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SNES rules!
Congrats again, this is truly an amazing run. I don't think I'll skip Light Armor and Invulnerable Bracelet in my next attempts, but I'll seriously consider all the other new strats.
Shooting down those 3 bushes at the beginning of Greenwood is going to be frustrating as hell... Sad
Wow sick time, Everhate!  I'll definitely have to watch this!
Thanks. Hulk has been on pace for sub-1:40 a few times, with even more improvements in the run, so that should happen sometime soon.
SNES rules!
I've just got 1:39:15! Smiley

My route is generally more reasonable than Everhate's. First, I don't skip Light Armor and Super Bracelet, and second, I use the Medical Herb in Leo's Lab basement (to save time) instead of the Power Plant section before Tin Doll (that's more or less a consequence of not skipping the Light Armor). Plus, I found a minor time saver in the Greenwood Fire Shrine (saves around 7 seconds). Sub-1:39 can definitely happen now; my current sum of best is a flat 1:38:00.
Sad I missed this live. Congrats on getting the run after being so close on several occasions. That's going to be a tough time to beat.
SNES rules!
Sub-1:39! Finally!
I got this run offline and restreamed it with a lot of comments. That may be useful to clarify the new route I used, as well as all the tricks and things I could think of.
The new time is 1:38:57.
SNES rules!
I've just made the encode for Youtube, watchable in 480p.

Many words! Handle it!
Oh hmm. Soul Blazer is a pretty awesome game, I've always been very fond of it. Definitely going to watch through some runs and look at doing some bad ones of my own in the future.
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Le Hulk: 2014-07-14 02:05:37 am
SNES rules!
Join the Soul Blazer craze RamblingJosh! It's an awesome game, and a very good speedgame as well. Have fun running!

I got a 1:30:27 Any% run in the Japanese version of the game, Soul Blader. I used the same route, and got a similarly skillful/lucky run as I did on the NA version, so I can safely say the time difference between the two versions is somewhere between 8 and 9 minutes.

If you're interested, the main differences between J and NA are:
- Text is much faster in the J version: it displays 1 character per frame, versus 1 character every 3 frames in the NA version.
- Bosses are a bit different. The first boss is a pushover, while the second one is a bit harder in my opinion (the third statue doesn't have the same pattern, getting the quick kill on it is riskier). The fourth boss has a different aspect (Medusa instead of Poseidon) and behaves slightly differently; the layout of the boss stage also changes a bit, allowing for a quicker kill. Tin Doll, the fifth boss, doesn't have exactly the same patterns either (he seems to spit fireballs first and launch missiles afterwards, contrary to its NA counterpart). Finally, Deathtolls fireballs are closer one to another, so the safe spots to hit him are a little bit different.
- I'm not sure, but I think ghosts in Magridd Castle move differently. I couldn't describe how though.

I think the J version is much more convenient for speedrunning, because of a much less tedious text mashing.
SNES rules!
I've started doing 100% runs of this lately. The definition I use for 100% is:

- Get all Swords, Armor, Magic, and all 5 recruitable souls.
- Complete the inventory; i.e. get all the un-necessary items: Goat Food, Mermaid's Tears, the 3 Bracelets and the Magic Bell. I am still unsure whether it should be required to take at least one Herb and one Strange Bottle (feel free to share your thoughts about this), but I do take one of each in my runs.
- Seal all the Monster Lairs.

Routing this was a lot of fun, and I am still refining details here and there. Dealing with several MLs and grouping the kills together is the key to having a fast 100% time.
Here is my current PB on the J version: 2:37:30. There are certainly a lot of clever strats I haven't found, so I'd be glad to discuss that with anyone interested.

100% is actually an awesome category for this game. Maybe a bit less challenging than Any% (although a few parts like Rockbird or the Town Models are much trickier), but more compelling in terms of route planning and clever decision-making. I'd definitely encourage all SB runners to take on 100%. Smiley
SNES rules!
SUB 2:35!!!

I got that time yesterday. Really solid run with some quirks. I won't try to improve this for now. I tried to provide a bit of commentary to explain my route choices, so that could be a good starting point if anyone wants to learn this category. Smiley
This was an awesome run, Le Hulk!  It will definitely be a hard time to beat, no question.  Haha.
SNES rules!
Thanks a lot PJ! Wink
By routing 100% I figured out one or two slight possible improvements for Any%, so maybe in the future I'll try to push Soul Blader (J) Any% below 1:30.
SNES rules!
I improved SB 100% by 35 seconds yesterday (that was offline though):

Hope you enjoy the run!
any updates on this and getting it on the site?
Professional Second Banana
All of the recent runs posted in this thread are on emulator. Sad

I hope it's not too much longer before we see some console runs of this game so the full trilogy can be represented on SDA.
Rad... They have taken me...
Well friends it looks like this falls to me. I've nearly mastered my route of Rad Gravity and a run will be submitted for archive soon. I was considering running SoEvermore next but since I'm more interested in adding to the archives vs. Improving existing runs, and I have a copy of Blazer I've also been wanting to run, this seems the more logical choice.

Of course if someone else is, or wants to run this with me, I'd be happy to have some competition and people to bounce strats back and forth with.
Stay tuned! And keep your eyes open for my upcoming Rad Gravity run, it's an amazing Interplay/Activision game that needs more love!

I'll be trying my hand at Soul Blazer 100% every once in a while.  Turned out a 4:24:09 a few days ago... which is slow.  I'm still trying to get my eye in on the game; can't remember where to go at every step yet.  Have been doing 'deathless' runs, mostly because it feels good.  Once I get more comfortable with the run I'll start death warping I'm sure.  Gonna take a long time to shave an hour and fifty minutes off, but who knows?

I just got this game and I'm playing through it myself.  Just for fun for now, but this is something I wouldn't mind challenging myself with a speedrun.  So it looks like at least sub 1:40 for any% and sub 2:40 for 100% is what you could ideally shoot for.  I envision many MANY attempts before I can make times that good.
Rad... They have taken me...
Right on brother, I'm excited that you're considering the run! Those are definitely good times to shoot for
Do you find it helpful in plotting a run like this to use someone else's notes for "this monster thing equal this tulip/person/etc." or that even if it takes a long time, you find it better to do it yourself?
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GinTatsu: 2017-01-25 07:13:39 pm
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Depends on the game. Typically if a game is optimized I will just use the strats employed in the fastest run I can find video for. If I want to dissect it further to learn about the rest of the game and what's available I'll do so then. Otherwise all I care about it is learning what I need to do and what effect that has.
god I liiike this game so much!
Rad... They have taken me...