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Streets of Rage (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses
Quote from RedArremer:
Alright, Streets of Rage. Awesome that we're finally seeing this game submitted to SDA! Smiley

A/V is good, no cheating detected.

Now, this run is really really good. The only things I see that are improvable are Round 7 - this seems mostly just unclean rather than bad - and most importantly Round 6. As the runner calculates, he loses around 10 seconds to this stage.

But, while this run certainly is improvable, it's still a REALLY great run. So I don't see a reason not to accept this.

A/V is fine
AI manipulation shenanigans populate the run, but I've been told this is not considered cheating (further investigation pending however.........)

This is a really solid run. The runner shows a lot of skill being able to manipulate the enemies. Aside from knowing exactly what attacks are required to kill every enemy without wasting time, the runner also barely flinches when the occasional randomness to the AI routines comes up.

I will say that stages 6 and 7 can be done quicker, and not due to cleaning up mistakes necessarily. There were times that the crushers on stage 6 weren't used for instant kills, which would've saved a decent amount of time. As for stage 7, throwing enemies off of the lift is not as hard as the comments make it sound, but considering that the enemies were taken out in groups instead of 1 at a time, that can slide.

Definitely an Accept. Improvable yes, but the bar has been set really high for a first run.

Shiny new comment system is shiny.

V is fine, A is typically glorious as it's an SoR game, what do you expect?

In general, this run is very solid. As mentioned above the runner deals very well with the times that the RNG doesn't go their way and has good strats for manipulation as well as a great knowledge of spawns etc.

I actually debate the use of the special in stage 1 (and some other places but much less so) as with luck it is possible to kill that group about a second quicker, however without the special requires VERY good AI luk/manipulation so I don't begrudge the runner in the slightest.

I also agree with the above verifier about stage 7 and throwing enemies off but it can really mess up your stride if you fail just one.

On the whole, this is a very good run and deserves a place on the site, so my verdict is accept

Now go and run it on a harder difficulty Wink

Ok the run is pretty good first run as Blaze Fielding on Normal.

I have been speed running this game quite a bit lately myself. Fortunately the category I'm running is very different.

The easier difficulties rely less on backup due to less enemy count and base HP. Normal doesn't increase the base HP but adds a few more enemies per section, most notably a few more juggling Jacks on Rounds 2, 6 and 8.

There are a few questions that look like it’s improvable unless the runner explains.

Round 1)
First three sections notably, the player doesn’t use jump kicks as the screen scrolls yet uses them on the final section. I understand it kills the enemy quicker because
she is weaker than the other 2 characters as it requires 3 jump kicks to kill the most basic enemy in the game (Axel/Adam only need 2 jump kicks).

Round 2)
Section two, the player uses backup. Again I don’t speed run normal difficulty as Blaze. The Blue Garcias (except the knife wielder) and Yellow Signals can be 1 hit killed with a knife stab, and with good luck I think it’s faster to not use the backup strat.  Boss two uses the safe/reliable method of the infinite combo, the risky method is let go -> regrab like the other boss fights but this boss can fight back really quickly. It’s very hard to do and you need to do it at least 7 times on the lowest difficulty.

Round 3)
I notice that not jump kicking while going along isn’t as bad as I thought because the last bunch of enemies only comes in after killing a few nearby the start of each section. 

Round 4)
The first section is actually pretty good. I can tell by listening to the BGM whether or not I was losing time, back before Wsplit became a thing. The death abuse is understandable as well, it does reduce luck but isn’t always the fastest. Section 3 is the weakest section because you can just use the knife to one hit kill the Yellow Signals and two hit kill the Red Hayuko. That Hayuko is unique as there is a small chance it will land on his feet after a knock down. The runner just suicide and use backup. The next section is fine because a knife can’t one hit kill the enemies and pretty big in number.

Round 5)
No need to use jabs against the stabbing Garcias, you can approach them at 45 degrees and do 5 knees pummels.
Section 3, using the bat is recommended here as it actually knocks down the special Nora who begs for mercy. But double checking that, you’ll have to deal with a few extra enemies along the way, especially the bottom left spawn. Section 5 is annoying on any difficulty, backup is a must. The best part of the run is the boss fight, a casual viewer will go Shocked Shocked after watching it. But for me, the biggest surprise is the infinite grab combo near the end.

Round 6)
Pretty good round, but I don’t know why the runner picks up the Police Backup item if he never uses it during the rest of the stage. Lost 1 second there. The boss fight is actually good.

Round 7)
Fun fact: The Sega Vintage Collection release on PSN/XBLA has a special IL time attack for this stage only and you can watch replays of the in-game time WR runs. The fastest run doesn’t fully rely on tossing enemies to the right side of the screen, instead the players rely on good luck with the enemy manipulation and try and get all of them grouped together into [character’s name] infinite combo.  They eventually use the bat during sections 4 and 5 to 2/3 hit KO the majority of the enemies including the special Nora who begs for mercy after taking a hit.  This run time would roughly be 3 minutes, 8 seconds which is only 25 seconds longer than the IL WR if I remember correctly.

Round 8)
This stage is make or break because you can lose a lot of time easily if things don’t go to plan. It’s possible as Axel to get 4x double grab glitch on the Blaze clones for instance but it’s not always 100% consistent. The stats on Blaze makes the fight a little different due to faster speed, this run didn’t get the 4x double grab. The final boss uses very different strats than Axel because there are loads of differences between the two characters.  For instance, Axel cannot safely jump kick against Mr.X, Blaze’s throw is far enough to be considered a legit projectile when tossing Garcias around to hit him from a distance. I wish the next run is a lot more risky because if you time the grab pummel just right, it counts as an invincibility frame and Garcia will ignore trying to jab the character and steps away instead.

Even though I pointed out a reasonable amount of flaws, I also noticed that the runner was playing it on the original Genesis 2 which means I don’t think he had any savestates for practice. I also play a lot of runs on Easy as Axel so maybe the strats used in this run (outside of bosses) are legit, except Round 4 – Section 3.

I’ll accept for it now, while improvable, it does show some cool tech as Blaze.

Audio Quality: Good
Video Quality: Good

This is a really good run. I barely see any mistakes aside from some mishaps with enemy AI. But other than that, this get's an accept from me.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'galedog'!
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galedog: 2013-11-17 11:33:27 am
Cool, thanks guys.

As for picking up the special on Round 6. I do that just in case the boss goes badly.

Also, Should I send a statID encode now? I'm assuming the total time is 29:47, right?
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UraniumAnchor: 2013-11-17 02:23:48 pm
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It hasn't been officially timed yet, but IsraeliRD will probably notify you when he's done it.
Alright, thanks.
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So I take it the new verification posting system is working fine?
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What I have of it so far, yes. It's not anywhere near complete. The posts are still being done manually, which is something that would benefit a lot from automation.