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Super Mario Bros 2 (Any %) (Single Segment) [Warps]

Verifier Responses

Audio is fine, and the only issue with the video is gone by the end of 1-1's character select screen.  No cheating detected.

As for the run, let's just compare the mistakes and glitches in the comments, because that pretty much says it all.  Mistakes: three total, which account for less than five seconds lost.  Glitches: four (one of which is used multiple times, and another of which is stupid hard), which made this 20 second improvement possible.

Easy accept

A/V no worse than the previously accepted run, no cheating evident

A mistake-free run is possible and as stated in the runner comments could maybe bring the time down to 8:27, but it would more than likely require the discovery of new skips for us to expect a better time than this.


A/V is good for an NES game, no cheating detected. Poor Luigi, getting a little less use now. Tongue Very nice use of glitches to save the 20 seconds, and even with the mistakes noted, I am giving this an easy accept! Also agree with the 8:32 time.

  SMB2 warting it's way in.

Tech stuff all passes.

Game stuff:  I must say, that Green Birdo had a sick dodge!

Yeah, that's my contribution to this verification.


This is making me realize that I've been a bit out of touch with the SMB2 speedrunning scene recently. Wow.

Audio and video are great aside from a little bit of weirdness right at the start (that doesn't interfere with the gameplay).

Minor slowdown with the birdo in 6-1, but a great recovery. The other two mistakes pointed out by the runner are minuscule.

Run is certainly high quality. The tricks were all quite impressive. I can imagine the attempts were painful, since there were so many places where any single mistake would be run ending. Going by timestamps I get 8:32 for the time as well.

I give this run an accept.

This is the one run I have been waiting for along, long time. This is what I imagined me doing when I started speedrunning this, Cak is the man!

1-1 is done the fastest way possible. Because Birdo is on a universal timer you have a 4 second window (240 frame rule) inbetween his eggs so if you make it to the first possible egg you will not miss any time. So even if you come there as soon as possible you will actually have to wait about 2 seconds before he shoots his egg. Grade: A+

1-2 is like the Jesus move of gaming. Not only have you figured out a consistent, fast way of getting the fast carpet. You actually mid-flight pick up the bottle, then throw that shit so you can enter Subcon. In the transition from Subcon to the "real" world you then have to do a frame perfect trick to pick up an invisible veggie that you can with you through the boss-door and kill Birdo. Having achieved this in an actual run made me horny. This is what me and AndrewG talked about but never came around to do. Grade: No words can describe this, this is way better then A+.

1-3 is the easiest level! Grade A+.

4-1 Pretty much flawless gameplay. Grade A+.

4-2 Pretty much perfect. Grade A+.

6-1 All the way to the boss-door was picture perfect, I really loved the way you avoided the fireball from that last enemy before the first door. Then you got unlucky and lost some time at the boss. Grade: A.

6-2 This level is also one of those beyond A+ onces, where you achive two fucking perfect double jumps that we only until recently thought was not worth of doing. This is picture perfect.

6-3 This level have seen alot of changes, from going under the quicksand to AndrewG using a double superjump over the wall, from Svenne doing a triple-jump over the wall, from Menboo_93 using the shyguy and throw that to get over the wall and lastly using JeffroSledge's bottle strat over the wall. And this has all been in the last 2 years. There might be like a 0.2 second way to make the two bossfight faster but yeah, good luck with that guys who wants to beat this run. Solid A+.

7-1 People don't know how hard it is to make all of those ladder-jumps, I know and it what you did was perfect! This run is so good I stopped giving out grades and just wants to give him the key to the city.

7-2 This run should have been approved yesterday!

Accept this into the hall of fame!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Chris 'cak' Knight!
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This run is amazing.  cak is slowly climbing up my list of favorite speed runners.  First Metroid, now this?  :O

Loved following the progress of this run.  Everybody needs to go watch this run right now.
Clear as a crisp spring morning!
Congratulations cak. This is madly impressive stuff.
B+Left, Left, Up+B, ★
cak, what will it take for you to stream stuff? Your runs are amazing and I'd follow the hell out of your stream if you had one.
Quote from zallard1:
cak, what will it take for you to stream stuff? Your runs are amazing and I'd follow the hell out of your stream if you had one.

I'll follow your stream so hard you'll have to get a restraining order.
Thanks so much for the awesome comments guys. Wanted to mention to the verifiers (in case you weren't aware) that I edited my comments to include more exact mistake times, as can be seen on the youtube page.

Streaming is tough, because I live in the boonies and my internet sucks (I can only even watch youtube videos at night). But my friends have cable internet so it is possible to do sometimes. I may do a stream next week to show off some SMB2 practice routines. The secret to my success with this game is practicing every hard part as thoroughly as possible while making sure to not lose sight of the whole. The last 5 levels got the most grinding, in particular 6-3, which sometimes I could complete 3 times in half an hour, sometimes not at all in one hour. Andrew told me on stream that he had great difficulty with 7-2, but for me it is almost as easy as 1-1 now.

Likewise, 1-2 isn't as impossible as it seems, there's just a whole lot of nuance involved. I think the veggie glitch is easier for instance than the wall jump in SMB1. The visual cue of the blue screen before the level starts redrawing is immensely helpful.
Balls jerky
dude i remember counting on friends internet to do things but that was a long time ago. If you have to resort to that now, I feel so bad for you. Sad plz get stream for the good of humanity!
If cak is stuck with something terrible like HughesNet then that's bad news for us all.
Virgin Mobile, actually.

Cable has been installed here recently, but it won't be in operation until at least January.