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Wow, can't wait to watch this. Cody's run was what, just under 22? I can't imagine a run almost two minutes faster than his. Downloading HQ now. Cheesy
Haters gonna hate
That run was incredible.

Good work Exo!!!
that Metroidvania guy
Quote from scurty:
Wow, can't wait to watch this. Cody's run was what, just under 22? I can't imagine a run almost two minutes faster than his. Downloading HQ now. Cheesy

To be fair, that run was on XBox. Still, even if you convert the loading difference and stage difference, you're looking at something like 30-40 seconds faster than Cody's run, which is ridiculous. But Cody's best run is definitely great, too.
lol, I hope Cody's run doesn't get rejected again because a better run just came out. I'd like to see it on the site along with this one.

Whole run was excellent, Exo. 6-4 was jaw dropping. I thought you were dead at least twice in that stage!
SEGA Junkie
Wow, this run is sick.
Grats Exo, that was an amazing run.  It's awesome to see proof that sub 20 is definitely doable.  I really wish Larry wasn't in this game, that guys a douche.
This is a ridiculously good run.  Awesome job, Exo!
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Exo: 2011-09-22 05:01:52 am
Wow thanks for all the kind words!
Really glad to see that people enjoyed the run ^^
I'm currently writing notes (good thing that there's not a lot to write about with smb :P) and uploading the other encodes so I can submit it later today.


Run submitted.
Wiggle wiggle
Quote from Aaron_Haynes:
Holy fuck.
Congrats, please share ASAP!

I am disappointed I didn't get it Sad but also excited to watch Smiley

Don't worry, we still like you, even if you're not the fastest.
Im sure Aaron is gonna get the record back ^^

I re-encoded the xq file and now youtube seems to be fine so here is the link for all those who prefer a streaming hd link :

Strange days, incredible days
Fragmaster: lol

Exo: You should tweet the link to @SuperMeatBoy, they've retweeted both times I shared a speedrun with them, it'll get a lot more people to see it.
Just watched the stream- the fact that this game is oddly adorable only adds to the run quality. This pleases me.
I like the sound he makes when he runs and hits the wall.
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BaronHaynes: 2011-09-22 03:34:29 pm
Strange days, incredible days
Yeah, the game has lost none of its charm even after 80-something hours running it. Smiley
Yeh I'm still not sick of anything in it..except for larries lament Tongue
Main Work!!!
Yeah I think we should e-mail team meat to make an update that remove larries lament and put a more reliable speedrunning boss(no matter what difficulty, as long as it's not luck Tongue ). No but seriously, this boss is a real run killer and he's late in the run. I know that the rest of the speedrun is almost impossible to do flawless but a perfect speedrun need a 3 rounds larries and that happen very rarely. Currently working on finding new tricks late in the run but until team meat finally port this on mac, I can't record anything.
Fantastic run!
Quote from AndréLucLévesque:
Yeah I think we should e-mail team meat to make an update that remove larries lament and put a more reliable speedrunning boss(no matter what difficulty, as long as it's not luck Tongue ).
Just watch them put in a boss where you have to wait 5 minutes for a giant slug to crawl into a sawblade Tongue
Balls jerky
After watching that run I was inspired to go back and attempt to finish the game. I am still terrible at it.
Strange days, incredible days
I've decided to share my new route discoveries rather than hog them to myself in hopes of getting the best time. Just seems like the nice thing to do. At this point, any run in contention with Exo's is gonna come down to skill (and Larries luck).

Also, I've been doing just godawful at this game for a while. I'm dying on levels I've beaten thousands of times. It's pretty sad. So if someone else can make use of these strategies while I try to reteach my brain which button is jump, all the better.

1-09: Very slightly faster, according to some replay tests I did.
2-07: Jumping straight from the last wall into bandage girl is tricky, you have to let Meat Boy slide upward a little bit before you leap.
2-13: Included mainly for posterity.
3-12: This isn't actually a strategy, just something fun I like to do, and it wasn't in either run I uploaded (I had a panic moment on my 21:19). Wanted to share it cause it would look good in a finished run.
4-1: Takes practice, but if you can do 5-14, you can do this. Also, if you continue to hold run+jump buttons as you hit the tunnel, Meat Boy will slip down it extremely fast. Slope physics in this game are really strange.
4-10: Exo's run made me take another look at this level. I'm still not consistent at it, but it's easier than I thought.
4-16: I learned about the top walljump from Exo's run, so I'm including it here.
5-3: The quick corner jumps around the sawblade at the end weren't in Exo's run, so I'm including this level.
5-11: I actually don't recommend this strategy, but I wanted to include it. The reason is that the slopes up the side of the mountain make it hard to know how to jump. Also, if you hit that warp zone (you need to pause and gain enough height in order to clear its hitbox), your run is over. There's almost no room for error if you want to get on the disappearing platform a cycle early, otherwise the shortcut is pointless.
5-13: This is the discovery I'm most pleased with, skips an entire cycle and the last walljump on Bandage Girl's platform. It takes practice to hit the side of the bottom platform, but I got consistent at it pretty quickly.
5-17: I'm not sure if this strategy is repeatable. The second missle often explodes in midair without breaking the wall open. I know, it makes no sense.
6-2: The wall jump at ~1:48 and scaling the left side of the vertical wall saves almost a full second, but it's pretty hard to hit. I'm not sure if my route at 1:58 is faster than Exo's, I suspect it's about the same, but it's faster than the one I used to have.

I wanted to include the fast route for 5-1, but I actually still can't do it. I'm telling you, I've got the yips or something.
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Exo: 2011-09-23 08:23:13 am
Exo: 2011-09-23 08:21:25 am
Exo: 2011-09-23 02:05:22 am
Love the new strats Aaron! <3
Thanks for posting them Smiley
Keep working on it and you'll eventualy demolish my run !
When you do I'll make sure to try and give you a hard time again though ^^

P.S.: I do lots of retarded mistakes too for no reason. I once jumped into the bottom salt pit in 3-13 and went щ(゚Д゚щ)

P.P.S.: Seeing some of the new level strats made me realize that the run could easily go sub 20:00. I might just keep working on this on and off while going all out on every attempt for a while and see if I get anything. (Yeh I'm addicted to smb now :s)
Main Work!!!
Yeah I know what you mean Exo, I've quit my job, school and everything for this game(Nah just kidding) but seriously I spend a lot of time on this(and my others speedrun start to decrease so I need to stop a bit of SMB and come back on the other one).

Aaron I'm currently trying your new strats and it's fun to see that they are reliable for a SS, very good finds by the way.

Good luck to everyone that will be trying to sub 20, at the rate this game is being submit, I'll probably just beat 20 and I won't submit it and I will look at all your speedrun to see how ridiculously this is going to be, so at this moment, I will be personally satisfied(sub20) and I will be entertain by the overdose of skills done by all of you.
This video took me a really long time to find again.

Joe posted this a long time ago (like 11 pages back).  I noticed that nobody does the route in 1:28 (I have NO idea what level that is because I've never even played this game).  Is it too difficult to do in a SS run?  It would save a few seconds on its own, so it might be worth practicing.
Thanks for the link PJ. Learned some new stuff from it which I'll try to incorporate ^^
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BaronHaynes: 2011-09-23 11:37:58 am
Strange days, incredible days
PJ: It's way too hard to do every time. The ones from 3:16-3:52 similarly require flawless timing, so in a SS, it's a huge gamble to try for them. But with those, you can still try for the more cautious route if you mess up, not so much with 3-13.

Thanks for finding that, btw!
Thanks for the explanation!  That's kind of what I figured, but it looks so smooth!  ^_^