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(originally LaP0573's post, owner changed to make tables editing easier, thank you Breakdown !)

In this thread, I'm gonna talk about Super Meat Boy, this awesome indie platformer that came out a few days ago on the XBLA, and soon on the WiiWare and on PC. I won't present it too much, if you haven't tested it, GO TRY IT NOW, it's just totally awesome.
Anyway, this game is totally suited for speedrunning, and I'm thinking about doing a speedrun on it. However, I wonder a few things. First of all, should I better run each level individually or do a single segment run of all the game ? Of course the SS would be hellishly harder, but I'd prefer the IL runs because it would allow me to perfect each level instead of making mistakes...
Next comes the question about characters. You can unlock 14 characters, some better suited to speedrun a level, some not. So should I pick the best character for each level, or should I keep Meat Boy (or another) for all levels ? I think it would be better to keep Meat Boy, and maybe separate each speed runs of the entire game with each character... ? Anyway I think Meat Boy would be more interesting.
Finally, there is one more problem : The game has replays that play when you finish a level, which would be good to record, but it also shows, at the same time, all the moments you died before you finished it, so it gets flooded with tons of suicidal characters, replays of all your previous attempts. So, I guess it would be better to record it from the spawn to the end while playing ?

I'm done with the questions, thanks !

Kaede's edit : here are the tables (originally posted at page 14)

Notice: these tables features only presumably "SDA submittable" videos, that is to say runs with 60fps ingame footage (not replays), as SDA won't accept replays for Super Meat Boy.

- Meat Boy IL table
1-01  Exo 0.87s (tied with Mundungu)
1-01x Kaede 0.94s
1-02  Exo 1.87s
1-02x Exo 2.13s
1-03  Exo 1.38s (tied with Mundungu)
1-03x Exo 2.02s
1-04  Exo 4.20s
1-04x Exo 3.85s
1-05  Exo 5.10s (tied with Mundungu)
1-05x Exo 5.12s
1-06  Exo 3.02s
1-06x Exo 3.10s
1-07  Exo 3.17s
1-07x Exo  3.18s
1-08  Exo 1.63s (tied with Mundungu)
1-08x Exo 2.02s
1-09  Exo 4.28s
1-09x Exo 5.30s
1-10  Exo 4.52s
1-10x Exo 6.23s
1-11 Exo 3.20s
1-11x Exo 3.70s
1-12  Kaede 1.19s
1-12x Exo 1.22s
1-13  Exo 2.90s
1-13x Exo 5.55s
1-14  Exo 3.52s
1-14x Exo 5.87s
1-15  Exo 5.85s
1-15x Exo 6.64s
1-16  Exo 4.15s
1-16  Mundungu 4.14s
1-16x Kaede 6.14s
1-17  Exo 3.87s
1-17x Exo 4.50s
1-18  Kaede 1.99s
1-18x Exo 2.02s
1-19  Exo 7.10s
1-19x Exo 6.95s
1-20  Exo 12.72s
1-20x Breakdown 11.65s

2-01  Exo 5.48s
2-01x Exo 6.62s
2-02  Exo 2.93s
2-02x Exo 2.93s
2-03  Exo 7.17s
2-03x Exo 7.30s
2-04  Kaede 3.62s (tied with Exo)
2-04x Kaede 5.85s
2-05  Breakdown 5.49s
2-05x Kaede 10.64s
2-06  Kaede 6.65s
2-06  Mundungu 6.64s
2-06x Exo 8.42s
2-07  Exo 5.17s
2-07x Breakdown 5.96s
2-08  Exo 7.60s
2-08x Breakdown 9.28s
2-09  Exo 3.57s
2-09x Kaede 5.82s
2-10  Exo 5.98s
2-10x Breakdown 4.07s
2-11  Exo 5.85s
2-11  Mundungu 5.82s
2-11x Exo 8.62s
2-12  Exo 7.70s
2-12x Exo 10.25s
2-13  Exo 5.27s
2-13x Kaede 5.94s
2-14  Exo 6.95s
2-14  Exo 6.91s
2-14x -----------------------
2-15  Exo 7.44s
2-15x Mundungu 16.75s
2-16  Exo 5.42s
2-16x Breakdown 8.30s
2-17 Exo 7.65s
2-17x Kaede 4.59s
2-18  Mundungu 14.45s
2-18x Mundungu 6.51s
2-19  Exo 6.45s
2-19x Mundungu 11.03s
2-20  Breakdown 9.12s
2-20  Mundungu 8.81s
2-20x Breakdown 10.79s

3-01  Kaede 5.78s
3-01x Breakdown 12.99s
3-02  Kaede 5.53s
3-02x Kaede 8.73s
3-03  Kaede 9.24s
3-03x Kaede 10.05s
3-04  Mundungu 5.57s
3-04x Breakdown 9.82s
3-05  Kaede 5.21s
3-05x 12.14s
3-06  Kaede 2.95s
3-06x -----------------------
3-07  Kaede 8.01s
3-07x Breakdown 7.73s
3-08  Kaede 4.53s
3-08x Breakdown 9.82s
3-09  Kaede 7.98s
3-09x 12.67s
3-10  Mundungu 7.98s
3-10x -----------------------
3-11  Kaede 5.97s
3-11 Mundungu 5.84s
3-11x Breakdown 1.74s
3-12  Mundungu 9.84s
3-12x Mundungu 9.81s
3-13  Mundungu 11.58s
3-13x Breakdown 18.97s
3-14  Mundungu 7.14s
3-14x -----------------------
3-15  Breakdown 6.46s
3-15  Mundungu 6.22s
3-15x Kaede 8.62s
3-16  Exo 8.92s
3-16x -----------------------
3-17  Kaede 6.33s
3-17  Mundungu 6.10s
3-17x Kaede 6.20s
3-18  Kaede 7.08s
3-18  Mundungu 6.88s
3-18x -----------------------
3-19  Mundungu 8.54s
3-19x -----------------------
3-20  Mundungu 12.03s
3-20x -----------------------

4-01  Kaede 4.96s
4-01x 7.71s
4-02  -----------------------
4-02x -----------------------
4-03  Breakdown 8.41s
4-03x Kaede 9.27s
4-04  -----------------------
4-04x Kaede 8.79s
4-05  Kaede 5.56s
4-05x Breakdown 6.69s
4-06  Kaede 4.75s
4-06x Kaede 8.60s
4-07  Kaede 4.81s
4-07x Kaede 6.92s
4-08  Kaede 7.88s
4-08x Breakdown 11.60s "this one could still use a little polish"
4-09  Kaede 3.65s
4-09x Kaede 4.66s
4-10  Kaede 10.13s
4-10x -----------------------
4-11  Kaede 6.69s
4-11x Kaede 5.26s
4-12  Kaede 6.74s
4-12x -----------------------
4-13  Kaede 7.48s
4-13x Breakdown 10.92s
4-14  Breakdown 8.85s
4-14x Breakdown 4.88s
4-15  Breakdown 5.51s
4-15x Breakdown 6.88s
4-16 Kaede 6.04s
4-16x Breakdown 2.02s
4-17  Kaede 5.32s
4-17x Kaede 8.68s
4-18  -----------------------
4-18x -----------------------
4-19  -----------------------
4-19x -----------------------
4-20  -----------------------
4-20x -----------------------

5-01  Kaede 13.30s
5-01x Exo 20.09s
5-02  Breakdown 7.85s
5-02x Kaede 10.74s
5-03  Kaede 8.70s
5-03x Breakdown 18.78s
5-04  Breakdown 8.31s
5-04x Kaede 9.66s
5-05  Breakdown 10.52s
5-05x Kaede 11.84s
5-06  Kaede 6.34s
5-06x Kaede 9.56s
5-07  Breakdown 12.62s
5-07x Kaede 7.69s
5-08  -----------------------
5-08x -----------------------
5-09  -----------------------
5-09x -----------------------
5-10  Breakdown 11.15s
5-10x Kaede 10.61s
5-11  Kaede 8.76s
5-11x Kaede 8.41s
5-12  Kaede 7.18s
5-12x Kaede 13.02s
5-13  Kaede 8.46s
5-13x Kaede 8.42s
5-14  Breakdown 9.78s
5-14x -----------------------
5-15  Breakdown 6.63s
5-15x -----------------------
5-16  -----------------------
5-16x Breakdown 8.87s
5-17  Breakdown 11.40s
5-17x -----------------------
5-18  -----------------------
5-18x Kaede 14.17s
5-19  Kaede 15.96s
5-19x Breakdown 14.73s
5-20  Kaede 13.58s
5-20x Mundungu 16.78s

6-01  Kaede 8.36s
6-01x Kaede 14.08s
6-02  -----------------------
6-02x -----------------------
6-03  -----------------------
6-03x -----------------------
6-04  Kaede 15.67s
6-04x Kaede 22.05s
6-05  -----------------------
6-05x -----------------------

7-01  Kaede 6.08s (tied with Breakdown)
7-01x Kaede 9.96s
7-02  Kaede 10.09s
7-02x Kaede 13.25s
7-03  Kaede 4.99s
7-03x Kaede 5.16s
7-04  Breakdown 5.41s
7-04x Kaede 6.02s
7-05  Kaede 5.16s
7-05x Kaede 12.24s
7-06  Kaede 4.93s
7-06x Breakdown 9.13s
7-07  Kaede 6.98s
7-07x Kaede 5.41s
7-08  Kaede 5.96s
7-08x Breakdown 4.01s
7-09  Breakdown 8.65s
7-09x Kaede 8.64s
7-10  Kaede 13.74s
7-10x Kaede 15.62s
7-11  -----------------------
7-11x -----------------------
7-12  Breakdown 5.53s
7-12x -----------------------
7-13  Kaede 11.02s
7-13x Kaede 12.58s
7-14  Breakdown 4.54s
7-14x Kaede 5.83s
7-15  Kaede 13.37s
7-15  73L 12.52s
7-15x Breakdown 21.02s
7-16 -----------------------
7-16x Breakdown 15.03s
7-17  Kaede 5.55s
7-17  73L 5.16s
7-17x Kaede 6.03s
7-18  Breakdown 10.33s
7-18x Breakdown 26.66s
7-19  Breakdown 8.67s
7-19  73L 8.48s
7-19x -----------------------
7-20  Kaede 35.87s
7-20x -----------------------

- PC table (runs done with any PC playable character except Meat Boy)
1-01 73L Naija 0.67s
1-01x Kaede Runman 0.86s
1-02x Kaede Naija 1.00s
1-04 Takuji Naija 2.30s
1-11 Takuji Naija 1.68s
1-12 Mundungu The Kid  1.25s
1-19  Kaede Runman 5.84s
1-19x 73L Runman 5.72s
2-01x 73L Naija 5.45s
2-03x Kaede Naija 4.98s
2-04  Kaede Captain Viridian 3.77s
2-07  Kaede Captain Viridian 4.28s
2-08x  Kaede Naija 7.67s
2-10  Kaede Naija 4.41s
2-12x 73L Runman 7.76s
2-14  Kaede Runman 4.59s
2-19x 73L Naija 5.43s
3-01  Kaede Naija 4.20s
3-01x Kaede Naija 11.81s
3-03  73L Runman 6.29s
3-03x Kaede Runman 7.23s
3-07  Kaede Runman 3.73s
3-07x 73L Runman 4.58s
3-10 Takuji Naija 5.55s
3-13x 73L Naija 12.46s
3-18  Kaede Runman 5.97s
4-01  Kaede Naija 3.62s
4-01  73L Naija 3.30s
4-03 Takuji Naija 4.17s
4-04 73L Naija 3.69s
4-06x Kaede Naija 3.67s
4-07  Kaede Naija 4.44s
4-07x 73L Naija 4.31s
4-08 73L Naija 4.01s
4-09 Takuji Naija 3.02s
4-09  73L Naija 2.11s
4-11x Kaede Naija 2.92s
4-12  Kaede Runman 6.26s
4-13  Kaede Naija 4.57s
4-13x 73L Naija 6.22s
4-14  73L Naija 5.43s
4-15  73L Naija 2.85s
4-15x 73L Naija 3.49s
4-16  73L Naija 4.16s
4-17x Kaede Naija 6.54s
4-18  73L Naija 4.61s
4-20  73L Naija 8.08s
4-06x  Kaede Naija 3.67s
5-01x Kaede Naija 5.41s
5-02x Kaede Runman 10.49s
5-04 Takuji Naija 4.68s
5-05 Takuji Naija 8.80s
5-09 Takuji Runman 8.92s
5-09x 73L Runman 11.85s
5-11  Kaede Runman 6.12s

- Xbox characters table (note : to avoid repeating times, this list doesn't include runs done with chars who are also playable on PC, these are in the PC list)
1-01x  Mundungu  Alien Homonid  0.87s
1-02  Mundungu  Pink Knight  1.40s
1-02x  Mundungu  Pink Knight  1.30s
1-03  Mundungu  Spelunky  0.90s
1-03x  Mundungu  Spelunky  1.12s
1-05  Mundungu  Pink Knight  4.35s
1-05x  Mundungu  Pink Knight  4.27s
1-07  Mundungu  Pink Knight  3.04s
1-07x  Mundungu  Pink Knight  3.04s
1-08  Mundungu  Spelunky  1.52s
1-08x  Mundungu  Spelunky  1.65s
1-09x  Mundungu  Alien Homonid  5.09s
1-10  Mundungu  Spelunky  3.92s
1-10x  Mundungu  Spelunky  5.86s
1-11  Mundungu  Pink Knight  2.70s
1-11x  Mundungu  Pink Knight  3.35s
1-12x  Mundungu  Alien Homonid  1.02s
1-15  Mundungu  Spelunky  5.51s
1-17  Mundungu  Pink Knight  3.15s
1-17x  Mundungu  Alien Homonid  3.60s
1-18  Mundungu  Spelunky  1.63s
1-18x  Mundungu  Spelunky  1.99s
2-02  Mundungu  Spelunky  1.90s
2-02x  Mundungu  Spelunky  2.00s
2-03  Mundungu  Spelunky  5.39s
2-03x  Mundungu  Spelunky  5.17s
2-04  Mundungu  Pink Knight  2.42s
2-04x  Mundungu  Pink Knight  3.8s
2-05  Mundungu  Pink Knight  3.97s
2-05x  Mundungu  Pink Knight  9.69s
2-06  Mundungu  Spelunky  5.27s
2-06x  Mundungu  Alien Homonid  7.74s
2-07  Mundungu  Pink Knight  4.09s
2-07x  Mundungu  Spelunky  4.25s
2-08  Mundungu  Spelunky  7.36s
2-09  Mundungu  Flywrench  2.60s
2-09x  Mundungu  Spelunky  3.85s
2-11  Mundungu  Spelunky  5.46s
2-12  Mundungu  Spelunky  6.87s
2-12x  Mundungu  Spelunky  8.74s
2-14  Mundungu  Spelunky  5.01s
2-14x  Mundungu  Tim  18.27s
2-15  Mundungu  Pink Knight  6.52s
2-16x  Mundungu  The Kid  7.57s
2-17x  Mundungu  Spelunky  1.9s
2-19  Mundungu  Tim  6.02s
2-20  Mundungu  Pink Knight  6.14s
2-20x  Mundungu  Pink Knight  7.14s   

106%: Takuji 1:25:08 (as of 2013-08-31)

any%: Exo 0:18:39
Thread title:  
Edit history:
Devin: 2010-10-24 11:06:51 am
Single segment or Individual Levels would be accepted for the game. However, all levels must be finished before any IL runs will be accepted (they don't all have to come from the same runner though). I don't believe there are usually separate categories for different characters in a game like this, so you should use the fastest character for each level.

As for recording, I believe it should be spawn to end of playing, but I don't believe the time is actually shown in-game except in the replay and on the level select screen, which could be a problem (EDIT: Nevermind, the time is actually shown. I'm just crazy). You might need to include the replay just for timing reasons (and it would be entertaining to watch as a bloopers video). Warp Zones, Kill Screens, and Boss Fights would have to be timed manually.

I might try to record some when the PC version comes out, since I've got no way to record my 360 at the moment.
Ok, thanks. I think i'll record it on PC too since I don't have anything to do it on console. However, are you really sure about the characters ? Well, whatever..;

And one last question, should a speedrun do BOTH light and dark world ? Or is just the light world ok, since it ends the game ?
I'm not positive on the characters. The rules do state that different characters would be separate categories, so maybe I'm wrong. I was assuming it'd be setup similarly to racing games, where the fastest time wins, no matter who/what is used. 16+ categories for over 300 levels seems pretty insane.

I think all levels, including light and dark need to be submitted for an IL run. I'm not positive if levels without a timer need to be submitted with the others.
But, it's like getting the good and the bad ending of a game, you don't have to do both in a speedrun, do you ?
that Metroidvania guy
I have a feeling you're gonna be getting a lot of competition for both ILs and SS once more people start playing this game. It's a great game for speed running. Loving it already.

Anyway, about using other characters... like would you REALLY wanna do a full IL table for the bit.trip guy? He's so annoying to play as. I think with how many characters there are that it'd be pretty stupid to categorize separately for them.

As for categorizing, I think you can have ILs with ALL levels (doubt you'd split for % because warp zones are part of % but kinda keep you from finishing the stage), you can have SS any% which would obviously be fastest completion through the light worlds since that's all you need, and then 100% SS (if you could do this without deaths you are absolutely insane) which would get all A ranks in the light world and dark world, find all bandages, complete all warp zones in both light and dark worlds (basically, everything that's tracked). Although A rank in dark world might not necessarily be required for the 100% category, you'd probably wanna nail it anyway if you were submitting a run here.

Not sure about warp zone ILs since they aren't technically timed. They could be manually timed but... meh? I suppose a whole warp zone area could be one IL that's manually timed since you have to complete it all in one sitting.
Great to see people are interested in the game. Yeah, well gonna finish the game at 100% first, and I'll see if I'm able to speedrun it, thanks for your answers =)
Hi! I'm andrewg!
I'm downloading the game as soon as possible. Wink
Edit history:
andrewg: 2010-10-30 11:53:06 pm
andrewg: 2010-10-30 08:12:01 pm
Hi! I'm andrewg!
Starting to post some IL times for this game. I have a feeling that eventually I'm gonna do ILs of every level. Yes, every level. Wink

Here are some notable times of mine:
Spinal Tap (7-3): 5.08
Omega (6-5) - 16.8 (no that's not a typo)
Edit history:
NxCy: 2010-10-31 09:58:50 am
Got this game recently and it's awesome for speed running!

My two best times so far are:
The Pit (6-1): 8.32
Salt + Wound (3-2X): 8.56

I hope this game gains interest here.
Edit history:
andrewg: 2010-10-31 11:01:09 am
andrewg: 2010-10-31 10:59:27 am
andrewg: 2010-10-31 10:58:01 am
Hi! I'm andrewg!
I am a bit surprised by how few people have really talked about this game. I'm completely addicted to it (and I don't even own it). I am mad that I have to wait until it comes out for Wii. I have to wonder if I'll do as well with a wiimote compared to an xbox controller for this game.

NxCy, those are really nice times. I watched your "the pit" video on youtube. Very nice work.

EDIT: Also, what's with the replay times and times on the leaderboard not matching? I just watched your 3-2X time... I hope they fix things like this.

NxCy, I think I read something like "you can keep momentum from a previous attempt." I have to try it myself sometime later, but for levels where you start running to the right, it might save time to jump off a cliff moving at full speed. I hope this isn't the case, but this was a rumor I heard.

Have some of the times already been hacked? I see some 1.xx times on this one stage where I think it takes at least 2.5 seconds to even reach Bandage girl.
Planning a Cave Story
Like Andrew, I'll be jumping in on this once it hits Wiiware Smiley
Edit history:
andrewg: 2010-11-02 11:33:22 pm
andrewg: 2010-10-31 01:16:08 pm
Hi! I'm andrewg!
We should make an SDA leaderboard just because the leaderboard for this game seems to be hacked/glitched... though I'm not sure which times we should use when the replay times differ from the leaderboard ones.
Quote from KefkaMayDie:
Like Andrew, I'll be jumping in on this once it hits Wiiware Smiley

Yay!  Sounds like a solid group working on this game.  I am really excited to see what comes of this.  Smiley
My feelings on The Demon Rush
1. This game is awesome, despite only having played through some of world 1. The developers really leveled up since Meat Boy

2. Harry######'s (I don't remember the string of numbers) times are legit. He has all of the 'Splosion Man records, IIRC. I don't know if he has any records, but I just want to put it out there.
DS Dictator
I'll join the group but Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light needs to be destroyed first (got 1st on 2 of the 14 levels now ;).
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Oh, if I join the group, it won't be until after the marathon.
Harry9397 yeah that guys awesome
but I wont be doing that much of super meat boy until they remove the 00:00's but having said that IL records dont mean that much because levels are so short and a SS?
Good luck with that.....
If you want my advice use meat boy for every level in a SS because otherwise it wont flow because you would have to change character every level from the pause screen plus if it was up to me I would want it manually timed.
look out for:
Slinky SS
khaled 13
woody (yooooow?)
on the leaderboards
Oh and yes people have hacked impossible times which is separate from the 00:00 glitch
Edit history:
andrewg: 2010-10-31 08:58:24 pm
andrewg: 2010-10-31 07:44:00 pm
Hi! I'm andrewg!
I don't care if the 0:00 glitch exists. Yeah, I'd most likely use meat boy because he's the fastest character and I have the best control with him. I doubt there are many levels that switching characters would save time anyway. You can generally tell what times are hacked and which are not. I would love for the game to have unglitched/unhacked times, but it's just not gonna happen with this kinda thing.

That's kinda the reason sites like SDA exist.

Anyway, I do plan a SS speedrun eventually. A little more practice with it and I think I'd do fine.

I think it would take 2 hours maybe for a 100% run? I really have no clue.
I just bought this....but it's downloading. Can't wait!
I just found out that there is a way to cheat with tim from braid and alien H, the alien H one I know how to do but tim I have no idea but we think it lets people rewind from death to the finish, obviously this will ruin it entirely if its not fixed.
I wont go near a SS unless someone does it first and I can copy but a 100% run......wouldnt that vary from platform to platform as the cotton alley is exclusive to 360 (I think?)
Edit history:
andrewg: 2010-11-01 12:21:17 pm
Hi! I'm andrewg!
I wonder if a 0 death run is even possible.

So mad that I have to wait until December to play it on wii now Sad
Planning a Cave Story
WAIT A MINUTE! December til the wii version? I was hoping it was today, checked the shop, nothing. Then had my hopes up for next week.
DS Dictator
Wiiware(n't) stupid 40MB limit. Sucks to hear Wii gamers.