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Use \ before commas in usernames
No answer my new email. Cannot post any new records. Because those mods got change my passwordd without my accetable.

This is also political issues. Some peoples like Calebhart & Stivitybobo are perm banned, when those guys make some stupid in real life.

SDA is only real site post WR runs.
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Master-88, it's great to see you back doing speedruns. However, the SDA forum is not the place to discuss login issues on other sites.

If you're locked out from sr.com and it's not possible to reset the password, there are other ways to try and contact their mods or admins (discord, twitter etc).

I'm not seeing how any of the points you're making will lead to much constructive discussion, so I'm locking this thread. I hope your next post is about progress you've made in some NES-game instead!