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Teenagent () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Soulless'!
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Teenagent () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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This is by some chance another soulless run for a game I happen to have played - albeit so long ago it's virtually useless Cheesy

5:14 - was it a mistake you didn't sharpen the sickle before? If so looks like about 10 seconds lost there.
5:40 - so here you turn game speed to fast: I presume the mouse will escape without having had the time to place the plug if you don't? Or what?
6:20 - here you do that again: was it worth ever turning back up to crazy in-between? What is the reason this time around?

Are you fairly confident in your routing yourself?
I really have no soul.
The chances are just..... chances chances.

1. I don't know if I could have done it prior, and it's certainly not like a 10 second loss if I could have, since the animation would take place either way, so only the movement is a loss, which is around 5 seconds at max? Depending. But I don't know, I need to lie and finally sleep, not feeling well, so won't watch the whole run right now.

2. This puzzle is timed, if you don't plug down the mouse, stone and glue in time, the mouse would just run off to it's original spot, and I would have to go for it again. The time you are supposed to do this in depends on the game's speed set in options, and I have tried doing this multiple times on "crazy", but I would say it's impossible. Haven't gotten it once. The time is super short and the mouse would get out after the rock is put there.

3. Yes, it was worth it, since there are many animations in between and they are tied to this concrete speed option. So turning it back to crazy does save some time overall. Don't know how much exactly, but it's worth it.

Well I mean, I watched a run that took 36 minutes since the person didn't know about the speed options, then I managed to get a 15-minute run, then 13, then 12 something, and now sitting at 11:09? Yes, my confidence is pretty alright at this point. The execution is a bit shaky, just like my hands, but I can't change that. It's just the way it is. I am sure somebody, maybe even me, could get it sub 11 after trying really hard, but this is as far as I am willing/able to go for now (due to time and health issues).
Hey, take care of yourself over there!

I just meant routing actually... Anyway I think it looks good, and the execution is not at all bad: In fact it's really good! You have to do lots of stuff so quick because of those fast settings. The beginning especially I could tell you'd been doing a lot of times. I almost thought you must have been cheating! Cheesy You're right, it's not 10 seconds, but 5 for the mistake (looks like you did have the sickle already).

Easy accept!
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
Was waiting for the above questions to be answered before giving my judgement on this,

A/V: Good
Cheating: None
Gameplay: Things get solved in a certain order and they lead to the game being completed Tongue The runner knows what they are doing that's pretty clear, a few moments of time-loss but nothing worth crying over, all-in-all a solid run.

I really have no soul.
I can't. I'll just die young and wealthy, seems like.

Well I did a thing for you, you don't have to ask again about the execution itself. Nah, I know my execution, looking at the inventory not knowing where the item lies (gets kinda hard with 20 of them). It happens. Well the beginning....I have played it a few times, but I was stuck in this part forever in my childhood, so this part I REALLY know in and out.

Thanks for the accepts, both of you.
Decision posted.