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Super Smash Bros. (ntscus) (n64) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Very Easy] [Character: Kirby]

Verifier Responses

Quote from Elipsis:
Tabling the category / timing discussion - I want to evaluate the actual run:

Cheating - Nothing suspicious in the file.

A/V Quality - I didn't notice any significant desync between audio and video in the HQ version.

Play Quality - This looks like a pretty great run to me.  I can't see more than a few seconds coming off of any of these levels.  There looks to be a silly mistake in the 3rd bonus stage costing a few seconds... but there's very strong play throughout the run.

Conclusion - Accept.

Quote from CyberBotX:
A/V good, no cheating detected. There are some mistakes in the run, such as against Kirby Team and Race to the Finish, but the runner was well aware of those mistakes. Overall the run is very solid. I can't really say much about the timing method proposed, but it does sound like real time should be used over in-game time for the reasons stated by the runner. I'm giving this an accept.

Quote from AlecK47:
A/V good, no cheating detected

This is a very, very good run.  There are only three execution errors that are at all obvious as what they are to the untrained eye, and none of them cost much time.  The RNG was generally kind, though not perfect, of course.

Master Hand and Pikachu are definitely the highlights of this run, for me.  Master Hand especially left me impressed.  You could say it (sunglasses) handed it to the runner, though that would ignore the execution involved.


Quote from Soliduz Znake:
A/V: good quality
Cheating: none

the only flaws I find are basically RNG moments such as the Fox fight and Donkey Kong having delayed his loss for a second. overall great run. Accept

Quote from PvtCb:
AV is solid.
Play is very good. Only noticeable mistakes were on Race to the Finish and Vs Samus. No cheating is present.
Easy accept

Quote from Sonikkustar:
A/V Quality - Accept
No cheating here.

This is a very good run. The only spot that I saw that could be improved was the Giant DK fight with better RNG. Other than that, This is extremely polished.


Quote from Eternalspirit:
Looks to me like I'm the last verifier, sorry this took so long!

No cheating, AV was good, run was very solid with a few mistakes but it's an easy accept.

Quote from DK28:
Solid run and an easy accept.  If for nothing else, that Master Hand fight...

Decision: Accept

Reason: See response about timing below.

Congratulations to 'pikashy'!
Thread title:  
As per the discussion in the other topic, we have chosen to accept real time runs as their own category alongside in-game time runs for this game at this time. What this means for runners currently using real-time: please feel free to submit your runs for any character, provided they meet the other SDA requirements (video/audio quality, etc.). Likewise, runners using in-game time may feel free to continue doing so and submit their runs as well.

If, in the future, it becomes apparent that one timing method completely dominates, and there is no more demand for in-game time runs at all, then we can consider phasing out in-game time submissions at that time. For now, at least, that seems not to be the case.
Thanks for the acceptance on this run <(^o^)>

I passed on the message about submissions being accepted for real time runs to the rest of the ssb64 speedrunning community, and some of them have shown interest in trying to submit runs.  Maybe this will help the game grow here.

As for me, most of my other runs are not done in SDA approved quality (twitch stream), but seeing this accepted, I'm going to make an effort to have my future run attempts have acceptable quality, just in case Wink

Again, thanks for the acceptance on this run <(^o^)>
Awesome!  There's a lot of cool tech for each character, and it'd be great to see the page fill up.