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ozzy88: 2013-12-12 03:20:46 pm
34:27 is amazing on it's own. So congratulations on getting that for your PB!

I've tried to get into running this game numeral times and it is just too difficult for me. I aimed for a sub 40min run and it took me quite some time to get it. It's not even deathless Tongue

So, to say the least I am really impressed by anyone who tackles this game. Keep up the good work! ^_^


I got a 36:54 run today! I'm quite happy with my own progress at the time.

Should this game get it's own thread in "Casual Speedrunning" or should I post my small victories here anyway?
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JoeDamillio: 2013-12-21 08:22:18 am
JoeDamillio: 2013-12-21 03:25:34 am
JoeDamillio: 2013-12-20 02:51:46 pm
It seems we have a new world record!

Just kidding. But the run I got a little bit ago was ~.4sec from WR. 33:42.1 is the actual time though I split 1/10sec late. I want to get back to runs for now but I'll update this post with a breakdown of each stage. tl;dr meh early stages, great mid-stages, terrible Stage 8, decent Stage 9, bad platform RNG in B, near-best final 4.

Overall, I'm alright with this run, because regardless if I get WR anytime soon, I doubt I'll stop running this until I get a run with clean execution.

Here is the video from youtube, it has the twitch video link in the description.

Update: The Breakdown

S1: Good except for Rowdain jumping up. I was able to catch him though, not losing much time.
S2: Pressed whip button too early on the 2nd goblin. Beginning of 2-2 my jump button didn't work lol. Everything else is fine. Medusa was quick.
S3: 3-1; Bad luck with the first stoneman, but got best RNG with the last two.
      3-2; First ring glitch was bad. Missed the damage boost before the 2nd ring glitch but countered it with a good ring glitch, having enough health to pass the sword skeletons, and a quick boss kill.
S4: 4-1 Great Puwexil. Learned this strat before this attempt.
      4-2 Good.
      4-3 Solid.
      4-4 Slow Koronot and no quick orb.
S5: Perfect.
S6: 6-1 Perfect perfect perfect. Got the chandelier strat.
      6-2 Missed the skeleton damage boost over the spikes. That was pretty bad.
      6-3 Got hit by the red skeleton before room transiton. Had to take it easy until the boss. Fortunately I didn't have to stop my movement at all.
S7: 7-1 Fantastic. Got the good RNG.
      7-2 Missed my strat before the boss. Fine besides that.
S8: 8-1 Here's where it all goes wrong. Missed the second whip on the eyeball. That led to me being damaged by the acid drop, which threw off the timing for everything else. For some reason I decided to not boost off the bone dragon at the end of the room, and I really payed for that decision. All of this forced me to grab meat, and waste even more time.
    8-2 Got the stairs strat and everything else that follows. Disappearing platforms didn't kill me obviously. Overall lost 9 - 10 seconds on this stage.
S9: 9-1 Bad RNG entering the 2nd room. Made a mistake at the last gold skeleton and got damaged.
      9-2 Missed 2nd ring which costs a little time. Didn't need meat for the boss. Slow boss kill.
A: A-1 Great. Couldn't have been much better.
    A-2 Bad 1st cycle, good 2nd cycle.
B: B-1 Solid.
    B-2 Really bad platform RNG. This put Hanage ahead for good, for the rest of the run.
    B-3 Great Slogra. Great Gaibon. Best Death. Best Dracula. Only improvement I could've made here was a cycle on Slogra, and a few 1/10sec on Gaibon maybe. The chances of this final4 happening again though are... well, it won't.
Awesome job, JoeDamillio!  Amazing time!
Professional Second Banana
Nice!  Does that make you the only other member of the sub-34 club besides Hanage now?
Thank you PJ! The support is always appreciated!

Puwexil: Yes, that is correct. Best time behind mine is Just_Defend's 34:31 (34:25 SDA). I hope to see him join the club, but he has told me it will never happen. So in other words, I expect to see him there at somepoint.

Also thought I'd say it here: I've started a weekly race for this game. It's on Sundays at 1pm/est. The first race went well last week, and I hope to see new names popup as the weekly races go along. Skill level doesn't matter. I wanted to give enough time so anyone who wants to watch the lttp weekly race, is able to.
just( •_•)>⌐■-■ ..... (⌐■_■)wing it
holy shit ur amazing.  just remember this game isn't short enough to warrant decimal places being factored into a wr or not.  so if u have the same time barring the decimal places then u tied em.  I REALLY wanna catch ur stream live now.  I"m really amazed that someone is able to take out hanage's run...many consider his run to be one of japan's finest
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JoeDamillio: 2013-12-23 08:53:31 am
JoeDamillio: 2013-12-21 07:48:17 pm
Thank you Zewing Smiley Tbh I went to exact decimals since mine and Hanage's run are not even a half second apart. Other than that I was planning to use regular time. I personally think his record is so good, it deserves to have it's own place, instead of being tied with someone who's technically behind by a few 1/10s of a second.

Btw if you want to catch my stream, be prepared for many resets, and lots of early stage repetition. I don't know how it is for viewers, but it's annoying as hell for me (especially when I'm in my early stages crisis). I also take breaks while streaming often, because I simply can't grind this game for so long at a time.

Japan's finest? I was unaware. That is awesome. Hanage, though being an extremely talented player, is an extremely nice person as well. Without his kind gestures, I would be less skillful and much less knowledgable about the game.

I hope to obtain the WR by the end of this year.
yeah, I knew you could do this but it's still a little surprising, his run is really really good.  I'm sad I missed it.

anyway, I wanted to say congrats!
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Congrats Joe, what a crazy run. Hope to see Sub 33:40 Cheesy
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JoeDamillio: 2013-12-22 03:23:59 pm
Thank you Zoast! Yeah his run is crazy. It's safe for me to say if he didn't make the mistake he did in Stage 4 and Stage 9, it'd be pretty much unbeatable.

Thank you Deuceler! You will see well beyond sub33:40 at somepoint. Who knows when though.

Also, before I started the weekly cv4 race, Blechy whitelisted me! Now you guys can see me on the frontpage of SRL whenever I stream. I hope this move will help CV4 make it's way above-surface. Extremely thankful of Blechy's generous move to do this.
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Just wow.  Very noyce.  With your skill I definitely see a couple seconds of improvement but what a tall order (!)
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MASTER-88: 2013-12-30 12:05:52 pm
MASTER-88: 2013-12-30 12:04:47 pm
This is so hearthbreaker. Joe did most awesome attempt ever (20 seconds ahead hanage run). End of the level B (just before Slogra enter) he goes falling down and thats it. This mistake was just really dumb. I think he throw his controlls to wall after this. This mistake was really sad. Probably most sad i ever see my life. His run goes nearly perfected. I know Joe can got 33:20 time if attempts like this will happen again.

I´ll wish better luck next time. I know you can make it.
Good News Master 88:  He didn't have to wait for long.  :-) 
Master-88 confirmed Bringer of Good Fortune.  Cheesy

That run was really, really sick, Joe!  The only things that I can even see to improve are the early chandelier cycle and 1-cycle mummy.  Everything else was so ridiculously good.  I'm shocked you're going to try to improve it any more.
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MASTER-88: 2013-12-30 10:07:06 pm
Sick run Joe. Nice to hear you still keep that your progress, i always enjoy watch streams with this game. I can see with incredible RNG you could aim under 33:10 probably even under 33 minutes in future.

This look you was something like 8-10 seconds behind your all around best sub times (failed run) when you enter level A. But you make incredible great job in levels A & B. Still failed mummy 1 cycle and some decent luck with Dracula. Hanage seems have really quick Dracula fight.

But hell yeah this run was really sick and really lucky. I have to say congrats. I´ll wish you luck go for better and better time, its just work seconds by seconds.
B+Left, Left, Up+B, ★
This run was incredible. One of my favorites to watch, for sure. Fantastic job! Cheesy
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JoeDamillio: 2013-12-31 08:08:53 am
Thank you guys so much. Master-88, I actually got the best dracula once again, which is 1 cycle faster than Hanage. Somehow I even saved two seconds as well. And yeah, I wasn't feeling great after I missed the last platform in Stage B (that's the first and only time I've ever died there). Though that run was amazing, this WR run basically evens that run out because of how insane my final4 was. There is pretty much zero time to save in the final4 from my WR video.

I will update this with the breakdown of each stage. It was still pretty sloppy gameplay (except final4 of course) and I can still save a lot of time (10 - 30 seconds). But wow, once again the final4 was so insane. I would be very surprised if anyone ever sees a final4 go that well ever again. The fact his endgame was beyond the highlight of his run, and I dominated him over that, is insane.

Again thank you everyone. I'll update this more later but I felt I should post something in the meantime.

33:21, new world record. 20 seconds of improvement. December 30th, 2013, at 7:17pm the run was completed.
awesome run joe, very enjoyable watch :>
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
Superb Joe!  How far this run has come, loving it!  thumbsup
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
*Bump for neccessary category discussion*

So I've recently decided to attempt a Low% run of this game.  Yes, I'm crazy.

There have been talks in chats and such about the actual definition of Low% for Castlevania IV.  The obvious appears to be no Whip Upgrades and no Sub Weapons (Cross, Holy Water, etc). 

The point of contention is the other things in the game.  Mainly: Rosaries, Invincibility Jars and Meat.  I think it's obvious that hearts and money bags are no big deal.  But as I plan on submitting to SDA, I wanted to clearly define the category before getting too deep.  Please discuss...
Whip upgrades - Obviously a no. Not just because it's... well... an upgrade, but Simon keeps it in his possession until he dies. I think this is the main thing I'm paying attention to when it comes to defining this category.

Subweapons - Obviously a no. Kept in Simon's possession until he dies.

Hearts & Money - Can only grab the big hearts. Any candles with a small heart will spawn the short-chain whip. Idk about money collection. I mean, this isn't a high score run so it shouldn't matter, right?

Zappers  - It doesn't stay in Simon's inventory at all. Just a quick clearing of all enemies on screen. I'm for allowing this, but I'm very open to any further discussion/disagreements.

Invincibility - This one is difficult. It doesn't stay in Simon's inventory but the effect does last long enough to be questionable. Personally, I would allow it, because as I said before, I'm mainly focusing on what stays in Simon's inventory and what doesn't. Again, open to any further discussion/disagreements.

Meat - Possibly the most difficult one to discuss. Does it technically stay in your inventory? Do any other games have this kind of issue they ran into, and what did they do to resolve it? At the moment, I would allow this but to be honest, I don't think I can give much of a reason. Another question is, could we even beat this game, let alone some stages without grabbing any meat unless we are extremely slow? That may be another issue too. The pace of the speedrun may get so extremely slow it won't even be interesting to do/watch. Hey, I guess that could be my reason lol.
  Just thought of something else too. The Final4 without meat = just shut off the game and walk away. That would really, really suck. So I think at the end of this post, I can comfortably say yes to grabbing meat HP. Feel free to discuss further.

Also there is a trick that I can't imagine wouldn't be useful, where you get hit & die the same time you transition into another room. You skip the death animation/cutscene and enter the next room with full health, no upgrades, nothing. Just like you died normally. This should be useful in Stages 6 and possibly 8. Maybe more stages. We will have to do more research.
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
Thanks Joe, that does help.  Playing with the Leather Whip and no Cross alone is brutal.  Having use of the Rosaries and meat will allow for more damage boosting.  The run would still be slower and require more killing of enemies, but should still prove interesting.

Again, still open for discussion for anyobody who'd like to chime in...
FuriousPaul - At first, thought we should try the truest form of low%. No nothing, ban all basically. "You don't truely know if it's possible until we try." After discussing how bad the Final4 would be and stuff, he thinks just no whip upgrades and subweapons is good.

Dbx - 8:21 Dbx: if you wanna ban meat you gotta ban rosaries and invincibility pots
8:21 Dbx: if you wanna include meat you gotta keep rosaries and pots imo
8:22 Dbx: otherwise it's a bit arbitrary
8:22 Dbx: that's my take on it

I agree with both of their statements. Even Paul's first statement of "We won't know if it's possible until we try."
Hey. Smiley My opinion on meat, pots, and rosaries is that if you include one of the 3 (e.g. meat), it would be too arbitrary to not include the other 2, and vice versa of course.
I agree with Paul about excluding pretty much everything possible (at least at first), especially after seeing some of your run last night DK.  I think the idea of places to death-warp is really neat.
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
Thanks for the replies gentlemen.  Sounds like we kind of have two answers.  One with Meat, Pots and Rosaries and then one without.  Tongue
So I'm thinking of a trial by fire...  Last night was the first real attempt, I really just wanted to get some splits (Orphic Vipers can go to hell).  I don't mind grinding a little to see what could truly be possible with absolutely nothing.  Honestly, my initial reaction was the run was going to be quite slow with nothing at all.  However, death abuse is a thing.  I don't mind reconvening after putting in some work and seeing how things lay out and whether we should allow those 3 things if the run is truly going to be impossible.  That said, yes, the Final Four is not possible without meat.  You WILL die.  I beat Slogra with one hit left, Gaibon finished me off easily.