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Super Stardust HD (Any %) (Single Segment) (Easy)

Verifier Responses

Runners notes for Super Stardust HD (Arcade Easy with deaths)

A/V: I'll comment on audio later, I'm listening to dota tournament cast. Video is really clean.

1-1 43.9 Probably should have boosted through the second rock
1-2 52.4 The snakes are actually kind of slow. You should start by moving to one side (like straight N/S/W/E) so it clumps snakes from n/s together. I know on harder difficulties the snakes stack on each other, but I rarely play easy. I'll check later but this one sticks out as kind of slow.
1-3 82.8 I'm doing running commentary, seems kind of conservative on bombs.
1-4 145.9 Lack of rock crusher is hurting this level. Also kinda whiffed that giant rock boost. Another slow stage. Saving all these bombs better pay off, or this lave is almost reject worthy.
1-5 71.5 Concerned about excessive debris extending this stage.

2-1 60.3 Good stage
2-2 56.7 Death spawns a wave, so its not costly and if it saves a bomb, u keep a bomb.
2-3 73.1 that dash out costs a bit of time, I'm 99% bomb would have reached all its targets without having to go back in.
2-4 142.0 Unncessary loss of a shield I'm gonna theory craft and say since you don't have shield maybe death abuse for all this little debris.
2-5 48.7 I'm just gonna point this out here, but I'm 99% the developers said waving the stick back and forth does more damage than just holding a straight burst for fire.

3-1 45.1 Good stage
3-2 21.7 Good stage
3-3 31.0 Very hesitant about keeping ice crusher on for the beginning of this level.
3-4 110.5 If your gonna bomb, shouldn't be losing your shield unless you plan on dying.
3-5 80.0 Standard boss fight

4-1 107.1 Kind of an ok stage, the 2nd boss should probably have been used to the side to stack some of the turrets straight one side.
4-2 55.4 Bad place to die, didn't hit any turrets looks sloppy.
4-3 22.4 Kind of another bad death. Didn't cost any time since hes waiting for spawns but it looks kinda silly.
4-4 135.2
4-5 87.8 I'm only gonna take that death b/c he was flipping, it probably cost him some time as well.

5-1 53.7
5-2 33.8
5-3 53.8 Another death, and it destroyed stuff you should have gotten with a boost. 2nd Death and this one is really really bad.
5-4 135.6 Uh, you better show me something on the final boss I haven't seen or this world looks AWFUL.
5-5 128.0 While saving the bombs for this fight might save time here. Your losing time everywhere else to do this, and even with no bombs your still getting low-mid 130s.

I'm just gonna say this before I even watch the final world. This run is too Conservative, too safe. I'm 99% sure these are times I'd expect from someone going for a high score run in normal. I'm definitely rejecting this.

After watching world 5, this looks even more reject worthy than before world 5.

No problems with the A/V. Doesn't seem to be cheated, and it matches up with some background checking.

I'm going to mostly echo some of the problems that the above verifier mentioned. I'm really glad that somebody tackled this type of game from a speedrun angle, but it feels like there's a lack of polish to it right now. It starts off decently enough, but the play level and optimizations drop off as the stages progress. Boosts are used fairly often at the beginning, but I feel are underused in the later stages, especially for some of the predetermined waves. Parts of it still resemble score strategies. The deaths really hurt in the last stage, and as mentioned above I'm doubtful as to whether or not the final boss strategy is the most effective use of those bombs. One last thing I'd like to see: death abuse. A couple of accidental deaths came out at the cost of little time and effectively saved a bomb. I feel like this should be used in more places intentionally. Unless the category becomes Deathless, there's no reason to ignore several opportunities for "death bombs".

With that, my vote currently stands at REJECT for poor optimization/excess mistakes. I strongly encourage the runner to optimize further and resubmit, however. It's a good choice for a non-standard speedrun game and I like some of the ideas that were used in the run. Just needs a bit more elbow grease.

Audio and video are okay. No cheating. The only problem I had with the run are the number of deaths. Given the short length of the game I would expect it to have none. However, only a few were used strategically the rest were just mistakes.


Decision: Reject

Reason: Play quality not yet up to par for an SDA submission.

This run will be available for a month. After that this link will no longer work.
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Willing to teach you the impossible
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Willing to teach you the impossible
Runner here.  I really didn't know how this was going to go, since there wasn't any speed running tips on this game that I know of. (Maybe should've created a topic for that)  But I appreciate the criticism on this run, and I can move forward from this. 
You should definitely start up a topic and get some discussion on this game going. I played this a while ago (back when Sony gave away free games for the PSN disaster) and I'd be very interested in seeing a run of this. Cheesy
Willing to teach you the impossible
Your greatest asset in making a great run is the community. Many new runners really need to understand this. Ask questions, post videos, wait for feedback. Use and enjoy the community.
Yea, you should definitely make a thread if you want discussion. Glad to hear you aren't discouraged by the result, hope to see something great come out of this.