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SS run

Verifier Responses

A/V fine, no cheats. There were some odd audio moment (like at 10:03 and 35:30) but I saw nothing at those points in the video to suggest it was anything but a weird recording issue.

I'm very impressed by the runner actually following so close to the TAS for the opening minutes, not to mention the strategy and forward thinking regarding inventory management needed to finish this game with just one 3-character team. Obviously the runner had a good route planned going into this run. All necessary item management was executed swiftly and efficiently. It looks like the runner did flub the menus a couple of times but in this game that's very hard to avoid, even on the English translation. Combat was well performed with good use of items to damage enemies, and the trick of getting into a forced fight right after a normal fight to earn XP faster is very inventive and seemed to be used to good effect.

Definitely a great run of a great overlooked game. The only real possibilities of improving the time are all luck-based.
Desicion: Accept

My timing:
Start: 0:06
End: 1:05:32
Time: 1:05:26

My timing may be off as I'm not sure when to start or end it, but used my best guess.

Sweet Home is a game that if you have not played or seen it before you will have a hard time
understanding what is going on.  Thankfully the run notes do a great job explaining what is

Managing to not get hit by a run ending status ailment or get blown away by the many enemies that
can do either to the party is impressive (and very lucky). 

The route, movements, inventory management, and combats are all solid with minimal mistakes. 

As for the audio at 10:05 and 35:32 Not exactly sure what caused it to warp like that (likely the
thunder / knight clanking), but is quite clear nothing unusual happened during gameplay at the

The only chance of improving this run is a new trick of some sort, or incredible amounts of luck.
Overall a great run of a game that deserves a lot more love than it gets.

Start: 00:06
End: 1:04:25 (last input, forget if text boxes after boss require input or not 1:05:32 otherwise)
Time: 1:04:19 (or 1:05:26 if post boss death text boxes are still counted)

Cheats: None
Decision: Accept

Ironically, I've been held back by my recent obsession with the Binding of Isaac. Go figure.

Sweet Home, the story of 5 obstinate art snobs, a self-loathing ghost mother and her self-loathing, indestructible husband. Better bring a hankie.

Audio: Solid save for a few blurbs with competing sound effects.
Video: Top notch

Notes: The runner uses the party needed to pass all the game’s obstructions. This means sacrificing the use of the healer (very scary) and the cameraman (very…ummm…union-angering?).
Excellent mirroring of the TAS in the early game and dark room navigation. The runner uses the items and Praying to minimize the risk/time spent in battles.

4:00ish: Emi goes solo to spare a Red Log, which would have broken if the whole party crossed it.

8:00ish: Enemies from this point begin to inflict status effects, which can be crippling to the party in normal play, but would simply end a speed run as the healer is all the way back in the first room.

11:00ish: Using items on the Armors makes what is otherwise a taxing, dangerous fight into a 1 rounder.

12:38: MAN!...that is all.

13:55: Picking up the FireX to fight the Banes (which have rather high HP) is a clever idea.

21:52: Kazuo does a little night digging.

28:20: Clever use of spirits to move across the map faster.

Post Basement is rough with inventory, needing the pick to walk on the ice, the blue candles to place on the altar, rings for the butler, some of the end game items, keys, the crossbow here and there, etc. The runner handles it flawlessly, and always has the right Tool for the job.

46:40: Using the summon command in battle allows a team member to run across the map for a period of time. A great time saver as Kazuo was clearly able to handle the journey to that Slide alone.

52:15: Kaz now runs like mad mid-melee to accomplish missions in the dangerous depths, minimizing the party’s exposure to horrible, status-causing monsters. They still get something though.

1:04:05: Remember kids, if you murder babies in a furnace, haunt a house and get all your personal crap thrown at you by 5 strangers who you tried to kill (repeatedly), you can still go to heaven.

1:07:20: Oh snap! Fire the make up girl! He's hideous!

Timing: Started at 0:06 and ended 1:04:25, for a cool 1:04:19. As I recall all the text after Mamiya's death is autoscroll.

No cheating I can see, just excellent work by the runner and the use of innovative movement and combat tactics.

Decision: Accept, I don't expect to see much improvement on this run besides luckier enemy encounters or spirit luck. Great jorb!

Everything checks out, audio/visual is fine and the run is great. The combat effectiveness and item usage is top notch, and I accept this run.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Andrew 'RaneofSoTN' Melnyk!
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Sea of Green
Yay! Congratulations, Rane! Can't wait to see this one go up Smiley
Congrats on getting this one verified Rane!
Congratulations Rane! Now do it without praying ;P
I want off the ride....
Quote from Exo:
Congratulations Rane! Now do it without praying ;P

Yeah sure right after you do a MMX game without dashing Tongue
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No praying, the dreaded "Sweet Home Heretic" category