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welcome to the machine
This run is wicked.

If you are indeed going to do a 16-star run, I'll start drooling immediately.
That run was insane! I haven't said "holy ****" that many times for a long time while watching a run. Well done!
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
TAS = tool assisted?

I swear, I miss Bowser 1 probably 1 time out of 100. Bowser 2 is a very short throw and I don't miss it that often either... Bowser 3 is the only one that can go to hell for all I care.
Angered Me, You have!
I'm sure the "TAS" guys are drooling over doing this game

Indeed ^_^
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DK64_MASTER: 2005-06-29 09:38:03 pm
TAS = tool assisted?


One of the crazy things in this run is that it gets better as you go farther into the video.  First I saw the bomb-omb route, and I was like OMGWTFBBQ11one!!!

Then I swear, my pants exploded when saw the biggest masterage of tick-tock clock and Rainbow Ride.  Twice.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
In my honest opinion that was probably the best speed run I've ever seen.  It was amazing how many crazy stunts you pulled off, especially towards the end of the game.  Very, very nice work.

I look forward to watching you pwn a 16 star run.  I'd also love to see a sub 2:15 120 star run from you.

Congratulations again on this amazing run.
This run rocks. I can't think of any better route to do.

There's just one thing (this saves 3 seconds at most, and it's totally stupid of me to point it out), on the Wing Cap star, you can jump on the switch and quickly double jump into the star, skipping at most 3 seconds. Just something that looks cool.

Again, this run totally rocks!!!  Smiley
The Unreal Authority.
great run!
Looking forward to other runs from you!
Talk to the Hand
Managed to watch the rest of the run, and all I can say is "wow". That may be one of the greatest runs I've ever seen, period.
Hi! I'm andrewg!
very nice run indeed! i wonder if i will try for this in the future... i am trying to beat a lot of the super mario bros World Records right now, and may eventually move on to N64 after i set the 3 super mario bros records. Smiley
I thought it was just a surprise party!
I'm speechless. That was just... astounding. Truly, truly amazing.
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TSA: 2005-06-30 10:36:29 pm
Based on's fastest times now...

6495 seconds is the "fastest" time from the best times for a 120 star completion.  It' sub 2 hour (1.8hrs).

Note: This does not include Navigating the castle and actual stars from MIPS/TOAD.
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Tub: 2005-07-01 04:14:22 am
but then again, 100-star-completions are tracked seperate. Since you'd do a second star while collecting the 100 coins you'll save some time compared to their tables.

sub-2-hour 120 stars Shocked

hmm.. I wonder what's times for the 70-stars-run add up to..
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!

Nay, I say nay.

For at least 90 out of 120 stars, you have to add 15 seconds of cutscenes for entering the painting/star selection; the "here we go!" dance after touching the star; and the save/quit menu when you're back in the castle. Having to go through all those on so many stars adds more than 20 minutes onto the completion time.
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Difficult to estimate such things, but bringing it to the edge would be TAS anyway, and they tend to shave of seconds continuously with minor optimisations. Also, in most of the games some quirks like faster accelerating are found.

But in any case, once a sufficient emu exists the tool assisted runners will have lots of fun (read: the pain of having to optimise analogue input) with that game Smiley
TSA: don't they make some assumptions, such as having all caps and cannons unlocked beforehand? In a sequential run you wouldn't have this luxury, so many stars will end up slower.
Sweet zombie Jesus on a pogo stick,! I have honestly never watched a speedrun and have to pick my jaw off the floor so often. And that includes all the multisegment runs! Thanks, you really made my day!
Yeah, you have to have stuff unlocked.  I guess sub 2 is a very extreme run...probably not possible...but certainly I would think something in the low 2 hr range...

So messed up how 70 stars take 1:01, but 50 more are 1hr+...such an inbalanced game.
It's because most of the others don't have good shortcuts (otherwise he would have shown them!) Smiley Every star can take an equally long time if you suck Roll Eyes
I've always wondered:

Is running, diving, then pressing B real quick to jump up, and repeating this over and over faster than any other form of movement?

Long jumps tend to slow down when you reach the pinnacle of your, maybe a faster way of moving around could help?  It helps in Zelda...
One of the most impressive runs I've ever seen. Shocked

I can't get enought of this smooth and accurate movement. Well done!
Die Meatbags Die!
WOW! Top five run for sure.
welcome to the machine
Indeed.  And to think it was impossible to jump to the 'top 5 best runners of all time' in a lot of peoples' heads with just one run. Tongue
Truly amazing run. One of the best runs I have ever seen. And the end of the run (and the whole run of course)  is just... wow.
Fight, Crocogator, for everlasting peace!
Much as I enjoyed the 70-star run, I can't help but ask...

On world 15, why triple jump to the rotating platforms, about-face, and then go towards the area with the triangles and swinging platforms? You can about-face on the platform you start on and long-jump over there. And I guarantee it's both easier AND faster.