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Sonic In Angel Island () (flash) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'RockoSonicFan'!
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Sonic In Angel Island () (flash) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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RockoSonicFan: 2023-05-17 10:24:31 am
RockoSonicFan: 2023-05-17 10:24:21 am
Small author's note. I accidentally typed on instead of in for Sonic In Angel Island. Can someone please make sure the final title is Sonic In Angel Island if this run gets accepted?
I agree. The name of this game is "Sonic In Angel Island". That's at least what the web version is called. It's been changed in the database.

Thanks to a new clip through a ramp in the very first screen of the game, 1.4s were saved over the previous runs of this game. The clip is easy to do once you know it's there. Compared with the current #1 run on the src leaderboard, the submitted run increased the lead to 1.8s after the first level. I can't really make out where the additional 0.4s come from, but the new route leads to different routes in the upcoming rooms, so I assume it's related to that.

0.3s were then lost in the second level. It looks to me like it's because of a missed attack against the final boss. Considering the relatively small time loss from the missed attack, I still recommend an

Accept (but if you still have the motivation, would be great to see if you could squeeze out the last few tenths as well)
Ok here ya go

Run link in the second post updated to the third iteration.

The second iteration looks to be a tenth faster than the first. But the third cuts off 0.3s and now ties the #1 run on the leaderboard in the second level. Not sure if it's possible to get even more "small/quick" attacks on the boss. To me, this looks pretty close to optimal playing though. Well done!

I'll upgrade my recommendation to

Solid accept!
Wait there's one more

Nice, that's another tenth shaved off.

A question after having watched the latest iteration. You jump on spring boards twice (one in each level). Each time you jump, Sonic freezes in place for a short time and then starts with a vertical jump. Is it mandatory to use the spring boards?
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RockoSonicFan: 2023-05-18 12:31:46 pm
RockoSonicFan: 2023-05-18 12:31:11 pm
RockoSonicFan: 2023-05-18 12:13:27 pm
Yes because it's faster and because if I jump over the spring board on the first level and land on the rail I'll crash into the fish and die in the level. It's absolutely mandatory to use the spring boards. Plus if I jump over the sring board in the second level I'll slow down and lose speed.
Here's the perfect run

That's another 3 tenths off the time! Correct me if I'm wrong, but the difference appears to be more precise jumping in the first level, where you land earlier on some ledges, especially in the room starting at ~6s. Sonic accelerates when running, but not while jumping, right?

It would really be appreciated if you took the time to write run comments and noted down these kind of details. At first glance, this run looks like you just need to hold right, so probably a bit too simplistic for most viewers' taste. But there are details that make this speedrun more interesting. You have the clip mechanic the spring boards (that are still not fully clear to me how they work), the boss fight and now the acceleration mechanic (at least what it looks like to me). And maybe there are more details I'm missing out on from just watching. So there are definitely more to this game than "just holding right".
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RockoSonicFan: 2023-05-19 06:48:30 am
Ok how's this: "In the first level of the run when the level started I spindash and jump on the rock to run off it. Jump on the spring board to land on the rail and run across. Then I jump on the edge of the platform on to the slope, run down a bit and jump before the loop to gain acceleration. Then in the second level it's straightforward, when I reach the boss I make sure I jump right so I can bounce on him and defeat him."
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ktwo: 2023-05-19 08:24:00 am
You could write something like that. Imagine that you're not familiar with the game, what kind of information would you be interested in then?

If we take the first sentence as an example. Anyone can see that you jump on the rock, so that piece of information is just stating the obvious. But why is it important that you land on the rock (instead of jumping over it)? I'm guessing it's because you accelerate, right?

So I would recommend trying to focus on aspects that are not immediately apparent to someone not already familiar with the game. And if you've found advanced strats that might be non-intuitive even for a speedrunner of this game, those can be worth explaining as well. The clip you're doing in the first screen turns out to be really simple to do. But it could have been the case that it was a really precise trick, requiring inuts that would not directly be visible from watching. If that had been the case, it would have been worth describing how to get the trick to work. Or maybe you've found a good setup for the boss fight that could be of interest to other speedrunners of the game and therefore worth documenting.
I'm just not great at explaining things to be honest. Jumping on the rock and running off it is to accelerate. You have to wait for the right moment after spindashing to jump on the rock and run off it to accelerate and get that boost of speed.
Decision posted.