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Super Bomberman 3 (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

I should start off by saying that this is not a bad run.  The runner has a fairly high level of skill with the game and some of the routes are super fast.

That being said, there is a lot of inconsistency in the strategies and decisions made.  A lot of time is spent searching for items that become redundant quickly (hearts, excess bombs and fire, etc.).  The runner goes way out of their way to avoid certain risky scenarios yet felt was ok with taking a few needless hits at no benefit.  I'm on the fence about it, and a lot is lost in translating the runner's comments.

Things that are of note for other people to consider while judging:
The kangaroos give you a skill when you ride them, and each color has a specific power.  The blue one that the runner gets early on lets you toss bombs around, which helps a lot early on.  Once you get the glove, though, this just becomes a one hit buffer.
There are other kangaroos (called rooeys) that give beneficial powers, like walking through walls (which the runner gets anyways) and fast movement.  The runner doesn't find these/use them, though.  Instead, two blue ones are found and lost right before the glove, so no worries there, and then a third brown one is found and killed instantly for some reason.
I'm pretty sure that once you grab 3 bombs and 3 fires, the runner should stop collecting them.  The only benefit past these points is to ensure that you cover more of the screen in fire during boss fights, but this also constantly plays a risk in hurting the player.
Grabbing hearts will only keep you from dying if you get hit.  The runner spends small but obviously notable amounts of time grabbing these when he only would have lost one near the very end of the game when he accidentally hits himself during a transition (unless there is cutscene invulnerability, in which case, all the better).  I don't think a speedrun should be picking these up unless they plan to run through monsters, but the runner takes long detours even with hearts on hand.

So, I think I will accept this, but I am not confident in the run.  A little polish could have saved a lot of time here, especially if the runner focused more on finishing levels and less on collecting things and playing it safe with enemies.  Otherwise, no cheating, A/V is fine, and I'm interested in what the others runners have to say.

Well, since I am late, might as well keep this short (would have been anyway).

The runner seems to know what they want to do. RNG makes that a bit tough though as what drops when and where. The runner does some extra farming in the early stages to easily get the power ups they want. I can easily see that this is not necessary. Power ups can be slowly obtained over the course of a few stages. But I have to say, for the first run of this game, I like it. Small mistakes here and there are not enough for a reject. No major mistakes are to be found, so why not accept. I look forward to anyone improving this though.

Funny what happens when you request to watch multiple Bomberman runs and how they look in comparison.  While the run that I watched previously was pretty spot on, this one was... a bit less organized.  Not to say that the run was bad, but there were times when the runner seemed to focus item collecting rather that just simply ending the stage.  As mentioned by my other verifiers, the power ups can easily be obtained as you play through the stages, but at least it didn't seem to be the primary focus the majority of the time.

Where things stand, this run is good enough to be accepted to the site, but I wouldn't be shocked to see if someone comes along and gets a better time by taking a few more risks.  Like what verifier 1 said about the kangaroos and how there can be one to walk through walls, there maybe a slight chance an improved run might be able to find that kangaroo and be able to just run through everything this runner didn't.  Still for what we got, it is still a job well done.

Decision: Accept

Reason: Bit of a weak accept all-around, but when it comes down to it, everybody gave it a pass.

Congratulations to 'FunilaSM64!'
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