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Super Castlevania IV (ntscj/ntscus) (snes) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Verifier Responses

Quote from TheKeeperSA:
A/V is ok but it screws up as Dracula is killed by the sunlight.

Time seems to be around 31:56.

Cheating : None

The runner makes the most optimal use of his health to damage boost every opportunity he gets. That adds a layer of tension as it makes each hit a critical one later in the stage. Also all bosses are killed just so ridiculously fast thanks to the cross.

Succeeds in the swinging chain glitch in stage one.
Stage 3 is full of damage boost and swinging chain goodness.
Lag is reduced to a minimum in stage 4-2 and 4-3. Makes succesful use of the zip glitch in stage 4-4.
Once cycle chandelier in stage 6-1 is GREAT!
Stage 7-1 axe boost to the floating book is amazing.
Damage boosting at the beginning of stage 8-1 is amazing.
Slowdown reduced to a minimum in stage 9.
Amazing climb in A-1 with the ring an great RNG with the mummy boss is a dick! Too bad he didn't comply and die in one cycle!!!!!!
Koranot fight is SUPER fast as is Gaibon and Death.

This is an amazing run with great execution from start to finish.

Very easy ACCEPT.

Quote from DK28:
So this run happened...

It would be easy to just throw down a decision, but this run deserves some detail in it's verification.

Stage 1 and 2 - Wile they aren't exactly free, the run doesn't start until 3.

Stage 3 - An important stage as it is very long and damage boosting is very tight if you want the optimal time.  Runner does very well here.  So many tricks that add up quite a bit by stage end.

Stage 4 - Excellent stage, the zip has become so consistent, it's ridiculous.  Great Koranot fight and early orb!

Stage 5 - Harpys can and will crush your soul.  Runner gets the good RNG.

Stage 6 - Like 3, a very long stage that requires top notch execution.  One cycle chandelier!  This stage was so good, probably one of the best in the run.

Stage 7 - Early mistake costing health.  The rest was good.  And favorable RNG.  Grakul fight was exceptional, minimal lag.

Stage 8 - My favorite.  In casual and speed run play, especially low%.  Phenomenal 8-1, best block of the run.  Whew, I've always hated that bridge strat.

Stage 9 - Solid stage, unfortunate Bat fight.  Got hit the wrong direction, but nice recovery.

Stage A - Like 9, incredible stage, but bad Boss fight.  Unfortunately, can't blame the game.  This is the runner's only serious error in my opinion.  Started throwing crosses just a moment too late.  Luckily it was a quick two cycle, only needing one more hit.

Stage B - Wonky bat bridge to start off, but good after that.  Slogra can kick rocks.  Gaibon was a mistake to put into the game.  Death, just, yeah.  Six cycle Darcula, sexy.

This run, in the end, is just amazing.  The couple of errors aside, truly a work of art.  Congrats Paul!  Very hard fought and very well done indeed!

Quote from puwexil:
Audio/video quality looks great to me.

Been following Paul's work on this game for quite a while.  This run is absolutely amazing, and reflects the tons of work put into optimizing each stage/room the past year by Paul and other CV4 runners like JoeDamillio & Hanage_Belmondo.  A few movement errors here and there and some sub-optimal enemy movement patterns (most notably the Mummy boss); but all difficult tricks like the Stage 4 ceiling zip, Stage 6 chandelier 1-cycle, Stage 9 falling blocks cycle skip, and Slogra quick kill were nailed.

Easy accept from me.

A/V good
No cheating detected

I guess with a run like this all there is to say is congrats to the runner. Fantastic performance from start to finish. Paul has been working on this for a long time and this run really shows it.


I know the speedrun community has come a long way since the early days and there are now many very well done speedruns out there, but I'd like to nominate this one to one of the most enjoyable speedruns I have watched to date. It's a very trick-heavy run with with small optimizations literally everywhere and it's all executed very close to perfection. If someone still hasn't watched this speedrun, they should do themself a favor and correct that immediately.

(As strong as an) ACCEPT (can possibly be)

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Furious Paul'!
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