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Super Mario World (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Will the beginning of the video (initial title screen before reset) be cropped out? Looks kinda icky, and that's how the previous run was done.

Video & audio are great. No cheating. Any mistakes are almost invisible to the naked eye: it's a great run and if I remember, was the wr in an extremely competitive category for a brief period of time.


Both the video and audio are of a high quality. No signs of cheating whatsoever.

This was a very almost flawless run and a delight to watch. No noteworthy mistakes and any extremely minor errors cost some tenths of a second at best. This category is heavily competed amongst the best players from the speedrunning community and is contested to within some hundreds of a second. This is one such run from one such player. Congratulations Dram.


Audio and video quality are great, though I agree with [omitted] about removing that weird intro section. No evidence or reason to suspect cheating.

Gameplay comments:

Overall, exceedingly optimized gameplay with no errors perceptible to average viewer. Fantastic to watch!

YI2: Essentially perfect, gets frame-perfect yoshi glitch, no slowdown.
YI1: No visible errors.
YI3: 259, no visible errors.
YI4: Perfect time for the route chosen (no one has successfully done the shell jump in a run yet).
Iggy: 299, fastest known time.
DP1: Slightly slower than fastest flying resulting in one in-game second lost. Imperceptible to the average viewer.
DS1: Perfect using the strat chosen, one in game second below fastest known time.
DGH: 386 in the first door, very hard, Kreygasm. 340 end time, fastest known time.
SW1: Multiple perfectly executed frame-precise smasholas, best possible time.
SW2: No visible errors.
SW3: Perfect execution of the hardest known strat.
SW4: Fast flying this time, best time.
Bowser's Castle: Up to the boss, perfect execution, including zero slowdown in the final room which is incredibly difficult. The boss fight itself is amazing: in phase 2 if you drop the koopa too early you ruin the entire run, but you also save time by cutting it as close as possible. This looks like it cuts it to within a few frames. No mistakes whatsoever.

Again incredible run, was WR at the time, and still is within 6 hundredths of a second of the WR.


I'm for the removal of the reset. It looks odd and it would probably make people think this game is timed from reset when it isn't at all. Also video quality and audio is great.

YI2 was great. Used the shell to avoid eating the berries which I believe momentarily stops Yoshi and Mario in place.
YI1 was cool and flashy and didn't lose time.
YI3 had nice platform optimizations.
YI4 didn't shell jump but no one really knows how and it's kind of lost in translation. Other than that perfect YI4.
Iggy was skipped. Not much to say here.
DP1 was good but fast flying on top speed requires a great eye and due to the colors of the background in DP1 I find it quite difficult to know. Got the next best thing though. Also I never knew you could land on that top platform when getting cape. Makes what I do slower since I fall more.
DS1 did a well-timed wiggle before the cheep-cheep avoiding the loss of shell. Needing the wiggle is what cost the 258 I believe.
DGH was flawless. I don't see the time going higher for this level unless someone makes a new strat for it.
SW1 zip squishless. 2 9 1
SW2 didn't spin to the music. Key grab wasn't the best but I don't think getting 261 is consistent since it seems you have to turn around the instant you grab the key.
SW3 makes me wish I could get 292 even when I grab the key midflight. This level is too hard.
SW4 was great. You can get 272 from flying over everything and slowly lowering Mario's altitude but it is faster overall to do what Dram did and fly low since you get cape speed faster.
Front Door had excellent use of the takeoff meter mechanic to fly through room 2. On the outside it looks like time was wasted on Phase 1 but it wasn't lost at all. Saving a mecha koopa for phase 2 is used to skip a bowling ball drop which is faster.
All mistakes are extremely minor and there are very few mistakes at all.


You two up above basically said it all. And what the two before you added means I don't really have to say anything anymore. But I like talking (even though I'm keeping it brief).
Good video and audio if the reset part is scrapped from the video. Loved the gameplay, could pinpoint no errors. I don't think any sign of cheating would have gone unnoticed by the other four Wink

Congratulations on the brief time it was world record (it would still be by SDA timing, if the difference is that small, wouldn't it?) and I vote for accepting!

First stage - I like the use of the koopa shell to avoid eating anything.
Second stage - Lovely glitch.
Third stage - great, not much to say.
Fourth - more good execution.
First castle - The skip made me snicker. Definitely faster than completing the castle.
Fifth stage - Nice key grab.
Sixth stage - Very efficient, I liked the quick shell grab out of the air in particular.
Boo house - Great mastery of momentum and flying mechanics.

Star world 1 - nice skip through the blocks.
Star world 2 - Still looks good.
Star world 3 - Good again.
Star world 4 - Great flight and key grab.

Final castle - Impressive flight, sweet fight!

Very smooth run, no real mistakes at all.

Audio and video are great, no visible cheating.


Audio and video are good. Didn't see any cheating. This run is amazing, I am floored at the skill of the runner.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Jon O'Rourke!
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Congrats! Classic, great game. Smiley
I still call this the world record. Unless there is a run 1 second faster.,  a tied record is still a world record.

anyhow,awesome work. go get that 10:28 Wink
andrewg -
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Quote from andrewg:
I still call this the world record. Unless there is a run 1 second faster.,  a tied record is still a world record.

Also: congrats!
Hi! I'm andrewg!
Oh wow dram... Get that 10:27 then Wink You can do it! I still think 10:25 is the real limit to what anyone may manage. DP1 and DSH being the reasons for me thinking this. (363 dp1, and through the ghosts jump in dsh).
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Yeah, I could go look myself, but: Is there no tas on that yet? Or did the tas make some seconds of mistake?
<3 <3 <3 dram
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This run is too dirty. Reject.
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Congrats, O'Rouke!
Quote from Lee:
This run is too dirty. Reject.

Don't feed the troll.
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Uilnslcoap: 2012-10-24 04:37:09 pm
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Quote from YoungJ1997lol:
Congrats, O'Rouke!
Quote from Lee:
This run is too dirty. Reject.

Don't feed the troll.

I don't think that was a troll comment?

Edit: it's an amazing run!  Congratulations!
Thanks all ! Smiley

menboo has been doing a good method to fly through the ghost rings, looks like it's do-able real time kind of consistant. Hopefully some any% runs come out soon with this.

Quote from Lee:
This run is too dirty. Reject.

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