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SS 71-Star/any% run with Banktoad

Verifier Responses

Audio and video quality are both excellent. There were slight issues with the video when I saw it around 14:45, 25;40, 27:20, 1:33:40, 1:48:48...all of them involved either entering or exiting a stage, so I don't know if it's an in-game bug or not (or I just never noticed it on my playthroughs).

Overall, the gameplay was amazingly consistent for SS, and I see no evidence of cheating. Good number of risky moves taken, and they paid off. "Infinite" flutters were done very well, as well as a good number of skips. I wish there were both Mario/Luigi ILs for this game, so as to compare this run more easily w/ the ILs (I know there are some tricks can be done w/ Luigi that cannot be done w/ Mario). Also, some of the levels cannot be compared simply because replaying the levels for ILs removes some of the time taken to get Comet Medals, items for Hungry Lumas, etc.

Breakdown of some of the errors I saw throughout. I'd say what I thought was excellent, but I'd be a broken record throughout the comments if I did that:

World 1:
Sky Station 2: About a second lost in not getting a direct hit on the last pirahna plant.
Yoshi Star 1: Some extra time taken to set up some of the jumps, but very nice for SS.
Spin Dig 1: Messed up an attempt on one of the jumps that cost a couple of seconds. Also a noticeable mess-up on the boss (not counting the intentional damage). Already noted time loss in runner's comments.
Fiery Flotilla 1: Missed a couple of hits during the boss. Noticeable time loss already accounted for in comments.

World 2:
Boulder Bowl 1: Boss was a little slow, but it seems tough to execute on that boss. Otherwise, well done on the level.
Lava Lair 1: Time loss noted by runner near first flippers about halfway through the level. Also some time loss w/ accidental backflip near the last bowser laser statue pair.

World 3:
Haunty Halls 1: Safe strat in taking the bulb berry towards the end...probably a good idea for SS.
Tall Trunk 1: Time loss noted by the runner occurred from missing one of the sling star pieces. There was also some hesitation throughout the level, it appeared.
Beat Block 1: Time loss noted by the runner was due to some sloppiness with the silver stars at the end.
Puzzle Plank C: Missed a coin or two that the runner had to go back for.
Boulder Bowl C: Tough to do efficiently. Although the runner says it could've been 10 seconds better, still did a good job.
Fearsome Fleet 1: How the...

World 4:
Flipsville 1: Trouble with some jumps at the beginning (time loss noted by runner in comments).
Sweet Mystery C: Time loss noted by the runner. Just felt slower than it should've been, but no remarkable errors so far as I could tell.
Starshine Beach 2: Time loss noted due to missing the first tower jump attempt.
Bowser's Gravity Gauntlet 1: After getting shroom, hit fire, causing some time loss. Nice execution on skip.

World 5:
Hightail Falls C: Time loss noted by runner occurred towards the end, when runner missed the boost jump up to the platform above.
Fiery Flotilla C: Missed a hit, costing a second or two.
Shiverburn 1: Missed the first green shot opportunity.
Upside Dizzy 1: Some time loss noted by the runner from just not optimizing well enough in some spots in the second part.
Upside Dizzy S: Almost 10 seconds faster than the current IL record on the IL table (at kb).

World 6:
Clockwork Ruins S: Coin collecting felt a little slow, but it seems like there isn't a much faster way to do this. Tongue
Galaxy Generator 1: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I bet that must've been frustrating... Sad


So many risks taken. Excellent execution overall. Looks legit and good. I'll give this a big accept.

Runner's comments dictate an overall time save of about 2 minutes, 15 seconds. Run could be improved, but considering how polished the run was and how risky a lot of the moves were, it's going to be a while.

Audio is perfectly fine. Video is 95% fine; there is a minor video problem at various tiny spots: 14:45, 25:40, 27:20, 59:57, 1:33:40, 1:48:47, 2:07:37, 2:47:47, 3:00:23, 3:06:07, but it only lasts for about a second or two each, and all but one occur upon finishing/starting a level anyways (aka a 1-2 seconds of weird video that nobody will care about). Really not a big deal.

As for the run quality... Wow. I won't get into many details, since there's too much going on in such a huge, long run, but I will say that there are definitely mistakes, small and big. However, these mistakes are very sparse, and outside of the death, they don't cost much time. It's especially forgiveable as the runner performs almost every trick flawlessly, which are all risky tricks that merely save seconds (but ultimately add up to minutes), all this in a 3-hour single-segment speed run. These tricks are most noticeable with every level with yoshi (thanks to the tough infinite-fluttering), and every Bowser level. The runner's skill shows even more when the runner proves the consistency at almost every level when doing the comet stars.

What I consider to be the bigger mistakes in the run:

17:38 - The runner had some noticeable problems with getting the second hit on Dig-a-Leg, costing some time

30:00 - Missed the last hit on Gobblegut, costing some time, but the runner made a clean recovery to get that last hit. (Second Gobblegut fight went basically perfectly)

1:20:56 - This was a bit slow, but honestly I don't see how you can really do this star (the crab romping one with the boulder) consistently, due to random enemy movements (probably; I never ran this level before). Not a big deal, and easily forgiveable.

1:54:22 - Missed the cloudless-mario shortcut first time, losing some seconds. Got it the second time though.

3:06:00 - And the sole death in this run, and the biggest mistake, which costs roughly 40ish seconds. It's more of a death thanks to the game trolling him too; honestly, even with the death, I'm sure the strat the runner was using is still faster than playing that section of the level normally.

I won't get into what's good about the run, because there's just absolutely far too much.

Anyways, this run is a very easy accept. It'd be nice to get the tiny video issues resolved, but honestly nobody is really going to care. The run is very consistently solid and impressive, with very few mistakes overall, and even fewer mistakes that even count much.


Audio quality is great, video has some issues, but are minor enough they don't take away from the run.

Run is great overall, mentioning all of the skips and tricks would take way too long. The run does have mistakes, ranging from taking a few seconds to collect missed coins, to an unfortunate death.

Errors I noticed in the run:
Yoshi Star 1:Small amount of time lost setting up a jump.

Spin Dig 1:Missed the second hit on boss.

Fiery Flotilla 1:Missed oppertunity to finish off the boss quicker.

Lava Lair 1:Small mistake on the Floating Plates, as well as using a backflip instead of a longjump on a Bowser statue

Tall Trunk 1:Missed a sling star piece.

Beat Block 1:Two mistakes on the last two silver stars.

Puzzle Plank Comet:A couple of coins were missed, and the recoveries were not the best either.

Boulder Bowl Comet:I think this could have gone better if the crabs had cooperated more.

Flipsville 1:Missed a jump on the first planet.

Sweet Mystery Comet:Once again, a few coins were missed, forcing a very small amount of backtracking to recover.

Sunshine Beach 2:Too low to hit one of the clouds, costing some time to reclimb

Hightail Falls Comet:Missed jump costing a few seconds.

Shiverburn 1:Missed first shot at boss, causing about 5 seconds of loss.

Flashback 1:Jumped into a wall, costs a second or two.

Galaxy Generator 1:The only death in the run, and at a really bad spot(very close to the next checkpoint).

Overall, most of the mistakes are easy enough to forget, and the death is offset by all of the successful risks taken during the run. I have no problem saying Accept.

I intend to try out most of the runner's strategies myself, and then do a nice detailed verification of this run.  However, I'm not sure when I'll get around to finishing that, so for now:

I haven't yet managed to download the actual video file (only watched it on YouTube), so I'll defer to the other verifiers' comments on video and audio quality.

The final time displayed by the Wii message board is accurate as far as I know.  As the runner says, it looks like it's pretty much real time from control of Mario to the end of the credits.  Since using an accurate time given by the game is convenient for comparison purposes, I believe we should use this time, 3:17:50, as the time listed on SDA.

This game probably has more difficult tricks than Galaxy 1 does.  Considering that the run is over 3 hours, it's amazing that the runner managed to include such difficult timesavers as:
- The infinite flutter in Yoshi Star 2
- The glitchy rock jump in Boulder Bowl 1
- The infinite flutters in Fearsome Fleet
- Jumping up the cloud tower in Starshine Beach 2
- The lava bouncing behind the wall in Gravity Gauntlet
- The infinite flutter to skip most of the second half of Galaxy Generator

And I'm sure there are many more things that are a lot more difficult than they look.

Out of all of those things, the only major setback was in Galaxy Generator, which can be forgiven since the rest of the run went incredibly well.

One level specific thing I'd like to point out to viewers/other verifiers: in Shiverburn 1, missing the boss's first green shot was not a mistake.  That actually manipulates his pattern so that he doesn't fire a bunch of shots upward after the second hit.  I'm pretty sure the upward shots are not desirable because they're either (1) slow, or (2) make the green shot very luck-based to find and hit.  Possibly both, but I'd have to try it myself to confirm exactly what it is.

The second best known time for 71 stars is 3:23:12 by Neguro on Nicolive, timed manually to the final Grand Star.  This runner, using the same timing, got 3:11:xx.  There are good reasons why this run is 11-12 minutes ahead - the runner has a thorough understanding of the game mechanics, and clearly put in a lot of effort to optimize the small details, as well as make the large timesavers as consistent as possible for this run.  The runner's hours of practice are quite evident in practically every star of this run.  In short, this is an outstanding run.

Decision: Accept!

I've watched this run at least twice now, and aside from the Galaxy generator death I can't spot any major mistakes.
Overall this is a completely amazing run that I see no reason to reject, so it gets a huge accept from me.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'nemi!'
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SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Congrats Nemi!  Can't wait to see the run when it gets released.
Thanks to all the verifiers. As noted, there are quite a few minor and major mistakes in the run, and I didn't use camera cancelling because I didn't know about it at the time Tongue  With currently known shortcuts, I think a good goal for anyone who tries to improve this run would probably be sub-3:15. Don't know if sub-3:10 is possible, but it might be.

I've tried to look for the video issues as well, but I didn't really notice anything other than abrupt camera movements. Maybe the camera is awkwardly re-centering on Mario when he first appears on screen? Dunno.