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Beginners of All
Utilizing a Baneling Bug,I successfully reduced "The Reckoning"'s former record time by half (to 02:16).

How does the Bug work is demonstrated in the latter part of the video.
The Bug is first discovered in Co-op mode where anyone can use 8 Banelings to destroy Amon's Train.
I firmly believe that Blizzard would fix this Bug in the near future.At that time,we could only use this Bug in the off-line Game mode (and with a old version).
There are some ways to improve this record,e.g.,using a Keyboard with shorter Response Interval to Push more repidly,or using a PC with better hardware to avoid the BlackScreen moment whitch you'll see twice in my Demo Video.
BTW,this bug would likely make the game down. Smiley
Wow that's an insane bug... problem with bugs in SC2 is that the game auto-updates and there's no way to get older versions so once a bug is fixed no one can use them anymore. So not sure how they should be handled.
Beginners of All
I think keeping a copy of the present version of game is needed if you want to use bugs to challenge the record next best thing.When auto-update fix this bug,old version's copy will still allow me to use this bug offline.
When the next auto-update comes,I will put my idea to experiment.
It just like keeping the former version of StarCraft when 1.08 came. Wink
BTW,more bugs were found by others in the co-op mode.
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Freezard: 2017-07-09 05:47:10 am
It's not the same thing in BW there is a patcher you can choose any version and many games you can download 1.0.

What more bugs were found? I saw there was a free baneling bug with multiple nests. I also know some bugs existed that made campaign faster back in WoL. Seems like Blizzard stopped supporting the game.
Beginners of All
Mutiple Baneling Nests Bug was fixed many versions ago actually......
The latest bug occured when you use a top panel skill which needs 2(or more) clicks to release(like Nova's bomb), and you quickly press esc just before your second click, the CoolDown will refresh immediately and the costs will be returned(and if you press esc more than once,your mineral will increased instead....).
But after experiments,this bug cannot be applied to LotV campaign...
BTW,there may be a SC2 version switcher spread between pirate players.But this is only  one of my guesses. Smiley
Hey guys, I just started running brutal. Here's me doing The Outlaws (WoL) in 4:34
Got some more record runs. Probably the only ILs I'll do since I'm preparing for running SS and these 3 missions are the only ones where the strats are unchanged.

It has been a long time when I was here. But I had some time on my hands so I routed by favorite mission in mission pack. Flahspoint

I found a strategy that can skips most parts of the level using the train system. Only the ending is sill a pain and for that I use 3 nukes to clear the units. The run went pretty well with the ending being sloppy (maybe at best 30 secs better).
Here's me doing Amon's Reach on Brutal in 1:39
Beginners of All
Must any score listed here submitted by users here? Since I found that some WoL's scores are too outdated.
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Freezard: 2018-02-24 06:43:22 am
Nope... go ahead and post them here with videos. But I will move over all the records to soon and stop updating this list so I suggest people submit to that leaderboard instead, once it's up.