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Bismuth: 2014-12-02 05:14:12 pm
Worthless categories WR master
Well, if anything, I am still in the waitlist for set seed, which I believe is probably the only reason I was put in the waitlist for.
Bismuth, would you be able to do a random seed run on command?  From last years run, you demonstrated pretty decent knowledge of the game, would you be able to replace the currently scheduled runners if they continue to not practice?

Also, I notice a lot of people seem to be confusing the goal of GDQs, which is an easy mistake to make, much like many people assume runs on SDA are world records, which isn't necessarily true.  I propose future marathon submissions hold this disclaimer so people understand:

Disclaimer:  GDQs are NOT about showcasing the games that are best for speedrunning.  Being rejected does NOT mean we think the game you offered makes for a bad speedrun, and it does NOT mean we think you are a bad speedrunner.  We give special treatment to popular games and popular runners.  Many games will be rejected purely because more popular games or runners were submitted. 
Naegleria, I appreciate that you want the marathon to do well and are looking out for something where the runners aren't prepared, but quite frankly you've wandered far over the line into just being pissy over the situation.

As for everyone else, we are now aware that the runners are clearly not preparing. Constructive posts are appreciated but no more commentary on the Minecraft situation is going to be helpful right now.
Quote from mikwuyma:
Sonic Heroes: The only question is everyone good for the bid war?

All good
Worthless categories WR master
Quote from Naegleria:
Bismuth, would you be able to do a random seed run on command?

I get that your post was probably 100% sarcastic but no. Set seed or no runs, on my end. I know it sounds idiotic coming from someone who ran minecraft for 2 years but I actually dislike RNG having a big impact in speedruns, hence set seed and glitches (but mostly because that is, and will always be, the true any%).
Hey guys. After going through the thread and reading your comments and concerns regarding the Minecraft run and its runners, we followed up with Waffle and Bacon_donut.

We addressed their lack of practice and their general attitude toward speedrunning as captured in the VOD linked in this topic.  Bacon said that because they love and respect the speedrun community, they did not have any malicious intent with their comments, but understand that they may have offended runners, and apologized. He also said they will put in more time and work harder to put on a good run for AGDQ.  We will be following up with them next week to see how they are doing.

We really appreciate that everyone brought this to our attention; we want to put our best foot forward next month and welcome suggestions as always.
If the minecraft runners continue to show no signs of improvement, will the run be dropped or will they get to do the run anyway?
Quote from Naegleria:
If the minecraft runners continue to show no signs of improvement, will the run be dropped or will they get to do the run anyway?

As previously stated, we will follow up next week and assess the situation as a team (with the posts from this topic in mind).
sukusuku hakutaku
TMR's caught up :o)
Yep, at the moment TMR is in the SCV4 race. JD just had a close run though, you can't count him out. I think they're making the decision a week before the race
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
And Just Defend has it back! 

Um, what are the odds of a first-ever 5 man race?
Keeper of TASBot
After discussions with micro500 and others we've decided it would be better to split the individual segments up rather than going with just a block on the schedule.  As the organizer for the TASBot block, I would like to ask for the following changes:

- Please create a schedule entry named "TASBot plays MK64", 10 minute estimate, runners field set to "micro500 and Weatherton"
- Please create a schedule entry named "TASBot plays Pokemon Red", 15 minute estimate, runners field set to "dwangoAC, p4plus2, Masterjun, Ilari, true, twm and ais523" (yes, this is a crazy long list, but there have been so many people that have contributed already, and this list could still change if someone else ends up helping out at the last minute)
- Please create a schedule entry named "TASBot plays a mystery game", 10 minute estimate, runners field set to "dwangoAC and p4plus2" (the game name will potentially become a donation incentive, and the name may be revealed pending opinions on hype)

This is still a "TASBot block" and should be referenced as such with bumpers, but I want to make sure that the individual contributors are properly recognized this year.  The entire block will still end up running every bit of the 40 minutes allotted due to inter-run setup time, but we do not anticipate running over at this time.  Setup time should be faster than allotted due to using a rolling cart with everything already set up, so that should give us some buffer.  Thanks in advance for making the changes!

At this moment, we have Just_Defend and TMR with 32:38's. JD is 12 frames faster. I don't know how they want to handle this, Paul suggested a best 2-out-of-3 but we haven't heard anything from them.
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
I would say go for a 5-way race, but the layout for that would be a nightmare
Professional Second Banana
Given that with the CV4 race TMR would have 3 runs within an 8 hour period, I say give the race spot to Just_Defend (who doesn't have any other runs).  Obviously it's the CV4 community's decision in the end.
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Deuceler: 2014-12-30 06:43:42 pm
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
TMR would have 3 runs within an 8 hour period, I say give the race spot to Just_Defend (who doesn't have any other runs)

Didn't realize this. 100% agree.

EDIT: ofc community has the final say
I talked with romscout a couple nights ago and we came to the same agreement - with TMR having other runs in the marathon, maybe I could have the spot in the race. It's hard to say that without sounding passive-aggressive but if he disagrees, I have no problem doing a 2/3 before the race to determine the spot.

This was probably my own fault though; I was really uncomfortable with this situation because there wasn't really a set 'deadline' for determining who would be the 4th based on their PB. I didn't say anything back in late November because I knew TMR expressed his intent to come back to the game so I wanted to wait and see. Then, he worked really hard to catch up to all of us up at the top so he really deserves mad props. But now, this is where we're at and I just haven't any peace of mind about it because again, there wasn't really a deadline. I just felt weird about it, and maybe it's just me - but I guess the cv4 community or I should've handled it better.

Whatever happens though, you all will be in for a real treat for the race!