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Syphon Filter (Any %) (Segmented)

Verifier Responses

Quote from zewing:
Zewing here and all I got to say is sorry I didn't offer to verify this game sooner.  I was into too much Nintendo to realize this game was on verification list.

Level 1:  0:24-4:19 (3:55) for timing which is character control to last input necessary (i.e the screen begins to transition due to last input - I will assume this is correct timing method for remaining levels).  In game timer credits 4 minutes

Audio and Video are fine for this level.  Very clean segment from what I can tell and was very impressed with this.  Shooting only necessary enemies and running like hell through the level is definitely the way this game was meant to be played.

Level 2: 0:18-2:27 (2:09). In game timer credits 2 minutes

Audio and Video are fine for this level.  I like the damage boost roll through the flames and how the author gets a headshot just after destroying the fence. 

Level 3: 0:18-0:22 (0:04). In game timer credits 0 minutes.

Audio and Video are fine for this level.  This was an amazingly fast boss fight.  There is really nothing that needs to be said about this level except 4 seconds from start to end (dat's fast).

Level 4: 0:23-5:42 (5:19). Could not see the amount of time In Game timer credits but I'd assume it's be 5 minutes (do not take this assumption as fact).  As a note I will not provide any more In Game per level times as this will yield inaccurate times.  Final In Game timer and addition of all these times I took will provide more details for final accepted timing.

Audio and Video are fine for this level.  This was an amazing segment.  Basically the author was standing his ground near the CBDC agents as long as it was necessary and then trying to advance to next part while still "defending" them.  Excellent use of speedrun tactic.  As author mentions he was low on health and ammo but was still able to get this segment completed.  Very difficult mission.

Level 5: 0:21-0:30 (0:09).  From now on I cannot give an accurate time for In Game timer per level

Audio and Video are fine for this segment.  Really not much to say except the author makes these bosses look more embarrassing than Blizzard Buffalo.  3 shots and he's done.

Level 6: 0:23-6:46 (6:23).

Audio and Video are fine for this segment.  Really funny how you can "sneak" while literally in front of enemies but off to the side.  VERY impressive Benton quick kill.  Overall this level was very smooth looking and I feel the pain of the author with aiming manually in playstation first person shooters.  Very impressive segment.

Level 7: 0:18-2:00 (1:42).

Audio and Video are fine for this segment.  From what I can tell this was more or less flawless.  I like how the cutscene initiates by falling way to the left but then all of a sudden he falls down the middle of the glass.  Nice use of the game trigger.

Level 8: 0:23-3:24 (3:01).

Audio and Video are fine for this segment.  Pretty ironic that to beat a stealth based mission the fastest you just go YOLO and beast it like the author did.  Got Gabrek quick kill and then completed level in an impressive manner.  Ammo conservation is still a tactic that is crucial to doing this game fast and the author using this to the extent of his abilities.

Level 9: 0:18-2:36 (2:18).

Audio and Video are fine for this segment.  Pretty damn good segment in my opinion.  The author makes the guards look silly by rolling past them.  Aside from the 1 switch the author had trouble manually shooting this was the most impressive segment to me so far.

Level 10: 0:21-1:22 (1:01).

Audio and Video are fine for this segment.  The author decides he want to take a helicopter 1 on 1 and proceeds to kick its ass.  Very interesting strategy of strafing to destroy the chopper.  Silly how bosses get owned by the author.

Level 11: 0:17-1:19 (1:02).

Audio and Video are fine for this segment.  Not really anything to say.  He just goes as fast as possible to the end. 

Level 12: 0:22-6:29 (6:07).

Audio and Video are fine for this segment.  Very effective use of gas grenades in this level.  Also the author decides not to kill one of the enemies near the end and he gets lit up to where he has a slim amount of armor.....only to pick more armor up at the scientist.  I was really amazed at how the author optimized this segment.

Level 13: 0:18-6:19 (6:01)

Audio and Video are fine for this segment.  Aside from what the author mentions in the comments this level was really smooth.  Also the no damage in tight quarters near end was too good to be true. 

Level 14: 0:22-8:51 (8:29).

Audio and Video are fine for this segment.  Once again sneaking while rolling behind and near in sight of the target is so funny.  Also when he shot Lian Xing I laughed my ass off because not only was it funny but it makes her run as noted in author's comments.  Very long segment but pretty straightforward. 

Level 15: 0:22-4:41 (4:19)

Audio and Video are fine for this segment.  Makes excellent use of enemies being occupied with each other.  Very minor errors of running into enemies but a good segment overall.

Level 16: 0:23-2:52 (2:29).

Audio and Video are fine for this segment.  This segments shows the sharpshooter in the author.  Lots of flak jackets enemies and lots of headshots.  Also pretty cool rooftop shortcut as noted by the author. 

Level 17: 0:18-1:20 (1:02).

Audio and Video are fine for this segment.  Damage boosting once again appears here in the form of fire rolling.  The fire roll to the elevator was amazingly impressive.  Shoutouts to skychase2rebirth as noted by the author

Level 18: 0:18-3:48 (3:30)

Audio and Video are fine for this segment.  More sharpshooting here.  Aside from what the author mentions this segment was pretty good.  The 3 quick headshots were definitely a must see.

Level 19: 0:18-2:09 (1:51)

Audio and Video are fine for this segment.  Doing a speedrun where you go through dark places are not fun at all.  But best part of this segment was when the author was literally touching an enemy and the enemy just ignores him as he's climbing.  Lol this enemy AI.

Level 20: 0:19-2:32 (2:13) 1:03 In Game time at the start of this segment.

Audio and Video are fine for this segment.  Very very risky strats the author used and nearly dies during first cutscene.  Also lol at the Rhoemer quick kill. 

Adding up all the times yields a 63:04 which is 1:03:04.  Although the video showed a 1:08:00 I doubt this is an accurate time (5 less minutes is better for all). 

Overall this was a very tightly executed run and I believe this run is acceptable due to SDA standards.  No cheating was detected. 

I vote Accept.

First verification ever, kinda nervous. Here we go....

Level 1 / Georgia street: 0:24-4:20 (3:56)
Audio/Video : Good. Omptimization based on better timing and control. Death is probably not the first cause of reset in this level ^^. Quick Kravitch kill, no useless box taken... Can't wait to see the rest of the run.

Level 2 / Destroyed subway: 0:18-2:27 (2:09)
Audio/Video : Good. Nice shortcut through the fire. At least, it's at the beginning of the level so it's less frustrating to die there. Funny headshot while protecting CBDC agents.

Level 3 / Main subway line: 0:18-0:22 (0:04)
Audio/Video : Good.  The manual aim is already placed at the good height for headshots, how convenient. I laughed at least twice longer than the boss fight duration.

Level 4 / Washington park: 0:23-5:42 (5:19)
Audio/Video : Good. Doing this level without armor require some balls. No time wasted around  the CBDC agents, quick Marcos kill (with an idiot holding a shotgun behind him), didn't even bother killing guards at the end. The author said a perfect run would be 10-20 faster but except by being lucky on enemies behavior, I don't really see how. Amazing.

Level 5 / Freedom memorial: 0:22-0:31 (0:09)
Audio/Video : Good. Anton Girdeux, the shooting star. So far, boss fights are shorter than the loading times.

Level 6 / Expo center reception: 0:23-0:46 (6:23)
Audio/Video : Good. One of my favorite levels of the run. How ridiculously unsubtle he is without Phagan noticing him. Also, really quick cardkey strat, they couldn't even run... like Benton. Awesome.

Level 7 / Expo center dinorama: 0:18-2:00 (1:42)
Audio/Video : Good. Not a lot of differences between this run and the old one. Seems like cancelling Lian's call and ignoring  it take almost the same time. Sadly, the only use of the taser gun in this run. Good skills though.

Level 8 / Rhoemer's base: 0:23-3:24 (3:01)
Audio/Video : Good. Why hidding when you have a shotgun ? Much more faster than the safe strat and much more entertaining. But oddly, he even have enough time to calmly aim and wait for Gabrek.

Level 9 / Base bunker: 0:18-2:36 (2:18) *He can't move when in the elevator but the HUD is still here so I'm not sure about this one.
Audio/Video : Good. Intense music, armed guards, deadly lasers.... a walk in the park. Funny segment, especially when he rolled all those guards. Except the switch that almost killed him, pretty nice run.

Level 10 / Base tower: 0:21-1:22 (1:01)
Audio/Video : Good. Safer and quicker strat, this helicopter pilot must regret his career choice now.

Level 11 / Base escape: 0:17-1:20 (1:02)
Audio/Video : Good. Short level, done smoothly. Good old route, let's wish the next run will show the new shortcut.

Level 12 / Rhoemer's stronghold: 0:22-6:29 (6:07)
Audio/Video : Good. Long level, great execution. No hesitation on where to go, good use of the chandeliers, abuse of the enemies AI in the library, less damage taken. More polished than the old run.

Level 13 / Stronghold lower level: 0:18-6:19 (6:01)
Audio/Video : Good. Having watched both old and new run side by side to compare,  the new route near the beginning seems to take almost exactly the same time. Overall better gameplay though, the biggest improvement is definitely those narrow corridors near the end, with that risky but effective "i don't care about guards" strat.

Level 14 / Stronghold catacombs: 0:22-8:51 (8:29)
Audio/Video : Good. I can't believe how frustrating this must be for a speedrunner. Nice stealth part, I guess these guards can't even see themselves in a mirror. Lian's part was really funny, I'm sure even Usain Bolt can't run this fast with two bullets in the back. Sadly, no luck in Phagan's part, almost 20 sec slower than in Aaron's run.

Level 15 / Pharcom warehouses: 0:22-4:42 (4:20)
Audio/Video : Good. No damage taken, really quick, great run.  Those three last guards looked totally confused. Not much to say.

Level 16 / Pharcom elite guards: 0:23-2:52 (2:29)
Audio/Video : Good. Those headshots.... fantastic. It made this level look so much easier than it is. Really cool shortcut, saved a lot of time.

Level 17 / Warehouse 76: 0:18-1:20 (1:02)
Audio/Video : Good. [Dragonforce] Through the fire and the flames we carry on ! [/Dragonforce] Awesome run, those fire rolls are really hard to do. He even avoided the guard that usually spawns at 0:46. Like a boss.

Level 18 / Silo access tunnels: 0:18-3:48 (3:30)
Audio/Video : Good. Straightforward, no time wasted on useless kills. I love how he just rolls down holes at 0:47 and 2:13, seems like he doesn't care about heights at all. It totally made me forget the 1:30 missed headshot.

Level 19 / Tunnel blackout: 0:18-2:09 (1:51)
Audio/Video : Good. Who could have known these guards could be more blind than they already were. There camera angle at 1:22 made it look like Gabe dove forward instead of climbing. That probably confused the guard so much that he forgot to shoot Gabe. Good job.

Level 20 / Missile silo: 0:19-2:32 (2:13)
Audio/Video : Good. This level would have required a "Craziness" bar in the HUD. Running under bullets like this... quoting Zewing: "Very very risky strats". Fastest Rhoemer kill I've ever seen. Also laughed at the beginning when Gabe said: "Lian, I don't think this is... right."

For a total of 1:03:06 (two more seconds compared to Zewing times, they are debatable). Nice improvement over the old run. Almost flawless exectution, new entertaining tricks, everything (life and ammo) was consistent, no cheat detected. SDA worthy imo.
I vote Accept too.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Martin 'J.Y' Söderhäll!
Thread title:  
Strange days, incredible days
Congrats, can't wait to see this!
just( •_•)>⌐■-■ ..... (⌐■_■)wing it
It was pretty damn impressive.
Thanks guys!
I just watched a couple segments, and I have to say that I'm not that satisfied with at least half of them haha. Now when I have better recording gear (read: capturecard and splitters), I will most likely redo the run, or maybe go for a single segment run Wink
This run is faster than the current run, but made on the european version.
Are there enough differences between the two versions to warrant separate categories, or should this run obsolete the current one?
Strange days, incredible days
I don't think there are differences other than the NTSC vs. PAL speed difference. I know some games in the archive have separate categories for PAL vs. NTSC, but I don't know what the criteria is for splitting them up.

This is a PAL run that soundly beats my NTSC time, so if it obsoleted my run on the site, I'd totally understand that. But future NTSC runs of Syphon Filter would have a speed advantage over this run, which might need a separate category.
Not a walrus
If there's a significant speed difference they'll probably still be their own categories, but if the NTSC version should be faster than PAL, then a faster PAL run will obsolete the NTSC one.
Socially awkward ;P
I watched both run side by side during the verification, I didn't see any speed differences at all.
Not a walrus
If they play at the same overall speed in both regions, then they're not their own categories unless there are other version differences (such as balance adjustments or bug differences).
I thought that the NTSC version would be faster, but I watched a couple of runs side by side to get a rough estimate and it seems as they actually run at the same speed.
The gameplay also seems to be the same on both versions, all the objectives are the same for each level.
Strange days, incredible days
I also assumed NTSC was faster from what I'd read in your thread, having not played both (or seen your run yet). Sounds like this is an easy obsolete verdict then.

Always nice when different versions of a game are comparable, makes it much easier to directly compete Smiley