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Syphon Filter 3 (Any %) (Segmented)

Verifier Responses

In first, this is a very powerfull run. Definitely entertaining in action for planning the routes and for tactics. Syphon Filter 3 is one of the hardest games I had ever play, so I am not the best for this game. The runner is a nordic-thunder, he is a newcomer and this is the first run from him. The aiming is not the best, but this is PS1 system. I had wait for years on a speedrun for this game. Some missions are controversy of slaves or pregnant woman. What we want more ? For action Fans like Contra gamer (but not with aliens), have a Eye on this run ! Wink The runner had also use some sequence breakers, I was not know this, very cool. The first segment is not the best, but the rest is cool.

The runner had also do some extra mission objectives, in segment 16 (atf mission), it is not important to rescue the 2 mans in the minute 01:17. But not a big problem, it cost 1 second or so. Next time, run to the door.

The Math is ok, I had watch it more than 5 times, so the math is ok.

This is a segmented run with save files, on 'new +game'. Not a IL run.

Video/Audio quality -> good / very good (verify copy was HQ files)

Timing List -> Timing start after the blue loading screen and after the first video sequence. Time start when in first time can move the controller. Timing end, one second before the black screen come (the Meter for armour and target will hide). All videos in gameplay is in the final time included. The segment 11 has a good ending to understand the end timing, he roll but the game end before he land.

Segment 01 -> 04:19

This is not the best segment, but all other segments are really better.

Segment 02 -> 05:08

Segment 03 -> 00:59

Segment 04 -> 03:25

Segment 05 -> 02:28

Segment 06 -> 02:55

Segment 07 -> 05:27

Segment 08 -> 06:28

Segment 09 -> 04:27

Segment 10 -> 02:13

Segment 11 -> 05:27

Small Audio problems in the end, but it is all ok, because of lags.

Segment 12 -> 01:03

Segment 13 -> 02:49

Segment 14 -> 02:25

Segment 15 -> 03:18

Segment 16 -> 03:12

Segment 17 -> 06:46

Segment 18 -> 02:27

Small Audio problems in the end (last train), but it is all ok.

Segment 19 -> 02:43

The final fight was a cool idea. Smiley The end video is skipped.

# Final Time '01h 08mins 06sec' # on Europa version / english language / PS2 with 'fast disc' option

The runner had encode the videos files and the time is wrong in the logo with 01:10:00.

verdict: Accept


Segment 1: 0:32-4:51 (4:19)

"COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE." Nice line for this game. 
A/V is fine.  Tasering enemies at beginng was pretty funny and good segment.

Segment 2: 0:32-5:40 (5:08)

A/V is fine.  Very well executed but took heavy damage from guy near end that he rolled into.

Segment 3: 0:33-1:32 (0:59)

A/V is fine.  Looks like segment was flawless.  Shoot guy out of plane = win

Segment 4: 0:32-3:58 (3:25)

A/V is fine.  Runner was at mercy of auto targeting cause first person sucks.  Good segment

Segment 5: 0:29-2:58 (2:29)

A/V is fine.  Nice gas grenade throw at final elevator.  Damn good segment

Segment 6: 0:33-3:27 (2:54)

A/V? This is first segment where you see how bad it is to aim in first person.  Great segment

Segment 7: 0:33-6:00 (5:27)

A/V is fine.  Not much to say except he just blazes past everything.

Segment 8: 0:33-7:00 (6:27)

A/V is fine.  Good segment and everything dies.

Segment 9: 0:31-4:58 (4:27)

A/V is fine.  Pretty straightforward with lots of timed events.  Also flak jacket seconds before end = genius

Segment 10: 0:29-2:41 (2:12)

A/V is fine.  Clutch headshot at end and smooth segment

Segment 11: 0:35-6:02 (5:27)

Video is fine but Audio from 5:25-6:02 has weird crackling sound.  Pretty good segment nonetheless

Segment 12: 0:30-1:33 (1:03)

A/V is fine.  Nothing much to say except HE TOOK ON A TANK ONE-ON-ONE.

Segment 13: 0:30-3:19 (2:49)

A/V is fine.  Overall execution was about as good as it gets

Segment 14: 0:35-3:00 (2:25)

A/V is fine.  Not much to say.  Done very well

Segment 15: 0:33-3:51 (3:18)

A/V is fine.  Love how character is running with the enemy and they find out too late to even shoot

Segment 16: 0:30-3:43 (3:13)

A/V is fine.  Lots of tight execution and double headshot = swag

Segment 17: 0:29-7:15 (6:46)

A/V is fine.  Practically an autoscroller cause you gotta wait for the boy's mother. 

Segment 18: 0:29-2:55 (2:26)

Video is fine but weird crackling again occur from 2:49-2:55.  Good segment overall and nice humor with the dialogue

Segment 19: 0:30-3:13 (2:43)

A/V is fine.  Final boss headshot was pretty damn cool. 

Final time came to be 67:57 which is 1:07:57.  Run was very impressive to me.  Very solid run and meets SDA standards.  I vote accept

Ok this was a great run

Good A/V quality
Quick - at times surprisingly so

There were a few times where shots could have been better placed and an optional mission that was completed that didn't need to be.  But the aim in this game was beyond difficult at times from what I remember from playing this game in my younger days.  I will go ahead and agree with the others with on segment timing as it seems to fit with what I was working on and is probably going to be more accuate than my estimates.  Perhaps edditing out the load game each segment would make the run more watchable as a final product. 

I can say from my plays of this game, that this was with out a doubt superbly run and masterfully executed.  Great fun watching would certainly go with Accept.

Verdict: Accept

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Dan 'DanE' Söderhäll!
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Waiting hurts my soul...
Another game off the request list. It's always nice to check another one of those off.
Sounds great! Thanks to all the verifiers Smiley

The crackling audio was something I've never heard before, even though it appeared in the raw files as well when I checked. Guess that's just the way the game is.
I did also play on a PS2 with texture smoothing on, and not fast disc speed.
just( •_•)>⌐■-■ ..... (⌐■_■)wing it
glad to see this game on sda now.  Love syphon filter