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Super Mario Bros 2 (Any %) (Single Segment) [Warpless]

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Quote from DK28:
Super Mario Dream Bros 2:

Technical aspects check out.

The highlights of this run are too numerous to list, it's really just about everything.  As the runner points out, the unfortunate death is the only real low point.  That was only a few seconds though.  Other than that, there was one Birdo fight that he messed up the opening.  The rest of the play is non stop action.  This run is Caktastic.

Quote from CyberBotX:
A/V good, no cheating detected. But wait, this said warpless, and he warped through the floor! I call shenaniga- wait, those are glitches and this isn't glitchless. >.> Anyways, the runner notes where they lost time, and even with the few minor time loses and the death at Triclyde, most of the run went perfectly. I think that the amount of good outweighs the amount of bad, so I'll give this an accept, but hope to see a deathless, warpless run in the future.

Quote from AlecK47:
A/V good, no cheating detected

This run is without a doubt a worthy replacement to tmont's old run, and I've had that one on my hard drive since probably '06.  I can really only single out 5-3 and 6-3 as particularly notable chances for improvement, with the 10 second death in 6-3 being by far the biggest time loss to execution (though that was as much getting hit by Birdo before Triclyde anyway).  There are a few strats that can save more time than the ones used in this run, but this one still goes for the 1-2 Birdo quick kill (which is frame perfect), so that should say something.  Long story short, this is an excellent run and improving it will be no small task.

Easy accept

Quote from Efreeti:
Video and audio quality is very good, especially with the smooth 60fps in the HQ version, but even the lowest quality is decently watchable.

Fantastic run. Following the runner's comments as I watched I could hardly even tell what went wrong when the runner claimed to have messed up (other than 6-3 of course). However, time adds up, and though a lot in this run went perfect, there seems to be potential for improvement. The runner himself claims that there is possibly as much as 63 seconds of possible improvement with this route. I honestly would have expected a more polished run than that, so I'm a bit disappointed. Still, the run is clearly well done and an improvement of the run currently on the site, so there's no real reason not to accept this one.

Quote from CarpetCrawler:
Easy ACCEPT. As the runner points out, the Tryclyde death is the one notable mistake, but it wasn't a huge time loss, and I feel like the quick kills throughout the game more than make up for it. Wink Cak is just too good.

Quote from Whitman_Price_:
A/V good, no cheating detected.

I timed the run at 21:59. I'm not sure how VHS recordings work, but it is unfortunate that it didn't give an accurate time.

The old SDA run was really good with the strats that were used, but this run is on a whole different level and crushes that time by over 4 minutes.

This run is definitely an ACCEPT and Cak has proven again that he is the SMB2 master. He makes everything look easy. I worked on this game for a few months without ever even trying some of the small but extremely difficult optimizations that Cak does with ease.

I would have loved to see a deathless run, but there are countless portions of the run that are just insanely good, so the death doesn't take anything away from the skill that Cak displays.

2-2 and 4-1 were unfortunate, I don't think I even know what a perfect 5-2 looks like, and the end of 6-3 is the one big mistake in the run.

6-2 is probably my favorite level in the game and you absolutely crush it. Also, the amount of knowledge you have about the movement, timing and precision in the game is so impressive.

I think pretty much any WR time can be improved with enough practice and patience, but I really don't see this time being beaten by anyone other than Cak.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Chris 'cak' Knight!
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Congrats Cak. thumbsup You are really awesome player with this game.
Quote from MASTER-88:
Congrats Cak. thumbsup You are really awesome player with this game.

This.  Your SMB2 runs are always a pleasure!
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cak: 2014-08-17 08:51:25 am
Thanks everyone. In a run like this, one quick death is relatively trivial...Sledge and I spent months just trying to get below 22:30. I'm glad to have helped restore some interest in the warpless variation, since warps is mostly crushed.
so pro u don't even know
Awesome job, Cak!
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
Truly is an amazing run Cak!