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Stealth Bastard Deluxe (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level]

Decision: Accept

Reason: All levels accepted except 5-10 (slower than the existing SDA-run). Edit: An improved 5-10 was submitted and accepted and will be published together with the other levels.

Congratulations to Vincent 'Badaxis' BILLET!
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Stealth Bastard Deluxe (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level]

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The Great Farming Empire
A/V Quality - Good
No cheating here looks like.

Given that pretty much every level appears to be an improvement of 5-10 seconds over the current IL on the site, I see no reason not to give this run a pass. The execution is solid enough within each IL that I don't see any noticeable time loss to talk about.

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LotBlind: 2017-02-08 01:08:02 pm
There's a tiny little FPS meter top left.

Note to anyone else watching: don't look at the leaderboard as I kept doing, look at the times on the left.

1-1 - Why does Captain Yay have a time that's a full second faster? I wouldn't have minded some notes on each level where there seem to be times that are significantly faster than yours. Was there a patch that didn't cause the tables to reset? Is it possible to see the other players' runs? I do appreciate that if the super jump is something like a one frame trick, it will inevitably create variance in a game where it's so heavily exploitable.

I can see now you can't replay replays because if you could you would have submitted your fastest 1-9 instead.
1-10: no super jumps here - maybe it would take a lot of them to skip a cycle though?
2-9: first time hitting this strat?
9-7: I swear you do the super jump up the elevator later than you should? Overall I felt this could be faster.
4-4: Well you must be awesome at lateral thinking Smiley
4-8: your time is over 2 seconds slower than your record. Why particularly?
5-2: is it possible to jump directly into the opening leading to the door?
5-3: What's that extra hop about at the end?
7-7: Surprised to see no super jumps here at all.
8-7: That scumbag Steve!

While it's clear that not nearly so many of these times would constitute WRs if everyone running knew or had known about the super jump, the runner has been fairly consistent in his placements on the global scoreboard, probably more so than anyone else. There is a lot of work running so many levels and while it wasn't really even necessary, the runner has tackled all of them and brought SDA times down even where no super jumps are involved. Also, some would be demoralized knowing they might not be able to recreate their record runs if they decide to submit on this site after having obtained them.

It's clear many levels could be even faster and I have to assume some of the considerably faster times are legit and the result of better/riskier strategies. Still, enough work went into these for sure so they all get an

Excellent improvements pretty much all over the board (but 5-10 is actually slower than the current SDA-run!). The runner is consistent in the very top of the leaderboards. Many are even #1 (maybe half of them?). While some of the top spots are probably because the competition didn't know about the double-jump, there are also plenty of "frame wars" where the runner comes out on top. It shows in the gameplay that the runner has an eye for details to squeeze out those last frames.

There is obviously an issue with some of the leaderboards (cheating? some patch issue?). But there are also many top times that appear to be legit, judging by some of the names that have credible times for many levels. One name that caught my attention was "lllllll", who has significantly faster 1-06, 1-08 and 1-09. I can't see anything wrong with how the runner played, but that doesn't say too much. So maybe it could be worth looking into the route for those levels again?

There are also a bunch of levels, where the runner hasn't recorded their best run. Most of the time it's just a few frames slow, but the differences between the pbs and the recorded runs for at least 4-08 (2.5s) and 6-08 (1s) look like they are in the upper range.

I haven't analyzed the levels, but there were two things I noted by just watching. In 6-08 (47:59 in the video), wouldn't it have been faster to push the box down instead of stopping to hack? In 8-03, wouldn't it have been faster to end the level by a double-jump?

It would have been interesting with some comments about the different levels, but even without them, it's clear that these are high quality runs.

Accept (1-1 - 5-9 and 6-1 - 8-10)
Reject (5-10, slower than the run on the site)
Decision posted.
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Event horizon
Thanks to evryone for the vertifications. I'm a bit late but I come to give you some insights :
First about the super jump : it's very hard to do, the double tap must be perfect and even then sometimes it doesn't work as expected, the game doesn't handle very fast input correctly. So in a few levels I didn't even try it in order not to ruin an already very good time.
About the leaderboard : after the launch of the game there was a bug in some levels that was (randomly?) resetting your timer if you were taking too much time on the level, allowing some impossible times (but with SJ we matched some), like faster than even doing the hacks, mostly in the first section since most people only played this one.
The leaderboard have not be reset since the launch even after corrective patches and the change on some levels so I can't match all the times.
About the player "lllllll" : I know him, we discussed a lot about the Super Jump technique, unfortunatly he just played the first section, he he's also using a script I made to use the SJ easier in order to test some strats without so much stress inputs, that's why he's ahead in some levels. For instance I didn't use it for the recording session, first because it's forbidden in the rules and second because even with the script the Super Jump is still inconsistent and sometimes fail.
During a level there are checkpoint where you restart when you die allowing to redo a portion perfectly and it doesn't interfere with your timer, I wanted to do only a "no-death" run so not for me.
1-1 : broken leaderboard, can't match
1-7 : I can't match my time because I did it using a glitch where you are allowed to move some frame after respawning in a checkpoint, changing the strat. This one is way harder and cost me +800 records.
1-10 : even if I add a SJ I have to wait the good cycle, some better times where done in a previous version of the level where the timing was different around the last hacking.
2-9 : I failed a Super Jump, but since this level has a lot of SJ and is long it was enough good for me
4-4 : It was very straightforward with the SJ :p
4-8 : The rotating pattern of the boss is random, the first hack is VERY tricky and the timing to stop the block in the right spot is precise, I just had no luck with the rotation
5-2 : Yes it is but the jump is very precise and I failed it after so much stress
5-3 : I'm not sure why you say "extra hop" but just after the last SJ I need to do a tricky jump to get through the door properly or I fall into the teleporter.
6-8 : It wouldn't save time to push down before hacking, I did it before because I was afraid the boss would spot me if I did it after
7-7 : It was the first and only time I had this timing on the blocks under the cameras, couldn't ruin it with a failed SJ, plus the only good one I could have done is at the ending ascension and need some good position and air control.
8-3 : In the end of the leve, if I do a SJ before the left ledge I touch the top one, if I do it after I jump too high and get killed.
8-7 : To be fair it doesn't save any time since it's a scrolling level but it's funny Smiley

I know a lot of my times can be better, if the SJ was easier and more consistent or with a script I would do it, but after hundreds of "no death" tries on every level ruining a lot of them with the tricky SJ execution I had to lower my expectations.

In an other hand I did all the levels with the equipments (it's a different category and leaderboard) mostly with the twin teleporters, using some nasty glitches I discovered. They are way faster than the ones without equipment and are perfectly optimized, should I post them here too ?

Again a lot of thanks for the admins and the verifiers. I'm really happy to finally be a part of the speedrunning history.
Thanks for addressing many of the points that were a bit unclear. I'll just comment on one thing. Re 6-8, I break your sequence down to the following:
1. Push the block to the left
2. Hack
3. Start-pushing-animation (a few tenths of a second of immobility)
4. Push block off the platform on the left
5. Return back to the right

The alternative sequence would be:
1. Push the block to the left until it's pushed off the platform
2. Turn around and hack
3. Continue to the right

It's the "start-pushing-animation" that it looks like you could have skipped with the second sequence. I don't see what influence the boss behavior should have on this. As long as you are on that platform, you're in the danger zone, right? So whether you hack early on or later should end up the same?

Sorry for insisting on this fairly small detail. I just couldn't get the pieces to fit together and couldn't get it out of my head either.

If the set of levels with equipment is anything like the ones you shared with us here, it would without doubt make for a great addition to the site. And they would of course be treated as a separate category.
Event horizon
I see what you are talking about and I think you are right. I was too hurry to hack when I saw the boss not turning in my direction, could have save this animation.
The runs with equipments are better in quality than these, not so much to improve (except with the hardest technique) and I did a better video capture.
I'll send them soon.
Thanks for the replies! Clears things out. I'll try to see those w/ equipment runs for sure!

I'm guessing 5-10 is laregly unimprovable then? I fully admit I'm mostly asking because it's a bit easier to process the run if it replaces all the ILs. Smiley There's bugs...
Event horizon
I did match the best time in 5-10 off-record, I'm pretty sure it's not possible to do better, I'll try to record it again to replace it.
If there is a tie, a new submission will not replace the existing run. Don't worry about the issue with full vs partial IL table mentioned above. It's taken care of.
Event horizon
Wait I just beat it ... not by far but I did it, should I send it the same way I sent the pack of the other runs ?
Wow! I'm soooo impressed! Cheesy I knew you could do it!

ktwo will tell you what to do with the video
New 5-10: well the video looks good! And the time too.

Received in private correspondence regarding the new 5-10:
was awesome, accept from me