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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Nate has the tape, but he's still waiting for a new VCR for capturing. It'll probably take another week.
welcome to the machine
Just tell us the time already. -_-
Ben Goldberg
It's only a week. Anyways, you know it's going to be 1:01:xx, and if it's better, we'll all be shocked.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Hehe yeah I guess there's no point in holding out since it's obviously 1:01. Trying to get 1:00 would be enough to drive a man to smoke crack.  :party:

I timed 1:01:31 when I did it, and 1:01:24 when played back on VCR. Either way, it shatters the 1:02 barrier-- none of that 1:01:5X shit-- which is why it made me so happy. 
welcome to the machine
My priority list was just shattered.

Insta-download the second I see it up. Very nice job.
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whacko_jacko: 2005-06-11 05:06:07 am
Wohoo man awesome job, Im definetly looking forward to all somebody has to do is somehow get another 32 seconds off your route by cleaning every sinlge mistake, minor and major and maybe discover some unknown tricks that have never been discovered...and that puts you...still one minute away from a sub hour run....hmm not likely...not likely at all... But once again man Great great great job i cant wait to see it
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Run is up... Questions/comments?

(And Radix, you spelled "LeCoureur" wrong you fiend!)
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jowa: 2005-06-28 04:29:58 pm
I donwloaded Marshmallow's run about a week ago, a now a new awesome run is up ! I have to download it... NOW ! Congrat !
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Blow my mind eh? Smiley
Downloading it now and as usual cursing us.archive download speed.

There goes my afternoon...
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Baxter: 2005-06-28 04:45:21 pm
I think it was great! One of the best I've ever seen.

Strange though... the 70 star run is played far better than the 16 star run (less faults / time unit)... while it's alot longer...

It also takes more risks in the 16-star-route-levels than the current 16 star run... not to speak of the levels later on...

You should definately try a 16 star run (although it wouldn't be more entertaining than this 70 star run).

You did perform a backflip :p (during the bossfight in level 2 (the big stone))
one-armed bandit
Very impressive run LeCoureur103! Smiley

Now I hope someone will come up with a 16-star run that uses the tricks shown in Illu's PAL 16-star, LeCoureur's 70-star and in the current NTSC 16-star run Tongue
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bushwacker: 2005-06-28 07:47:39 pm
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Haha I didn't remember that "backflip" when I was writing my comments. But technically it's not a backflip... I didn't hold Z and press A, you see. What happened is an automatic backflip glitch that happens sometimes when you're facing a wall, I don't know what causes it exactly. But if you want to call it a backflip, go ahead, spoil my fun...

I did a few 16-star runs a week or two ago... My best was 19:24 and I expect that I can get a time below 18:30 if all the glitches would go right for me. I'll get around it to it one of these days, don't worry  Smiley

EDIT: No, not 19:24... 19:17
That really was an amazing run. Thank you so much for that hour of solid entertainment. Something that you *might* not have known (maybe you just chose not to do it for risk purposes) is that you can skip using the beast in the underwater cavern altogether and just rapidly hit A to make it up that slope, save a few seconds. The only reason i brought that up is that the run was so perfect, that that is the only route change i could even think of (i think there were just a couple even smaller ones, but i cant remember them now) either way all of them together wouldnt even save 10 seconds and probably wouldnt be feasible for that long of a run. Once again, amazing job and Yay! you skipped the moving platform in BitS!! That is one of my favorite tricks, and always wanted to see it in a speedrun context because of the extreme risks involved.
Good luck with your 16 star run, hopefully you can get 18:30 like you guessed, or maybe even...better? Who knows, only time will tell, and now im gonna go watch the run again!  Grin
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What the heck was that?

I'm already resistant to stunts in Mario64 due to all the previous runs, but this takes it to a new dimension.

Let me just quote something from your comments:
triple jump ... turnaround wall kick ... triple jump wall kick ... drop-down triple wall kick (sic!)

That pretty much sums up the video. Awesomeness.

You mention world records for individual levels a few times. Is there a site devoted to that or is that GameFAQs or TG stuff?
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Psychochild: 2005-06-28 09:07:42 pm
Fantastic, amazing, stupendous stuff!

Oh.  And your run's good too.
The man made of sticks
Very entertaining stuff.  Hope you keep running, as quality is assured. Smiley
Ben Goldberg
DL now, only 2 hours left. Smiley

Anyways, from what I'm hearing, this is a very good run. I finished downloading the new 16 star run, and I'm sure you could get 18:xx on the 16 star run. The run was preety sloppy, so I would really like to see a 18 minute 16 star run. Anyways, once I watch this run, I'll give my comments.
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DL now, only 2 hours left. Smiley

Anyways, from what I'm hearing, this is a very good run.

It definitely is. I suggest you to print out his comments and read them while he goes. Sounds all technical and stuff, suggests even crazier maneuvers than he already uses, describes 1001 ways of dying, and tells you that he wants to marry Toad (maybe she? But there's a le in the nick...)
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bushwacker: 2005-06-28 10:41:15 pm
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
I'm totally gay for Toad  :-[

EDIT: Nope, never knew about skipping the cavern monster altogether, I'll have to try that. Something I heard about recently was some sort of trick to fall from the boulder room straight down to the lake by hopping over a wall or something... I'll need to look into it, it could be useful later.

And individual star records, the Gamefaqs board has a "Fastest Star Times" topic and a "Weekly Video Competition" but they're both pretty dead nowadays. There's a chart at (probably not up-to-date) that shows what some of us have managed on individual stars, though it doesn't give any idea of strategy. The Weekly Video Competition has some pretty neat videos if you look hard enough.
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Blublu: 2005-06-28 10:43:26 pm
Hey, I just finished watching. HOLY SHIT. Shocked I don't even know where to start. That run was just amazing. You took so many risks, did so many crazy tricks, it's a miracle you didn't fail spectacularly at least 70 times. That, or you're REALLY good at this game. You could start a new religion around this speedrun. I'll have to watch it again soon because I accidentally blinked while watching it the first time.

Ok, I'll stop now. 8)

Edit: Oh, I forgot a minor nitpick: You forgot (or didn't know about) the trick when getting the "blast the wall" star in Whomp's Fortress. You know the one I mean, right? You land on the spinning platform after blasting the wall, so you don't have to blast from the cannon again. Right.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Very solid run; I was extremely impressed with the tricks that you decided to include, lol.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Blublu, the interesting thing about that particular method of "Blast away the Wall" is that it's not even the FASTEST method since you have to wait a couple seconds for the rotating bridge to get into place... I knew about the trick at the time, yes, but figured it was too hard so I never tried. However, I explain in my comments the very fastest known method.
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Caution Coureur... he only does this so he can demand more videos from you later. Wink

Mooooore videos! (imagine voice of zombie on blood withdrawl) Shocked
:oWow, this is probably better than what an emulator can do!!!! Grin Cheesy Smiley

Tick Tock Clock and Rainbow Ride were my absolute favorites.  I actually yelled WTF during tick tock clock when you had to go above that twomp!

Rainbow Road opening was CRAZY: Triple jump, wall kick of a thin wall, then that jump kick, and grab 3 times!! I thought you were done for!!
dinosaur from the past
Lol, Mario 64 is some crazy shit. So many awesome things, and the thing is, a lot of it isn't even a glitch or anything, just crazy stupid jumps. That's gotta be the best run I've ever seen.

That lego crusher was so wrong, tho.