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Starcraft: Brood War (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level]

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Quote from Eternalspirit:
Very solid. Could potentially drop the last red Terran bases somewhat sooner but that's the only obvious and reasonable-to-expect improvement I can see.


Quote from gammadragon:
Gameplay is excellent. The runner is clearly skilled at the game and manages the attack forces against multiple enemies in parallel brilliantly. A high number of actions per second definitely helps to take out the enemies in record time through micromanagement.

Audio quality is tinny, as if it was recorded using a microphone. Video quality is generally adequate, but there are some pulsing artifacts which distract from the initial gameplay, most likely due to the original encoding. Also the colours on the victory screen at the end are messed up, but that's likely due to an OS/app compatibility issue. I hope that there is an original recording without these issues because it would be a shame to reject it based on that.

No cheating detected.

Accept based on gameplay, leaving it to SDA admins to decide on whether this meets AV quality standard.

Quote from Freezard:
V/A: Barely passable. 15 fps is really low and the quality could have been better.

Solid 1:30 improvement to the SDA run thanks to better economy management. The runner takes a third and fourth base for extra resources which leads to a bigger army. This is the most difficult mission in the game so there's still quite some room for improvement though.

The time is quite a bit faster than the old one, and it is handled better in some aspects, but lacking in others. The strategy is clearly much better and that is where the time savings are coming from. More specifically, by using cheaper high dps units to clear out the bases faster it can save time over using Ultralisks since it's easier to amass them.

The main issue I'm running into is the sloppy control that borders on plain lazy. Large sections of army are idle multiple times, as well as the runner typing a message to the viewer in chat partway through the mission immediately before sending commands to his army, instead of doing it afterwards. That in particular seems like a silly waste of time.

In the end, it is done better than the previous submission, though.

I would have preferred the runner put the game first before the them self. The runners name is in the intro and outro of the final video, no need to say "hi my name is..." during the run. On the other hand, I do understand that while waiting (and nothing better to do) runners feel the need to do fun stuff. The first few things are easy to overlook, but typing while a fight is going on and giving a battle charge... This is speedrunning and not a marathon performance. Speed and legitimacy is the only things that truly matters. With that said, not much time was lost due to the typing.

The game play was overall solid. when microing that large of an army, it is easy to end up with some of your army idling. I noticed in a few time the runner used a few command cues but only for 2 commands. The game supports up to 9 (i think) so it is possible and feasible to cue up the entire base and then have them in position for the next base so your units are never idling while sitting 1 or 2 spaces from being able to attack. This will improve time and allow the runner to focus on other things with no worries.

This is still an acceptable IL. But time can still be taken off with the same strategy and better use of in game mechanics.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Sergey '4p)MickeyMouse' Kitaev!
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