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Rody B. ToMMon: 2012-02-24 03:36:58 pm
Rody B. ToMMon: 2012-02-23 08:48:38 pm
If done correctly...
I've found a way to skip the Patrick robot boss now, but it involves getting on the roof of the police station, which normally requires the bubble bowl. If anyone can find some way to get on the roof without using the bubble bowl, then we could find a way to get past both bosses!

I'll probably make a video of it tomorrow.
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CoolKirby: 2012-02-24 04:57:51 pm
CoolKirby: 2012-02-24 04:57:26 pm
CoolKirby: 2012-02-24 04:57:24 pm
That's the problem. There are no structures around the police station that are tall enough for SpongeBob to even grab the edge of the police station roof (I've been trying). Mr. Krabs and Plankton never appear in the second area if you skip Robo-Sandy, and Bubble Buddy appears only once to teach you how to bowl a bubble (then is gone forever if you leave the area). Plus, you will have a tough time getting spatulas in some of the levels without the Bubble Bowl. It's not possible to enter the third area of Bikini Bottom from out of bounds, since there are invisible walls all around it.

I think your Robo-Patrick skip is a good idea, though, since the Cruise Bubble is not necessary for at least 75 spatulas.
If done correctly...
There's only one last thing I can think of for possibly skipping both the bubble bowl and Robo-Patrick: if you jump just right, you can jump through the spongeball next to the switch, and I think if you got close enough, you could press the switch, roll to the button, and with quick timing, press the button. I tried this out a little bit yesterday, and I remember getting really close a few times, so I think it could be done with good timing. I don't know if the effort would be worth it, though. :\
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CoolKirby: 2012-02-25 04:09:18 pm
How do you press the switch before turning into a spongeball? The spongeball can't depress the switch, and can't hit the button. The spongeball is in the middle of the area, too, so how would SpongeBob be able to hit the switch and turn into a spongeball? I can't figure this out.
If done correctly...
I tried to explain it in the last post, but it doesn't matter now because I've found another strategy to this that actually works! You can see me mess with the spongeball a little when I first get it, but that doesn't matter anymore. :?

Too bad you can't beat the game without getting the cruise bubble. Sad
I totally forgot you need the cruise bubble to beat the game. I guess skipping Robo-Patrick is out then too. Sad
If done correctly...
I've been experimenting recently with the final boss, and I've found a way to get up to the brain portion of the Spongebob robot without having to use the cruise bubble at all. Thanks to the brain part, we might be able to skip one of the tricks, but I'm not sure which would be faster to use in a speedrun. I don't think I can hit all three switches in the brain with bubble bowl alone, so I don't think I should really bother making a video of the stuff I found, but maybe someone could have some idea to try out that could actually work, so I'll see.
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rocmox: 2012-02-29 02:02:21 pm
rocmox: 2012-02-29 02:02:14 pm
rocmox: 2012-02-29 02:02:12 pm
Hey, I'm interested in probably picking this game up at least just as something to run on the side and was wondering if anyone had a route written out that they could share? Or is the info in the first post still basically what needs to be gotten?
If done correctly...
You can skip getting the bubble bowl, and it might be possible to skip the cruise bubble. Otherwise, it looks like the first post covers everything.
If done correctly...
It turns out that you actually can skip the cruise bubble entirely for the final boss! I'll probably make a video of it sometime this weekend, but one part of it involves a very skilled throw of a bubble bowl, so I'll probably just mention that part somewhere in the video.
Does that include the level inside the final boss ("The Small Shall Rule...Or Not")? I thought you needed the cruise bubble to hit the brain hole fuses.

Also, I don't know if you know this, but if you're under a platform when the final boss karate-chops it, you can be sent high enough to hit a trigger that ends the battle immediately. jlun2 did it on console, but hasn't been able to post a video of it. Here's a video that shows near where you need to be (at 2:17 and 5:50):
If done correctly...
Here's the video, and yes, it does go through both levels:

I never knew about that karate chop trick, but I actually did see it a little bit while I was making my video! I don't think it'll change what you need to get in order to beat both levels, which is either the bubble bowl or the cruise bubble individually, but not both unless you can find another wall clip in one of the other brain tubes.
If done correctly...
This could help get one golden spatula without the cruise bubble; too bad there's some buttons that can only be hit by the cruise bubble, unless the bubble bowl could do something.

If done correctly...
I've tried but I just get the final boss's karate chop trick right! I always get so close only to end in failure.

Anyways, would this be the quickest method for getting the golden spatula next to Kelp Caves in Kelp Swamp?

Also, maybe this trick can serve some purpose in the future.

Well, Rody was able to perform the glitch to end the Spongebot Steelpants battle early. Here is the video of it in action:
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Rody B. ToMMon: 2012-05-24 04:27:22 pm
Rody B. ToMMon: 2012-05-24 04:06:20 pm
If done correctly...
Well, that's one less thing off of my mind. Now I just need to understand how I did the trick because I was just lucky in this video. :?

Edit: I might as well fix my old links:
- Skip Sandy + Patrick(Bosses)
- Beat Spongebob(Boss) without Cruise Bubble
- Get All Golden Underwear(No Red Buttons)
- Out of Bounds in Kelp Swamp
- Bubble Bowl Boost
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itsPersonnal: 2013-01-01 02:44:03 am
well, this seems to be the more active of the two treads for this game, I guess I'll post stuff here (even if this is the ps2 thread and everything I've done is on Gamecube).

Here are some new tricks I found today:

And here is the new Kelp Forest Route ptorflaxendrosis and I came up with:

Here are some more tricks Brody found, it looks like he stopped posting in here:

Here is the current WR, 1:51:45 by me (its not very optimized, yet)

Hopefully with all these new things being discovered and a fairly solid route now, more people will start running this game
If done correctly...
I've figured out a semi-consistent method for skipping the bungee clam in Goo Lagoon: I got 1:45:29 Tongue
If done correctly...
Here's a 1:27:31 run by me:

I'm thinking sub-1:25:00 might be possible.
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cooopercrisp: 2013-06-07 11:41:50 am
Part of a balanced breakfast.
I've really gotten interested in speedrunning this game ever since I saw Rody's 1:27:31. I've been doing a couple of things regarding the run.

For starters, I'm in the process of making a page for the game on the Knowledge Base. I will be including all of the shortcuts and glitches that are useful in the any% route and also a theoretical 100% route. For anyone who wants to edit, the page is here:

Additionally, I have been working on a 100% route for the game, as there has been no run of it made to this date. Unfortunately, I'm not that good at finding shortcuts (except for one at Goo Lagoon to reach the sock on top of the tower, that's on the Knowledge Base page). For example, I can't think of a way to make Flounder Hill faster. As it stands, the route requires three separate trips down the course (two for sandmen, one to get the sock on top of the tunnel). If anyone has any ideas, that would be appreciated.

I really loved this game as a kid, and I'm falling in love all over again with the prospect of speedrunning the game.

EDIT: I finished everything I know about on the Knowledge Base page.
Part of a balanced breakfast.
Was planning on doing a no-reset run to get some splits, but I messed up my timer. That's fine, as the run was going very badly. I'll try it again Monday. My plan is to give most shortcuts three tries. The short ones will get more, the ones that make for tons of backtracking if they fail will get only one.

Clearly if I want to run this game I'm going to need some practice.
In Flames We Trust
I loved this game when I was younger too! thumbsup I tried some of the tricks you put in the Knowledge Base and it really amazed me. It motivated me to play around with the game some more and I might be interested in working on a 100% run. I'll be sure to inform you of any tricks I come across, but I have little experience with speedunning so don't expect much. Good luck with your efforts!
Part of a balanced breakfast.
I'm glad my suggestions were helpful. I might have a chance to try another run tomorrow. The Goo Lagoon tower sock was actually a shortcut I made when I was younger before I even knew what the intended method was, so it was cool to try that again. Let me know if you find anything useful.
In Flames We Trust
So far, I've found an easy way to get one of the socks in jellyfish fields as Spongebob. In the beginning of the level there's a sock in the middle of the lake and an ice cube with a sign telling you to use Patrick to get the sock. As Spongebob, you can just go to the area right after the clam that fixes the bridge, find the floating tiki with several normal tikis on top of it by the pink bouncy thing, and destroy the floating tiki and one or two of the normal tikis. Jump on the tikis and jump on to the pink thing, and bounce to the sock in the lake. I'm not sure if you already knew about this or if it's useful for an any% run, but it's what I've found so far.

I've also played through Jellyfish Fields and Downtown just to jog my memory of where all the spatulas and socks are, so I can come up with a decent route for a 100%. I'm thinking a route where you only enter two levels before beating the Poseidome, and then entering the third to get any socks or spatulas that require the bubble bowl. But then again, some socks and spatulas require the cruise bubble, so I'm not sure how useful it would be to do this. I'll play around with the game some to get better ideas for routing.

I've also thought about whether segmenting would be a good idea for this game. Any thoughts?