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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

No cheating spotted, audio is fine, but the video has some pretty huge frozen chunks right at the end during the last two sections, staring before the mouser rider fight and ending before the Krang fight. Some of the video freezes are almost 10 seconds. The audio continues just fine, keeping in sync when the video recovers, and no missing audio, far as I could tell. Frankly if I thought there was an opportunity to get a better run I'd reject this for that, but I know how hard it was to capture this run in the first place so I'm not sure I want to go that far.

As far as the run quality, it's quite good, probably about an 8 out of 10, but that's a bit higher than it sounds like considering this run basically had to be captured at SGDQ with the only practice before the event having to be done on emulator over the internet. A good portion of the run is spent 1 hit from death, and while this does result in a couple of accidental deaths during the run they don't lose all that much time, and the time saved from being able to spam specials all the time makes up for it. There are also a few deliberate deaths, not only to switch characters to use different special attacks, but also to reduce the amount of health certain bosses spawn with. There's a couple of cautious spots as well, but nothing too egregious.

Commentary's entertaining and informative as well.

I'd definitely say accept if not for the video issues, but even so, given the circumstances of having to capture this run I'm willing to overlook them. I'm not the final word, of course.

I'm pretty much going to echo everything the verifier before me said.

No cheating. Audio is great, but the video suffers from major frame drops for a significant portion of the last stage. The runner commentary suggested that this was an encode issue, so I'm not sure if additional steps have been taken already to try to get a cleaner encode, or if we're stuck with it as is.

That all being said, the run itself is spectacular. Very good coordination between the players, and you can tell that a lot of planning went into boss strategies, turtle selection, and intentional death timing. The run isn't without mistakes, but they rarely cost more than a couple seconds a piece, which is saying a lot, considering how catastrophic things can turn in a run where both players have one health most of the time. The run would be an easy accept if not for the video issues. Hopefully those can be resolved, as I'd hate to see this rejected on the grounds of subpar video quality.

Tentative accept.

If the dropped frames can be fixed, this is an easy accept.

It makes me really sad to say this, but I can't accept these kinds of video problems. The last stages are basically unwatchable. Its a huge shame considering how amazing this run is, but the point is to have videos people can watch, and this is one they can't.

Cheats: None detected

A/V: Good (other then missing Video in parts D: )

Time: 36:26

Other then 2 unintentional deaths this run is very clean and abuses the boss health single player spawn/ spawn skipping to the best of my knowledge. They also managed to avoid the strongest foot solider ever, and gets good RNG over all, so this must be a viable run. 
The video in the final stage stutters in parts and is “missing” despite still have audio, I have mixed feeling about this. The commentary makes up a lot for the video issue but doesn’t completely remove it as an issue; In addition to that the quality of play in the run is relatively high and very well done just what I love to see in SDA submissions.

Final decision:
The AV is an issue that makes this border line, I give this a

Reject It

I personally would love to accept this video, but I cannot in got conscience given some of the submissions I have rejected for lesser A/V issues, to me personally this is an accept, but as a member of SDA, and to conform to SDA standards this is and unfortunate reject without some way to fix the issue or at least reduce some of the video problems, which is sad given I know how hard it is to get a run recorder, and the quality of this run.

Nate was called into the thread and he concurred that this was a reject.

Decision: Reject

Reason: Poor A/V quality

This run will be available for a month. After that this link will no longer work.
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