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Space Funeral (Any %) (Single Segment)

Decision: Reject

Reason: Has a couple of severe (for this short of a run) planning errors

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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Space Funeral (Any %) (Single Segment)

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Crow!: 2014-03-26 05:13:33 pm
What's that gemma?
I have no prior familiarity with this game.

This is a perfect recording of what is possibly the worst looking and sounding game I have ever seen.  I think I'd rather there were A/V issues to spare me from this trash!

I am unable to properly judge his route, as I have never played this game.  It never seems like he goes out of his way for anything, though, so unless there's equipment that would notably increase his attack power, or unless there's some sequence break available, it's probably sound.

Pathing seems rather solid.  He fights one mob of frogs that seemed avoidable, but apparently does so in order to dodge a different mob.  He seems to try to dodge a mob at 7:55 but fails; if that mob is indeed avoidable then in such a short run I'd be inclined to insist that the final run be one which succeeds in dodging it and otherwise I don't understand why he steps sideways.  There are a few minor overshoots and hesitations walking into walls or pots, but nothing out of the ordinary for a Final Fantasy type speedrun.  On the other hand, Final Fantasy games tend to be more than an order of magnitude longer than this, so extra pickiness might be in order.

There's one menu access which seems pointless at around 6:00 which cost a couple seconds.  In battle menuing looks generally solid.

I'm not issuing a "accept" or "reject" because I don't know enough about the game's RNG.  If misses and/or more problematic enemy attacks are sufficiently common that fighting the bosses with no grinding and no shopping required a lot of luck manipulation to generate this run, then this run is quite good.  If on the other hand these strategies are fairly safe, then I would expect just a couple hours of attempts to easily clock in ~25 seconds faster (with most of the saved time being from avoiding that one mob).
There is a speedrun on youtube, (it's slower than this submission). It shows that it should be possible to avoid the fight at 7:55 and that it's definitely possible to skip the one at 8:37. 40-45 seconds were spent in these two fights together.
I looked at the menuing at 6:00 that Crow mentioned. It seems like the runner selected the boat ticket. Not sure why. I couldn't see where it would have been of use after that point and even if it were required, it seems like that menu trip could have been bundled with the one at 6:40 to save a few seconds?

The above things really stick out in what otherwise seems to be a good run (quick menuing and so on). A few minor things like getting stuck on corners etc, but nothing out of the ordinary.

As things stand, what appears to be time losses are too big to be ignored. It could be that the runner got super lucky with a rare drop, a critical hit, a difficult skip or something else that's difficult to spot without knowing the game better. Until the runner (or someone else with good knowledge about the game) can explain these issues or point out some extraordinary event that occurred in this run I'm unfortunately gonna recommend a

Decision posted.