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Super Mario 64 DS (Low %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from Fishaman P:
Video quality: 10/10.
Audio quality: 10/10.

No A/V desync, frame drops, or any other problems with the video. No cheating detected.

I timed the run at 12:52 SDA timing (14:52 community timing), plus some hundredths of a second. By my rough calculations during the watch, there were some 1:30 and change of mistakes, owing to the Goomboss fight, a bad swim to BitFS, wasted time on the first rabbit clip (big one here), 2 missed Bowser throws, and some bonks and general unoptimal movement. However, I cannot stress enough how quickly the main trick, the 8 Star Door Skip, was performed. This trick alone can take 20 minutes, and it is quite a feat for any human to perform. To my knowledge, the runner is the only person to have ever performed this trick unassisted (yet :P).

Decision: Hearty accept. Once again, congrats Karl on this amazing run!

Quote from Samlaptop:
I really like this run. I saw this on YouTube and I agree with the runner it looks very challenging for someone else to beat. Everything looks great and it took a long time for someone to create a glitched run of this game.

Decision: Accept

Quote from Entotrte:
Absolutely impressive run. The skips the runner  managed to get seem incredibly difficult, and yet he manages to get them in not too many tries.

As for the levels themselves:
Lethal Lava land: Perfect, easy star.

Bowser in the Fire Sea + Bowser Fight: Pretty nice, small mistake with the amp, but everything else was good.

Bowser in the Sky + Bowser Fight: The level itself went pretty much perfect, apart from the bonk at the beginning, which probably happened because the runner was nervous, which is entirely understandable.

The Bowser fight was not very good, but I agree that the controls are a pain, and so this isn't too big of an issue.
The A/V is awesome, no cheating is to be found.
I give this run a solid accept

This game is evil.
The controls are evil
The execution for 1 star run is evil.

I think you got the idea.

This is one of the few runs where you have to play the game, try out the route and understand why a super clean run is stupidly hard.

It is a very impressive run despite a few mistakes after executing the 'only one shot' tricks.

The runner is limited to 8 directions thanks to the D-Pad and the touch screen is not a good alternate.  Some of the skips are harder than it looks. In fact you could fall OoB and die.

8, 50 and 80 star door skips are super risky. Even if you go Out of bounds you can hit a death trigger and die and warp back to the castle's entrance. This is really bad if you got 50 star skip but die when trying the 80 star skip.

The first glitch in the run basically unlocks basement early and gets one of the fastest stars to unlock the 1 star door. The 8 star skip is one of the toughest tricks because you have to do some precise jumps after going Out of Bounds. All of the OoB attempts I've ever done managed to hit a death trigger right afterwards.

The early Fire in the Sea is probably the weakest out of all of the skips but it's still impressive to pinpoint where the loading trigger is to that stage. He didn't get the early Bowser tail grab which is usually very hard in the first place.

Both 50 and 80 star door skips were done first try which is insanely good.

Like I've said before, some parts of the stages can be improved but the glitch execution skips seriously makes up for it.

The run was done on a DS phat which doesn't give you the best D-Pad for this game.
DS Lite is looser = easier 360 motion but a video mod does not exist.

DSi has a video out mod but is Katsukity only for now and the shoulder buttons do break after some time.

3DS has a stick but doesn't make the Bowser throws easier (it registers 8 directions rather than 360).

The SDA 80 star runner approves and now someone please submit and remove my old Segmented run Tongue

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Paradox Karl'!
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