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alexpenev: 2005-07-02 08:50:11 pm
On world 15, why triple jump to the rotating platforms, about-face, and then go towards the area with the triangles and swinging platforms? You can about-face on the platform you start on and long-jump over there. And I guarantee it's both easier AND faster.

No no, that doesn't work. If you turn around from the beginning, you have to either (a) climb the pole (b) go past the pole and continue along the obstacles (but you will be one one tier below where you end up if you long jumped across the sky).

If you pick (a), you can't just instantly long up once you reach the top of the pole. You need momentum.
Taking (b) is very safe and impossible to die on, but it does involve going through some swings and more beams to reach the second tier of obstacles, which is where he grabs onto from his longjump from the crows nest.

> Is running, diving, then pressing B real quick to jump up, and repeating this over and over faster than any other form of movement?

Na, long jumps work out better. You get a really big speed burst for the actual jump. Some interesting things involving longjumps can be seen in videos for the first Koopa tQ Race - when going along the summit path, the player sticks close to the wall to make Mario run quicker than normal. This speed is the equivalent of doing a long jump between the two corners of the mountain (it's actually a few frames slower, but ..). Another thing is that longjumping across Koopa's face to trigger the beginning of the race guarentees you get a speed burst when you start... the one you get for a dive-flip is much worse in comparison Shocked There are only two things faster than long jumping... terminal velocity, and (in very special locations) backwards longjumping Smiley
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Did you know about the long jump from the "crow's nest" before my run, alexpenev?

Good to know that long jumping is the fastest way... I never thought of doing those short B-dives instead, it never crossed my mind. They probably work better than long jumps when you've got a really short distance to cover, though.

What is "terminal velocity" and how do you achieve it? Is it simply free-falling until you reach top speed (like in real life)?
MGS for PS1 forever.
I was truly amazed at everything in your run. Overall I don't think it could be improved by more than a minute...and that minute is getting into tool-assisted territory. Very good job!
I think Terminal Velocity is when your accelerations is 0.

Wiki it I guess:

The terminal velocity of an object falling towards the ground is the speed at which the gravitational force pulling it downwards is equal and opposite to the atmospheric drag (also called air resistance) pushing it upwards. At this speed, the object ceases to accelerate downwards and falls at constant speed.
Did I shoot 3 times or once from different angles
I just saw it and it was amazing. Too bad your so close to a pre-1:00:00 time. I'd be even more amazing if it where possible.
I just saw it and it was amazing. Too bad your so close to a pre-1:00:00 time. I'd be even more amazing if it where possible.

Oh it is possible.  If he hadn't missed his bowser throws, not mess up the chain-chomp, or fall down the lava in One of Bower's levels, sub 1 min would have been feasible.  I'd say if the run was segmented, he'd be able to pull it off.  It's almost impossible to break sub 1hr for a single segment run.  Grin
Did I shoot 3 times or once from different angles
LOL. You sounded so heartless.
Ben Goldberg
or fall down the lava in One of Bower's levels

He did that on purpose. It was a shortcut. Every SM64 run uses it.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
The misses on the first and second Bowser can be counted against me, but I don't think it's fair to expect someone to nail all 3 throws on the final battle. It's just too crazy. I'm thinking the first two misses cost about 20 seconds.

Then the chain-chomp... Getting beat around like that cost about 10 seconds, and not using the bob-omb to push through the gate cost another 10. So there's 20 more seconds. That puts the time around 1:00:50.

Taking away the other various mistakes might get down to 1:00:30, maybe a little bit less.

Someone pointed out a few pages ago the folly of going to Big Boo's Haunt. After musing on that for a little bit, I'm sure the better choice would be the 100-coin stars from Whomp's Fortress and Cool, Cool Mountain. Getting the 100-coin and then Wild Blue stars in WF takes a little bit less than 1:10. Doing 100 coins on CCM would involve going down the mountain and getting 40 or so coins, then warping back up, hopping in the slide, and racing the penguin while collecting about 60 more. The very last coin would need to be at the bottom of the slide or it would be impossible to get the star... It's pretty tricky but since it's at the beginning of the run it wouldn't be too bad to start over. That should take 1:15 or 1:20. The two 100-coin stars add up to 85, maybe 90 seconds, with absolutely no castle time whatsoever. The Big Boo's Haunt adventure takes almost 2 minutes, castle time included. So by substituting these stars, 30 seconds can be saved (in theory) and push the time to under an hour by a few seconds.

Then it might be wise to make a couple more substitutions. The CCM red coin star can be done in about 45 seconds, leading to the Snowman's Lost His Head in 35 or so. I'd probably stick them in instead of Rematch with KtQ (52-54) and Stomp On the Thwomp (45 if done perfectly, which is nearly impossible). There's a little bit more than 15 seconds saved there...

Sub-hour looks pretty good if everything I just said is correct.
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stx-Vile: 2005-07-03 08:32:38 pm
The man made of sticks
[post removed: bullshit overflow]
He already needed to have 70 stars to get to bowsers final fortress (assuming he doesnt use the jumping glitch, which is the whole point of a 70-star run).  So getting the star there doesnt make any sense.
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stx-Vile: 2005-07-03 08:28:54 pm
The man made of sticks
Haha, indeed.  That was more like a passing query after seeing the movie, even though the logic wasn't as readily apparent as it should have been.

Time to lay off the pipe.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
The CCM 100-coin star isn't that tricky at all actually.  I've managed to do it consistently on PAL, and NTSC shouldn't be too much harder.

Before the last 15 coins on the slide, there are 7 coins spread out over a fair distance.  With practice, you can choose precisely how many of these coins to collect, so that you can end up with 100-101 coins.  If you end up with 101 coins, the jump back to the star may require a running start.

The route I used in my defunct 120-star run gives me a total of 30 coins when entering the slide.
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alexpenev: 2005-07-03 08:37:52 pm
No, I didn't know about that longjump Jacob. It didn't look too easy. I can't speak for some of the other players, maybe the know of it. Basically, I disagree with the methods you used for all your Rainbow Ride stars... too risky Lips Sealed

I've tried doing the Cool Cool 100+slide in one go before. Just follow the trail and get the several series of 5 coins. At the sharp YOU-turn (darn it, Radix...), jump off and get the 2 blues. Fall down and jump into the warp, then go into the chimney. You're on about 30 coins, and there's 78 in the slide, giving you a cushion of 8. There's 15 (or 16?) coins in the final stretch, so just make sure to enter the final tunnel with 85-88ish. The penguin moves during mario's victory dance, so don't wait for him to waddle over to his star-giving spot.
So how about getting 100-coins + 5 secrets in Wet-Dry World? Besides Whomp's Fortress and Cool Cool Mountain, I'm thinking that one might be the only other one where 100-coins could save time. (Well, maybe Tick Tock Clock, but that's crazy talk.)
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DK64_MASTER: 2005-07-04 02:34:44 am
LOL. You sounded so heartless.

I didn't mean to get off that way.  I'm just saying that breaking the 1 hr barrier isn't "that" impossible.

I already commended the author greatly!  I'm just saying that if anyone wants to submit a run that dwarfs this one, you'd have to break the 1 min mark.

Actually, I quite fond of a segmented run of this game just to see if we can get below 1hr.

Once again, a great run that ranks among the top 5 that I have seen!
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
So how about getting 100-coins + 5 secrets in Wet-Dry World? Besides Whomp's Fortress and Cool Cool Mountain, I'm thinking that one might be the only other one where 100-coins could save time. (Well, maybe Tick Tock Clock, but that's crazy talk.)

I've done WDW with the 5 secrets in 1:38 and TTC with Stomp on the Thwomp in 1:52. Way too long, methinks.
Forward standard-by-ten .
I have to agree that beating this game in under a minute would be very impressive.

You mean an hour, right?
MGS for PS1 forever.
The first bowser throw would've saved about 5 seconds and the other bowser throw...maybe 10 seconds. There are not that many other mistakes in it...but I suppose at least 30 seconds from just here and there slight errors... I'm sure that under an hour is possible...might just not be probable.
Yoshi's eggs are at my mercy!
You mean an hour, right?

No, he was right. A mintue. xDDDD

Simply put the gameshark in, and put that rediculous "150 stars" code. Boot up, and you win (He never said it had to be SDA legal). Smiley Just kidding.

» LeCoureur103
But I would love to see you go for the 120-star run. ;x A sub 2h 45m 120 star run would own, and you're the man!
Forward standard-by-ten .
Well, I was trying to point out someone else's mistake by that, but sure.
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whacko_jacko: 2005-07-17 02:49:34 am
This is a very very amazing run and i just wanted to list everything that i could brainstorm that could save any time at all, if anybody can correct me on some of these things id be glad to remove them/tweak them to be possible. Note that anything that I didnt say perhaps or maybe about i have tested before, and im pretty sure most of the other stuff can be done. Also, keep in mind I was going for the riskiest, fastest strats possible. If you need me to explain any of the things i said, please just ask and I also have links to videos of many of the things i talked about here, and some other videos I can send through AIM because i dont feel like hosting them.

Whenever possible, i tried to say known when Jacob knew about this in his run, but towards the end i may have slacked off here and forgotten it. I did list execution mistakes yes, but only the bigger ones, and i marked them as accidents so there is no confusion. These route changes/possibilites are assuming that these 70 stars are the fastest, and they may not be, which is something i will look into in the future. I am not intending to do a run, as i dont really have the skill in this game to do it without a good solid year of intense practice. I just wanted to make this list of brainstorming to have as a resource for anybody else that plans to do a 70 star or even 120 star run.

So here we go, from the field to the sky.

Star 1 Big bobomb:
getting up white slope with dive (maybe quicker)
Ending underneath star directly (very slight)

Star 2 island:
shooting to edge and sliding onto island (maybe not faster on this star)

Star 3 chain chomp:
not running around goomba, quicker strat instead (super slight)
bob-omb glitch (known)

star 4 slide 1:
not missing triple jump (known (accidental))
larger shortcut (known)

star 5 penguin:
using jumps to get down faster than sliding (maybe, this is kinda like shell shredding in that respect, or carrying mips)

star 6 slide 2:
using penguin as boost (can this be done?)
Corner cutting where possible.

star 7 wallkicks:
improved strat (wallkick up side of ice bridge, 13 seconds that way)

star 8 red coins:
improved route by Curtis Bright (maybe, dont remember if faster, vid at gamefaqs)

star 9 whomp:
getting to platform better with slope triple jump (no wallkick)

star 10 top of fortress
getting to platform better with slope triple jump (no wallkick)

star 11 wild blue:
diving onto platform(slight, maybe not faster at all)

star 12 fall into cage:
use bird!!

star 13 blast away wall:
improved crazy strat (known)
lol, dont dive into wall when leaving...

star 14 princess slide 1:
wr style shortcut jump

star 15 princess slide 2:
wr style shortcut jump

star 16 flying cap red coins:
get more speed boosts from wooshing down (tricky to do well)
lol dont miss stop onto switch (known (accidental))

star 17 Bowser 1:
perhaps diving into floor sooner
getting first red coin while flaming (maybe)
dont miss! hehehe

star 18 wings to the sky:
get onto platform better (hit edge (known))
maybe more wahoo speed boosts while flying into star??

star 19 haunted books:
perhaps a better wallkick strat up to star (more direct)

star 20 big boo on balcony:
maybe riskier way onto rooftop?

star 21 rabbit 1:
no comment really, just slightly sooner catching if possible

star 22 ancient pyramid:
nothing, except possibly getting on shell faster and avoiding slopes to go faster

star 23 bird star:
jump directly to star via dive? maybe not possible

star 24 atop the pyramid:
nothing, maybe there is a quicker jumping pattern up to top, such as a dive at the top.

star 25 big bully:
killing him on opposite side and jumping to stairs before cutscene

star 26 little bullys:
get all 3 at once (known, for some reason decided not to happen..dumb things)

star 27 8 red coins:
nothing really, except 2 extra longjumps might be possible

star 28 rolling log:
make last jump on top of arch, instead of all 3

star 29 hot foot into volcano:
no lego smasher attack! heh
longjumping up coin platforms instead of small hops
maybe faster route into volcano? (big maybe)

star 30 elevators in volcano:
nothing except maybe faster route into volcano (big maybe)

star 31 swimming beast:
using beast skipping trick (rapid A pressing (known, told him), also get lucky with boulders if possible

star 32 watch for rocks:
nothing, but get lucky with boulders and more direct wallkicks can be done

star 33 emgergency exit:
nothing really, just the same old missed what nots

star 34 emergency exit:
might be faster to triple jump from left side (not for sure at all) All i know is this star can be done in 13 seconds, yours is about 16 with the spider mistake, so its close, oh yeah dont hit that spider Smiley

star 35 toad 1:
talk to him faster!! and i think you can end up on top of railing after getting star if you play your cards right, not sure though.

star 36 Board Bowser's Sub:
dont smack wall on way to DDD :-)
You can avoid some of the lag on the swim to the sub by switching to mario cam.
longjump against curvy thing to wrap around into star (slight)

star 37 manta rays reward:
speedy swimming into star i guess, not much else to say here

star 38 chests:
swim more across the middle on way to chests, risking whirlpool some.

star 39 Bowser 2:
longjump-wallkick to get coin 3
faster way getting up to elevator the second time.
maybe riskier way up to coin 5
risk fire more getting coin 7.
dont miss bowser hehehe

star 40 top of the town:
faster method with water lower and bouncing off spider and all that
also by sliding down slope there to get more speed and save time jumping to star.

star 41 shocking arrow lifts:
perhaps open box on the way down? might not be faster cuz of ground pound.

star 42 express elevator:
i think theres a glitchy way to do this without the elevator, maybe not aloud.

star 43 secrets:
i think curtis bright did a riskier but faster route of this, vid shouldnt be hard to find.
aimless longjump down to star.

star 44 pihranna:
very well done, not much to say, except, um, be smoother? heh lol

star 45 top of huge island:
dont quote me but i think theres a slightly faster way to do this with the shell.

star 46 rematch:
tie wr :-)

star 47 itty bitty secrets:
i think its possible to get over this wall at beginning with very optimal triple jump/wallkick.
maybe get up hill by getting burned or backwards jump kicking, instead of using tree.

star 48 red coins:
dont miss that wall kick hehe, and make sure its a single wall kick to get up, not 2 (mistake of course, not intended)

star 49 toad:
dont miss punching the guy!! hehe

star 50 breathtaking view:
use Bright's crazy glitch method (if aloud)

star 51 scale mountain:
use Bright's crazy glitch method (if aloud)

star 52 lonely shroom:
glitch method (if aloud), also intend to longjump instead of spindrift (i know you ended up dong it anyway), bit faster, riskier

star 53 "slide":
glitch might not even save time here, if not, then nothing to add.

star 54 8 red coins:
look into faster route by moles.

star 55 snowmans head:
dont miss jump, of course not intended.

star 56 ice bully:
very nice, maybe more longjumps? idk here

star 57 ice maze:
do it a second faster like you said it can be done :-)

star 58 whirl freezing pond:
as stupid as this sounds, dont hold A as long on the whirling so you land just on
the edge of the snow so you can start running sooner, very very slight.

star 59 shell shreddin:
same as above, also, be sure to abuse the jumping speed and slope issues more
and dont miss that coin heh

star 60 roll into cage:
try to make sidejumps hit top of rotating platforms every time, as this saves
quite a bit.

star 61 pit and pendulums:
same as above and maybe wallkick sooner to get up there, idk, nice job.

star 62 get a hand:
same as above on rotating platforms, not much else to add, these are nice here.

star 63 stomp on thwomp:
consider replacing some jumps with longjumps in a few places.
also i think you can wallkick off thwomps head to get up to that star quicker, but hard.

star 64 timed jumps:
same as all other ticktocks (red coin platforms) and also replace some jumps with longjumps.

star 65 red coins:
very good, except instead of side jumping at end of platforms consider a simpler method, should be quicker.

star 66 toad:
stop missing that punch man!!!

star 67 tricky triangles:
very very good! it might be possible to riskilly(lol) get up triangles faster via wallkicks.

star 68 swinging in the breeze:
good, and is it possible to use the boost from the fire there to any good? perhaps not. Also, it almost looks possible to jump from that wooden ramp with the goomba and the steps all the way to the swinging platform, but im not sure, would be very risky, something to look into perhaps.

star 69 red coins:
very nicely done, no route changes that i see, besides not missing that wall kick of course.

star 70 cruiser crossing the rainbow:
Bright's better route (known)

Bowser 3:
longjump around pushable block i think.
of course, the mistakes with the blue triangle thing can be fixed.
i think those things with 3 platforms that rotate can be taken slightly faster by risky jumping between them.
No missing aloud!!

That is all!

Thank you so mucha for to play'ng my game-a
   -Super Mario
No the Quail is not riding the Q
Thank you so mucha for to play'ng my game-a
   -Super Mario
nobody has anything to add/disprove/altar/improve?

or is it that nobody has the time to read that massive post?

Keep in mind that i wasnt going for changes that arent any harder, i was going for the riskiest but fastest strats i could come up with or find just in case somebody needs something else to push them over the edge to sub 1 hr, or perhaps quite a few things, which is why i made comments for every star and bowser stage, though some of the stars were from what i can see unimprovable (strat wise)