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Hi everyone. With the help of a few others, I've put together a community speedrun survey to briefly poll about certain topics. You can finish the survey quickly by answering multiple choice & scale questions, or you can write-in longer answers. The survey will be open for ~2-3 weeks, and the results will be analyzed via a report.

Please take a look and fill out if you're interested, and help spread the word. We'd like to have as much exposure as possible. Thanks!

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Is this still gonna run for how long? I just told some people about it. Also is it too late to put a note about it on our front page in the next update (which might be another week away minimum)?

Afterwards, we'd be interested in seeing the report of course!
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tonic: 2017-07-11 06:55:51 am
This survey will close on Friday, July 14th. Results will be posted at a later time.

Certainly feel free to post on your front page if it fits the timeline, though it sounds like it might be too tight. Thanks though.
Thanks for compiling this. I said as much in the survey but I hope this data is able to be used to improve the speedrunning community.
Certainly. Today's the last day, please respond if you would like to.
This is not the giant
Any way I could sneak on in for this? SDA front page only gave 3 days of notice for the survey
SDA front page didn't have to give any days' notice for the survey.
This is not the giant
They didn't have to (and I'm glad they did) but as I don't check the front page too often I missed the survey deadline
Hello - the analysis is finally complete, and will be available this Sunday 10/22/17 at 6PM EDT. The results will be read aloud and reviewed on my stream, and the link to the write-up (100+ page document) will be posted here sometime after. To those of you who completed the survey from here, thanks for doing so & for your patience, and stop by the stream if you're interested in the results.
If anyone wants something like this announced on the front page (believe me it's gonna be noticed more), you can just PM a green name. We have the news tip feature too. I'm assuming you want this to be done with the stream so I already edited it into the update coming out tomorrow.
The exposure would be helpful. Feel free to announce, thank you.