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P-1: Some unfortunate micro/pathing issues cost, at most, a second or so. Not enough to reject, though.. pathing in BW is GARBAGE!
P-2: Overall, unit preservation was pretty impressive, although I was disappointed that 2 DTs were lost near the end, as well as the supply block. I doubt the overall impact on the time due to this is large, but I'm confident a few more seconds can be shaved off here. Still, accept.
P-3: Pretty damn good.
P-4: Yes, let's send a single probe in to maneuver around the entire Terran force that Kerrigan left behind her.. Smiley
P-5: THAT was impressive.
P-6: Wow.. how anticlimactic. At least the old way of doing this made things somewhat exciting.
P-7: I really can't believe Blizzard didn't make it impossible to beat the mission this way.. more importantly, I don't know if this can be done faster. The timing of everything was pretty much perfect.
P-8: My favorite way of beating this mission is to destroy the zerg bases.. sadly, that takes way too long to do it in a speed run.
Bonus: Good.

Great job, runner! These are all fantastic submissions, for the most part.

There were no problem with audio, video, syncing, or cheating.

All stages were very well done. While there were a few minor issues, there wasn't really anything that cost an unreasonable amount of time.

Recommendation: Accept

Pausing FTW!!!

... *9 days later*

Really Flip, that is not enough for you... FINE!!! I type some more for you.

Dark Origin - Time of 0:55. Solid strats and about as good as this will get. I can see 1 second coming off and a VERY long shot of 2 seconds. Pausing FTW!!!

P01 - Time of 2:23. That archon is an ass. With a bit better pathing, s few more seconds can come off this. Solid though as is. Pausing FTW!!!

P02 - Time of 9:07. Cant really say much. This had some great micro and was a fun watch. My fave so far (I love micro). Pausing FTW!!!

It is 1:47 AM atm... Ill finish this tomorrow.

*A few days later*

P03 - Very aggressive. Great placement of the Dwebs. Pausing FTW!!!

P04 - Not gunna get much better. Pausing FTW!!!

P05 - Pausing FTW!!!

P06 - You broke bastard. Pausing FTW!!!

P07 - Insta win. Pausing FTW!!!

P08 - Solid attack at the start. Pausing FTW!!!

Ya, all are easy accepts. I remember this game being much harder though... Must not be playing on Hard Mode Wink

There were no problem with audio, video, syncing, or cheating.

All stages were very well done. While there were a few minor issues, there wasn't really anything that cost an unreasonable amount of time.

Recommendation: Accept

Looks good, here we go for the breakdown.

P-1: There are minor pathing issues but you appear to be aware of them as well, still done well and the time lost is minimal.
P-2: This one is the only one I saw any mistakes worth mentioning on.

When you finally got your forces up and were assaulting the base you got supply blocked several times before you added that extra pylon. Possibly save a few more seconds by doing that earlier and allowing for more units to assault the base.

Also I'm curious about the high number of Dragoons. I'm aware that they're there to take out the air units but they're inefficient at killing ground units, ie wasted shots on zerglings whenever they all fire at the same target (this happened multiple times.) If you go back to redo this one you might want to consider adding more zealots once you have a good core of Dragoons. Alternatively you could force the dragoons to hit buildings and not waste shots on zerglings thus allowing the dts and zealots to clear them out. All in all this would realistically be only a few more seconds saved.

Still very well done and a nice improvement over the previous.
P-3: Nicely done not much to offer here
P-4: Nicely done hard to see many improvements, also I like how she kills the marine at the end just cuz she can.
P-5: Man I hated this mission as a kid, always love seeing it destroyed.
P-6: I really miss this bug, good to see it being put to use for speedrun purposes.
P-7: It would be extremely difficult to improve this further if possible at all. Nicely done.
P-8: Another mission I hated as a kid. Wait when did this become tower defense... Still you defended that Towe- Temple admirably. With being constrained by the timing of the storm research it would be difficult to do this faster. Nicely done.

Bonus: Well done, not much else to say here.

Also... Pausing hell yeah.

Recommendation: Accept

Verify good with no audio or video problems. No cheating. Accept

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Freezard!
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Nice, I love watching sc runs, always amazes me how clever IL's can be
Well I'm not sure what the trouble with verification was since it took 9 months, but thanks for verifying anyway! Just rewatched the missions to know what I was doing again Tongue

P02: Hmm yes this was not the greatest run when I look back to it, getting supply blocked and losing the first DT stupidly. I don't think more zealots are necessary, just need a bit better control with the zealots/DTs you already have. Most of all it's a really boring mission though with two pauses (one at the very end).
P07: Hot damn, this was a lot closer than I remember it being. The DA got out 2 frames before the shuttle died and the mind control was really tight as well.
P08: I don't like tower defense, but when you have to save the galaxy you gotta do what you gotta do Wink Well, saving the galaxy might be another game but whatever Tongue
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