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SS any% run

Verifier Responses

Audio and video are good. No evidence of cheating.

Start: 0:01
Finish: 13:00
Total: 12:59

Played on Super Game Boy 2. If it's anything like Super Game Boy (1), speed is a little faster (1.024115x normal speed on SGB). If it applies, adjusted time is approximately 13:18. If not...well, let the other verifiers shoot down my calculation.

1-1: 361
1-2: 364
1-3: 361

2-1: 357
2-2: 361
2-3: 265

3-1: 329
3-2: 353
3-3: 348

4-1: 323 - Messy around one set of pipes.
4-2: 330 - Tough level.
4-3: 204

Some of the last levels were a little messy for a shorter speed run. Could've used some better execution, but still an excellent run overall. Accept.

Video: SGB Border not cropped. Isn't this necessary if the game is not a SGB enhanced game? Additionally the video is still at the original framerate and 640x480 instead of 320x240 and thus not deinterlaced by separate fields.

Audio has some issues, too. The melody played while invincible is somehow distorted. To make sure my memory doesn't play tricks on me I compared it to the 3DS VC version (original GB currently out of reach).

No sign of cheating.

Timing: According to the SGB 2 runs at the correct clock speed.
Start screen gets distorted at frame 55; boss is gone at frame 23390 => 23335 frames at 29.970030 fps => 12:59 (rounded)

Gameplay: The IL table is correct. Overall a solid run. 4-1 and 4-2 are without a doubt improvable, but this run is still almost 2.5 minutes faster than the current SDA run which is quite a bit for a such a short run IMOH.

Conclusion: Gameplay-wise accept. A-V-wise debatable.

EDIT: The SGB border should have been set to the black one in the first place...

EDIT2: You are right. 1.5 minutes it is - mental arithmetic fail...

Tried to watch this twice while timing via stopwatch, video decided to be a fink during 4-3 both times so I said "tickuf" and went off the video clock.

Timing is confirmed to be 12:59, current run is 14:25 - difference of 1:26 (ONE minute & change, NOT TWO!)

Play-wise: hit in 2-1, don't know if that was intentional or accidental (runner says its irrelevant so no harm, no foul).  Excellent use of hit abuse in 3-1 & 3-2, cliffhanger in 3-3 (thought he was going to fall short near the boss).  Agreed with other verifiers on 4-1 & 4-2 (as well as runner's comments).

A/V-wise: I could barely hear the music and my system's volume is at half (very loud at full!)

I believe Nate or whoever processes the runs crops the border out anyway, don't remember as its been a long time since I verified a GB(A) title and this is the first one via SGB for me.

Accept on grounds of improving the current run and a world record for killing two birds with one stone.

Video was alright other than the interlacing effect going on.  Audio seems a tad bit quiet (I almost thought I was hearing nothing when my VLC was at 50%).  No cheating detected.

Even with the runner's admitted mistakes, the run looked very solid.  Timings are the same as the above verifiers.  Even with the times adjusted to SGB timing (if that has to be done for this), it would still beat the current SDA run.

Decision: Accept!

A/V: This is obviously not an encoded run. Looks remarkably good for a source file though. Interlacing looks very sharp with perfect pixels, so I'm guessing encoded runs will look good.
I'd prefer the encode with the border (no confusion about which SGB is used etc..).
Audio has issues though. Overall audio is low (but this can be fixed I guess) and there are some strange audio defects in the invincibility music, sounds like half the audio is gone while the normal level music sounds normal.. I know the audio in this game is (very) glitchy, but this isn't supposed to happen.

Run: Having run this game myself for some time I know it's very finicky with the controlls. If you hesitate only the slightest while jumping mario comes to a complete stop. And don't even think about mid-jump adjustments. So I'm very impressed with this run.

Decision: Accept, though I'd like to know why the music sometimes messes up (oh and -Please- encode this with a better resolution than the standard GB one, it looks so bad otherwise..)

Agreed with the other verifiers, audio si too low, and video seems not be encoded well. 

This is real solid run, some little mistakes on 4-1/2.

Timed a 12:59 also.

Beside that, if the A/V problem could be fixed, it's an easy accept.

It was determined that this was encoded incorrectly but simply selecting the correct options in Anri-chan will yield better results.

Decision: Accept

Reason: Gameplay is good, A/V can be fixed.

Congratulations to Kevin ‘neskamikaze’ LaLonde!
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Sorry I encoded so bad lol, I could literally give zero shits about my own personal video quality so I don't really notice if it is bad