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Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels (100 %) (Single Segment) [Luigi]

Verifier Responses
Please note that the character choice actually matters in this game - Luigi can jump higher/further, while Mario I think stops faster from running (which is also where Luigi's "slipperiness" in later games comes from).

No cheating detected, great A/V.

This is a ridiculously cruel game, and this run is incredibly well executed. It's a blast to watch! There's only really minor mistakes, but all of them are noted in the runner's notes. Combined, they cost a few seconds at worst, and some of them are even somewhat out of the runner's control due to the nature of Luigi in this game (e.g. getting caught in the stairs at C-1).

This is definitely an Accept.

There seemed to be some dropped frames; I really only noticed them in the early part of the run, but I did stop looking for them specifically because they were pretty unobtrusive.  Also there was some bobbing on the bottom of the screen in 8-3 (the end of 8-2, which has the same cloud "ground" was fine, though).  Other than that, the video was fine, and the audio was stellar throughout.  No cheating detected either.

Control gained at 0:10 (only a couple frames from 0:11), D-4 axe hit at 38:08 (close to 38:09, but not as close to the next second as gaining control), so this is 37:57.

Some things that caught my eye:
3-4: The runner cuts the last jump before Bowser very close, nice save.
6-2: Bloobers (or were they Bloopers by this point? I'm not sure when that changed) are dangerous, so I can forgive slowing down at the end here.
7-2: I get the feeling that the jump to the last falling platform probably isn't as hard as it looks, but it's still sexy.
7-4: Real men jump through hammers.  The runner is a real man.
8-1: Speaking of barely dodging hammers, it happens here.  I call shenanigans on hitboxes.
A-2: Wall jump!
B-2: I'm a bit surprised that the runner got hit where he did, but that's what safety mushrooms are for, I guess.
C-4: As I said before, the runner is a real man.
D-1: The beginning of the level just looks awesome, even though it's slow because of where the Hammer Bros spawn.  Then the runner plays it very safe and waits for a Hammer Bro rather than just accept a hit.
D-3: And being cautious in D-1 pays off here, when a different Hammer Bro gets his trollface on.
D-4: The runner misses a jump up from the moving platform to the high ledge just before the last Bowser, but fortunately he lands on the platform when it's so low you can't even see Luigi above the lava.  Apparently this is not fatal.

All in all, this was a very impressive run.  There were no major mistakes, unnecessary slowdown (including that which was only necessary in hindsight, like the safety mushrooms and waiting in D-1) was minimal, and impressive gameplay abounds.  Oh yeah, NO DEATHS.  Every level in an exceptionally difficult game played, and not a single death.  This run is improvable, but it's still an easy accept even with the video issues.

a/v: It seems like there's a slight progressive desync happening with the audio. It's fine at the beginning, but by the end it's ahead of the video by maybe 0.3 seconds (after reading (other verifier)'s post, dropped frames might be the culprit?). Also, I might've trimmed the post-gameplay footage a bit more, but that's a very minor complaint. Everything's otherwise perfect.

cheating: none

performance: No deaths is an amazing feat in itself! Anticipation of the walljump in A-2 must've been stressful after so many stages going well. Even crazier is the jump through Bowser's hammers in C-4, especially considering the collision detection is stricter than the NES version.

Ultimately my verdict is ACCEPT, but might wanna try to fix the desync if possible.

Hey Flipperino,
  Dem Lost Levels...

No cheating, visual is good, but I also noticed an audio desync, it was in D4.  Since it was literally the last minute of the run, I'm letting it pass.

The run is super tight and consistent.  A2 was clutch like Kano's fatality.  Screw hitbox and lava logic in this run though.

I easily ACCEPT this run.

Bonus puntos - The wind sound is the same noise used in F-Zero...

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 奥村 'jibupo' 亮!
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Congrats jibupo!
Yep, a great run! GJ!