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SDAVerification: 2022-04-09 12:37:41 am
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Any% ILs & SS any% run

Verifier Responses

Yoshi Island Individual Level

Commentary about some level:

1-6 was completely sick and nice pipe glitch.
1-8 when he lose Mario, he could have been more luck efficient since it’s IL and with a almost TAS egg throw, the boss could have also been faster.
2-1 incredible warp glitch.
2-2 very flawless but lose time trying to impress the viewer before the end.
2-4 how can he find warp like this and why every warp are link to the 1st level.
3-3 The submarine route could have been faster.
3-4 Do 2 small mistakes in the beginning but offer us a great frog fight.
3-8 one of the highlight of this Speedrun.
world 3 nice monkey playing
4-1 great mastery of complexity in this segment, very impressive.
4-4 incredible level and boss, only considerable mistake is opening the last locked door
4-8 The boss was completely sick
5-7 what a thrill
6-4 the small boss(slime with the key)was pretty slow and  he lose Mario toward the end(maybe worth trying to improve this level)but the boss was incredible.
6-5 very good!!!
6-6 incredible key trick there
6-8 getting hit by Baby bowser here is pretty sad and he miss two egg in the bowser fight but the rest was pretty good

Overall: very nice, it’s very fluent and entertaining to watch but even if he’s fluent, there is some places that lack fluidity.

-first half of world 4
-level 3-8

Verdict: Accept for the heavy glitch abuse, warp abuse and very good playing
            Pretty neutral on levels: 1-8, 3-4, 6-4, 6-8(I would like him to redo them)

Congratulation to 'Carl Sagan'
(but I'm disappoint that the IL didn't contain the 6 Extra levels)

After some improved levels.

1-3 Pretty perfect, look incredibly nice!!!
1-4 Almost every eggs thrown  at the boss were frame perfect and the overall interpretation was looking good and entertaining.
1-8 perfect boss fight and overall very impressive but I have a question there,  in the water, was the waiting necessary and was it for the two shy guy.
2-2 perfect!!!
3-2 Same there
3-6 Same
4-1 I have a question there, if you finish the level as hero Mario, does it work because if it’s the case, it would have been faster to jump like 5 pixel higher to grab the star right before the end.
4-6 pretty perfect, in what I saw, he stop in a total of at top 4 frames and in a non-tas, I think they weren’t avoidable.
4-7 this level was simply incredible!!!
5-3 Sweet mother of god, aside from this the only mistakes in this level was the trying to open the door.
5-8 pretty efficient  .
6-4 I still have the same opinion on this one for the slime fight.
6-5 perfect and btw, eternalspirits, the reason why he missed the jump is to manipulate the skeleton birds so they won’t be in his way.
6-7 aside from the pipe, everything was totally sick.

So after the improvement:
I'm still pretty neutral because of the slime fight for 6-4 and the 6-8 was sick but it could be sickier  but everything is in the runner hand.

Yoshi Island Single-Segment

Insane!!! I'm really happy how the SS turn out. The execution have some mistakes in some places but we have to remember that we are human.

The execution was very fluid and "perfect" in a lot of places. The world 4 was simply incredible(I would even consider this one as an highlight of the run).
He's in control of this game and I'm sure that it will take a while before this one get take down. He do a lot of incredibly hard glitch and makes them look easy.
The only places that there was considerable mistakes was in some place and didn't lose more than 3 seconds(while is biggest mistake is losing 10 second in 6-6).

A/V perfect, nothing to say about it
No cheating detected

Decision:Easy Accept
Overall Reason:This is in one of the best performance a human will do of this game, staying steady and not doing a lot of mistakes in a really hard 1:49:54 run is insane.

ILs: accept all but 6-4.

SS: There were mistakes. That's about all I can really say negatively about this beast of a run (well, and also the second phase of Baby Bowser was pretty horrible). It's a lot better than the initial submission, so I give it a well-earned accept.

Sorry for taking so long!

New (seconds): 41
Old (seconds): 45
Time difference (seconds): 4
The new run fakes us out by putting in 3 failed attempt in the first few minutes, completely throwing this verifier off. Takes the new method of going over the top, saves a second or two that way.

New: 42
Old: 69
Difference: 27
Old run didn't know about the 1-2 skip, plus the new run doesn't miss the goal ring at the end. Fairly large time gain.

New: 59
Old: 61
Difference: 2
Nice way to start of 1-3, with a pipe skip. sweet routing overall, although the shy guy showoffery does cost a few frames at the end (Don't think I didn't catch that.)

New: 126
Old: 133
Difference: 7
The newly discovered pot break looks so hot. No tongue though. Nice bounce off the mini burt. Boss fight also nice.

New: Lol Autoscroller
Old: Lol Autoscroller
Difference: Lol Autoscroller
Autoscroller. Congratulations on scrolling, automatically.

New: 74
Old: 81
Difference: 7
Old route doesn't take the shy guy skip, although it looks like he was attempting to. New route does, plus a few more optimizations, such as not getting hit.

New: 54
Old: Total 57
Difference 3
I don't know what happened to the middle section of the old run, that was... wierd. The new run doesn't decide to slow down randomly, so it's faster.
New: 125
Old: Total 125
Difference: 0
Nice save at the end there Carl. I was worried when you only had one shot on the first phase of the blob, but you had some quick thinking there. Also just saying, but that was the best 1-8 trihex has ever had, even in 2011.

New: 115
Old: 114
Difference -1
The recent decision for no WAPUBAGU (warp bug for all us non-japanese player) makes comparing the two runs easier in terms of execution. Too bad 2-1 is boring when you don't do the warp.
Here was my comments to the runner during the run, in real time:
(5:15:08 PM) Lee: lol wtf are you doing
My thoughts have not changed.

New: 128
Old: 137
Difference: 9
A bit of hesitation in running off the platform in the caves sections, but otherwise better than the old run (faster shy guy skip, doesn't fall off the platform, takes a shy guy up with him, doesn't get eaten at the end).

New: 83
Old: 82
Difference: -1
Interesting beginning (by interesting I mean bad), but makes up for it by the end of the first map. Somehow the old run has a better baby mario section, which is amazing considering that baby mario mechanics weren't really known then.

New: 108
Old: 123
Difference: 15
Nice first try gatehack> perfect flutter gains a bunch of time.

New: 67
Old: 67
Difference: 0
Surprising slipup on the shell bounce at the first map, but you make up for that by not playing like it's your first time through Yoshi's Island on the second map. *thumbs up*

New: 83
Old: 75
Difference: -8
The jump... why... the jump...

New: 93
Old: 99
Difference: 6
New trick, thanks to nxcy, and nice shot at the end, skipping that big egg.

New: 220
Old: 226
Difference: 6
No real comments, just good play. However, the old run has a better ground pound at the end of the boss fight, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to reject this run.

New: 83
Old: 86
Difference: 3
Little optimizations make all the difference in this level.

New: 63
Old: 120
Difference: 57
The difference between dying on the level and not dying is a large one. This message was brought to you by Captain Obvious.

New: 155
Old: 206
Difference: 51
If you haven't seen trihex's old 3-3, plese do so now for comedic purposes.

New: 180
Old: 191
Difference: 11
Lots of getting trolled by frogs. What’s interesting is that he still comes out ahead because he aims for the middle rather than the bottom.

New: 78
Old: 82
Difference: 4
Overall better play, and that alone made the time difference in this level.
From this point going forward I will only comment if there's a highly noticeable change, I think I've driven in the fact that the overall level of play is better.

New: 67
Old: 68
Difference 1
The route change is significant in terms of where yoshi goes, but not so much in terms of how much time is saved.

New: 94
Old: 90
Difference: -4

New: 116
Old: 120
Difference: 4
comments from the runner himself:
(10:49:15 PM) Carl_sagan: oh wow the beginning of my 3-8 is certified comedy
(10:49:17 PM) Carl_sagan: forgot all about that
(10:49:18 PM) Carl_sagan: :>
(10:51:21 PM) Carl_sagan: LOL OMG
(10:51:24 PM) Carl_sagan: IT BEATS TRIHEX STILL
(10:51:24 PM) Carl_sagan: HOLY FUCK
(10:51:25 PM) Carl_sagan: YOu're going to die laughing on this one
(10:51:38 PM) Carl_sagan: hahahahaha
After comments like that, how can I say anything more?

New: 96
Old: 102
Difference: 6
This level was pretty much perfection.

New: 64
Old: 69
Difference: 9

New: 76
Old: 97
Difference: 21
Doesn’t almost die infinity times.

New: 284
Old: 302
Difference: 18
Really smooth 4-4, nice double ground pound, but why does no one bother to line up that last egg shot T_T.

New: 74
Old: 80
Difference: 6

New: 105
Old: 111
Difference: 6

New: 76
Old: 139
Difference: 63
Still prefer the 1-1 skip here, but I understand. Doesn't die! Pretty much the biggest improvement you can have, once again.

New: 185
Old: 198
Difference: 13
Nice to see you got both of the block breaks. Nice sex stomp once again. Blast offfffffffffffffffff! Nothing major, slightly better boss fight due to better positioning.

New: 99
Old: 117
Difference: 18
It amazes me how many times trihex almost dies, but manages to save himself through some stroke of luck. Also SKIPPY CLOUD, damn straight. Route improvements in taking the cloud, and doesn't get slapped around like a 2 dollar hooker. Not that I'd know what slapping around a 2 dollar hooker feels like, but...

New: 87
Old: 85
Difference: -2

New: 170
Old: 182
Difference: 12
Old run misses the fish skip on the first map. Risky spike ducking pays off.

New: 308
Old: 310
Difference: 2
Smooth overall, sluggy fight slightly messy.

New: 105
Old: 110
Difference: 5
Smooooooth first screen, I don’t think max acceleration was achieved but it was close enough and that screen is killer to just get through unscathed.

New: 256
Old: 255
Difference: -1… somehow.

New: 99
Old: 109
Difference: 10
Completely revolutionary gameplay mechanic, going left, is introduced in this level. Too bad you end up going right anyways. The slight change in route in platform jumps in the beginning section saves about 2 seconds or so.

New: 182
Old: 210
Difference: 28
Opening section almost identical, down to even the mistakes. Eventually better mechanics wins out, though. Solid boss fight.

New: 108
Old: 108
Difference: 0

New: 96
Old: 99
Difference: 3

New: 67
Old: 71
Difference: 4
Holy crap you got so lucky with the egg shots in the fuzzy section.

New: 181
Old: 234
Difference: 53
No lava skip, no service. Skips all hit, which gives a significant difference in time.

New: 252
Old: 275
Difference: 23
New autoscroll skip is really cool. Also the words “autoscroll skip” makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

New: 90
Old: 132
Difference: 42
I just realized that World 6 has changed so much since 2007. So much time saved.

New: 199
Old: 203
Difference: 4

New: 324
Old: 327
Difference: 3
No tongue to butt action. Nice job finishing!

Overall thoughts: Lots of new routes found by the YI community shown off in this run. But more importantly, the mechanical skill really shines through in this run. Even on levels where there’s no real routing change, he manages to pull an extra 2 or 3 seconds from out of nowhere. That’s nothing but solid mechanics, and understanding of the level. The minor route changes as to when and where to jump also make this a mechanically more challenging run, with tighter jumps and less room for error. In the words of trihex: “about time.” More than happy to Accept.

IL levels: All accept. TAS only random BS luck on 6-8? Yes please.

i'm not going to review all the ILs, sorry, but

the new any% run is pretty good, accept (though ebance got the record today ... !)

unless SDA category rules for YI change, though, an any% run with 1-1 warps can beat it quite handily

Decision: Accept all ILs, narrow Accept for 6-4, Accept the SS any% run

Reason: These runs are terrific and long overdue.

*As I understand it, to compete directly with the japanese YI runners, our YI community doesn't include 1-1 warps in their any% runs. This is the reason they aren't present in this submission.

Congratulations to 'Carl Sagan'!
Thread title:  
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Quote from first verifier:
2-2 very flawless but lose time trying to impress the viewer before the end.

Quote from third verifier:
although the shy guy showoffery does cost a few frames at the end

This game was made to show off in, wasn't it?

Big round of applause to Carl! Looking forward to watching *___*
Edit history:
Carl Sagan: 2012-05-17 09:48:29 pm
Thanks Alko ^_^ Hilariously, this was the world record until the exact date that this verification was published, 5/16, when it was beat by 19 seconds by a japanese runner Ebance. I'll definitely be back to beat him, but I might keep trying to tackle 100% first Tongue

1-8 perfect boss fight and overall very impressive but I have a question there,  in the water, was the waiting necessary and was it for the two shy guy.

There's like a pixel/frame perfect way to skip the fish, but you need two eggs anyway: one for the platform switch, and one for the boss. So it pretty much is necessary. Getting close to the fish causes the shyguys to spawn as soon as possible anyway.

4-1 I have a question there, if you finish the level as hero Mario, does it work because if it’s the case, it would have been faster to jump like 5 pixel higher to grab the star right before the end.

No, you cannot go through the goal ring as baby mario.
Feudal Family Lord
Must have missed this...Congrats Carl/Andy
I'm posting here for the sake of completeness and transparency. After the accept, it was realized that Carl Sagan didn't submit the Extra levels in his any% IL batch. Because the table already had low% and 100% runs of these levels, we felt it was necessary to have the any% runs as well. After some time, Carl ran the Extra levels and recently sent them to us. The verifiers have now seen them and signed off on them. Now finally this run can continue towards posting!
Congrats to Carl Sagan! This was quite the roller coaster verification!

(Yes, I just realized this was posted.. >.>)
Congratulations Carl!
This really needs to get posted, I just can't wait to waste a couple hours of my life watching this
Carl Swagan
Wow this is by far the best audio commentary I've ever heard for a speedrun, great work with that. Even though I don't like playing the game I thought I would give it a watch anyway since Mario speedruns are pretty fun, and the commentary completely sucked me in and every little trick was explained so that even a non-player like me could understand it. Great job!

Oh and I'm talking about the SS run btw, can't wait until the ILs are published though!