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Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

A/V looks good.
No signs of cheating.
I have the unofficial SDA timing starting at 17 seconds and ending at 22:37 for a full time of 22:20.

As  someone who spent 2 months learning to speed run this game, I have a bit of a unique outlook on this run.  I ended up abandoning the project due to two factors about the game making it not terribly interesting for speedrunning. 

1. There's a boatload of auto-scrolling and waiting for enemies to spawn that give energy to open a portal.
2. ABSURD amounts of randomness by the bosses and various enemies in the game.

I've always felt the game could be run, but it would need to be by someone with a ton of patience and a real love of the game itself. 

The runner shows an ok knowledge of the game, but there's a severe lack of planning and execution in this run, and very little of it can be blamed on the random nature of the game, here's my stage by stage breakdown.

(note, i break this down by stages, and then stage # portal.  so for example stage 7 portal would be the level after the boss fight of stage 7 where  there is only a single screen and a portal either opens automatically or is triggered by killing enemies and getting enough energy to open it.  If i dont mention a portal stage that means nothing of note occured there)

Stage 1 - Runner gathers 5 powerups throughout the stage as needed.  Boss fight is very very sloppy.  The red devil can be killed after a single pass of his super armored flight move, and i found it easier to accomplish this by fighting him near the top of the stage.  My personal best in game clock time for enterting the portal was 95 seconds.  Runner enters at 88 after a very slow boss fight.  This boss can be a bit random and annoying, but theres really no reason to not strive for a near perfect fight when its the first stage.

Stage 2 - You can get 2 kick shots on the grappling boss as he decends and then wail on him.  After this his pattern is random, but the runner only gets 1 kick shot off (this is a lot of damage loss despite being one shot, kick shots are potent), and then fails to shoot upward when the boss grappled right above them, losing some time that could have been picked up. 

Stage 3 - There are an insane amount of powerups in this stage, and since it's auto-scrolling this is the place to gather them up.  Having level 5 shot is of huge importance to downing bosses quickly and ending a ton of fights.  Skipping these power ups is a major flaw in route planning.  Having level 5 shot by the end of this stage is easy, and by having that you can fight the boss by firing upshots from the floor below him, which kills him faster and avoids the risk of taking the hit the runner takes towards the end of the fight.  getting hit is a big deal in this game as it reduces your shot power until you are at level 2.  Runner also missed a jump into the portal, which is nitpicky but something worth noting.

Stage 4 - With level 5 shot this boss can be killed nearly 10 seconds faster.  There's an easy pattern manipulation that can be utilized by jumping to the upper platform and firing at the boss, then jumping up another level and making him come up to you to be killed off by kick shots.  Way too much idle time in this fight.

Stage 5 - The first stage with random spawns that you need to kill for portal energy.  Runner chooses this stage to gather shot powerups, which costs far more time here.  The power ups could have been grabbed in the auto scroller with no time loss.  This makes the runner have to wait on more spawns and costs time.  While randomness is annoying here, being able to focus entirely on where enemies spawn and staying towards the middle of the stage yields solid results compared to hunting for powerups.

Stage 6 - Runner performs the climb well and gets the all important barrier orb which is huge useful in running this game.  Boss fight is slowed again by not having full power shot.i  The flower boss can be killed by wailing on it with up shots as it appears on screen, then hopping to the uper level and firing horizontal shots to the left which will kill it before it can fly any further.  This is one of those games where a hit 3 stages prior can cost you time in later stages due to not having max shot power.    This is a perfect example of this.

Stage 7 - Lag management is key in this stage, runner lets too many enemies get on screen and this really stalls out the process.  Knowing where to go to try and manipulate the random spawns of the floating eye enemies is key to getting as good of a time as the RNG will allow here. 

Stage 7 portal - The runner gets hit here which is a ugly mistake.  Not only does this slow down the gathering of portal energy, but it loses shot power in a stage where enemies spawn slowly and are easily avoidable.  Not a huge gaff, but in a run already full of these mistakes less than halfway in, they add up quick.

Stage 8 - With level 5 power shot the giant eyeball boss dies in almost not time.  Not having it allows the boss to retract back up to the cieling and cost a good chunk of seconds.  Again the random hits earlier are costing lots of time as we progress.

Stage 9 - First red devil dies decently quick, Again with proper power shot they should never last more than one pass of their super armor flying attack.  Runner grabs the flash kick powerup which is very useful since Ken is invincible during it's animation.    The fight against the 2 red devils at once is simply put, ugly.  The best way to handle this fight is to stay on the middle platform and wail on one til it does its super armor start firing on the 2nd one, then jump over the first and finish it off.  With a little luck the 2nd devil will follow a similar a similar manipulation and die without too much trouble.  This was the first stage where the sheer randomness of enemies became really off putting to me as a runner, but despite that this is a poorly executed fight, and the runner can do much much more to help mitigate some of the natural damage the RNG can do to this run.

Stage 10 - Runner waits for the armidillos on the cliff.  By going into kens flip animation as he climbs up a ledge you can avoid being hit by them and not have to wait for them to pass by.  Easily worth a few seconds per armadillo. 

This boss fight is horribly random, but ideally with max power the mummy can appear right next to you on a platform and be killed before it teleports again.  If this doesnt happen the runner has to improvise but the best bet is sitting on the platforms and waiting for the boss to re-appear in your line of fire.  I wont gripe too much on this fight because it can just flat out screw you over, but the lack of planning to this point implies to me that the runner is unaware of just how fast this boss can die with good luck.

Stage 11 - Decent fight, but the boss can be manipulated by bringing him to the left most wall and climbing up to head level when his  body forms.  This is an almost instant kill with level 4 or 5 power shot.  See the Tas for specifics, there's a tick of randomness but this is a rather easy fight to manipulate and save some more time.

Stage 11 portal - Runner has taken a ton of hits to this point and attempts to farm health drops here.  This cost tons and tons of time and frankly is an unacceptable way to try and mitigate health loss in a game with so much auto-scrolling. 

Stage 12 - This is a pretty well executed stage,  runner doesnt take hits and arrives at the portal in good time after getting the last energy drop for it.  No complaints for the sand waterfall.

Stage 13 - Runner utilizes the barrier orb which can put out ridiculous damage when used right.  Still this fight can be faster by latching onto the wall and again using level 5 power shot to destroy the boss as he first comes on screen.  This also avoids taking damage.  I thought this might be the start of the runner using the barrier orb to save a lot of time later on, but that was not the case.

Stage 14 - More avoidable damage is taken here, but the runner gets decent luck on frog spawns.  They can fall into the pits frequently.  A little time can be saved by killing the last frog closer to the portal spawning point, but this is an ok stage compared to a lot of the run.

Stage 14 - Runner fires off two kick shots after killing the first two towers that completely wiff and waste time. This is yet another place that level 4 or 5 power shot saves a ton of time, as power shots have the distance to kill all 3 towers with no effort.

Stage 15 - Another auto-scroller.  Runner handles that section fine.  This boss fight is where i expected to see more use of the barrier orb.  By waggling back and forth with left-right on the dpad you can output absurd damage on bosses due to the barriers hit stun reseting with every time the sprite turns (this happens in basically 1 frame so the faster you can waggle the more damage you can do).  With even moderate barrier waggling this boss can die in 1 cycle after her first two initial torpedo attacks across the screen.  This fight can be random, but this is a rather straight forward technique for a quick kill.

Stage 15 portal - Again the mummy can be random but this fight is really really bad.  Runner has to be prepared and have a high power level shot so that when the boss finally does sit still, it dies fast.    Randomness is a factor here, but the time loss here has a lot more to do with poor execution.

Stage 16 - The clam boss dies instantly with max power shot, yet another case of time lost due to not managing damage throughout the run.  As a side note, the runner took about 5 seconds too long skipping the cutscene after this stage.

Stage 17 - extremely random spawns here that have to be killed for portal energy.  This is probably the best stage of the run.  Well handled and gets to the portal asap.  We need more stages like this one!

Stage 18 - More random hits taken on an auto-scroller.  This is beating a dead horse but these things are brutal at this point.  Not having max power shot for the final stage is just way too much time lost.  The enemy spawns are a bit random, but its not hard to manipulate and dodge them on auto-scrollers.  This kind of thing shouldn't be ok with the runner.

Stage 18 portal - runner has to stop and get powerups in an attempt to get power shot leveled up for final stage.  Not a ton of time lost, but again the theme of the issues with this run continue to persist.

Final Stage - Ok i'll be frank here.  Even if the run up to this point would have been a solid attempt, this stage alone is just a god-awful finale.  The clam boss fight is ungodly slow, flash kicks, barrier waggle, or high level power shot all destroy this thing quickly.  This stage is a boss rush and on the first boss fight the runner has lost 20 seconds, which is a ridiculous amount of time for a run this short.

The pillar section is really bad, runner waits on the flying enemies instead of quickly going from pillar to pillar.  There is zero reason to wait here, and shows a lack of practice on this stage.   

The grappler boss was slow  as well, again he can be hit with multiple kick shots when he appears, and with level 5 shots he dies comically fast.  After this boss the runner tries to farm health drops again....and ends up takin a hit.  This is about as bad as it gets. 

The two mummy fight is a cruel joke to deal with right at the end of a game with so much randomness, but again its on the runner to have a good plan to deal with this issue they best they can.  At this point i can't really offer up the benefit of the doubt on RNG when the execution has been so lackluster.  That makes 3 sloppy boss fights in a row in the midst of a boss rush :/

The first form of the final boss gets absolutely obliterated by barrier waggle.  That can be a risky strat, so a safer one is just having a huge power shot level, wailing on him, and then jumping behind him before he shoots.  He'll die super quick either way.   

Final form of the boss is slowed because of, you guessed it, not having high level power shot.  With even level 3 shot you can hang on the wall and obliterate the face of the boss before anything happens.  Has anyone noticed a pattern with my gripes yet?

I realize im being harsh but with how much i learned about this game in a very short amount of practice on it, this run really just doesn't make the grade.  There's a run on this game of youtube with SDA timing around 19:30, and in what time i spent planning a route i figured my goal time to be nothing short of a minute  faster than that.  Make no mistake, this is a hard game to run, and the runner does do a full playthrough with no deaths and completes the game.  Sadly the lack of planning and knowledge about the game and it's stages and the extremely sloppy execution make this a rather resounding Reject from this verifier.  I definitely don't expect someone to go through the game with no damage and no mistakes,  but losing levels on your shot power is a huge cost of time during this run, and anyone striving for a SDA submitted run should be looking to never fall below level 4 on their shot power, which will pretty much gaurantee all the easy quick kills on bosses.

I hope the runner will go back and put some more time into learning the routes and imrpove this run.  With some more work and the RNG not being a complete buzzkill i see no reason a sub 19 run cant be done with moderate route planning and attempts. 

I pretty much have to agree with everything the above verifier said.

I was already leaning pretty hard towards a reject when I watched this because of how much time is lost having to regain shot power if nothing else, but then I compared it with the TAS to see if some better strats existed and there's a lot of stuff in the TAS that this run does not do that's perfectly reasonable for a realtime run, RNG aside.

I was going to try to run this game through on an emulator and see if I could come up with better strats, but the above verifier took care of that for me.

Sorry, going to have to reject this. Needs a lot more polish.

Flip Masters.

SF 2010.  I was really excited to see this.  I'd thought about running it, but I could never commit.  I realize this game is hard, I really do.  But as mentioned, there's a lot of roughness to this run.  My main gripe isn't that he gets hit, as I expect that to happen, it's that when the runner does get hit, it's really bad.  The runner gets hits in places and ways that shouldn't happen and should be easily avoidable.  I was on the fence with a 'Meh Accept', but I'm going to have to agree on the REJECT.

Ken Masters apparently stopped being a Street Fighter to pursue his one true love: bioengineering! While him and his science friend were playing God and attempting to modify everyone’s cytoplasm to be better and good, he mistyped a line in his program and created cyBoplasm. In the resulting carnage, Earth was overwhelmed by mutated beastys and his science friend has gone missing. (Little does Ken know, his science friend is actually a science fiend who rempapped his keyboard! Oho!) A little cybernetic enhancement later, Ken goes forth to Hadoken, Flipdoken, Kneedoken and DukeNukemDoken anything in his path to find the source of his errors.


Audio and Visual is great, dat soundtrack!
No cheating noticed.
Time appears to be 22:20.

Level 1: Scorpiowing – The runner attains the highest attack power he can, but fights the boss at a spot where they cannot properly engage him on their terms.  Also, the hit doesn’t really cost time, but yeech.
Level 2: Monkey Mace- The runner doesn’t maximize damage on the boss’ intro, and then is a bit sloppy. Good job on the spacing, but has potential for more.
Level 3: Nathan Spencer – This level is a GOLDEN opportunity to grind out some powerups. Y u no strongth? Also, the boss could be hit from below with more power.
Level 4: Spark Man – The boss isn’t immune to damage while firing his shot, so I wonder why he wasn’t being romped on after his first attack.
Level 5: Rocket Power – These convienient power ups are not the most optimal sadly, given level 3. And those curve shots, Mr. Masters needs to work on his slider.
Level 6: Marian ½ - Barrier? Good. Climbing using only your arms? Manly. Not utilizing the range on your shots? Meh.
Level 7: Ken Masters vs Wedding Rings – Accuracy. Or a fear of commitment, but likely accuracy.
Level 7.5: Rocket Power: The Movie – I have no words for all the missing on that first rocket.
Level 8: BigEye – Only an issue due to lower attack power.
Level 9: Arremers R Us – The first Scorpiowing dies simply enough, then you play right into the hands of the other two by fighting them in Sandfish land.
Level 10: Mumm’ra – Stage is ok other than not using the Flipshield, but the Mumm’ra starts are too timid. Again, power is a factor.
Level 11: Scarabo – Decent fight
Level 11.5: MY EARS! – Never imagined I’d hear the portal warning in a speed run.
Level 12: Beetlejuice’s Nightmare – Sandfall goes smoothly, sand worms get whomped.
Level 13: Wasn’t this guy in Werewolf? – Low power dictates the runner’s strategy again. Not bad for the choice, but previous damage haunts him.
Level 14: Toad Trouble – Not too shabby.
Level 14.5: Towers of Power – Ken really gets into the big punch thing, costs him about 3 seconds.
Level 15: The S.S. Narwhal and Aquaman – Stage is fine, but the boss could be Barrier’d to death. See? I told my friends that Royal Guard was superior to Swordmaster.
Level 15.5: Mumm’ra’s Ravenge – Mumm’ra’s a tricky one , but when he open up his guard you need to whale on him!
Level 16: Bugface and Snapjaw: More power means a faster fight. Solid again for the power had, but yeah.
Level 16.9 – Cutscenes are tricky.
Level 17: Wedding Ring’s Revenge – Solid stage, superior aim, great work.
Level 18: The City that Never Built Sidewalks – More lost power, that’s all there is to it sadly.
Level 19: Boss Rush!
Bugface: …..wat?
Pillars of Autumn: Go go go!
Monkey Mace: Kinda choppy due to low power, and farming produced an iffy crop of -.5 health.
Mumm’ras: With level 2 power and low health, the runner is forced into temerity.
Science Fiend: Power outage strikes again.
Science Demon: ^

My apologies to the runner, but I must reject this run.

Keep on cracking at it, sooo much time can be saved by maintaining Lvl 4 or 5 power or using the Barrier more. Risk sometimes invites reward.

Decision: Reject

Reason: Needs some better planning and more polish before it's SDA-ready.

This run will be available for a month. After that this link will no longer work.
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