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Wings of Liberty
Mar Sara Missions
Liberation Day02:17 ZPR
The Outlaws04:34 ZPR
Zero Hour20:12 Everyone
Colonist Missions
The Evacuation14:45 Freezard
Outbreak12:05 phobos
Haven's Fall10:56 PoC
Safe Haven03:54 Freezard
Covert Missions
The Devil's Playground02:55 Freezard
Welcome to the Jungle04:42 PoC
Breakout11:26 urch
Ghost of a Chance04:41 ZPR
Rebellion Missions
The Great Train Robbery19:51 PoC
Cutthroat02:21 PoC
Engine of Destruction13:10 PoC
Media Blitz05:55 PoC
Piercing the Shroud07:30 PoC
Artifact Missions
Smash and Grab04:46 PoC
The Dig19:42 PoC
The Moebius Factor03:57 PoC
Supernova03:25 PoC
Maw of the Void03:07 PoC
Prophecy Missions
Whispers of Doom06:28 Freezard
A Sinister Turn04:42 Freezard
Echoes of the Future03:20 Freezard
In Utter Darkness26:25 PoC
Final Missions
The Gates of Hell03:59 PoC
Belly of the Beast16:55 PoC
Shatter the Sky04:05 PoC
All In30:08 Many
Single-segment02:30:06 Dime

Heart of the Swarm
Umoja Missions
Lab Rat06:21 Bloody
Back in the Saddle10:58 Bloody
Rendezvous10:57 Bloody
Char Missions
Domination02:55 Bloody
Fire in the Sky04:47 Bloody
Old Soldiers05:05 Bloody
Kaldir Missions
Harvest of Screams03:48 Bloody
Shoot the Messenger01:54 Bloody
Enemy Within08:17 Bloody
Zerus Missions
Waking the Ancient05:16 Bloody
The Crucible25:50 Many
Supreme07:50 Bloody
Skygeirr Missions
Infested02:53 Bloody
Hand of Darkness03:00 Bloody
Phantoms of the Void11:24 Bloody
Space Missions
With Friends Like These...07:09 Bloody
Conviction06:05 Bloody
Final Missions
Planetfall21:28 Bloody
Death From Above03:10 Bloody
The Reckoning04:36 Bloody
Single-segment02:12:08 Bloody

Whispers of Oblivion
Dark Whispers- -
Ghosts in the Fog- -
Evil Awoken04:24 Bloody

Legacy of the Void
For Aiur!05:34 Bloody
The Growing Shadow07:23 Bloody
The Spear of Adun09:56 Bloody
Moebius Corps
Sky Shield04:45 Bloody
Brothers in Arms05:01 Bloody
Templar's Charge05:44 Bloody
Amon's Reach01:42 Bloody
Last Stand25:04 Bloody
Temple of Unification04:12 Bloody
The Infinite Cycle09:54 Bloody
Harbinger of Oblivion07:43 Bloody
Forbidden Weapon06:12 Bloody
Unsealing the Past16:08 Bloody
Purification05:41 Bloody
Steps of the Rite05:22 Bloody
Rak'Shir07:12 Bloody
Return to Aiur
Templar's Return10:29 Bloody
The Host11:42 Bloody
Salvation- -

Into the Void
Into the Void12:02 Bloody
The Essence of Eternity- -
Amon's Fall09:41 everlasting207

Wings of Liberty save files
Quote from xebra:
Save Repository

The purpose of this save repository is to have a save file for each mission which meets the following three criteria:

  - All units that can be unlocked are unlocked.
  - 25/25 research, but no research points have been spent.
  - No money has been spent.

Compiling such a collection of save files is incredibly tedious, so I permitted myself a few time saving allowances:

  - In Utter Darkness usually isn't completed.
  - Breakout / Ghost of a Chance isn't completed, except on the Char missions.

In order to use this repository, simply choose a mission you want to speed run, and download the corresponding file. Once loaded, you may make any research and upgrade decisions you desire (as well as completing Breakout or Ghost of a Chance if you want to use Spectres or Ghosts), adjust your difficulty setting, and then proceed with the run.

Help! How do I back up my current campaign first?!
Search your computer for "LibertyCampaignSave.SC2Save" and back up this file.

Mar Sara
[----] Liberation Day
[File] The Outlaws
[File] Zero Hour

[File] The Evacuation
[File] Outbreak
[File] Safe Haven
[File] Haven's Fall

[File] Smash and Grab
[File] The Dig
[File] The Moebius Factor
[File] Supernova
[File] Maw of the Void

[File] The Devil's Playground
[File] Welcome to the Jungle
[File] Breakout
[File] Ghost of a Chance

Note: Research and upgrades do affect some (but not all) units in Ghost of a Chance and Breakout.

[File] The Great Train Robbery
[File] Cutthroat
[File] Engine of Destruction
[File] Media Blitz
[File] Piercing the Shroud

[File] Whispers of Doom
[File] A Sinister Turn
[File] Echoes of the Future
[File] In Utter Darkness

Note: Research, upgrades, and completion of other missions are irrelevant for the Prophecy missions.

[Spectre] [Ghost] The Gates of Hell
[Spectre] [Ghost] Belly of the Beast
[Spectre] [Ghost] Shatter the Sky
[Spectre] [Ghost] All-In (Belly of the Beast)
[Spectre] [Ghost] All-In (Shatter the Sky)
Thread title:  
For Starters, write down the mission tree. The game is fairly linear, but on two occasions you can choose between two missions. Also: What are the requirements for the beginning of the char mission? Does one have to relive zeratuls past at all?
I r run gudder!
I think that Starcraft 2 will have IL runs since each part is seperate and replayable. You do not have a set path of doing missions 1, 2, 3, etc...

It will be up to SDA officials to either have seperate level runs or allow the game to be ran as a whole. Doing the whole game would have to allow people to choose their mission paths like you said, because each one gives you a different unit/research upgrade. So doing them in a certain way may prove faster than others.

I will be excited to see Brutal runs of the game, as I have yet to beat any of them on Brutal, only some on hard.

i made a run of the mission Echoes of the future just for fun. but i think its the mission with the most time to save. its only on hard and i dont think its possible on brutal but there should be a similar way.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
I think it would be more fun to watch easiest runs instead (just pwning instead of trying to survive) Wink
There is a few problems with IL. Mainly that the research points and money spent give different outcome. To solve this it might help to finish the game completely in easist mode and including the spending of points in the start of each run. I dont know about the prison choice but the Haven mission were much faster against protoss for me at least. On char I think the Platform is faster, since the ounderground is very limited of exploits.
On certain maps you will most likely have almost the same outcome time, since they are they are finished after a certain timecountdown, certain timebased event(train mission) or unit to be killed(overminds vision).

the techpath will be important, since tanks do help a lot on certain missions, for examples the traintheft mission, i couldnt get past 6 stopped trains.
after i got the tanks i finished it in the first try.

for the difficulty questions, i think making them seperated will be essential, since they are different challanges.
Heyyy... wait.. i don't know you. Don't confuse me
So the Missions from Theazul will only be in a 100% run i guess. Im not sure if you have to do them at all.

However if you had, the last mission where you have to get "killed" would be a very interesting one to balance out how to kill 1500 enemies, while not having too much of a defence so it doesnt take too long to die after you finished the main objective.
Even if you did the mission from the communications console after playing through (newgame+ ?): You cannot purchase all upgrades at the same time because there aren't enough credit points per playthrough. Isn't there any generic sda-rule for this? There should be imho. Maybe like: IL runs are applicable, if the starting conditions for each level are not dependant on the outcome of previous levels. Which is a good rule - it allows all IL runs in the archive afaik, including sc1, and disallows IL in sc2. Excellent. Wink
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
I mentioned it in my post. You collect the money without using it and then include the using of the points in the IL. This is possible thanks to individual difficulty setting for each mission where you can reach the last mission without spending any points in casual setting and then spending the money and replaying on brutal setting. As mentioned one thing that will make it mor complicated is the order in which missions is chosen. I do not know how this would be solved in a IL runs.

The best would probably to make it a segmented run, where every mission is 1 segment. Then it would be a challenge to see both how to make as fast strategies possible in the missions AND chosing the fastest path for the order missions take place and how the money is spent.

There would also have to be a separation between low% (best route, maybe skipping some missions if possible) and 100% (all 29 missions with 100% achievements)
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Deign: 2010-07-30 01:56:53 pm
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Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I'm fairly certain any upgrades obtained after completing a mission will not affect that mission if you go back and play it again.

On topic though, I'm not terribly good at figuring out how to do missions quicker, I just know how to get em done.  But I do think it would be great to see a segmented Brutal speedrun (god forbid someone try doing SS).  I would like to see what missions are bypassed and such.  As far as the last mission, I was doing it on hard to get the Ace's High achievement and did it pretty easily with just siege tanks, banshees and a pair of psi disrupters at the front of my base.  This strat pending that you take out the platform.  I couldn't even complete Ace's High on hard when I chose to take out the Nydus Worms, those Broodlords are just BRUTAL!  As for upgrades definitely need self-repairing bunkers, double SCV production, fast repair, extra seige tank damage, and extra long banshee cloak (for Aces High).

As for the which missions to get to the end, I would think just the artifact ones are necassary.  And I think you get both the Siege tanks and the Banshees off of that. 
Edit history:
Signus: 2010-07-31 10:42:07 am
You can still start a new campaign, so a segmented new game run would probably be the preferable choice for any potential runners. I'm not even done with the campaign quite yet, but from my experience with SC1/BW, maxing attack is almost always preferable to everything else. As noted, Siege Tanks and Banshees are probably going to be the most valuable units, unless you really need Anti-Air for a particular mission, so rushing those, and then pumping money into them would probably be best.

I'm curious on how useful Mercenaries are. On certain missions, they might end up being really broken, considering you can get them as soon as you have the resources.

Addendum: I forgot all about Vultures. Spider Mines might be really useful. Playing around with getting them early might be handy.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
dammit i would like to see all kinds of IL for this game ) easy/brutal, 100%unlocks/0%unlocks
and a proper campaign playthrough with one seg per level.
'm curious on how useful Mercenaries are. On certain missions, they might end up being really broken, considering you can get them as soon as you have the resources.

No, they have an initial cooldown of a few minutes.
Ah, you're right. That limits their potential quite a bit, but they still could be somewhat useful.
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Still haven't completed the campaign yet, but I just wanted to toss another idea out there that hasn't been brought up. In regards to the research upgrades (where you have to choose between two different ones), I think one of the most useful ones to exploit for speed runs could be the drop pods. On any mission where you have an objective mark you need to get units to (or a single building that needs to be destroyed) that's well behind enemy lines, you can simply rally your barracks to that location and drop all your units right on top of it. I'm not sure if this requires vision or not, but that could be easily corrected with the orbital command upgrade.
If a full game run was allowed, it plays well into something Blizzard already put in, Hurry Up: It's Raid Night achievement requiring completion of the campaign in less than 8 hours of total played mission time on Normal difficulty.
Completing the game in less than 8 hours is ridiculously easy...

Anyways I dont see any way to do a speedrun on this game without doing the whole thing. Since what research and upgrades you spent your money on has a huge impact on the missions. Im not really quite sure which missions you actually have to complete to get through the campaign, but it certaintly isnt all of them.

Unfortunately for viewing purposes I dont think sc2 is that suited for speedrun compared to the old one at least. There are just soooo many missions that have a timer or some set event that drags it out to fixed time. That doesnt mean I wouldnt like to see a run of the game tho Wink
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
The timed missions do have possibilities for further pownage like completing the seconday objectives in the first survival mission for example. (killing 4 hatcheries and rescuing all survivors. )
I do stuff
And showing off a Tauren Space Marine imo

playthrough on brutal. fyi.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
The obvious way to deal with IL runs:

a) Nothing that costs credits allowed - unit upgrades or mercs
b) No research-point upgrades allowed
c) Each mission is done with the minimal number of units that it's possible to go into the mission with. As far as I'm concerned it should be okay to have the other units unlocked as long as you don't actually use them.
Heyyy... wait.. i don't know you. Don't confuse me
Your "C)" would be a good way around the ng+/IL run, yet id like to see a any% NG run to see how the runner are choosing the missions for maximum usage of the aquired units.

Like the vultures or those Flamethrower buggys, and later on units like the Thor.

And not to forget how you could get around certain path when you aquire stealth units.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
I really think that it will be a regular segmented run. The question is whether the segmentation will take place at every autosave or just between missions. IL would be far too annoying to verify.
Quote from hhallahh:
The obvious way to deal with IL runs:
a) Nothing that costs credits allowed - unit upgrades or mercs
b) No research-point upgrades allowed
c) Each mission is done with the minimal number of units that it's possible to go into the mission with. As far as I'm concerned it should be okay to have the other units unlocked as long as you don't actually use them.

But that would just make the run boring/hard to verify (how do you the runner hasn't bought the bunker HP upgrade for instance). IL would be fine with upgrades and mercs as even when you replay, you are still playing with only the upgrades you could afford up to that point, making it fair.
Now a hit show on the CW
Well, I think the point they were trying to make is that this means runners could submit different versions of the same level with different upgrades acquired, so it wouldn't be fair to compare them. But personally, I think this would be part of the strategy for the ILs - figuring out what the best (and most useful) upgrades would be to have acquired by that point.

Another question - would we only accept runs on Easy and Brutal?