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This is not the giant Pastebin notes are up
This is not the giant

Even better run. I'm probably done with this game after this. It's been a blast routing this but unless someone finds something new I don't think I can beat this run
Might be magic...
Just got back from holiday and watched the latest run. Looks great and it should be an excellent benchmark for future speedruns. Not really much more to say, other than "nice work" Smiley
This is not the giant
Quote from gammadragon:
Just got back from holiday and watched the latest run. Looks great and it should be an excellent benchmark for future speedruns. Not really much more to say, other than "nice work" Smiley

Thanks. Verification is still going on if you want to hop on that and further massage my ego :^)

I also recently found out about, which is a fan remake of the game in a Quake engine. I've been in contact with the dev and Citadel will have full mouselook support, bunny hopping, straferunning, rocketjumping, and all the quirks of the Quake engine included. I mentioned to him that I was interested in speedrunning the game and he added a segmented in-game timer so that you can see how long each of the story missions took. As soon as it's released I plan on doing runs but I do need to familiarize myself with Quake speedrunning as it has been a long time since I've done any sort of bunnyhopping.
This is not the giant

About that something new. I can now cut out a massive part of Executive as long as I go to Flight Deck for the 5th digit in the code
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gammadragon: 2014-12-31 09:56:23 pm
Might be magic...
Wow, that is a pretty good find. I didn't realise that SS1 had clipping glitches like that. I wonder if there are any other locations which would have similar potential? One that jumps to mind is the medical level - could be possible to glitch through the bulkhead door near the elevator and pull the lever to open it?

EDIT: Yes it is possible Smiley
This is not the giant
Quote from gammadragon:

Nice find. I tried for around 5 minutes to get it to work but had no results. I'll spend some time tomorrow looking for a way to survive Laser and Virus with low supplies as well as a setup to get this consistent
Might be magic...
I've managed to get a fairly consistent approach for the medical bulkhead glitch:
1. Switch resolution to 320x200 (I wasn't able to reproduce this on any other resolution)
2. Slide into the corner next to the bulkhead and the wall
3. Take a step closer to the middle of the door
4. There's a black smudge near the centre of the door which looks a bit like a space invader on its side. This is between the two door halves and the lever pixels should appear near here
5. Tap the "look up" or "look down" keys until you can see a lever pixel show through, then double-click on it

Video here:
Might be magic...
Not certain that the medical bulkhead glitch will save time, since the elevator is locked anyway until the computer nodes are destroyed. I'm hoping we can find a way to make it work. The lack of weapons on this route might make it more difficult too.

There are two frag grenades in a secret door on the way which could make it easier to get past a few of the cyborg assassins:
This is not the giant
Spent the last hour trying this to no avail. I'll try again in the morning. This is either insanely precise or I'm doing something wrong.
The route should actually be pretty simple. You can survive off the berserk pipe, dartgun next to the recharge station, and frag grenades until you get the minipistol. The only things I'm worried about are executing the door skip reliably, not having the sparq, and severely limited health around the start of the virus mission. The new route would require surviving on 8 medipatches (+2 from a slightly out of the way area on Reactor, +0-3 from mutant drops) until you pick up your first 1st aid kit in storage, which isn't realistic.
Might be magic...
Another interesting idea for future speedruns - it should be possible to run the disk version of the game (SSHOCK.EXE instead of CDSHOCK.EXE). Apparently there is a potentially useful glitch in the disk version, where you can get unlimited usage of items (i.e. medkits and batteries) - the glitch is mentioned on page 67 of the strategy guide. It could make a big difference as you wouldn't really need to worry about health or energy then.
This is not the giant
Timed out the route using your magic pixel hole trick. It'll save 45 seconds if done optimally. You need the pipe, berkerk patch, skates, dartgun, 1-2 dart clips, a frag grenade, and all the medipatches on the way from the cryogenic chambers to the elevator. Pick up the dartgun and clip next to the recharge station, clip through the door to open the lever, ride the lift up, destroy the cyborgs in your way until you pass by the conversion chamber, apply berserk, kill the drones on the way to the computer nodes, kill the cyborg warrior with your pipe, get the skates, toss a frag into the node room, get the minipistol, heal to about 2/3 full health, and skate on out through the way you didn't come in with your guns a' blazing. You can make it out of the ambush much more easily now because of the lower number of drones. Low health is still an issue but you can pick up some medipatches from Reactor if you need them for a 10 second time loss.

There's still the issue of the trick being hard to set up quickly or even pull off reliably. I've tried your setup and it doesn't work for me, I've tried making my own setups and they don't work, I've tried crossing my fingers and praying it works and that doesn't work. I'll try some more but I'm becoming increasingly doubtful about this trick's feasibility for runs.
Might be magic...
I admit that it's pretty exact and can slow things down a lot if it's not playing nice. Here's another more objective way of reproducing it:

Video link:

1. Turn on the compass and press F to level viewing angle
2. Move as close to the bulkhead door as possible and try to get the "N" point of the compass showing one pixel to the right of the reddish-brown smudge (the video is a decent guide)
3. Face roughly East and start tapping R and V until a lever pixel shows through

There's a certain element of "close enough" in this, but it's helpful when the maximum amount of bright yellow lever pixels is showing through the door gap, making it visually simple to differentiate between them.
This is not the giant
I didn't even think of using the compass. That might have simplified my search for a consistent setup.

Anyways here's my setup; it's about as fast as yours is:

Here's some pictures to help

Might be magic...
Nice - I like the idea of pausing the game to prevent the annoying "slide player 1 pixel every 4 seconds" issue which makes this trick even more annoying to pull off.
Might be magic...
Found another interesting skip for the Research level. It's possible to squeeze through the small window in the room adjoining the x-22 isotope, avoiding the bulkhead door which requires a pass:

Not sure how useful this is as you still need to get back through to the central room to complete the Laser mission, then back through again to the elevator after that. Also can't reproduce it consistently at the moment, but have done it twice so far.
This is not the giant
Unfortunately you do need SCI Access to get to the laser firing room.
This is not the giant

Got this earlier tonight but the file corrupted. lol
Might be magic...
Nice - so close to breaking that 35 min barrier Cheesy
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PvtCb: 2015-01-11 08:59:29 pm
PvtCb: 2015-01-11 08:56:24 pm
This is not the giant

Got past the next milestone. Laser was mediocre, Virus went almost perfectly, Antennae was passable, Reactor only had the slightest of hiccups, and Bridge was a catastrophe.

Some new things since my last video:
-Extra grenades in Medical used for certain enemies and death warps at low health
-Changed ammo route in Medical using the Assassin Cyborg for the initial loot seed; makes Teflon drops much more consistent
-Looting for Berserk and Medipatch off certain mutants; speeds up Diego 1
-Less Teflon used overall; two Sec-1 Robots I would previously shoot I now just run past before they wake
-More consistent Reactor, more Teflon means you can take out an extra hopper for safety
-Faster Plastique room in Storage; removes a lot of the jumps and replaces them with a single finicky one
-I now spend much more time on Flight Deck, getting the 5th reactor destruct code digit and looting for Flechette rounds of the Sec-1s near the node
-Skip going through the robot gauntlet and getting the 6th digit in Executive by using the out of bounds ledge grab
-Executive now has a few more death warps, saving a bit of health and time
-Very slight route change on Engineering, saves 5 seconds or so
-More consistent Security jump, based off a straight shot rather than an angled one

Additionally, the door skip in Medical leaves you too poorly supplied to survive until the end of Laser. The furthest I've gotten over 50 attempts using the skip is Reactor, at which point I'm out of ammo for everything and get destroyed by the Hoppers.
Might be magic...
Awesome, love that you still broke 35 mins even with some major places for improvement. The route is feeling pretty refined now, it's lots of fun to watch. With good luck and execution this will really be something.

It would be nice to squeeze the medical skip in there but I agree it probably makes the next levels feel like survival mode rather than an actual speedrun.
This is not the giant

Broke the 33. There's a few more seconds to be shaved off but this is a solid run.
Might be magic...
Was just watching some previous attempts... you're not far off halving your original time of 58:56!
This is not the giant
My very first run was something like a 1:09:30 which I was too embarrassed to upload anywhere. Based on that the run has already been halved.

As for the future of this game, I've been playing around with Easiest difficulty and looking for strats that can translate over to Normal. Easiest is kind of a joke category because you can just waltz right to Bridge. My first test run was 15 minutes but most of that time was spent shaking my head at all the stuff you can skip (I'm not joking in that you can just go straight to Bridge), using my pipe of doom to kill Diego in a single hit, and goofing around on Bridge looking for an OoB to get into SHODAN's central chamber. There's a number of promising leads for some new skips, such as going so fast with a reflex patch and turning that you clip through a sloped ceiling, recreating the partial OoB used to get to Diego's quarters in another area, and skipping a force door deactivation. I'll keep looking for new stuff and plowing through developer comments and interviews for any leads on new routes.
This is not the giant

System Shock: Enhanced Edition just was released today. This version includes native mouselook. I'm giving it a look later to see if it's faster to run on.