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Super Return Of The Jedi (Any %) (Single Segment) (Easy)

Verifier Responses

Run starts about 55:46 in. Audio is also a bit behind. About .25 seconds. I cant remember but when the player gets hit, looks like an interlacing issue happens (look at 1:10:57 for a random example). Again, I cant remember is that is just the game or not.

As for the run, good run of a bad game. It is clear research has been done. Some of the missed jumps could have been made but were slightly off on timing. Nothing to reject over by any means. I understand why easy mode was used, but I would like to see a higher difficulty get ran at some point (i dont expect it though).

Easy accept

A/V is good
No cheating detected
A few minor mistakes here and there cost a few second.

Quote from PJ:
This is PJ speaking.  I want to apologize to Edenal for taking so long to verify this run.  I am a terrible friend.  Haha.I also didn't help him at all with routing even though I said he would, but he did a fine job of that on his own.  Sorry, Edenal!  I'll buy you a drink next time I see you.  ^_^

A/V good.  No signs of cheating, though I wouldn't blame him if he did.  This game is awful.

I got this game from Heidman for the Bad Game Exchange, but I just could not motivate myself to route this.  I played through the game, did some minor routing, and found a few minor bugs, but that's the extent of it.  So thanks to Edenal for stealing this game so I don't have to run it.  Haha.  I do plan on trying to find some more bugs at some point, but I don't know when I'll get around to doing it.

This game was pretty cruel because it gave you a means of moving quickly (the slide!) but punished you for ever trying to use it.  Ever.  The slide physics are so terrible.  If you slide and hit an enemy you go equally fast backwards, so you sometimes end up further back than you started when you slid.  Edenal does a great job of planning on where it is safe and beneficial to slide.  While on the topic, he plays on easy mode because the higher difficulties are just plain dumb.  While it would be possible to run though, there would have to be significant speed/entertainment tradeoffs to make it possible to complete.  Easy is the way to go.

For the run itself, he clearly spent a lot of time testing and practicing.  It definitely shows.  He manages Leia quite well in the first two stages and makes quick work on them.  Luke is the way to go in Jabba's Palace for sure and does a great job with this stage.  He missed the wall clip a few times but it is a stupidly random trick.  It still saved a lot of time getting it second try.  He made some really strong use of the force freeze to eliminate lag here.  Really smart boss strat, too.  I used to just double jump into him.  Hahaha.  The boss stood in place for awhile and just soaked the hits too, which is fantastic.  I haven't played enough to know if he's random but he sure seemed like it when I played.

Rancor pit is a really tough level.  He opts to go with Chewie, but I always preferred Han.  Han's grenades are really nice for the Rancor but I never had the plasma gun when I fought him; I honestly doubt they have a significant time savings when your blaster is that powerful.  Chewie is really useful because of his lariat, which grants him invincibility and lets him pound through enemies.  A very smart choice overall.  Edenal had a really smart powerup collection route which let him quickly get the plasma blaster.  He missed a jump at the end because physics cease to exist in this game, and then makes really short work on the Rancor.  For some reason, the Rancor chose to only drop rocks instead of doing anything actually dangerous, so Chewie was able to just fire away.

Next stage: Force Freeze.  He got the first jump first try, then fell later on and had to do two freeze jumps (first try!) to get back up.  Mad good recovery.

Leia shows Jabba who's the boss.  Spoilers: it's not him.

FFFFFFFFFF the speeder bikes.  Seriously.  This stage is AWFUL.  Perspective just does not exist here.  He crushes it though.  Really good.

Wicket levels were really really strong.  I didn't even know about the boss skip.  o.O

No idea what the next stage is called.  A missed freeze jump costs a pretty significant chunk of time, unfortunately.  This level is really punishing if you miss any jump.  Good finish though.

Shooting stage is terrible.  Edenal does really well though.

This barrier stage is all kinds of bullshit.  Seriously, it is a nightmare.  Getting hit unintentionally anywhere during most of those jumps = instant death.  So bad.  I am really happy to see this run.  Han is definitely the right choice.  Edenal makes use of some really good jumps to skip a significant portion of the more troublesome part.  This level was mad good.  ^_^

Next level is much easier by comparison.  One missed freeze jump costs a bit of time, but no big deal.  Luke trashes one of the most bullshit bosses and moves on.

Nice tie fighter shooting.  This seems significantly more laggy than when I played it though.  I don't know if he's using the brakes or something, but I remember this running a lot smoother.  Either way, he didn't die and used this strat which is the key.

Elevator action is pretty straightforward.  Missed one elevator cycle for a small loss of time.  Completely destructible terrain is a really shitty idea when your double jump is an attack, btw.

Skips right to Vader with another brilliant wall clip, and then CRUSHES Vader.  Dang.  Mad good.

The Emperor is an asshole.  He just breaks everything and then you fall and die.  He uses the amazing strat Tompa found at AGDQ and survives!  His luck in this fight was quite good.

The escape is a massive struggle against the controls of the game.  What a way to end the run.  Once you learn it it isn't quite as terrible, but still rather terrible.  If you get hit once, you tend to lose control of the ship and just explode all over.

Verdict:  Very accept.  This run was very well planned and very well executed.  Great job, Edenal!  ^_^

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Fredrik 'Edenal' Lidholt!
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Edenal: 2013-05-16 11:26:28 am
Hockey enthusiast
Thank you everyone.

I believe there have been a few route changes since this run. Me and Striker ( are currently trying to get this game even lower. Aiming for 30:5X

May the force be with you!
Waiting hurts my soul...
Did PJ pay you to do this run for him? Wink
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Quote from ZenicReverie:
Did PJ pay you to do this run for him? Wink

Not at all! Look at this this way, now PJ has a spot open for a really really bad game! Smiley
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I think this means Heidrage has to give him another game now.
Quote from UraniumAnchor:
I think this means Heidrage has to give him another game now.

Haha, he is welcome to!  I was wondering what to do if a game from the exchange was stolen (like Mecha running Plok, or me running Karnov, etc).  Would that exchange just die or would a replacement be sent?  Tough to decide.  But yea, Heidman is welcome to send a replacement if he wants to.  Tongue
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^ Run Karnov...
Waiting hurts my soul...
I think Edenal should join the exchange and send PJ a game to replace the one he stole. Wink
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Quote from ZenicReverie:
I think Edenal should join the exchange and send PJ a game to replace the one he stole. Wink

*Maniacal laugh* Empire Strike Back, an even worse game!
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Haters gonna hate
Well I haven't submitted a run for Plok yet...
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This just happend....
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Edenal: 2013-05-30 03:19:43 am
Edenal: 2013-05-30 03:19:36 am
Edenal: 2013-05-29 03:44:53 pm
Hockey enthusiast

I'll just keep updating. - 29.30 (29.20~ SDA timing)

EDIT: Striker beat me again...
The battle continues!
Late congratulations Edenal!

Didn't even know you already had a run go through submission. Guess the jedi will make yet another return on SDA!