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Any% Run

Verifier Responses

"Then there's no time to waste!" - Superman

Video and audio as good as it can be. No evidence of cheating.

Ring totals below may be off slightly.

Start time: 0:41
End time: 1:53:55
Total: 1:53:14

1 - 269 Rings.
2 - Glitch OoB several times. One of the attempts took about 20 seconds to do.
3 - 616 Rings. Superman dances and follows a skater. Missed a good number of rings, losing some time having to back up.
4 - OoB. Read clues. Leave.
5 - 631 Rings. More dancing. Faster than a speeding skater.
6 - OoB. Goes straight to the boss. Kills boss. Superman wins.
7 - 729 Rings. One of the guys taking hostages apparently didn't mind getting punched several feet away.
8 - Grab freeze breath. OoB. HEEEEEELLLLPPPP!!! Punch car. OoB. Glitch into Kryptonite room. Freeze Kryptonite. Glitch back out. Beat Darkseid. Carry Darkseid. Leave Darkseid in midair to float down. Throw him into corner. Beat him senseless.
9 - 746 Rings. Lots of tornados.
10 - Glitch. Glitch. Glitch. OoB. Retry. Lost a little over a minute. Trouble glitching the second attempt on one of the walls, but successful. Talks to dude while getting attacked. Superman wins.
11 - 645 Rings. Lost time getting stuck in between two buildings.
12 - Trains. Dialogue. Go back. Dialogue. Go back. HEEEEEELLLLPPPP!!! Good fight.
13 - 822 Rings.
14 - Glitch into pillar. OoB. Restart cost about a minute. More OoB. Set bomb to detonate. SUPERMAN WINS!!!

Total number of rings: 4458. Some ring segments included over 200 rings.

Got dizzy a few times watching the run, especially with some of the ring portions and the zooming in and out in the ending.

The run itself had a couple of restarts costing a couple of minutes. Some of the glitches took some time to do. However, for a game as extremely difficult to control as this, the runner did probably one of the best jobs I've ever seen a speed runner do.


"And am I really doing this? Is this a Superman game? Flying through rings? Is that the best they could come up with? That's like if they made a Batman game where all he does is just play hopscotch." - AVGN

I ought to just reject this game on the basis that its freaking Superman 64. Sitting through the two hours of this game is torture in of itself, and sitting through it a few more times to make sure I'm seeing things right is insanity, so I suppose I have to give some credit to the runner and say that his torture was far worse. So, let's get down to it, shall we? And in order to amuse myself so I don't die of sheer boredom, I will be inserting quotes. Yes, Superman 64 has made me resort to quotes for humor value. *sigh*


First Ride Stage - There's a ton of rings, and the runner goes through them. As noted, you get 3 mercy rings, and there are a few points in the run where you can use that HOWEVER the runner does not always do this and for good reason. Some of the later stages are so long that you really do need the mercy rings. In any case, First stage is a pass. Like that was hard to do.

"This looks like a job for Superman." - Superman

The Hydroelectric Dam - An action stage! That gets completely bypassed due to OoB Glitching! Yeah, this stage is a joke. Fly into corner, glitch into OoB, pick up freeze breath, freeze bombs, you win. Only problem, runner gets stuck activating the final glitch, but it's a hard one to get, and it's Superman 64.

"More rings than a Sonic game, it's Superman 64's 2nd ride stage!" - ProtonJon

Second Ride Stage: He flies through some more rings. He does miss a few and has to go back and get them, and it looks a bit ugly. I would have personally restarted about here, so this is taking a few points off.

"Turn Back, You Have Not Found All The Clues." - One of the game's Trigger points working, and promptly failing

Lexcorp - He OoB's to one of the elevators, bypassing the entire level again, gets caught on an enemy attack that's hard to avoid, and manages to get the clues before being told he doesn't have the clues. Good job.

"More glitches than any Nintendo game before it, it's Superman 64!" -ProtonJon

Third Ride Stage - HE FLIES THROUGH RINGS. Yeah, i'm already sick of these levels.

"Lois is about to die if I don't help her, so that's why I'm going to go through the floor and completely ignore her." - ProtonJon

LexCorp Warehouse - Alright, this one is a fun OoB. (Wait, did I just describe something in this game as 'fun'?) Unlike the Dam, where you needed to freeze the bombs, or LexCorp, where you needed to read stuff, this one you have to actually beat a boss. Why is this fun? Because the boss that the runner beats isn't actually the one that's supposed to end the level. For some reason, even though you would fight him in this manner anyways for normally completing the level, it wouldn't pass you then. If you go straight to Metallo right from the beginning, before dealing with Lois, he is counted as the end-of-level boss and will end the stage, when you're normally supposed to fight him and his laser at the end of the level. *THE MORE YOU KNOW*

In any case, he does it alright. Moving on.

NOTE: This is the part of the run where I started to get physically ill. Every time. This freaking game......


Fourth Ride Stage HE GETS SOME MORE *censored* RINGS I AM SO TIRED OF ALL THESE *censored* RINGS

In reality, that first challenge stage looks ugly. Some time wasted due to missing one of the enemies and not catching it until he noticed the timer still counting down. Second part looks a bit ugly because he just sits there for a while.... Honestly, this whole bit looks a bit ugly.

"HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!" - Most annoying sound EVER

Darkseid's level: Alright, this section is just....annoying. Very annoying. The only thing that I really have to comment on is the runner having bad luck against the boss and getting that glitch to work. Also, a few fun looking glitches here. Like the boss standing up, walking to Superman, and collapsing.


And at about this point, I got sick of doing level by level commentary. As much fun as this is to play, it's worse to watch. I physically cannot keep watching this horrible, HORRIBLE game any more.

So, here's the general rundown. Everything else is alright, but meh. He loses about 2-3 minutes from restarts, so this could be done better. However, you cannot ignore the fact that with the large amount of glitches in this game, you have to be so perfect to get the glitches that do work in your favor to actually work. I have to give this an ACCEPT.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Alec 'aleckermit' Aster!
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I'm amazed this got any verifiers. I don't know anybody else that actually played this.
Pheenoh the mean-o
Wait, someone counted all the rings? WHO IS THIS GOD AMONG US
Fucking Weeaboo
Was the game run at 20% screen size to minimize lag?
Learning to Stream
May God have mercy upon our souls for this unholy beast given life.

And mercy for the sanity of the poor gamer and verifiers.

Never thought I'd see the day this game became accepted anywhere... wow... braver then I will ever be. Well done Alec

Mr. Kelly R. Flewin
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
*Comes to the realization that someone has conquered Superman 64 and even made a speed run of it*

Joking aside, this is a crowning moment for one of the worst games of all time to be taken down.  Now all we need is aquaman and drake of 99 dragons, and the circle will be complete.
Visit my profile to see my runs!
I didn't think this game would ACTUALLY be as bad as everyone claimed.  But I just watched every minute of this garbage... and there is no name for this devilry.

Also, the ending "cutscene" changed my life.
Sweet Jesus. Respect for doing this, especially in a SS. I watched 5 minutes and totally approved of it being one of the worst games ever - you have to solve his "maze" to save your friends? Like a thousand times in a row? Seriously? And the ending, wow... whats with the shaky cam? I wonder what Titus is doing now, oh they went bankrupt in 2005.
No pain, no gain
I'm watching the run right now. My favorite part so far is that Superman murders a whole bunch of people so a kid can keep skateboarding in a dam.
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Big props to the first verifier for counting all the rings and to the second guy for describing the levels so well. Thanks for the accept. This can be improved by a few minutes but I beasted a few really hard clips (Lexcorp doorframe clip usually takes 5 tries or so, got it first try) and I zoomed through the outdoor stages. The run feels like 6 hours to play through honestly and you can game over so easily if you mess up an OoB or fail an outdoor mission.

Here's to hoping Cosmo picks the game up for a month and gets a 1:4X:XX Kappa