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Splatterhouse 3 (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from Molotov:
This was a very good run, and it'll be tough to improve. Some bad luck toward the end, but there's nothing you can really do about that.


Quote from TheKeeperSA:
Audio and video is great.

The game is run in Game Master, where enemies have much more health.

Player starts to move at 0:33 and stops moving at 22:54 (when the music indicating a stage ending starts) suggesting an estimated total time of 22:21. I may be wrong though.

This game has tons of RNG and Slaughter manages pretty well to turn the odds to his favor with good manipulation. The biggest time waster in the game, apart from dying, is getting knocked down and he mostly avoids that, which is incredible as some enemy attacks are just ridiculous to avoid.

Slaughter pretty much describes everything that happened in his comments  and is right on the money.

I see absolutely no reason to not accept this run, which is an easy ACCEPT for me.

Quote from Soliduz Znake:
A/V: good
cheating: none
overall a great run with only minor mistakes in some levels.

Quote from Zyre:
Game: Splatterhouse 3

Video: Great
Audio: Great

Evaluation of the run:
Looks good overall! The only slowdown in the game comes from a few unfortunate hits that knocked the player down.

Final Decision: ACCEPT

Quote from zallard1:
After locating the frame that the run starts compared to this picture where a player gains control of Rick, I measured this run from that frame all the way to Rick being frozen in the air as a result of player control being lost. This yields a pretty high 22:19, so timing is completely accurate on the stat ID.

No cheating detected as this run was also live streamed, although the video has a few odd blips here and there due to some unknown reason. I've been helping the runner with his recording setup and it was going smoothly for a a while, but weird things kept happening occasionally. This is nothing that holds back the quality of the run in a way that is reject worthy though, as these blips are fairly hard to even catch outside of the cutscene sequences and are very infrequent in the video, so all in all, video quality is acceptable for sure. Also weird little thing, for some reason part of the ending audio plays during the final stat ID for some reason. Not a big deal, but a funny little thing I noticed.

First off, it is impressive to note how consistently the runner can do the power moves in this game (spinkicks & breadsticks). The input for both of these moves are Forward-Back-Forward-Attack and Forward-Back-Forward-Back-Attack respectively. They are much more difficult to pull off than the slide kicks in Splatterhouse 1 & 2 in my opinion, so any time the runner misses one it is more than understandable.

Second, this is easily the most random Splatterhouse game to speedrun, with maybe 2010 SH or Wanpaku Graffitti being 2nd only due to how long 2010 is and shotgun luck respectively. This game has random AI patterns which is expected since this game is a brawler at heart. Any boss enemy can randomly block ANY attack and enemies can jump around & be invincible in the air, which I always thought was infuriating since the game has a built in time limit; this frustration would only be amplified by speedrunning it to me.

Also at first, I didn't know if running this game would involve waiting around to skip X stages, since if you finish a stage fast, you have to spend something close to an extra minute in a bonus stage, but thankfully this runner proves that you can finish stages fast enough to where no waiting around is needed. I did not run this game because it felt like it needed a completely dedicated runner to push this to an appropriate limit for an SDA submission, so thankfully, this is what we have here.

I don't want to go into crazy detail on each stage because the runner comments cover mistakes pretty thoroughly, but I'll mention a few things anyways.

Stage 1 - Runner likes to reset on this stage unless he is over 4 minutes on the timer going into the boss room, which is a pretty noble goal considering you want over 3 minutes to completely skip stage 2.

Stage X - To make up for the lack of stage 2, the game decides to make this X stage a maze without a map or a boss to fight, which ends up being nice for a speedrun since it is absurdly faster than playing stage 2. I also really like the strategy that deals with the baghead enemies where he grabs 1 & uses the i-frames from the grab to dodge the other baghead's attack. It lets him chain grabs & punches on both enemies.

Stage 3 - One of the stronger stage 3's I've seen from the runner. This always seemed to be the most likely place where you end up getting knocked down, but I saw none of that this time even though he was pixels away from one at like 7:34 in the run. One of the rare times I've seen the runner get to the boss room in over 4 minutes on the timer, which skips a cutscene. Side note, I really like the music for this stage.

Stage X - These stages outside of the first one in this run are just is kill ~5 enemies and move on. It is not worth skipping this because of how fast stage 3 is beaten.

Stage 4 -  The runner recently changed routes after finding out another path through this floor ends up being faster. I am so happy to see him cutting out the dreaded "barrel room" in this stage, because that room is complete bullshit in Game Master mode. It's just a bunch of recolored stage 1 bosses that randomly block EXTREMELY often & are very aggressive. It's great that they basically just get "stratted" out of the run's existence; good riddance. The strange hitbox of the breadsticks ended up costing him a knockdown, but it's no big deal. Boss blocks alot too, but again that is completely out of the runner's control.

Stage X - Same as last Stage X; because of how fast Stage 4 was, skipping this stage isn't worth it.

Stage 5 - Pretty smooth despite the knockdown, mostly because right after the knockdown, the enemy didn't do anything about it even though he could've completely destroyed the run. I am a big fan of the strategy for this boss fight, haha. Casually this boss is really tough, but the runner makes him look like a complete fool with him constantly jumping within grab reach and doing NOTHING ELSE.

Stage 6 - Basically ideal fight with the mask. I've seen the runner get 59:13's on the clock before, but whatever, rollover 59:12 is just as good Tongue

Overall, the run is top notch stuff. I am really impressed with the runner's willingness to tough it out and beat his REALLY fast emulator run on console for this submission. Even though I bet the runner could probably beat this, I don't blame him at all if he never does as this run got so much right compared to the very few minor things that went wrong.

I am very happy to accept this run to complete the original Splatterhouse trilogy on SDA. Well done, Slaughterhouserock.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Slaughterhouserock'!
Thread title:  
I'm addicted to games
Can someone do me the favor of writing an intro to this game for its game page?
How's this?

Splatterhouse 3 was originally released by Namco for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 1993.  It was one of the first games to be given a rating by Sega's Videogame Rating Council, receiving an MA-13 rating for its graphic violence and gore.  You once again take control of Rick, but the format of the first two games has been dropped in favor of a non-linear beat-em-up format.  More attacks were added to Rick's repertoire, but, unfortunately, the slide kick from the first two games is gone and has been given to a couple of the enemies instead.  Each stage of the game takes place on a floor of Rick's mansion (with the exception of the last two stages), and you can go from room to room, even backtracking if you need to.  A time limit was added to determine the fate of Rick's family, so navigating the rooms quickly is tantamount to their survival.