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SoulCalibur II HD Online (ntscus) (xb360/ps3) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Easy] [Arcade Mode]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Tigger77'!
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SoulCalibur II HD Online (ntscus) (xb360/ps3) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Easy] [Arcade Mode]

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The Great Farming Empire
Quick question. What exactly is the difference between this version and the others that have been released?
I survived MIKE-Fest 1
I was wondering the same thing as I was not aware of any differences ...

This is what I know/found:

Sould Calibur II

Was released 2003 for Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox

The Gamecube had Link, Ps2 Heihachi and Xbox had Spawn.
It is also possible to play the original version on the Xbox 360 (

There seems to be some diffrence between the PAL and NTSC and JAP version. I could not find a official list but there is some discussion here:

The HD Version was realesed in 2013 for Xbox360 and PS3 and both versions have Heihachi and Spawn, but NO Link.

The HD version is apparently based on the PAL released. I found a gamefaqs post refering from a Facebook post regarding the patch notes: (

The changes noted are:

* Cervantes crash bug from Arcade Version has been fixed
Cervantes A+K (Guard Impact)
* Fixed bugs on several characters
Ivy 4A+B -> B cannot be guard > Fixed
Maxi's 3B+K -> B hits twice > Fixed
Voldo's "Mantis Fire Dance". Mantis Crawl => 66 is cancelled by pressing G while command is performed > Fixed
Kilik's K is hit, it can be cancelled by pressing G > Fixed

So yeah ... There are differences but I don't really think they are that big of a deal.

From personal experience I did not noticed any real difference while playing the different versions.
I did get the record on PS3 and it felt the controls where slightly tighter but that could be from the newer controller or the 15 h more play expirence.
The Great Farming Empire
In that case, It seems like this run wouldn't be a different category from the SD (PS2/Xbox/GC) releases. Although, that's up for the Admins to decide.

A/V Quality - Good
No cheating here.

Seems pretty solid. The only place I could maybe see some improvement is against Talim where instead of hitting her against the wall, you turn slightly to like her up to the edge so that you could push her off. Other than that, There doesn't seem to be anything cosmic about this run.

Nice playing against inferno btw. thumbsup

Are the settings all default? Is the run's length comparable to the records here? So you were several seconds faster than the Japanese dude?
Edit history:
Tigger77: 2017-11-24 03:25:13 pm
I survived MIKE-Fest 1
The options are set, as mentioned in the comments, as follow:
Difficulty level: Easy
Fight count : 1
Life Gauge : 90%
Round time : inf
Neutral guard : OFF

It is technically a different game as stated above. I personally think it is comparable.
There also is a HD leader board:

Note that the speed is extremely rng depending for a look at how ridiculous it can get check out the TAS:
Okay, well this goes well by the looks of it... Always difficult to tell with games where AI randomness is involved.

No cheating, A/V is good.

Decision posted.