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Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Any %) (Individual Level)

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Jordan 'Greenalink' Greener!
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Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Any %) (Individual Level)

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Please refer to the Verification Guidelines before posting. Verifications are due by Nov. 30, 2014.

Please post your opinions about the run and be certain to conclude your post with a verdict (Accept/Reject). This is not a contest where the majority wins - I will judge each verification on its content. Please keep your verification brief unless you have a good reason otherwise.

After 2 weeks I will read all of the verifications and move this thread to the main verification board and post my verdict.
DS Dictator
For those unfamiliar with the GBA version.
Super Mario Advance 4 featured brand new levels via physical DLC also known as e-Cards.
There's 12 that came out in America and Japan had 38.  The run you see now does 11 of the 12 levels in IL style* because one of the stages I don't have is rare and very pricey, in fact it hasn't appeared in an Ebay auction at all this year. The missing level is Walmart exclusive: Airship's Revenge.

*IL rule is identical to the SDA IL submissions of the NES version of SMB 3.

Here's a Youtube link:
Professional Shaq Fu Speedrunner
A/V is good. No cheating detected.

So short and to the point, the levels are well done, and easily meet SDA standards. No major mistakes and the levels look to be done fast. Can't play these levels myself since I don't own an e-Reader though.

Only issue is whether or not the IL's can actually go onto the site though since its only 11 out of the 12 released e-Reader levels in English. I know its possible to print out the e-Reader dot matrix code from your home printer and get the e-Reader to accept the knockoff cards. Whether or not the missing card has been scanned in a high enough quality to replicate this dot matrix code I have no idea.

Though the only issue is whether or not this set of IL's can even go on the site. I know its generally SDA policy to have a complete set of IL's before you accept anything... so yeah.

Accept the runs, assuming SDA is okay with accepting an incomplete IL table.
Not a walrus
If each card was sold separately we can probably just consider them as separate "addons", especially if they're all independent of each other.
Edit history:
AlecK47: 2014-11-17 08:49:08 pm
I'd definitely say that it should be considered as separate add-ons.  IMO preorder or store-specific bonuses should be considered as such simply because getting them by other means is all to often of questionable legitimacy, as all too often they aren't released to the masses later by the publisher.  Edit:  though this may change on a game-by-game basis, of course.

Anyway, A/V good, no cheating detected

All the levels are well done.  Some improvements are no doubt possible, but I'd say these look good enough.  It's kinda lame that (at least) 1/4 of these extra stages are autoscrollers, but what can you do?  Accept
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Greenalink: 2014-11-18 04:02:52 am
DS Dictator
I tried printing them but it looks like my printer doesn't have the required DPI :/. At this point I may plan to buy a JP SMA4 copy and import the .sav file because recently the SMW central got this one person to dump the sav data which contains the official version of the extremely rare JP only Mad Dash level.
If nothing goes right, go left
I did not find any cheats and the quality looks good!

Like AlecK47 already said: There is not much you could improve during the autoscroller levels. All the other levels were played well!

Decision: Accept
Edit history:
JLohman711: 2014-11-30 02:35:05 pm
I believe this is acceptable as an IL submission, since the card for the missing level was a store exclusive and as such is extremely rare and hard to get a hold of. 
That said, I would like to see the missing one added at some point if our runner can figure out a way to do so.

A/V is excellent. No cheating I could detect.

All speedrunners hate autoscrollers, and for good reason. These are done about as well as possible.  The other levels while possibly improvable are very well done and these easily meet SDA guidelines.

Decision posted.
DS Dictator
Thank you members for taking your time and verify levels you very likely never even played before.

Timing is done in real time similar to the NES ILs.
For the stage: Mushroom-4 after defeating the boss.
I crouch on purpose so that by the time I lose control, the game forces Mario to stand up.
I'll make the final encodes with StatIDs once I know the official SDA timing of all of the runs.
Edit history:
Greenalink: 2014-12-06 07:05:25 am
Greenalink: 2014-12-06 07:01:50 am
DS Dictator
I got an Action Replay DSi and I can now backup/import save files into my GBA carts. Really useful that I'm going to update the Save Manager knowledge base page!

I can do a run of the last US released level: Airship's Revenge.

You may have noticed a lot of other levels. Those were JP only but the community managed to convert the JP level data file into a US level data file.
The only concern is that they use unofficial translations to English, it almost falls into the same clause as English Translated Mother 3. The reason why I said almost is because in this game, there's hardly any text in the run that makes a difference in timing. I don't mind having to buy a physical JP copy of the game because I got a save file that contains the super rare Mad Dash level.