewg, you are not allowed to touch Mega Man again. If you don't have time to practice 10 or so games, then focus on some that you can practice.

Mega Man X series: The original and X2 are obvious. X4 I don't really care about doing again either way, so I'm thinking of replacing X4 with X6, since people would like watching someone tackle a shitty X game (that isn't boring like X5 :P).

Snake Rattle 'n Roll: Drop. Overlooked NES titles do get some decent response, but there's no sense in repeating them year after year. Let in room for a some other short, underrated (reception and/or difficulty) games like Shatterhand.

Ninja Gaiden: I'm fine with it staying, especially if Sinister1 races the game, but we should at least have the second game in there too. J is practicing it for SGDQ, so I'm sure he's fine for practicing it for AGDQ.

Contra: Keep them all. The first three are all short (they take less than an hour combined), and they always get good response. In terms of other Contra games, I think Shattered Soldier and the new Hard Corps Uprising could be worth doing. Shattered Soldier has the "OMG Impossible!" reputation despite not being too difficult, and Uprising would be worth it for character donations, but not Saiyuri-only, Mecha Richter. Tongue

Metal Storm: Drop. The game got its year, and like I said earlier, let a couple other underrated NES games in.

Blaster Master: Sure why not? Got a great response last year, and UA said he had some new trick to show off at the end.

Punch-Out series: The original always gets a good response so why not? Also, Super Punch-Out has its fans, so I'd say its worth doing. I know Heidman and DK28 have worked on this game, so we should be able to get someone who runs it.

Excitebike and Marble Madness: Not worth doing again, especially since I want Andrewg to focus solely on Mario games if he comes again.

2-D Mario (sans YI): It's obvious we should keep them, but we should vary up the runs some. I know Tjp7154 is working on 100% SMB3. If he can come to AGDQ (he's not sure if he can), then I'll give it to him. I also think doing SMB1 warpless would be a good idea, but that's just me.

Breakdown did say that SMB2 and Lost levels could easily be dropped. I don't exactly agree with him, but I don't feel strongly either.

Oh yeah, if someone can do it, New Super Mario Bros. Wii would be a good add.

Dr. Mario: I will be honest, I am so sick of this game, but that is 100% personal bias. Breakdown says it is one of the most popular puzzle games, and we do need some (he's right), but blehhhhhh.

Tetris Attack: No strong feeling one way or another. Easily dropped or added.

Yoshi's Island: Tri-Hex, as long as if you use a pre-completed file, you will get your 100% YI. You better make good on your promise that it's more entertaining than any%, because I think any% is just as entertaining. Tongue

Donkey Kong Country: Tjp doesn't want to run the first game, so that's out. Well, maybe doing the super ridiculous TAS warp glitch (which I've seen him do) would be worth it. I'm not sure DKC2 is worth doing unless if someone learns all of the crazy new glitches the japanese runners use. What I do think is worth doing is DKC Returns, but we'd need someone to run the game.

Castlevania (pre-SOTN): Castlevania 1 has been done a bunch, but it's short and classic so why not? Castlevania 3 has the character choice for donation, and Alucard hasn't been done yet, so maybe he'll get his chance. 4 looks impressive when done well and should probably get one more time. I know Klaige wants to run Bloodlines and leave characters up for donation. If he can do better than Houser, then I'll allow it, because Bloodlines should get one live marathon, even if it's only one.

The one game that isn't worth doing is Rondo of Blood. It didn't get as good of a response as the other CV games and honestly, Maria is so broken it's not really all that exciting. Maybe (and this is a big maybe) if someone learns how to play a real character and not a little girl then I'd allow it.

No VG, this game doesn't have to happen again, so don't even try unless if you actually learn Richter.

Castlevania (SOTN and later): SotN has been done a lot, but it's also been getting faster and faster, so I think it would probably be worth doing one last time as a race, and then it can retire for a bit. When it comes to GBA Castlevania, the only one I can imagine doing is Circle of the Moon fighter mode. No one likes Harmony of Dissonance (though it looks impressive when speedrun), but maybe a glitched Maxim run would be good for a laugh (there's a Japanese RTA that's about 3 or 4 minutes). A lot of people whined about AoS being new game + during JRDQ, and that's the only practical way to run it for a marathon setting, so yeah. DoS and such might be worth doing again, maybe, big maybe.

Ghosts 'n Goblins/Ghouls 'n Ghosts: I don't think it's worth doing Ghosts 'n Goblins again, but I Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts I'm fine with doing again. Also, PJ said he'd try doing the original Ghouls 'n Ghosts (the one genesis game he likes, heh) so that would round off the series nicely.

Thexder Neo: No

Actraiser: It was already raced. Not really much more you can do with the game unless if you want people to suffer through the sim parts.

Morrowind: I'm quite neutral about this. I think Lag.Com said he would try Oblivion for the next AGDQ, but don't quote me on that.

Myst: It was good once, and only once.

Tony Hawk: It's short, it's popular, and it's an entertaining watch. It's probably worth doing some other games in the series. I'd say up to Underground 1 or 2. I think the series started getting less popular after the underground games, but I'll need someone more experienced to back me up on that claim.

Trials HD: It was entertaining last year, and I have no problem putting in this year, but there might not be space.

Pokemon: First off, we only want one Pokemon game because any more would just be more of the same and tedious. I know Mike89 and his brother have worked out Single-segment strats for a non-glitched run (or low-glitch I guess) of Red/Blue, so if they can make such a run marathon consistent, I'd allow. We also wouldn't have to worry about Venonat. Cheesy

Metroid series: The first Metroid game is a big fat no. It's pretty boring and I didn't even want it last year, but J offered to run 1-boss so I let him. There's also the fact that Jman won the Emptyeye clutch award for his Mother Brain fight that can't be topped.

Super Metroid is a sure why not? No matter what variation is done, it'll be entertaining. Fusion had a much better response than I anticipated (I guess I pay attention to M2K2 opinions too much), and if Biospark comes again I'll let him do it. If Biospark doesn't come I don't think it's worth doing again because whoever would do it wouldn't be as good as Biospark. If Fusion isn't run, then I think Zero Mission is worth doing.

Prime is an obvious inclusion, but Prime 2 I'm not as sure about. If Miles comes then I'd definitely allow it, but otherwise I'd just omit it.

Other M? hahahahahahahahaha no. Seriously, I have never seen so much hate for a single game before.

Zelda series: Breakdown said Zelda 1 shouldn't be done again unless if it's a race or if it's second quest. He also had that clutch end at Zelda 1, so that's pretty hard to top. Alttp is definitely worth doing again, especially if it's done better. OOT is worth doing again as MST, especially since it had such a good reception at JRDQ, and it deserves a better time slot. Link's Awakening I'm not so sure about. I know Tigger77 is a beast at the game, but it's been done already, and we do need to make room for other games.

When it comes to Zelda we haven't done, Minish Cap is worth doing at least once. Either Twilight Princess or Majora's Mask is worth doing, but only one or the other. If it comes down to choosing one, then definitely Majora's Mask. A lot of people didn't like the fact it lost at AGDQ, and it has more fans than Twilight Princess.

Super Mario 64: Including 120 star at a better time slot is a no-brainer. The question will be who gets to race.

Blast Corps: I know PEACHES is the king of this game, and there are some people who enjoy racing the game, but I have a hard time justifying this game, especially since 100% was done at JRDQ.

Super Monkey Ball: Had great reception and deserves a better time slot. This time we'll also be better-equipped to handle the master courses for scheduling. The only question is whether someone is willing to play through Super Monkey Ball 2 or not.

Super Mario Kart 64: Meh. I really can't come up with a strong argument one way or another, but I would much rather see an F-Zero game (or the original SMK, but that's just a personal thing).

Banjo-Kazooie: I think this is worth doing again, especially if it's in a bidding war with Banjo-Tooie.

Katamari Damacy: A big hit during AGDQ. This is definitely worth doing again. I think doing both the first game and We <3 Katamari is worth it.

Moonwalker Breakdown says it had its year, and I agree.

Earthworm Jim: Not worth doing really - it's already been raced, and Breakdown had one of his best performances ever.

Rocket Knight Adventures: Not worth doing unless if someone can consistently beat it on hard mode. A 4-way race is a big maybe if it's still on easy mode.

Alternative Beast: It was fun for what it was, and now Stanski and I are happily married so there's no reason to go further with this game. Wink

Sonic series: The Genesis games should obviously be done if someone is willing to run them, and I know we'll at least have a run of Sonic 3 and Knuckles because we have our best Englishman, Mike89, coming again. Oh BTW, when I say Genesis games, I'm not including Sonic Blast and Spinball. Tongue

I'd say Adventure 1 and 2 are also worth doing, if we have a runner experienced with the games, then I'd say let them rock., especially if they can do bidding wars for Dark and Hero side SA2 scenarios.

Streets of Rage 2: This got its year. It's possible to learn other characters, but the underlying problem still exists. The game is either trivial to beat if you pick a difficulty lower than mania, or you have to go at a glacial pace if you play on mania difficulty. Also, I don't really like the game anymore (played a bit too much Remake, heh).

Turtles in Time: I think the best way to do this game is a co-op run, and Sinister1 is willing to practice, so it's in.

Double Dragon series: I am positively neutral about the games and the series, except for Super Double Dragon, which should never be in a marathon ever (sorry Heidman). I know the idea of a Double Dragon 2 race has been proposed, and I'm down. All I need is a day to practice. Tongue

River City Ransom: It's already been done twice and I know I've said this twice already, but we need some other NES games to step up.

Castle Crashers: This was a fun run to do last year, but we're going to do a 8-man race at SGDQ, and doing anything else would just make this game stale. I know some people wanted to do a serious run, but please, that's the fucking stupidest idea I've ever heard. The only way to do a serious run is to do a solo run of the game, and that's a terrible idea. Yes, this is coming from the guy who ran the game solo. Tongue

Final Fight: I'm one of the few people who likes this game (the arcade version, not the console ports) over Streets of Rage 2 , but this game also got its year, and I think it should take a break.

Kingdom Hearts 2: I don't like repeating RPGs. They need at least one and a half to two years before being done again in a live marathon, IMO. Also, this game had some of the most polarizing response from chat I had ever seen.

If anyone is curious, the RPGs I'm thinking of this year are: Earthbound, SMRPG (if Cyghfer comes), and FF7/FFX.

Devil May Cry: Breakdown was disappointed in his run, and having seen it, I can see why. The man needs his salty runback, and a better time slot. Oh yeah, 3 and 4 are worth doing, but only one or the other, IMO. I would choose 3 over 4 because 3 seems to be the fan favorite.

Bayonetta: It's Flicky and it could use a better time slot. Also we can vary it up a bit if we want, like do a hard mode run or something.

Uncharted 2: Response was meh. A lot of people complained that the game was run on  very easy difficulty. I don't see how this game or any other in the series is worth doing (hey 3 is coming out this year).

Metal Slug series: 1, X, and 3 are definitely worth doing. People liked the Metal Slug and they want more. I also want my revenge on 3 because I don't care what anyone thinks, my performance was hot garbage. Another Metal Slug on top of these three might be worth doing. I'm thinking Either 4 or 7/XX. The problem with 4 is that it gets a lot of (undeserved) hate, and 7 was released after everyone stopped caring.

BTW DK28 don't ask for 2 because everyone knows X >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2.

Aladdin: Not worth doing again.

Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse: Mickey_Mage's performance was ace, and he said he's going to solely focus on Earthbound, so there's no reason to have this game again.

Kirby series: Well it's definitely worth having Super Star and Adventure/NIDL again, but other games to include is debatable. An Amazing Mirror Co-op run would be worth doing IMO (or maybe even a solo run?), but I'm not so sure about Epic Yarn. I know a lot of people like the game, but I've been told it's boring to run, and you can't die so there's not even much risk involved.

Sly Cooper: I love this game, but it didn't get a very good response at the previous AGDQ (it wasn't bad, but it wasn't that good either), so I don't think it's worth doing again, even if Ani improves from last time (hahahahaha). The other games in the series aren't worth doing because they have a lot more minigames. Let's not speak of the dancing minigame in Sly 2. Sad

Crash Bandicoot 2: Crash Pundicoot 2 was amazing, Crash Bandicoot 2...not so much. It didn't help that Tri-Hex died about 50 times (I'm not sure if I'm exaggerating). Honestly, if I knew that 100% in Crash games was an OCD fuckfest of box breaking, then I would have shot down the suggestion in an instant. It might (and this is a big might) be worth doing the first or second Crash game any%, by someone who practices more...and doesn't go to Denny's when he is supposed to play his game.

Cave Story: This game has a great response everytime it's played. However, if we let it in this AGDQ, that would be the 4th time within a year that Cave Story is in a marathon. I say it should take a break and let some other indie games rock.

Lego anything: These honestly fall in the more fun to play than watch category. Not worth doing again.

The Remainder: I already said my bit about RPGs at Kingdom Hearts 2.

Well that's it. If you actually read all of that, then damn, you're a champ.
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My feelings on The Demon Rush
Now that I've mentioned what's good to run, here's the stuff I will run. I might subtract or add a game or two, but my base games will definitely be these eight.

Sunset Riders - You in heap big trouble if you don't agree with this game. Also, it's too ingrained in my brain for me to forget. I'll learn the pistol characters for donations. I'm also considering learning low%, but I'm not entirely sure about that.

Contra III - This is the game that originated serious time. I'm going to try to learn low% for donations. I'm sure I will regret saying that, but it's really the best thing to do for this game.

Metal Slug X and 3 - I would offer 1 in this list, but all of the ports I own have too much input lag. :-/ I can play around with them again, but I don't think the input lag will change.

Revenge of Shinobi and Shinobi III: These are highly-regarded genesis games that deserve at least one marathon. Revenge of Shinobi is a bit more debatable because it's slower and I'll have to see if I can make it consistent enough for a marathon (should be able to), but Shinobi III is just an awesome game and a good watch, so it's in no matter what.

BTW, I'm not going to do Shadow Dancer. It's a POS for speedrunning - the slowdown drops a ton of inputs, which combined with one-hit deaths is not cool, also no one gives a shit about this game except maybe for stanski.

Viewtiful Joe - I'll practice doing a Kids run like the current speedrun, and then I'll see if I can do higher difficulties for donations.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - UCPro figured out the two big chokepoints in a run, so I should be able to do a run of this game. I also have a good prize idea, I just have to see if it can be made.

Turtles in Time - Co-op with Sinister1. I'll still take donations for turtles, even Donatello. Wink
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I've been working on an Unreal marathon route and I'll definitely have it down when AGDQ happens. I'll need to do some trickery with quicksaves though, hopefully that isn't too much of an issue. There's just so much that can instantly kill you or ruin a run if you mess it up.

Also I'd love to see Breakdown beastmode through DMC1 again. Maybe he could do a Super Dante run of it or something.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Awesome Shadowwraith, looking forward to it.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that out of console FPS, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and possibly Timesplitters 2 are good ideas.
Timesplitters 2 can also be played coop, which may be a draw for some viewers.
Hey Mike, great posts!  I agree with pretty much everything you've said, so I'll just reiterate my thoughts on the games I ran last year and games I'd like to run at the next AGDQ.

Last AGDQ:

Actraiser:  I agree that it had its chance to shine and it is now pretty much finished.  There is not much else to show off.  I did all the wall jumps that I'd try at a marathon setting, and it was a race.  The only thing left to show is the full game with sims and all, and even I hate that mode.  This shouldn't be in AGDQ 2012.

Battletoads:  I don't want to do any% again.  It has been done the past two years.  I'd be in favor of cutting it for Battletoads & Double Dragon NES which is equally as glitchy but not very well-known.  I know the original BToads has the reputation, though.  If I play this again, I'd like to do a full run (no warps); that being said, the 3 levels that would be added are mainly auto-scrollers so idk how that'd go over.  If I do run this, I will not hold back on showing every single glitch I am aware of (playing with 0 death, corrupting graphics, manipulating objects that don't exist, jumping through solid objects, etc etc etc).  I wouldn't be hurt if this is cut though.  At all.

AGDQ 2012:

Lagoon:  As you mentioned, this is a ridiculously bad game.  I think it is a great fit for the bad game block, and I'm more than happy to do it.  My runs (back when I was in shape for it) were around 1:40 pretty consistently.  A 2:00 estimate would work fine, but I'd be fine with adding a little more gratuity if needed.  I would take donations to make it low%, any%, or 100%, but honestly only any% is worth doing.  100% involves opening like 4 more chests and killing a lot more enemies to buy the equipment that is way too expensive, and low% is suicide.  So yea, I offer an any% Lagoon in 2:00:00 or a little more if you don't trust me.

The Adventures of Bayou Billy:  Also bad game block.  I am very hesitant about this because a far-superior beat-em-up is already planned for the bad game block, and I don't want it to get stale.  I know Bayou Billy has a reputation for being ridiculously hard, but I don't know if casual gamers know it.  Therefore, I don't know if it is a good idea or not, but if others think it would fit, I'd be willing to learn it.

My other bad games:  None of them fit.  I am only writing this because I know Mohawk & Headphone Jack is going to be suggested by somebody, but that's a terrible idea.  The above two are the only games I am willing to run for this block.  There are far better candidates than the other shit I play.

Battletoads:  See above.  I'd like a warpless run, or BtDD (NES).  Or neither.

Ghouls 'n Ghosts:  I talked with kareshi awhile ago about a GnG block in which he'd run Ghosts 'n Goblins with me commentating, I'd do Ghouls 'n Ghosts with him commentating, and then we'd race Super GnG.  I am unsure about this.  I am definitely going to learn Ghouls 'n Ghosts regardless of whether or not it is included, and it is an incredibly easy game even if played conservatively.  I doubt I'll be able to learn SGnG in time for a race, so I'd be more than happy to concede that run to kareshi and just commentate.

Double Dragon 2:  Heidman and I challenge Sinister1 and Papa Yama to a co-op race!  I am speaking for you, Heidman.  Deal with it.

Kind of along the same lines as the above: I would love to co-op Contra or Super C with Heidman.  That being said, if Frezy comes he'd be a better candidate, and it'd be entirely up to Heidman.  I'm just offering.

That is all that comes to mind at the moment.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Yeah I made it pretty clear that actraiser shouldn't be done again.

Oh crap I forgot to say original Battletoads should be no-warps if it's done again. So yeah, you can definitely have it as no-warps. I don't think it's worth doing BtDD

I'm down with Adventures of Bayou Billy. I think it's better for a NES game block than a bad game block, since the game is somewhat famous for being stupidly hard.

I mentioned Ghouls 'n Ghosts is a good idea instead of Ghosts 'n Goblins, so you can totally have that too.

My one-day knee practice will defeat you PJ!*

*Unless if my NES decides it's a good idea to freeze the game again.

It sounds like your games would be Lagoon, Battletoads, Bayou Billy, and Ghouls 'n Ghosts.
About the Magicka coop thing, I'd definitely be down for doing that with moooh. He knows how I play in that game and I can assure you that people would be thoroughly entertained. (It's also REALLY hard to lose at that game, and you don't lose much progress if for some reason it happens.)
Quote from mikwuyma:
Vanquish - The one modern shooter with regen and a cover system that is actually fast-paced. I know, it doesn't sound possible. I know Kiyura can't shut up about running this game, and Cody Miller has expressed interest in running it.

I can cover this for sure, unless Cody Miller is set on doing it. I would defer to him.

Quote from mikwuyma:
Kirby series: Well it's definitely worth having Super Star and Adventure/NIDL again, but other games to include is debatable. An Amazing Mirror Co-op run would be worth doing IMO (or maybe even a solo run?), but I'm not so sure about Epic Yarn. I know a lot of people like the game, but I've been told it's boring to run, and you can't die so there's not even much risk involved.

I can definitely do Epic Yarn, but I can't really give an unbiased opinion on how entertaining it is (*I* think it's awesome). I understand if people think it wouldn't be popular enough or entertaining enough to watch. And, it approaches 2 hours even with a good run, so there's that. And yes, there is extremely little risk. Probably the worst mistake you could make in a run would be flubbing a boss cycle for ~30 seconds. So, I dunno, my opinion is that it's a fun game to watch, but if it's a two hours best allotted elsewhere, then I'm cool with that.

One other game I can do is Sonic Colors. I think it's an amazing game that has gone without representation for too long. It's very fun and fun to watch, and I'm sure it would get a good response (and, yes, probably the odd hater or two, for whatever reason).

What do other people think about those two (Epic Yarn and Colors)?
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romscout: 2011-07-01 12:40:12 am
that Metroidvania guy
Lag, SW, moooh, and me on Magicka. Let's go! That will be so fun.

Someone be my co-op partner for Portal 2 (since I pretty much confirmed with Obikashi that he's not coming... yes, he's a live sorta)! I'd rather do that than do the single player campaign, but if I don't pick up a partner a bit after the summer marathon is done, then I'll work on it.

Of course I'm willing to do PC Portal and SotN (Satoryu and I agreed to race XBLA version this time, hopefully MarkSoupial can come or something since he's usually decent at XBLA SotN... when he practices >_> ). Thanks for thinking SotN should be in, Uyama, but I'll still try to bring some nice swag for a prize to make it a little more worthwhile. :p

JMan and I can surely do Kirby Super Star if we're coming (sorry, superfriends!). It appears we only need to beat Dyna Blade, GCO, RoMK, and Milky Way from a fresh file to see the credits, so everything else can just be thrown on as a donation incentive along with the inevitable Kirby plushies that will make gazillions of dollars anyway. For the sake of allowing more games, it might be better just to do the minimum games on KSS.

I think I definitely learned from last AGDQ that I should limit my games somewhat, so those 5 sound pretty good for me. If we decide to do Amazing Mirror, Sir VG has had co-op routes for 2-4 players set up for years (literally) at this point and I could pick up a portion of the route pretty easily, so that would be 6 games, but I seriously don't want to do anything else unless it's like super casual or something lol. I would be focusing a lot on making Portal 1+2 look great anyway, and Portal 2 is pretty long (for me).

Also, I have no idea if I'm going right now either, Mike. But I'm not ruling out the possibility of raising money to go like last year, so just assume I'm going until further notice. I'll definitely let you know well in advance if I'm not showing up. :p

Quote from Kiyura:

Epic Yarn looks like a fun game, but from watching the speed runs and people streaming it, I wouldn't say it's a particularly fun game to watch. Then again, this is coming from someone who likes fast-looking, action-packed runs and I just find it to be a little slow/uneventful for my tastes, so take what I said with a grain of salt.

Sonic Colors would be a good addition if it's done well simply because it seems to be the only Sonic game in nearly a decade that's almost universally liked by fans of the series.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Romscout: Good to know about your games. Also about Epic Yarn, those are my thoughts exactly.

I don't know about universally liked, but it does have a way more positive response than every game since Sonic Adventure 2, so it might be worth doing.
Nobody hates Sonic more than me, and even I think Sonic Colors is fun to watch.
The likelihood that I can attend this year is higher than last year, but I'm still not sure about it. Anyway, games that have a realistic chance of making the schedule and that I can be ready to run by the marathon if I can come:

SMRPG of course, I can actually get into shape for this game execution-wise in just a few practice runs at any time.

I am currently learning ALttP, with Krystal coaching me. I think I could realistically be able to hit 1:32ish (perhaps lower) SDA timing by the time of the marathon. Note that if I ran this game then I would use the Japanese 1.0 version, as I own a cartridge. If other people are interested I'll be up for a race for sure.

I also intend to learn DKC2, including all the 1.1 glitches that are in the recent Japanese RTAs. However, I'll say now that I would have to run either this game or ALttP, not both (in addition to SMRPG) - I don't have the time to get marathon-ready for both games with school going on.

I'm always up for Tetris Attack of course, I could probably get in shape for a marathon run in just a few hours of practice (and I promise I won't die during the run :v).

Finally, I could do Kirby's Avalanche if you're interested in a different puzzle game than Dr. Mario and Tetris Attack.
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ShadowWraith: 2011-07-01 01:03:38 am
I could coop Portal 2 with you, romscout.
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Josh the Funkdoc: 2011-07-01 01:12:37 am
Josh the Funkdoc: 2011-07-01 01:05:44 am
spread the dirt to the populace
Sounds like you nailed my games - Classic CVs and Bad Street Brawler.  Jim Power would also be s solid pick because I could talk about the history and take donations to play it with 3-D glasses, but I'd suggest saving that for next year.  BSB has its own potential donation drive, after all...

I will also add another vote for Sonic Colors.  I know nothing about the game itself, but I know that we tend to draw a lot of crazy Sonic fanboys and they love that game.  And no form of Crash Bandicoot should ever sniff a marathon again!

Also, where's IWBTG?  That's a major classic with the Let's Play crowd (another major audience of ours), it has the reputation for difficulty, and it has lots of cool glitches.  Maybe it just isn't feasible to do well in a live run, or we can't get anyone who plays it - if those aren't issues, this seems like a must-have.
that Metroidvania guy
Quote from ShadowWraith:
I could coop Portal 2 with you, romscout.


I'm pretty sure I have you on steam already. We'll definitely work on it.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Okay so far it looks like Sonic Colors is a good choice. I didn't mention IWBTG because I forgot about it. I hate the game, but I know it would be really popular and it was asked for a shitload during AGDQ.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention Braid, I know that game has a lot of fans too. It seems like I'm very good at forgetting games I don't like. Lips Sealed
Everybody's favorite monster
Ill run whatever game doesnt have a runner or else banjo-kazooie i guess
Haters gonna hate
This is something I have been considering doing and since it hasn't been done at any marathon yet, I figured it might be a good choice, and that's a SOTN Richter run. It wouldn't take up much time since it can be done in about 12 minutes.
Everything's better with Magitek
I'm not yet sure if I'll be able to make it to AGDQ2, but if I do come I would be able to run FFX easily.  If you can't find anyone else to do FF7, I would be willing to learn it, although I probably wouldn't be as prepared with it as FFX.  In a bidding war between FF7/X, I'd kind of expect FF7 to win by a landslide, but there are enough people out there that think FF7 is overrated that that might not necessarily happen.

Another possibility is that I could run one of the stories from KH: Birth By Sleep that doesn't get run at SGDQ.
If Left 4 Dead 2 goes well at SGDQ, we could do it again for AGDQ2. Smiley

Quote from Josh the Funkdoc:
Also, where's IWBTG?  That's a major classic with the Let's Play crowd (another major audience of ours), it has the reputation for difficulty, and it has lots of cool glitches.  Maybe it just isn't feasible to do well in a live run, or we can't get anyone who plays it - if those aren't issues, this seems like a must-have.

Step aside. happy

I already have a route and did a glitched run a while back. With some practice, I think I could pull it off at the marathon. The only big problem about it is that it may will crash several times during the run. Undecided I don't even think its possible to play through the whole game without having it crash at least once.
One problem with a FF7/X bidding war is that bidding wars within those particular games (such as naming) will have to wait until the game is decided.

I have entertained the idea of learning FF7 because nobody on SDA seems to know it, but I'm not sure I'd want to compete with Essentia for that position.
Random thoughts:

-Biased here, but big yes to Shatterhand taking a "rad and obscure" game slot. It's just a cool game that is action-packed and would no doubt impress if someone learned it well enough for a marathon setting (scaryice is working on a run I think, but I don't think he plans on coming to a marathon?)

-I honestly do think Dr. Mario should be shelved this or the next marathon, a fair amount of people find it boring and it's been played at I think every marathon so far. No, this isn't me trying to get my puzzle games in over it or something, I just think it doesn't have the appeal warranting longevity in every marathon that Super Metroid/Contra/etc. does

-Regarding Pokemon, werster (mike's bro) and RingRush were working on a heavily glitched run of GSC for a short time a little while ago, though it seems they kinda dropped that quickly. If this ends up materializing as a consistently doable run before the winter, it might be worth it

-If someone (rom?) could do it well, Kirby's Dream Land 1 Extra Mode might be worth considering for a one-marathon thing (it's really short, too)
that Metroidvania guy
Since we can't guarantee Link's Awakening, this means Tigger should finally be practicing Trio the Punch so he can do it in the bad game block. Wink Also, we need to capture Carl Sagan to race Tri-hex in any% even more than we needed to capture Tiki in previous years.

Quote from Mecha Richter:
This is something I have been considering doing and since it hasn't been done at any marathon yet, I figured it might be a good choice, and that's a SOTN Richter run. It wouldn't take up much time since it can be done in about 12 minutes.

Yea, Richter run would be nice. I think it'd need to be a lot faster than 12 minutes to look good though. :p Maybe 8ish minutes. If ilseroth isn't going to come, I can just review his footage and memorize what to do in the run. I can already chain air slashes pretty well, which is apparently one of the hardest things about the run. I think it'd be a nice donation incentive to tack on to the Alucard race, and then we can just throw a 50 minute block for the game or something (assuming we won't take that long just to set up the race like last time lol).

Quote from cyghfer:
-If someone (rom?) could do it well, Kirby's Dream Land 1 Extra Mode might be worth considering for a one-marathon thing (it's really short, too)

Oh right, I think Arkarian and I even talked about maybe doing that last time but I dropped it for like, no reason lol. It's definitely a game I can pick up easily, and it'd be like a 15 minute slot considering setup, so it's an easy add. It's definitely not a popular Kirby game though, despite being the first. It's a maybe at best just due to that. :p