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so pro u don't even know
I am not aware of a place where there is a comprehensive list of all the regularly scheduled (usually weekly) races. If there is please link it, and I will edit my post. This will help newer players who want to get into racing games know when to get in on races and maybe whom to contact. I was not sure whether to put this here or in Casual Speedrunning, so mods, if you need to move it please do. This thread can also serve as a place for people to organize new races:

Cave Story (best ending - JP) 11:00PM EST

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City -  4:00PM EST



F-Zero (various games) 2:00PM and 9:00PM EST (IRC: #f-zero)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (J) - child dungeons 7:00 - 8:00PM EST
Paper Mario (all cards) 9:00PM EST
Super Metroid (any%) 11:00PM EST
Super Mario Sunshine time TBD
Pokemon Red/Blue weekly any% (glitchless) Midnight 12AM EST


Ninja Gaiden I (any%) 1:00PM EST - contact: sinister1
Ninja Gaiden II (any%) follows Ninja Gaiden I
Super Mario World (96 exits) 2:00PM EST
Dustforce (custom maps) 3:00PM EST
Super Metroid (any%) 3:00PM EST
Metroid Prime 2 (any%) 4:00PM EST
Super Mario 64 (120 star) 4:00PM EST go to #mario for notifications
The Sonic Center (various games) 5:00PM EST
Metroid Prime (any%) 7:00PM EST
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Saturday night bingo) 9:00PM EST
Metroid Fusion any% - 9:00PM EST, and 7:00am sunday EST


Metroid Fusion any% - 7:00AM EST
Donkey Kong Country (any% all stages) 3:00PM EST
Mega Man 1 - 6 (46 robot masters) 3:00PM EST
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (any% no s + q) 3:00PM EST go to #alttp for notifications
Metroid Zero Mission 100% - 3:00PM EST
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (All Cup Tour 150cc) 17:00 & 19:00 GMT
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A few things that could be added that seem regular enough:

Mega Man 1-6 - 46 robot masters: Sunday @ 3pm EST
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Saturday Night Bingo: Saturday @ (around) 9pm EST
The Legend of Zelda: ALTTP - Any% no s+q: Sunday @ 3pm EST (not Saturday)
Super Mario World - 96 exits: Saturday at 2pm EST
Cave Story - Best Ending (JP): Tuesday @ 11pm EST (iirc)
Paper Mario - All cards: Friday @ 9pm EST (I think that's still going on)

Most of the weekly races come and go, like SM64 120 star on Saturdays at 4pm EST used to be a big thing, but recently died.

That's what I can remember. Maybe others from SRL can help clarify, but hope that helps. Smiley
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Crippe: 2013-02-27 08:47:47 am
A Link to the Past is Sundays at 3:00PM EST, join #alttp to get a notification whenever a alttp race is started

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so pro u don't even know
Thanks guys, updated 1st post.
The Cave Story race is Monday, not Tuesday.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
I just stickied this in live streaming. If there's a good reason to move this topic elsewhere, I will, but I have a feeling either here or live streaming is best.
TSC Race Night is every Saturday at 5pm; different Sonic game every week. We have the schedule posted and vote on the goal on the forum.
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esi: 2013-02-27 07:07:23 pm
SM64 weekly 120-star is Saturdays @ 4pm EST (just started back up 2 weeks ago) - you can also join #mario for race notifications.
I am happy to know that Mega Man 1-6 (46 robots masters) became a weekly race :). If anyone need some info about it you can ask me.
Add Super Mario Sunshine any% to Friday. They don't have time set though, but I imagine you can linger in #sms for notifications.
Quote from doicm:
Add Super Mario Sunshine any% to Friday. They don't have time set though, but I imagine you can linger in #sms for notifications.

^ The time set is 5pm EST, so that's the time to add in.
Another one (sorry about posting a bunch, but finding these out as I linger).

Dustforce has Custom Map Races every Saturday at 3pm EST.
Also on Sunday: Donkey Kong Country Weekly any% All Stages @ 3PM EST
Every friday night, there's FNF0(Friday Night F-Zero).
It tends to be at 2PM and 9~ish PM
It's not focussed on a specific game, just the series in general.
Just sit in #f-zero for race info
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doicm: 2013-03-08 05:19:20 pm
Friday Night Weekly Ocarina of Time Child Dungeons-J (Japanese version), starting anywhere from 7-8pm est.
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Svenne: 2013-03-18 02:31:11 pm
Sundays: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! @ 17:00 & 19:00 GMT

All Cup Tour 150cc both times
^ they re really fun, I enjoy racing Double Dash
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Svenne: 2013-03-26 12:52:21 pm
Quote from FierceKyo:
^ they re really fun, I enjoy racing Double Dash

We hope more joins them, we got 11 ppl at the most during a race so far! I have unfortiunetly made my copy disappear so all I have is an empty cartridge. Need to buy/borrow one before Sunday!
weekly metroid prime 1 any% race - 7:00pm saturday EST time
weekly metroid prime 2 any% race - 4:00pm saturday EST time

i'll post again once we figure out a metroid fusion any% weekly race schedule and see how it works out
Totally rad
There's a weekly GTA: Vice City race on Tuesday (8 GMT).
$15 per rant/allegory
Quote from AdamAK:
There's a weekly GTA: Vice City race on Tuesday (8 GMT).

Spooky, I was going to post that earlier today. Glad people are picking up on it. I'll be there next week!
so pro u don't even know
Ninja Gaiden I and II are moving back to Saturday 1pm, also updating the other recent posts. Thanks guys!
Pokemon Red/Blue weekly any% (glitchless) race is every Friday @ 12 am midnight EST
weekly metroid fusion any% race - 9:00pm saturday EST, and 7:00am sunday EST
weekly metroid zero mission 100% race - 3:00pm sunday EST
so pro u don't even know
Sorry for not updating lately Sad