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System Shock (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Normal]

Verifier Responses

Quote from gammadragon:
Audio / video is good. No cheating detected.

I replicated the exact route used in this run (including difficulty settings) and can confirm that everything works.

This is a solid run on "Medium" difficulty. A few mistakes are made costing a short amount of time, but that's expected with a single-segment run.

While the in-game timer is generally accurate, there are a couple of points in the run where saved games are restored, making the final figure slightly too short, as the failed attempts should be included. There are a few parts which I think should be excluded from the final time, as the player loses control for a short time. These include the loss of control during deaths / regenerations (example at 5:28), the various V-mails (example at 6:20) as well as menus such as the backup savegames before difficult parts and changing the resolution back at 25:25.

A few additional notes for viewers unfamiliar with the game:
* This game is one of the first 3D shooters ever made, so the controls are unrefined and very difficult to master because mouselook was not implemented in the original version. The community created a mouselook mod, but I assume this would not be allowed by SDA rules as it was not part of any official release.
* The short pauses after destroying computer nodes happen while the runner is writing down the static number that shows on a screen nearby. These digits are needed for a keypad code later in the game.
* Most corpses have random loot, so getting the right type of ammo is mostly luck based
* "Medium" difficulty is a fair compromise for speedrunning, as "Easy" difficulty is ridiculously simple and boring (many plot elements are removed and enemies don't even attack the player) while "Hard" difficulty is a painful slog through overpowered enemies and would take significantly longer.

Even though this run is more recent, I'm leaving my 'original' notes in - because for the most part, they are still relevant. New commentary found (far)below...

Finally got around to this...

A/V is good, no cheating. Run was streamed live, so that helps on that regard.

Overall movement and routing is good. Only point to make here is that shortly after this verification became available, a couple of new tricks were found, knocking the time down a bit. (Now irrelevant - this is the good time)

There are some movement 'errors', but considering the game we're talking about, the runner does an excellent job controlling the character. For the most part, movement is exceptionally fluid.

Combat is done in the fastest way possible, mostly relying on either the Laser Rapier, the Flechette or the Magpulse.

Overall, a really fast run. Easy accept. Would still be interesting to see the 'new route' run put up once the time for that is chopped down. (Again irrelevant - for same reason as above)


New tricks are significant (considering the run's length and content) - and impressive to boot. The run submitted also contains a significant amount less movement 'glitches' - errors, whatever you want to call it. (i.e. Things that really aren't the runner's fault - it's just the movement system being ass)

This is an even easier accept that the original run. Especially considering the original run was 'accepted' by myself even considering I knew about a better run in the pipeline. Runner has shown great aptitude - and an accept is a natural conclusion.

Audio/Video Quality: I see no issues here, I only watched the low quality encode but from what I saw everything seemed up to scratch with standards. No glaring issues to be found anywhere.

Cheating: Everything executed in game is within the confines of the game itself. No exterior tools or cheats used.

Play Quality: Solid run, though I expect the time to be improved by the runner again.


Quote from RedArremer:
A/V is great. No cheating, unless you count savescumming. ;P

Aside from a few hiccups that had little to do with the runner's skill, this run is absolutely fantastic. Not much else to say but accept!

Quote from Cyberdemon531:
The run is executed well, and the audio and video quality is very nice considering the age of the game. There is no sign of any hacks or cheats in the run, nor any sort of malpractice in general. This run appears to be completely legitimate.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'PvtCb'!
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This is not the giant
Thanks to everyone who verified this game. I'm very happy with this run outside of the sheer number of safety saves I made, the slow reactor code (which is just luck), and the unnecessary deaths on Executive and Bridge and am glad to be able to put a good WR run on SDA. There's a couple of things that I want to clear up though:

Quote from SDAVerification:
* Most corpses have random loot, so getting the right type of ammo is mostly luck based

It's not quite random, but as far as I can tell it follows a complex pattern based on what you've looted previously and in-game time; for instance, the Laser mission portion of the run has consistent ammo drops as long as I loot the exact same type of corpses in order. I think there might be some more variables besides those two but I wasn't able to figure them out.

Quote from SDAVerification:
There are some movement 'errors', but considering the game we're talking about, the runner does an excellent job controlling the character. For the most part, movement is exceptionally fluid.

The biggest issues with movement in this game are your slow turning speed and always-present momentum (which the roller skates make much worse). I have to bump into walls at certain points because that's the only way to slow myself down or turn at the right time. The turning issue could be fixed by constantly switching modes on the skates but considering that there's no hotkey for this that strat remains TAS or really crazy segmented only. Sometimes it's just silly (see 10:00) and can launch you forwards. In regards to "glitches" in movement, when you're next to an acute angle the game likes to impale the joint of your head and body sphere on a corner (see 8:15) and it is very difficult to remove yourself from the situation. There's also the issue with force bridges and certain catwalks (see 9:20) that feel like they have slight slopes around the edges that eat your traction and inputs.